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2011978-1-891121-00-5Mark E. DavisFoliage Penetration Radar: Detection and characterisation of objects under trees (Radar, Sonar and Navigation)
1998978-1-891121-01-2George W. StimsonIntroduction to Airborne Radar (Aerospace & Radar Systems)
  ''978-1-891121-02-9J.C. ToomayRadar Principles for the Non-Specialist
1999978-1-891121-05-0Shaun Quegan · Shawn Quegan · Simon KingsleyUnderstanding Radar Systems
2010978-1-891121-07-4Charles Hawkins · Jaume SeguraIntroduction to Modern Digital Electronics: Preliminary Edition (Introduction to Digital Electronics)
  ''978-1-891121-08-1G. Richard CurryPocket Radar Guide: Key radar facts, equations, and data (Radar, Sonar and Navigation)
1999978-1-891121-09-8Fred E. Nathanson · J. Patrick Reilly · Marvin N. CohenRadar Design Principles: Signal Processing and the Environment. Second Edition
  ''978-1-891121-10-4Sid DeutschReturn of the Ether
2002978-1-891121-12-8Felix Zandman · Paul-Rene Simon · and Joseph SzwarcResistor Theory and Technology
2007978-1-891121-13-5Philippe Lacomme · Jean-Claude Marchais · Jean-Philippe Hardange · Eric NormantAir and Spaceborne Radar Systems: An Introduction (Spie Press Monograph)
1998978-1-891121-14-2George W. StimsonIntroduction to Airborne Radar (Aerospace & Radar Systems)
  ''978-1-891121-15-9   ''Introduction To Airborne Radar
2002978-1-891121-16-6J. Barrie BillingsleyLow-Angle Radar Land Clutter
2001978-1-891121-17-3Arnold E. AckerHow to Speak Radar: CD-ROM
2013978-1-891121-21-0David A. LynchIntroduction to RF Stealth (Scitech Radar and Defense)
2004978-1-891121-22-7Roger J. SullivanRadar Foundations for Imaging and Advanced Concepts (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2004978-1-891121-23-4Stephen E. LipskyMicrowave Passive Direction Finding
2003978-1-891121-24-1Robert A. Monzingo · Thomas W. MillerIntroduction to Adaptive Arrays
2004978-1-891121-25-8Eugene F. Knott · John F. Schaeffer · Michael T. TulleyRadar Cross Section (Radar, Sonar and Navigation)
  ''978-1-891121-26-5James TsuiDigital Techniques for Wideband Receivers (Radar, Sonar and Navigation)
  ''978-1-891121-28-9John C. Toomay · Paul HannenRadar Principles for the Non-Specialist (Scitech Radar and Defense)
  ''978-1-891121-31-9Christopher OliverUnderstanding Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
  ''978-1-891121-32-6Maurice W. LongAirborne Early Warning System Concepts (Radar, Sonar and Navigation)
2004978-1-891121-34-0J.C. Toomay · Paul J. HannenRadar Principles for the Non-Specialist (Radar, Sonar and Navigation)
  ''978-1-891121-35-7William AsprayChasing Moore's Law: Information Technology Policy in the United States
  ''978-1-891121-36-4Julius V. DiFranco · William L. RubinRadar Detection (Electromagnetics and Radar)
  ''978-1-891121-37-1J. V. DiFranco and W. L. RubinRadar Detection (Hardcover)
2005978-1-891121-38-8Karl Lonngren · Sava SavovFundamentals of Electromagnetics with MATLAB
  ''978-1-891121-40-1James Bao-Yen TsuiMicrowave Receivers With Electronic Warfare Applications. Corrected Reprint Edition
2005978-1-891121-41-8Wilson P. RalstonElectron-Gated Ion Channels: With Amplification by NH3 Inversion Resonance (Materials, Circuits and Devices)
2004978-1-891121-45-6Nicholas J. WillisBistatic Radar (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2007978-1-891121-46-3Syed A. Nasar2008+ Solved Problems in Electromagnetics (Electromagnetics and Radar)
  ''978-1-891121-48-7Nicholas J. Willis · Hugh D. Griffiths · Mark E. DavisAdvances in Bistatic Radar (Radar, Sonar and Navigation)
2006978-1-891121-49-4Filippo NeriIntroduction to Electronic Defense Systems (Artech House Radar Library (Paperback))
1999978-1-891121-50-0Fred E. NathansonRadar Design Principles
2007978-1-891121-51-7Allen L. HollisterWideband Amplifier Design (Materials, Circuits and Devices)
2010978-1-891121-52-4Mark A. Richards · James A. Scheer · William A. HolmPrinciples of Modern Radar: Basic Principles
2012978-1-891121-53-1William L. Melvin · James A. ScheerPrinciples of Modern Radar: Advanced techniques (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2013978-1-891121-54-8   ''Principles of Modern Radar: Radar Applications
2006978-1-891121-55-5Eugene F. KnottRadar Cross Section Measurements
2007978-1-891121-56-2M. JankiramanDesign of Multi-Frequency CW Radars (Radar, Sonar and Navigation)
2011978-1-891121-57-9Robert A. Monzingo · Randy L. Haupt · Thomas W. MillerIntroduction to Adaptive Arrays (Electromagnetic Waves)
2007978-1-891121-58-6Karl E. LonngrenFundamentals of Electromagnetics with MATLAB
  ''978-1-891121-60-9A. R. JhaFiber Optic Technology: Applications To Commercial, Industrial, Military, And Space Optical Systems
2011978-1-891121-61-6David L. AdamyElectronic Warfare Pocket Guide (Radar, Sonar and Navigation)
2006978-1-891121-62-3David L. AdamyIntroduction to Electronic Warfare Modeling and Simulation (Radar, Sonar and Navigation)
  ''978-1-891121-63-0Ronald BouwmanRadar Systems for Technicians
2009978-1-891121-65-4Arnold E. AckerUnderstanding Radar: The ABCs of How Radar Systems Work
  ''978-1-891121-66-1P.Ya. UfimtsevTheory of Edge Diffraction in Electromagnetics: Origination and validation of the physical theory of diffraction (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2009978-1-891121-69-2Thomas W. JeffreyPhased-Array Radar Design: Application of radar fundamentals (Radar, Sonar and Navigation)
2008978-1-891121-70-8JeffreyPhased Array Radar Design: Applications of Fundamental Theory
2009978-1-891121-71-5Atef Z. ElsherbeniThe Finite Difference Time Domain Method for Electromagnetics: With MATLAB Simulations
  ''978-1-891121-73-9Randy BancroftMicrostrip and Printed Antenna Design (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2013978-1-891121-76-0Randy JostMatlab Tutorial in Electromagnetics
2008978-1-891121-81-4JemisonMicrowave and Rf Design Guide Using Simulation Software
2010978-1-891121-83-8D. FeuchtAnalog Circuit Design: Designing Dynamic Circuit Response (Materials, Circuits and Devices)
  ''978-1-891121-84-5   ''DEFAULT_SET: Analog Circuit Design: Designing High-Performance Amplifiers (Materials, Circuits and Devices)
  ''978-1-891121-85-2   ''DEFAULT_SET: Analog Circuit Design: Designing Waveform-Processing Circuits (Materials, Circuits and Devices)
2010978-1-891121-86-9D. FeuchtDEFAULT_SET: Analog Circuit Design: Designing Amplifier Circuits (Materials, Circuits and Devices)
  ''978-1-891121-87-6Dennis FeuchtDEFAULT_SET: Analog Circuit Design Series
  ''978-1-891121-88-3Michael SteerMicrowave and RF Design: A Systems Approach
  ''978-1-891121-89-0Jianjun GaoRF and Microwave Modeling and Measurement Techniques for Field Effect Transistors (Electromagnetic Waves)
  ''978-1-891121-90-6Robert E. McSheaTest and Evaluation of Aircraft Avionics and Weapon Systems (Radar, Sonar and Navigation)
2011978-1-891121-95-1Michael C. Wicks · Eric L. Mokole · Shannon D. Blunt · Richard S. Schneible · Vincent J. AmusoPrinciples of Waveform Diversity and Design (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2012978-1-891121-98-2Clive AlabasterPulse Doppler Radar: Principles, technology, applications (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2010978-1-891121-99-9Karl F. WarnickNumerical Methods for Engineering: An introduction using MATLAB® and computational electromagnetics examples (Electromagnetics and Radar)