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1998978-1-883013-12-7David HajduEntertainment Weekly 1997 Yearbook
  ''978-1-883013-17-2Ty Burr · Inc. Entertainment Weekly · Gwinn. AlisonThe 100 Greatest Stars of All Time: Editor, Alison Gwinn ; Senior Writer, Ty Burr
  ''978-1-883013-18-9Junius EllisYour Top Investing Moves for Retirement
  ''978-1-883013-19-6Joe McGowanFortune Adviser 1998
1995978-1-883013-22-6Sports Illustrated StaffThe Best of the Swimsuit Supermodels [Super Models]
1998978-1-883013-27-1Eric LevinPeople Yearbook 1998
  ''978-1-883013-28-8Tim CrothersGreatest Teams: The Most Dominant Powerhouses in Sports
1998978-1-883013-29-5Life MagazineLife Album 1997: A Year in Pictures
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1995978-1-883013-32-5People editorsPeople Weekly Yearbook 1996
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1998978-1-883013-47-9Robert SullivanRemembering Sinatra: A Life in Pictures
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1997978-1-883013-79-0Kelly KnauerThe Greatest Events (The Century Collection)
2000978-1-883013-85-1Editors of People MagazineYearbook 2000 People weekly
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2002978-1-883013-98-1Editors of LifeOur Finest Hour: The Triumphant Spirit of America's World War II Generation
2000978-1-883013-99-8PEOPLE Weekly Celebrates the 70s

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