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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-58798-017-6Irvine H. SpragueBailout: An Insider's Account of Bank Failures and Rescues
  ''978-1-58798-019-0Boone PickensBoone Pickens: The Luckiest Guy in the World
  ''978-1-58798-021-3Margaret L. CoitMr. Baruch
  ''978-1-58798-023-7Alfred DuPont Chandler · Stephen SalsburyPierre S. Du Pont and the Making of the Modern Corporation
  ''978-1-58798-025-1Thurman W. ArnoldThe Folklore of Capitalism
2001978-1-58798-026-8Thomas J. Salerno · Jordan A. Kroop · Craig D. HansenThe Executive Guide to Corporate Bankruptcy
2000978-1-58798-027-5Robert SobelThe Entrepreneurs: Explorations Within the American Business Tradition
2000978-1-58798-028-2Robert SobelThe Money Manias: The Eras of Great Speculation in America 1770-1970
  ''978-1-58798-029-9   ''Dangerous Dreamers: The Financial Innovators from Charles Merrill to Michael Milken
  ''978-1-58798-032-9Gail Gates Lawler · John J. LawlerA Short Historical Introduction to the Law of Real Property (Law Classic)
  ''978-1-58798-040-4Jairus Ware Perry · Edwin A., Jr. HowesA Treatise on the Law of Trusts and Trustees, Vol. 1 (Law Classics)
  ''978-1-58798-072-5Frank J. GoodnowComparative Administrative Law: In One Combined Volume; Volume-I Organization, Volume-II Legal Relations (Law Classic) (Vol 1 & 2)
2000978-1-58798-085-5Thurman W. ArnoldThe Bottlenecks of Business
1968978-1-58798-097-8Marion ClawsonThe Land System of the United States: An Introduction to the History and Practice of Land Use and Land Tenure
2001978-1-58798-100-5Ralph H. BlanchardIntroduction to Risk and Insurance
  ''978-1-58798-114-2Thomas H JacksonThe Logic and Limits of Bankruptcy Law
  ''978-1-58798-117-3Stephanie WickouskiBankruptcy Crimes 2002
1999978-1-58798-121-0Ben Branch · Hugh RayBankruptcy Investing: How to Profit from Distressed Companies (2nd Edition)
1986978-1-58798-122-7Alan SheldonManaging Doctors
1990978-1-58798-124-1Philip A. KleinAnalyzing Modern Business Cycles: Essays Honoring Geoffrey H. Moore
2002978-1-58798-125-8George AndersMerchants of Debt: KKR and the Mortgaging of American Business
  ''978-1-58798-126-5Frank H. Knight · David E. JonesRisk, Uncertainty and Profit
  ''978-1-58798-127-2George HarveyHenry Clay Frick: The Man
2002978-1-58798-138-8Yakov AmihudLeveraged Management Buyouts: Causes and Consequences
2004978-1-58798-146-3Jonathan Beaty · S. C. GwynneThe Outlaw Bank: A Wild Ride Into the Secret Heart of BCCI
2002978-1-58798-152-4Marc A. WeissThe Rise of the Community Builders: The American Real Estate Industry and Urban Land Planning
1987978-1-58798-155-5Edward I. Altman · Scott A. NammacherInvesting in Junk Bonds: Inside the High Yield Debt Market
1989978-1-58798-169-2David VogelFluctuating Fortunes: The Political Power of Business in America
  ''978-1-58798-176-0Anthony F. Buono · James L. BowditchThe Human Side of Mergers and Acquisitions
2003978-1-58798-179-1Wilfred TrotterInstincts of the Herd in Peace and War
1986978-1-58798-183-8David VogelNational Styles of Business Regulation: A Case Study of Environmental Protection
1905978-1-58798-185-2Richard BrownA History of Accounting and Accountants
1962978-1-58798-198-2Jr. Alfred D. ChandlerStrategy and Structure: Chapters in the History of the American Industrial Enterprise
2003978-1-58798-211-8Zenas Block · Ian C. MacMillanCorporate Venturing: Creating New Businesses within the Firm
  ''978-1-58798-213-2Pauline GrahamMary Parker Follett Prophet of Management
1976978-1-58798-215-6Isadore BarmashFor the Good of the Company: The History of the McCrory Corporation
1990978-1-58798-219-4Michael RothschildBionomics: Economy as Business Ecosystem
2003978-1-58798-224-8Jerome TuccilleRupert Murdoch: Creator of a Worldwide Media Empire
2004978-1-58798-226-2Jerome TuccilleKingdom: The Story of the Hunt Family of Texas
2005978-1-58798-230-9James E Veney · Arnold D KaluznyEvaluation and Decision Making for Health Services
2003978-1-58798-232-3Richard H. Mayer · Donald R. LevyFinancial Planning for High Net Worth Individuals
2004978-1-58798-238-5Kim Isaac EislerShark Tank: Greed, Politics, and the Collapse of Finley Kumble, One of Agreed, Politics, and the Collapse of Finley Kumble, One of
1999978-1-58798-242-2Stuart Slatter · David LovettCorporate Recovery: Managing Companies in Distress
2004978-1-58798-243-9Forrest McDonaldInsull: The Rise and Fall of a Billionaire Utility Tycoon
2005978-1-58798-245-3Robert SatterDoing Justice: A Trial Judge at Work
  ''978-1-58798-246-0John M. HoodThe Heroic Enterprise: Business and the Common Good
  ''978-1-58798-249-1Sarah BartlettThe Money Machine: How KKR Manufactured Power and Profits
2005978-1-58798-256-9Richard S. ZeraBusiness Wit & Wisdom
  ''978-1-58798-267-5Henry F. Owsley · Peter S. KaufmanDistressed Investment Banking - To the Abyss and Back
1989978-1-58798-268-2Ernest BlochInside Investment Banking, Second Edition
2005978-1-58798-269-9Edward Gold · Sandy Parker · Isadore Barmash · Marvin Klapper · Sidney Rutberg · Mort Sheinman · Stanley SiegelmanFashion, Retailing and a Bygone Era - Inside Women's Wear Dafashion, Retailing and a Bygone Era - Inside Women's Wear Daily Ily
2003978-1-58798-271-2Kim Isaac EislerThe Last Liberal: Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. and the Decisions That Transformed America
2005978-1-58798-277-4Sally HelgesenThe Web of Inclusion: Architecture for Building Great Organizations
1975978-1-58798-278-1Duncan KennedyThe Rise and Fall of Classical Legal Thought
1989978-1-58798-281-1Abraham ZaleznikThe Managerial Mystique: Restoring Leadership in Business
1993978-1-58798-282-8Abraham ZaleznikLearning Leadership: The Abuse of Power in Organizations
1982978-1-58798-284-2William E. NelsonThe Roots of American Bureaucracy, 1830-1900
2006978-1-58798-288-0Melvin A. EisenbergThe Structure of the Corporation: A Legal Analysis
  ''978-1-58798-290-3Robert Force · A. N. Yiannopoulos · Martin DaviesAdmiralty and Maritime Law
2007978-1-58798-291-0Ben Branch · Hugh RayBankruptcy Investing - How to Profit From Distressed Companies
2018978-1-58798-311-5Sedgwick TheodoreA Treatise on the Measure of Damages: Or an Inquiry Into the Principles Which Govern the Amount of Pecuniary Compensation Awarded by Courts of Justice
2017978-1-58798-389-4Robert Force · Davies DaviesAdmiralty and Maritime Law Volume 2, Second Edition