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1992978-1-881955-00-9200 farmhouse & country home plans: Classic and modern farmhouses from 1299 to 4890 square feet (Blue ribbon designer series)
1993978-1-881955-02-3Inc. Home PlannersThe Essential Guide to Contemporary Homes: Over 300 Homes in Sleek, Modern Styles
  ''978-1-881955-03-0Home Planners Inc · Inc Staff Home PlannersThe Essential Guide to Traditional Homes: Over 400 Home Designs
  ''978-1-881955-04-7The Essential guide to contemporary homes: Over 340 homes in sleek, modern styles
  ''978-1-881955-05-4The Essential guide to traditional homes: A treasury of classic homes
  ''978-1-881955-06-1Home Planners Inc200 Narrow-Lot Home Plans: Stylish Homes for Lots Less Than 60' Wide (Blue Ribbon Designer Series)
1993978-1-881955-07-8Paulette Mulvin200 Family-Favored Home Plans: Move-Up Designs from 2400 to 4000 Square Feet (Blue Ribbon Designer)
  ''978-1-881955-08-5Home Planners IncNew England Sampler: A Treasury of Home Plans & Decorating Ideas from Colonial America: 264 Plans, 200 Interiors
  ''978-1-881955-09-2   ''New England Sampler: A Treasury of Home Plans and Decorating Ideas from Colonial America
  ''978-1-881955-10-8200 narrow-lot home plans: Stylish plans for houses less than 60' wide (Blue ribbon designer series)
  ''978-1-881955-11-5200 family-favored home plans: Move-up designs from 2400 to 4000 square feet (Blue ribbon designer series)
1993978-1-881955-12-2Empty-nester homes: 206 exciting plans for empty-nesters, retirees and couples without children
1994978-1-881955-13-9Home Planners IncEmpty Nester Homes: 206 Exciting Plans for Empty Nesters, Retirees and Couples Without Children
  ''978-1-881955-14-6   ''Starter Homes
  ''978-1-881955-15-3Starter homes: 200 easy-to-build plans for starter & low-budget houses
  ''978-1-881955-16-0Home PlannersLuxury Dream Homes: 154 Luxury Home Plans from Eleven Leading Designers
  ''978-1-881955-17-7Home Planners Inc · Inc Staff Home Planners200 All-American Home Plans: Popular Home Styles from Across America (Blue Ribbon Designer)
1994978-1-881955-18-4Inc. Home PlannersSouthern Home Plans: Over 200 Home Plans for the South and Southeast
1995978-1-881955-19-1Home PlannersVacation and Second Homes Designs
  ''978-1-881955-20-7Connie Brown · Matt DebackerCreative Plans for Yard and Garden Structures: 42 Easy-To-Build Designs for Gazebos, Sheds, Pool Houses, Playsets, Bridges and More!
  ''978-1-881955-21-4Home Planners Inc · Inc Staff Home Planners200 Expandable Home Plans: Stylish Designs With Bonus, Flexible or Finish-Later Space (Blue Ribbon Designer Series)
  ''978-1-881955-22-1Susan A. Roth · Susan A. Roth & Company · Susan Lang · Ireland-Gannon AssociatesEasy-Care Landscape Plans: 41 Professional Designs for Do-It-Yourselfers
  ''978-1-881955-23-8Home Planners Inc · Inc Staff Home PlannersHome Planners Gold: 200 Of Our Finest Home Plans in Full Color!
1995978-1-881955-24-5Home Planners gold: 200 of our finest home plans in full color!
  ''978-1-881955-25-2Home Planners Inc · HomeHome Planners Gold: 200 Of Our Finest Home Plans in Full Color!
1996978-1-881955-27-6Inc. Home PlannersHomes Filled With Natural Light: 223 Sunny Home Plans for All Regions
  ''978-1-881955-28-3Paulette MulvinHillside Homes: 214 Sloping-Lot & Multi-Level Designs: 1,040 to 6,628 Square Feet
  ''978-1-881955-29-0Home Planners IncOne-Story Homes: 448 Designs for All Lifestyles: 468 to 5,400 Square Feet
  ''978-1-881955-30-6Paulette Mulvin200 Move-Up Home Plans: Designs from 1800 to 3800 Square Feet to Meet Your Growing Needs (Blue Ribbon Designer Series)
1996978-1-881955-31-3Paulette MulvinTwo-Story Homes: 460 Designs for 1 1/2 and 2 Stories, 1,245 to 7,275 Square Feet
  ''978-1-881955-32-0   ''Country Houses: 208 Unique Home Plans With Country Style
  ''978-1-881955-33-7Connie BrownGreat Garages, Sheds & Outdoor Buildings: 101 Projects You Can Build
1997978-1-881955-34-4Home Planners Inc200 Small House Plans: Selected Designs Under 2,500 Square Feet (Blue Ribbon Designer Series)
  ''978-1-881955-35-1Inc. Home PlannersSouthwest Home Plans: 138 Sun-Loving Designs for Building Anywhere!
  ''978-1-881955-36-8   ''Encyclopedia of Home Designs: 500 House Plans from Award-Winning Blue Ribbon Designers (Blue Ribbon Designer Series)
1997978-1-881955-37-5Home Planners StaffAffordable Home Plans: 300 Home Designs for Modest and Medium Budgets
  ''978-1-881955-38-2Home Planners IncEasy-Living Homes: 200 Exciting Plans for Active Adults, Professional Couples & Empty-Nesters (Blue Ribbon Designer Series)
  ''978-1-881955-39-9Inc. Home PlannersBuilding Products Buyer's Guide: 13,000 Products from 2,800 Manufacturers
1998978-1-881955-40-5William E. Poole · Home Planners IncThe Designs of William E. Poole: 70 Romantic House Plans in the Classic Tradition (House Beautiful)
1992978-1-881955-41-2Home Planners Inc200 Farmhouse and Country Home Plans: Classic and Modern Farmhouses from 1,299 to 4,890 Square Feet (Blue Ribbon Designer Series)
1998978-1-881955-42-9Home Planners IncContemporary Home Plans: 220 Sleek Designs for Modern Lifestyles
  ''978-1-881955-43-6   ''Classic Home Plans: 230 New Designs in Traditional Styles
  ''978-1-881955-44-3   ''Estate Dream Homes: 150 Plans of Unsurpassed Luxury
  ''978-1-881955-45-0Susan A. Roth & Company · Inc. Ireland-Gannon AssociatesBeds and Borders: 40 Professional Designs for Do-It-Yourselfers
  ''978-1-881955-46-7Dan SaterCottages: Charming Seaside and Tidewater Designs
1998978-1-881955-47-4Inc. Home PlannersColonial Houses (Home Plans)
  ''978-1-881955-48-1Home Planners IncMore One-Story Homes: 475 Superb Plans from 800 to 5,000 Square Feet (Home Plans)
  ''978-1-881955-49-8Stephen S. FullerTraditional Home Plans: 85 Distinguished Designs (Design Tradition's Home Library)
1992978-1-881955-50-4Inc. Home PlannersEncyclopedia of Home Designs: 500 House Plans
1999978-1-881955-51-1   ''Windowscaping: Designing With Light: Over 200 Home Plans Featuring Pella Windows
  ''978-1-881955-52-8Jan Prideaux · Inc Home PlannersEuropean Dream Homes
1998978-1-881955-53-5Home PlannersOne-Story Homes: Over 450 Designs for Single-Level Living
1999978-1-881955-54-2Inc. Home PlannersCraftsman Collection
  ''978-1-881955-55-9   ''Landscape & Garden Products Buyer's Guide: Over 40000 Products Buyer's Guide
1999978-1-881955-56-6n/aTwo-Story Homes: 450 Designs for 1-1/2 and 2 Stories 1,500 to 6,000 Square Feet
  ''978-1-881955-57-3Home PlannersVacation and Second Homes: 465 Designs for Recreation, Retirement and Leisure Living: Under 500 Square Feet to over 5000 Square Feet
1999978-1-881955-58-0Home PlannersNarrow-Lot Home Plans: 250 Designs for Houses 17' to 50' Wide
  ''978-1-881955-59-7   ''Duplex and Townhome Plans: 51 Designs for Multi-Family Living
2000978-1-881955-60-3   ''Street of Dreams
1999978-1-881955-61-0   ''House Beautiful: The Designs of Donald A. Gardner Architects Inc: 101 Comfortable Country and Traditional House Plans
  ''978-1-881955-62-7Inc. Home PlannersHillside Homes: 208 Sloping-Lot & Multi-Level Designs: 1000 to over 5,500 Square Feet
  ''978-1-881955-63-4Rich BinsaccaThe Home Building Process: Everything You Need to Know to Work With Contractors and Subcontractors C
  ''978-1-881955-64-1Jan Prideaux · Marian E. Haggard · Inc. Home PlannersWaterfront Homes: 200 Plans for River, Lake or Sea
2000978-1-881955-65-8Home PlannersProducts and Plans for Universal Homes
2000978-1-881955-66-5Home PlannersTraditional Neighborhood Home Plans
  ''978-1-881955-67-2   ''1001 All Time Best Selling Home Plans
  ''978-1-881955-68-9Home Planners IncEstate Dream Homes: 152 Plans of Unsurpassed Luxury (Revised)
  ''978-1-881955-69-6Design Basics Inc.Nostalgia Home Plans: 100 Time-Honored Designs Updated With Today's Features
  ''978-1-881955-70-2Stephen FullerCountry Home Plans by Stephen Fuller: Eighty-Five Charming Designs from American Home Gallery
2000978-1-881955-71-9Homer, Ph.D. EmeryEverything You Must Know When Building Your Country Home
  ''978-1-881955-72-6Inc. Home PlannersVictorian Dream Homes
2001978-1-881955-73-3Inc. Home PlannersCabins, Cottages & Villas: Enchanting Homes for Mountain, Sea or Sun
2000978-1-881955-75-7Home Planners Inc207 best selling affordable home plans
  ''978-1-881955-76-4226 best-selling luxury home plans
2001978-1-881955-77-1Home PlannersFarmhouse and Country Plans: 300 Fresh Designs from Classic to Modern
2000978-1-881955-78-8Stephen S FullerElements of style: Siding and shingle designs: Stephen Fuller, Donald Gardner and other top American architects present over 200 homes plans featuring James Hardie siding products
  ''978-1-881955-79-5Encyclopedia of Canadian home designs: 371 home & cottage plans
2001978-1-881955-80-1Unknown200 Small House Plans: Innovative Plans for Sensible Lifestyles (Blue Ribbon Designer Series)
  ''978-1-881955-81-8Jan PrideauxMore One-Story Homes: 475 Superb Home Plans from 810 to 5,400 Square Feet
  ''978-1-881955-82-5Matt DebackerYard and Garden Structures: 74 Easy-To-Build Designs for Gazebos, Sheds, Pool Houses, Playsets, Bridges and More
2000978-1-881955-83-2Home Planners StaffDesigning with Light: Over 600 Home Plans Featuring Pella Windows
2001978-1-881955-85-6N/AShingle Style: 155 Home Plans from Classic Colonials to Breezy Bungalows
2001978-1-881955-86-3Rich BinsaccaYour Vacation Home
  ''978-1-881955-87-0Home PlannersLuxury Dream Homes, Third Edition
  ''978-1-881955-89-4Inc. Home PlannersProvencal Inspiration: Living the French Country Spirit
  ''978-1-881955-91-7   ''Cool Cottages: 235 Delightful Retreats, 825 to 3,500 Square Feet
  ''978-1-881955-92-4   ''Grand Vistas: 200 Homes With a View
2001978-1-881955-93-1Inc. Home PlannersAffordable Houses: 300 Modest Plans for Savvy Homebuyers
  ''978-1-881955-96-2Home PlannersGarden, Landscape, and Project Plans: 225 Do-It Yourself Designs
2002978-1-881955-97-9Vacation & Second Homes: 430 House Plans for Retreats and Getaways
2001978-1-881955-98-6Llc Home Planners · Connie BrownGreat Garages, Sheds & Outdoor Buildings: 145 Projects You Can Build
2002978-1-881955-99-3LLC Home PlannersMultifamily Home Plans: 115 Multiplex & Townhome Designs