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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-0-940871-00-7Yang Jwing MingChi Kung: Health and Martial Arts
1987978-0-940871-02-1Jwing-Ming YangAdvanced Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, Volume One: Tai Chi Theory and Tai Chi Jing
1986978-0-940871-03-8Jwing-Ming YangAdvanced Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan: Martial Applications
1996978-0-940871-04-5Yang Jwing MingAnalysis of Shaolin Chin Na: Instructor's Manual for All Martial Styles (Ymaa Book Series)
  ''978-0-940871-06-9   ''Muscle/Tendon Changing and Marrow/Brain Washing Chi Kung: The Secret of Youth (YMAA chi kung series)
1989978-0-940871-07-6Jwing Ming YangRoot of Chinese Chi Kung the Secrets Of (Ymaa Chi Kung Series, #1)
1996978-0-940871-08-3Shou-Yu Liang · Jwing-Ming Yang · Alan DougallHsing Yi Chuan: Theory and Applications (Chinese Internal Martial Art)
  ''978-0-940871-09-0Yang Jwing MingCarving the Buddha: Hou Yi Learns Archery
1990978-0-940871-10-6   ''The Essence of Tai Chi Chi Kung: Health and Martial Arts (YMAA Publication Center Book Series, B014)
1996978-0-940871-18-2Jwing-Ming YangYang Style: Tai Chi Chuan and Its Applications [VHS]
  ''978-0-940871-19-9   ''Shaolin Longfist Kung Fu:Lien Bu Chuan [VHS]
  ''978-0-940871-20-5   ''Shaolin Longfist Kung Fu:Gung Li Chuan [VHS]
1996978-0-940871-23-6Jwing-Ming YangChi Kung for Tai Chi Chuan [VHS]
1994978-0-940871-25-0Yang Jwing-Ming · Alan DougallChinese Qigong Massage: General Massage
1993978-0-940871-28-1George A. Katchmer Jr.The Tao of Bioenergetics: East and West
  ''978-0-940871-29-8Liang Shou-Yu · Wu Wen-ChingA Guide to Taijiquan: 24 and 48 Postures with Applications
1996978-0-940871-30-4Liang Shou-yu · Yang Jwing-Ming · Wu Wen-ChingBaguazhang: Emei Baguazhang Theory and Applications (Chinese Internal Martial Arts)
  ''978-0-940871-32-8Jwing-Ming YangChinese Qigong Massage:Self Massage [VHS]
  ''978-0-940871-33-5Yang Jwing-MingChinese Qigong Massage:With a Partner [VHS]
  ''978-0-940871-35-9Jwing-Ming YangHow To Defend Yourself 2:Knife Attack [VHS]
1995978-0-940871-36-6Jwing-Ming YangComprehensive Applications in Shaolin Chin Na: The Practical Defense of Chinese Seizing Arts for All Styles (Qin Na: The Practical Defense of Chinese Seizing Arts for All Martial Arts Styles)
1996978-0-940871-37-3Yang Jwing-MingTaiji Chin Na: The Seizing Art of Taijiquan (Chinese Internal Martial Arts)
  ''978-0-940871-38-0Jwing-Ming YangComprehensive Applications of Shaolin Chin Na1: Defense & Counters for Barehand Attacks, Blocking & Kicking [VHS]
  ''978-0-940871-39-7   ''Comprehensive Applications of Shaolin Chin Na: Defense for Knife Attacks & Grabbing, with Additional Offensive Techniques [VHS]
  ''978-0-940871-40-3   ''Taiji Chin Na: The Seizing Art of Taijiquan [VHS]
2002978-0-940871-41-0Shou-Yu Liang · Jwing-Ming YangXingyiquan: Theory, Applications, Fighting Tactics and Spirit
2003978-0-940871-42-7John Loupos M.S. C.H.S.E.Exploring Tai Chi: Contemporary Views on an Ancient Art
  ''978-0-940871-43-4Jwing-Ming YangTaijiquan Theory of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming: The Root of Taijiquan
1994978-0-940871-47-2Jwing-Ming Dr. YangTaiji Ball Qigong 1 (YMAA Tai Chi) Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
1994978-0-940871-48-9Wind RecordsMetal Element Music
  ''978-0-940871-49-6Jwing-Ming Dr. YangTaiji Saber - Classical Yang Style [VHS]
  ''978-0-940871-50-2Taiji Pushing Hands 1 (YMAA Tai Chi) Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming [VHS]
978-0-940871-59-5TAI CHI MELODY (Yi Jing Music for Health Series) (cass)
2003978-0-940871-60-1Chin Na in Depth Courses 1 Through 4
  ''978-0-940871-63-2Shaolin White Crane: Hard and Soft Qigong
978-0-940871-66-3Autumn Frosty Dew
1994978-0-940871-67-0Bai LuAutumn Frosty Dew
  ''978-0-940871-68-7Wind RecordsWinter Great Snow
1994978-0-940871-69-4Wind RecordsWinter Great Snow
  ''978-0-940871-88-5   ''Headache
  ''978-0-940871-89-2   ''Headache