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  ''978-1-890460-02-0Eric P. JensenSuper Teaching
  ''978-1-890460-03-7   ''Trainer's Bonanza: Over 1000 Fabulous Tips & Tools (NULL)
1999978-1-890460-04-4Karen Markowitz · Eric P. JensenThe Great Memory Book
2000978-1-890460-05-1Eric JensenBrain-Based Learning: The New Science of Teaching and Training, Revised Edition
  ''978-1-890460-06-8Eric P. JensenMusic With the Brain in Mind (NULL)
  ''978-1-890460-07-5   ''Learning With the Body in Mind: The Scientific Basis for Energizers, Movement, Play, Games, and Physical Education
2000978-1-890460-08-2Eric P. JensenDifferent Brains, Different Learners: How to Reach the Hard to Reach
  ''978-1-890460-09-9Michael Dabney · Eric P. JensenLearning Smarter: The New Science of Teaching (NULL)
2001978-1-890460-10-5Richard AllenTrain Smart: Perfect Trainings Every Time
2003978-1-890460-23-5Eric P. JensenA New View of AD/HD: Success Strategies for the Impulsive Learner
  ''978-1-890460-24-2   ''Environments for Learning
  ''978-1-890460-38-9   ''Tools for Engagement: Managing Emotional States for Learner Success
2004978-1-890460-40-2Gerard A. EvanskiClassroom Activators: 64 Novel Ways to Energize Learners
  ''978-1-890460-41-9Eric JensenBrain-Compatible Strategies
2004978-1-890460-42-6Sheryl G. FeinsteinSecrets of the Teenage Brain: Research-Based Strategies for Reaching & Teaching Today′s Adolescents
2005978-1-890460-43-3Eric P. JensenTop Tunes for Teaching: 977 Song Titles & Practical Tools For Choosing The Right Music Every Time
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2006978-1-890460-49-5Raleigh PhilpEngaging 'Tweens and Teens: A Brain-Compatible Approach to Reaching Middle and High School Students