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2014978-1-61353-001-6Vito G. Daniele · Rodolfo S. ZichThe Wiener-Hopf Method in Electromagnetics (Electromagnetic Waves)
2013978-1-61353-006-1Nathan IdaSensors, Actuators, and their Interfaces: A multidisciplinary introduction (Materials, Circuits and Devices)
2011978-1-61353-007-8G. Richard CurryRadar Essentials: A concise handbook for radar design and performance analysis (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2013978-1-61353-011-5Paul HannenRadar and Electronic Warfare Principles for the Non-Specialist (Radar, Sonar and Navigation)
2014978-1-61353-013-9Victor C. Chen · Marco MartorellaInverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging: Principles, algorithms and applications (Electromagnetics and Radar)
  ''978-1-61353-014-6Robert A. WitteSpectrum and Network Measurements (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2015978-1-61353-016-0Roberto D. Graglia · Andrew F. PetersonHigher-Order Techniques in Computational Electromagnetics (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2014978-1-61353-019-1Patrick G. André · Kenneth WyattEMI Troubleshooting Cookbook for Product Designers (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2013978-1-61353-020-7Ian B. DarneyCircuit Modeling for Electromagnetic Compatibility (Electromagnetics and Radar)
  ''978-1-61353-021-4Michael SteerMicrowave and RF Design: A Systems Approach
2014978-1-61353-022-1George W. StimsonStimson's Introduction to Airborne Radar (Electromagnetics and Radar)
  ''978-1-61353-023-8StylusFund Electromag With Matlab
  ''978-1-61353-032-0James A Scheer · William L MelvinPrinciples of Modern Radar: Volume 3 Radar Applications
2014978-1-61353-035-1Victor C Chen · Marco MartorellaInverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging: Principles, Algorithms, and Applications
  ''978-1-61353-129-7Griffiths H Willis Nicholas JAdvances in Bistatic Radar
  ''978-1-61353-131-0Nicholas J WillisBistatic Radar
  ''978-1-61353-135-8Mark E DavisFoliage Penetration Radar
  ''978-1-61353-145-7Tom JeffreyPhased-Array Radar Design
2014978-1-61353-146-4G Richard CurryPocket Radar Guide: Key Radar Facts, Equations, and Data
  ''978-1-61353-151-8Clive AlabasterPulse Doppler Radar: Principles, Technology, Applications
  ''978-1-61353-153-2Knott Eugene F Tuley Michael T Shaeffer John FRadar Cross Section (Scitech Radar and Defense)
  ''978-1-61353-155-6Difranco J V Rubin W LRadar Detection (Scitech Radar and Defense)
  ''978-1-61353-156-3G Richard CurryRadar Essentials: A Concise Handbook for Radar Design and Performance Analysis: Principles, Equations, Data
2014978-1-61353-157-0Roger J SullivanRadar Foundations for Imaging and Advanced Concepts
  ''978-1-61353-159-4Toomay J C Hannen Paul JRadar Principles for the Non-Specialist
  ''978-1-61353-161-7Kingsley Simon Quegan ShaunUnderstanding Radar Systems
  ''978-1-61353-176-1Robert E. McSheaTest and Evaluation of Aircraft Avionics and Weapon Systems (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2013978-1-61353-177-8Eugeniusz Grudzinski · Hubert TrzaskaElectromagnetic Field Standards and Exposure Systems (Electromagnetics and Radar)
  ''978-1-61353-184-6Jeff HolderAngle-of-Arrival Estimation Using Radar Interferometry: Methods and applications (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2014978-1-61353-186-0Dave AdamyPractical Communication Theory (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2013978-1-61353-188-4Roland PriemerMATLAB® for Electrical and Computer Engineering Students and Professionals: With Simulink® (Computing and Networks)
2018978-1-61353-189-1Lars Josefsson · Sembiam R. RengarajanSlotted Waveguide Array Antennas: Theory, analysis and design (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2013978-1-61353-193-8S.R. SeshadriComplex Space Source Theory of Spatially Localized Electromagnetic Waves
2018978-1-61353-197-6Randy J. JostEssentials of Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering (Em Waves)
2016978-1-61353-198-3Randy J. Jost · Kenneth WyattEssentials of Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2015978-1-61353-199-0Antonio De Maio · Maria Sabrina GrecoModern Radar Detection Theory (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2014978-1-61353-201-0Mark A. RichardsPrinciples of Modern Radar
2014978-1-61353-204-1Transceiver and System Design for Digital Communications
  ''978-1-61353-205-8Atef Z. Elsherbeni · Payam Nayeri · C.J. ReddyAntenna Analysis and Design using FEKO Electromagnetic Simulation Software (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2016978-1-61353-211-9Charles W. Bostian · Nicholas J. Kaminski · Almohanad S. FayezCognitive Radio Engineering (Telecommunications)
  ''978-1-61353-212-6Charles W. Bostian · Nicholas J. Kaminski · Alexander Young · Almohanad FayezCognitive Radio Engineering (Telecommunications)
2020978-1-61353-213-3Paolo Burghignoli · Alessandro Galli · Paolo Baccarelli · Giampiero Lovat · David JacksonLeaky Waves in Electromagnetics (Electromagnetic Waves)
2018978-1-61353-214-0Paolo Burghignoli · Alessandro Galli · Paolo Baccarelli · Giampiero Lovat · David JacksonLeaky Waves in Electromagnetics (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2015978-1-61353-217-1James Tsui · Chi-Hao ChengDigital Techniques for Wideband Receivers (Electromagnetics and Radar)
  ''978-1-61353-219-5Kenneth Wyatt · Michael GruberRadio Frequency Interference (RFI) Pocket Guide (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2016978-1-61353-221-8Gerhard KristenssonScattering of Electromagnetic Waves by Obstacles
2017978-1-61353-225-6Richard Klemm · Ulrich Nickel · Christoph H. Gierull · Pierfrancesco LombardoNovel Radar Techniques and Applications: Real aperture array radar, Imaging radar, and Passive and multistatic radar (Electromagnetics and Radar)
  ''978-1-61353-226-3Richard Klemm · Hugh Griffiths · Wolfgang KochNovel Radar Techniques and Applications: Waveform diversity and cognitive radar and Target tracking and data fusion (Electromagnetics and Radar)
2017978-1-61353-229-4Richard KlemmNovel Radar Techniques and Applications: Two Volume Set
  ''978-1-61353-231-7Mohamed H. Bakr · Atef Z. Elsherbeni · Veysel DemirAdjoint Sensitivity Analysis of High Frequency Structures with MATLAB® (Electromagnetics and Radar)
  ''978-1-61353-233-1Tom JeffreyFundamentals of Systems Engineering for Defense Systems Applications [CANCELLED]
  ''978-1-61353-235-5Alessio Balleri · Hugh Griffiths · Chris BakerBiologically-Inspired Radar and Sonar: Lessons from nature (Radar, Sonar and Navigation)