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2001978-1-886969-03-2Chin Na In Depth 4 [VHS]
2002978-1-886969-04-9Xiangcai XuChinese Tui Na Massage: The Essential Guide to Treating Injuries, Improving Health & Balancing Qi
2001978-1-886969-06-3Northern Shaolin Sword-Kun Wu Jian and Its Applications [VHS]
  ''978-1-886969-09-4Yang Jwing-MingTai Chi Secrets of the Yang Style: Chinese Classics, Translations, Commentary
2002978-1-886969-10-0John Loupos M.S. C.H.S.E.Inside Tai Chi: Hints, Tips, Training & Process for Students and Teachers
  ''978-1-886969-11-7Yanling Lee JohnsonQigong for Living: A Practical Guide to Improving Your Health with Qi from Modern China
2001978-1-886969-14-8Qigong - 15 Minutes To Health [VHS]
  ''978-1-886969-15-5George Dominguez · Kathy Yang · Walter Wong · Mike OrlandellaShaolin Long Fist Kung Fu - 12 Tan Tui (Spring Legs) [VHS]
2002978-1-886969-17-9Yang Jwing-MingTai Chi Secrets of the Wu Style
  ''978-1-886969-21-6Michael RosenbaumThe Fighting Arts: Their Evolution from Secret Societies to Modern Times
2002978-1-886969-22-3Richard ChunTaekwondo Spirit and Practice: Beyond Self-Defense
  ''978-1-886969-23-0Robert ChuckrowTai Chi Walking: A Low-Impact Path to Better Health
1996978-1-886969-25-4Jwing-Ming YangShaolin Long Fist Yi Lu Mai Fu and Er Lu Mai Fu [VHS]
  ''978-1-886969-28-5Shou-Yu LiangEmei Baguazhang: Basic Training, Qigong, Eight Palms & Their Applications [VHS]
  ''978-1-886969-29-2Jwing-Ming Yang · Master Shou-Yu LiangEmei Baguazhang: Swimming Body & Its Applications [VHS]
  ''978-1-886969-30-8Jwing-Ming Yang · Master Shou-Yu Liang · senior students of Master LiangEmei Baguazhang: Bagua Deer Hook Sword & Its Applications [VHS]
1996978-1-886969-31-5Master Shou-Yu Liang · Jwing-Ming YangHsing Yi Chuan: The Twelve Animal Patterns and Their Applications [VHS]
  ''978-1-886969-32-2   ''Simplified Tai Chi Chuan--Simplified 24 Postures: Standard 48 Postures [VHS]
  ''978-1-886969-33-9Liang Shou-Yu · Wu Wen-ChingTai Chi Chuan: 24 & 48 Postures with Martial Applications
  ''978-1-886969-35-3Jwing-Ming YangThe Essence of Shaolin White Crane: Martial Power and Qigong
1997978-1-886969-37-7Qingshan LiuChinese Fitness: A Mind/Body Approach-Qigong for Healthy and Joyful Living (Qigong - Health & Healing)
1996978-1-886969-43-8Yang Jwing-MingTai Chi Theory and Martial Power: Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi Chaun (Martial Arts-Internal)
  ''978-1-886969-44-5Jwint-MingTai Chi Chuan Martial Applications: Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi Chaun (Martial Arts-Internal)
1997978-1-886969-48-3Master Shou-Yu Liang · Jwing-Ming YangTai Chi Chuan & Applications--Simplified 24 Postures with Applications: Standard 48 Postures [VHS]
1997978-1-886969-49-0Liang · Shou-Yu · Tai D. NgoChinese Fast Wrestling for Fighting: THe Art of San Shou Kuai Jiao
  ''978-1-886969-50-6Jwing-Ming YangThe Root of Chinese Qigong: Secrets of Health, Longevity, & Enlightenment
  ''978-1-886969-52-0Yang jwing-Ming · Jwing-Ming YangEight Simple Qigong Exercises for Health: The Eight Pieces of Brocade
  ''978-1-886969-54-4Jwing-Ming YangEight Simple Qigong Exercises for Health [VHS]
1998978-1-886969-57-5Jwint-MingQigong for Health & Martial Arts: Exercises and Meditation, 2nd Edition (Qigong, Health and Healing)
  ''978-1-886969-58-2Michael Gilman108 Insights into Tai Chi Chuan, Revised: A String of Pearls
1998978-1-886969-63-6Yang Jwing-MingThe Essence of Taiji Qigong: The Internal Foundation of Taijiquan (Martial Arts-Qigong)
  ''978-1-886969-64-3Robert ChuckrowThe Tai Chi Book: Refining and Enjoying a Lifetime of Practice
  ''978-1-886969-65-0Tom SeabourneThe Martial Arts Athlete: Mental and Physical Conditioning for Peak Performance
2003978-1-886969-66-7Al Arsenault · Joseph FauliseChin Na in Ground Fighting: Principles, Theory and Submission Holds for All Martial Styles
1999978-1-886969-67-4Jwing-Ming YangAncient Chinese Weapons: A Martial Arts Guide
  ''978-1-886969-68-1Yang Jwing-MingTaijiquan, Classical Yang Style: The Complete Form and Qigong
2000978-1-886969-70-4Xu XiangcaiQigong for Treating Common Ailments: The Essential Guide to Self Healing
2002978-1-886969-71-1Yang Jwing-MingTai Chi Secrets of the Ancient Masters: Selected Readings from the Masters (Tai Chi Treasures)
2003978-1-886969-72-8Paul DillonLiuhebafa Five Character Secrets: Chinese Classics, Translations, Commentary
  ''978-1-886969-73-5Yang Jwing-MingQigong Meditation: Embryonic Breathing
1999978-1-886969-74-2   ''Taiji Sword, Classical Yang Style: The Complete Form, Qigong & Applications (Martial Arts-Internal)
1999978-1-886969-75-9Jwing-Ming YangTaijiquan, Classical Yang Style [VHS]
2000978-1-886969-78-0Hong-Chao ZhangWild Goose Qigong: Natural Movement for Healthy Living
1999978-1-886969-81-0Jwing-Ming YangTaiji Sword, Classical Yang Style [VHS]
2001978-1-886969-83-4Yanling Lee JohnsonA Woman's Qigong Guide: Empowerment Through Movement, Diet, and Herbs
2000978-1-886969-84-1Yang Jwing-Ming · Jwing-Ming YangQigong, The Secret of Youth: Da Mo's Muscle/Tendon Changing and Marrow/Brain Washing Classics
  ''978-1-886969-85-8Jwing-Ming Yang · Jeffrey BoltNorthern Shaolin Sword: Form, Techniques, & Applications
  ''978-1-886969-86-5Gilman101 Reflections on Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Chi Treasures)
2002978-1-886969-88-9Darrell Max CraigShihan Te: The Bunkai of Kata
2001978-1-886969-89-6Xiangcia XuTraditional Chinese Health Secrets: The Essential Guide to Harmonious Living
  ''978-1-886969-91-9Michael RosenbaumOkinawa's Complete Karate: Isshin Ryu
  ''978-1-886969-92-6Frank ThiboutotCardio Kickboxing Elite: For Sport, For Fitness, For Self-Defense
2001978-1-886969-93-3Doug CookTaekwondo: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Warrior
  ''978-1-886969-94-0Wild Goose Qigong [VHS]
  ''978-1-886969-98-8Yang Jwing-MingTai Chi Secrets of the Wu & Li Styles: Chinese Classics, Translations, Commentary
  ''978-1-886969-99-5Xiangcai XuPrinciples of Traditional Chinese Medicine: The Essential Guide to Understanding the Human Body