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1998978-1-891389-00-9System Behavior and System Modeling, CD Rom Version
2000978-1-891389-01-6Gary WulfsbergInorganic Chemistry
  ''978-1-891389-02-3Lawrence QuePhysical Methods in Bioinorganic Chemistry: Spectroscopy and Magnetism
1999978-1-891389-03-0Thomas N. SorrellSolutions to Exercises: Organic Chemistry
  ''978-1-891389-04-7Louis S. HegedusTransition Metals in the Synthesis of Complex Organic Molecules
  ''978-1-891389-05-4Donald A. McQuarrie · John D. SimonMolecular Thermodynamics
2000978-1-891389-06-1Raymond ChangPhysical Chemistry for the Chemical and Biological Sciences
1999978-1-891389-07-8Heather Cox · Carole McQuarrieProblems and Solutions to Accompany Molecular Thermodynamics
  ''978-1-891389-08-5SorrellOrganic Chemistry and Solutions to Exercises in Organic Chemistry (2 Volume Set)
2001978-1-891389-09-2James Paddock CollmanNaturally Dangerous
2000978-1-891389-10-8Ann M MiddlebrookStratospheric Ozone Depletion (Global Change Instruction Program)
2000978-1-891389-11-5Helen O. Leung · Mark D. MarshallProblems And Solutions to Accompany Chang's Physical Chemistry for the Chemical & Biological Sciences
2002978-1-891389-12-2Ramon Pinon · Ramon PiinonBiology of Human Reproduction
2000978-1-891389-13-9John S. TownsendA Modern Approach to Quantum Mechanics
  ''978-1-891389-14-6Kevin E TrenberthEffects of Changing Climate on Weather and Human Activities (Global Change Instruction Program)
  ''978-1-891389-15-3Donald Allan McQuarrieStatistical Mechanics
2001978-1-891389-16-0Donald Goldsmith · Tobias OwenThe Search for Life in the Universe (Third Edition)
  ''978-1-891389-17-7John HarteConsider a Cylindrical Cow: More Adventures in Environmental Problem Solving
  ''978-1-891389-18-4John D RobertsABCs of FT-NMR
2002978-1-891389-19-1Arthur KornbergThe Golden Helix: Inside Biotech Ventures
2008978-1-891389-20-7GregoryClassical Mechanics:
2002978-1-891389-21-4Matt YoungTechnical Writer's Handbook: Writing With Style and Clarity
2005978-1-891389-22-1John R. TaylorClassical Mechanics
2006978-1-891389-23-8David J. TannorIntroduction to Quantum Mechanics: A Time-Dependent Perspective
2003978-1-891389-24-5Donald A. McQuarrieMathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers
2010978-1-891389-25-2Nicholas J. Turro · J.C. Scaiano · V. RamamurthyModern Molecular Photochemistry of Organic Molecules
2007978-1-891389-27-6John T. Yates · J. Karl JohnsonMolecular Physical Chemistry for Engineers
2005978-1-891389-28-3R D BlakeInformational Biopolymers of Genes and Gene Expression: Properties and Evolution
2003978-1-891389-29-0Donald A. McQuarrieMathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers
2005978-1-891389-31-3Eric V. Anslyn · Dennis A. DoughertyModern Physical Organic Chemistry
2003978-1-891389-32-0Peter A. RockChemical Thermodynamics
2005978-1-891389-33-7Raymond ChangPhysical Chemistry for the Biosciences
2005978-1-891389-34-4Donald E. Osterbrock · Gary J. FerlandAstrophysics Of Gaseous Nebulae And Active Galactic Nuclei
  ''978-1-891389-35-1Warren M. Washington · Claire L. ParkinsonIntroduction To Three-dimensional Climate Modeling
  ''978-1-891389-36-8Michael B. SponslerStudent Solutions Manual To Accompany Modern Physical Organic Chemistry
2004978-1-891389-37-5Carole H. McquarrieSolutions To Accompany Mcquarrie's Mathematical Methods For Scientists And Engineers.
2005978-1-891389-38-2Thomas N. SorrellOrganic Chemistry, Second Edition
  ''978-1-891389-39-9Mark Marshall · Helen O. LeungPhysical Chemistry for the Biosciences Problems and Solutions
  ''978-1-891389-40-5Thomas N. SorrellSolutions to Exercises, Organic Chemistry, Second Edition
2006978-1-891389-43-6Harry B. Gray · Edward I. Stiefel · Joan Selverstone Valentine · Ivano BertiniBiological Inorganic Chemistry: Structure and Reactivity
2005978-1-891389-44-3Arthur KornbergDNA Replication
2005978-1-891389-45-0P. Kenneth SeidelmannExplanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac
2006978-1-891389-46-7Sun KwokPhysics And Chemistry of the Interstellar Medium
2005978-1-891389-47-4Thomas N. SorrellSolutions to Exercises, Organic Chemistry, 2nd edition
2008978-1-891389-49-8Robert M. Hanson · Susan GreenIntroduction to Molecular Thermodynamics
2007978-1-891389-50-4Donald A. McQuarrieQuantum Chemistry
  ''978-1-891389-51-1Arthur KornbergGerm Stories
  ''978-1-891389-52-8Helen O. Leung · Mark MarshallProblems and Solutions for Mcquarrie's Quantum Chemistry
2009978-1-891389-53-5John HartwigOrganotransition Metal Chemistry: From Bonding to Catalysis
2008978-1-891389-54-2Patrick Walsh · Marisa KowzlowskiFundamentals Of Asymmetric Catalysis
  ''978-1-891389-55-9Caleb ScharfExtrasolar Planets and Astrobiology
  ''978-1-891389-56-6Donald A. McQuarrieMathematics for Physical Chemistry
2008978-1-891389-57-3Nicholas J. Turro · J. C. Scaiano · V. RamamurthyPrinciples of Molecular Photochemistry: An Introduction
  ''978-1-891389-58-0Paul Berg · Maxine SingerDealing With Genes: The Language of Heredity
2009978-1-891389-59-7Louis Hegedus · Bjorn SoderbergTransition Metals in the Synthesis of Complex Organic Molecules
2010978-1-891389-60-3Donald A. McQuarrie · Peter A Rock · Ethan B GalloglyGeneral Chemistry
2009978-1-891389-61-0T.M. HelliwellSpecial Relativity
  ''978-1-891389-62-7John TownsendQuantum Physics: A Fundamental Approach to Modern Physics
  ''978-1-891389-63-4Keiiti Aki · Paul G. RichardsQuantitative Seismology
1990978-1-891389-64-1Jeffries Wyman and Stanley GillBinding and Linkage: Functional Chemistry of Biological Macromolecules
2009978-1-891389-66-5Luna B. LeopoldWater, Rivers and Creeks
  ''978-1-891389-67-2Frank H. ShuThe Physics of Astrophysics Volume II: Gas Dynamics (A Series of Books in Astronomy)
2000978-1-891389-68-9Lawrence QuePhysical Methods in Bioinorganic Chemistry
2014978-1-891389-69-6Raymond Chang · Jr. Thoman John W.Physical Chemistry for the Chemical Sciences
2011978-1-891389-70-2Thomas G. Spiro · Kathleen L. Purvis-Roberts · William M. StiglianiChemistry of the Environment
2012978-1-891389-71-9R. C. BlessDiscovering the Cosmos
978-1-891389-72-6Goldhaber-GordonAdvanc Biochem
2011978-1-891389-73-3Carole H McQuarrieStudent Solutions Manual to Accompany General Chemistry: RSC
2016978-1-891389-74-0   ''Instructor's Manual to Accompany General Chemistry
2010978-1-891389-75-7Donald A. McQuarrie · Peter A. Rock · Ethan B. Gallogly · Carole H. McquarrieGeneral Chemistry
2010978-1-891389-76-4Frank H. ShuThe Physics of Astrophysics Volume I: Radiation
2015978-1-891389-77-1Gregory S. GirolamiX-ray Crystallography
2012978-1-891389-78-8John S. TownsendA Modern Approach to Quantum Mechanics
  ''978-1-891389-81-8Russell F. DoolittleThe Evolution of Vertebrate Blood Clotting
  ''978-1-891389-82-5Thomas A. MooreA General Relativity Workbook
  ''978-1-891389-85-6Sean E. UrbanExplanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac
2010978-1-891389-87-0Donald A. McQuarrie · Peter A. Rock · Ethan B. GalloglyGeneral Chemistry + Sapling Online Homework, Full Year
2016978-1-891389-88-7David P. GoldenbergPrinciples of NMR Spectroscopy: An Illustrated Guide