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1980978-0-935702-01-9William Lewis BurkeSpacetime, Geometry, Cosmology (A Series of Books in Astronomy)
1981978-0-935702-05-7Frank H. ShuThe Physical Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy (Series of Books in Astronomy)
1982978-0-935702-07-1John R. TaylorAn Introduction to Error Analysis: The Study of Uncertainties in Physical Measurements (Series of Books in Physics)
1986978-0-935702-11-8Anthony E SiegmanLasers by Siegman, Anthony E. (1986) Hardcover
1983978-0-935702-13-2Donald A. McQuarrieQuantum Chemistry (Physical Chemistry Series)
1984978-0-935702-14-9Koji Nakanishi · T Goto · S NatoriNatural Products Chemistry Volume 3
1985978-0-935702-21-7J. S. MillerAstrophysics of Active Galaxies and Quasi-Stellar Objects
1989978-0-935702-22-4Donald E. OsterbrockAstrophysics of Gaseous Nebulae and Active Galactic Nuclei
1993978-0-935702-25-5Fred W. McLafferty · Frantisek TureekInterpretation of Mass Spectra
1994978-0-935702-27-9Fred HoyleHome Is Where the Wind Blows: Chapters from a Cosmologist's Life
1993978-0-935702-28-6Louis S. HegedusTransition Metals in the Synthesis of Complex Organic Molecules
1995978-0-935702-34-7Harry B. Gray · John D. Simon · William C. TroglerBraving the Elements
1994978-0-935702-35-4Harry B. GrayChemical Bonds: An introduction to atomic and molecular structure
1995978-0-935702-36-1Richard N. Zare · Bertrand H. SpencerLaser Experiments for Beginners
1996978-0-935702-40-8Marcus ChownAfterglow of Creation: From the Fireball to the Discovery of Cosmic Ripples
1997978-0-935702-42-2John R. TaylorAn Introduction to Error Analysis: The Study of Uncertainties in Physical Measurements
  ''978-0-935702-43-9Heather Cox · Donald A. McQuarrie · John D. SimonProblems and Solutions to Accompany Mcquarrie and Simon, Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach
  ''978-0-935702-44-6Susan E Kegley · Joy AndrewsThe Chemistry of Water
1998978-0-935702-46-0Susan E Kegley · Laura WiseƒPesticides in Fruits and Vegetables
1999978-0-935702-48-4Gregory S. Girolami · Thomas B. Rauchfuss · Robert J. AngeliciSynthesis and Technique in Inorganic Chemistry: A Laboratory Manual
2000978-0-935702-49-1Victor A. Bloomfield · Donald M. Crothers · Ignacio Tinoco · John E. Hearst · David E. Wemmer · Peter A. Killman · Douglas H. TurnerNucleic Acids: Structures, Properties, and Functions
1989978-0-935702-50-7Lutz-Friedjan Tietze · Theophil EicherReactions and Syntheses in the Organic Chemistry Laboratory
1987978-0-935702-51-4James P. Collman · Louis S. Hegedus · Jack R. Norton · Richard G. FinkePrinciples and Applications of Organotransition Metal Chemistry
1990978-0-935702-56-9Jeffries Wyman · Stanley J. GillBinding and Linkage: Functional Chemistry of Biological Macromolecules
1994978-0-935702-57-6Ivano Bertini · Harry B. Gray · Joan S. Valentine · J. LippardBioinorganic Chemistry
1988978-0-935702-58-3John HarteConsider a Spherical Cow: A course in environmental problem solving
1989978-0-935702-61-3Roger L. Dekock · Harry B. GrayChemical Structure and Bonding
1991978-0-935702-64-4Frank H. ShuThe Physics of Astrophysics Volume I: Radiation
1992978-0-935702-65-1   ''Gas Dynamics (The Physics of Astrophysics)
  ''978-0-935702-66-8Gary WulfsbergPrinciples of Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry
  ''978-0-935702-68-2P. Kenneth SeidelmannExplanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac
1991978-0-935702-71-2Nicholas J. TurroModern Molecular Photochemistry
1994978-0-935702-72-9Stephen J. Lippard · Jeremy M. BergPrinciples of Bioinorganic Chemistry
1994978-0-935702-73-6Stephen J. Lippard · Jeremy M. BergPrinciples of Bioinorganic Chemistry
1996978-0-935702-75-0John R. TaylorAn Introduction to Error Analysis: The Study of Uncertainties in Physical Measurements
1998978-0-935702-76-7Addison AultTechniques and Experiments for Organic Chemistry
2002978-0-935702-96-5Keiiti Aki · Paul G. RichardsQuantitative Seismology
1997978-0-935702-97-2Donald GoldsmithWorlds Unnumbered: The Search for Extrasolar Planets
  ''978-0-935702-98-9Luna B. LeopoldWater, Rivers and Creeks
  ''978-0-935702-99-6Donald A. McQuarrie · John D. SimonPhysical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach