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1982978-0-918894-00-7Home Planners230 Homes 1 1/2 and Two Story Designs
1983978-0-918894-03-8PollmanOne Hundred Eighty Multi Level Designs Home Plans
1982978-0-918894-04-5223 Vacation Homes and Plans: 005
1980978-0-918894-12-0One Hundred House Plans for Contemporary Living
1982978-0-918894-14-4One Hundred Sixty-Six Low and Medium Cost Homes
1984978-0-918894-15-1Home PlannersOne Hundred Sixteen Traditional and Contemporary Plans
1982978-0-918894-21-2Inc. Home PlannersOne Hundred Thirty-Five English Tudor Homes
1980978-0-918894-23-6   ''One Hundred-Twenty Early American Home Plans
1982978-0-918894-24-3   ''One Hundred Twenty-Five Contemporary Home Plans
1981978-0-918894-25-0Home Planners Inc.166 most popular homes
1982978-0-918894-26-7Staff of Publisher400 home plans: 1 1/2 and two story designs
1981978-0-918894-27-4Inc. Home PlannersTwo Hundred Ten Home Plans: One Story Designs over Two Thousand Square Feet
1982978-0-918894-28-1Kinch350 home plans: One story designs under 2000 sq. ft
  ''978-0-918894-29-8Net · Home Planners Inc Gingras205 home plans: Multi-level designs
  ''978-0-918894-30-4NETGingras223 vacation homes for summer and winter fun
1983978-0-918894-31-1165 affordable home plans
1984978-0-918894-32-8Home PlannersOne Hundred Thirty-Five Designs of English Tudor Homes and Other Popular Family Plans
1983978-0-918894-33-5Inc. Home PlannersOne Hundred and Ten Home Plans for Varying Building Budgets
  ''978-0-918894-34-2   ''One Hundred Twenty-Two Home Designs
1985978-0-918894-35-9112 traditional & contemporary family homes
1983978-0-918894-36-6Inc. Home PlannersOne Hundred Seventy-Five Low Budget Homes
1984978-0-918894-37-3   ''One Hundred and Sixty Six Most Popular Homes
  ''978-0-918894-38-0CompilationEncyclopedia of home designs: 450 house plans
1984978-0-918894-39-7Inc. Home PlannersOne Hundred Thirty Distinctive Home Designs
1984978-0-918894-40-3Inc. Home PlannersOne Hundred Forty-Two Home Designs for Expanded Building Budgets
  ''978-0-918894-41-0102 home plans
  ''978-0-918894-42-7152 house plans
1990978-0-918894-44-1Inc. Home PlannersTwo Hundred Fifty Five Home Designs for Family Living
1985978-0-918894-45-8   ''One Hundred Sixteen Traditional and Contemporary Plans
1984978-0-918894-46-5   ''One Hundred Fourteen Trend Homes
  ''978-0-918894-47-2   ''One Hundred Seventy Two Most Popular Homes
1985978-0-918894-48-9home planners144 home designs for all Americans
  ''978-0-918894-49-6Inc. Home PlannersOne Hundred Thirty Six Spanish and Western Home Designs
1986978-0-918894-50-2CompilationTwo story homes: Colonial, Tudor, French, Spanish, Georgian styles
1986978-0-918894-51-9Inc. Home PlannersOne Story Homes over 2000 Square Feet: Contemporary & Traditional Styles
1985978-0-918894-52-6Home PlannersOne Story Homes Under 2000 Square Feet: Traditional and Contemporary Styles
1986978-0-918894-53-3Inc. Home PlannersMulti-Level Homes: Split-Level, Bi-Level, Hillside Designs
  ''978-0-918894-54-0Home Planners IncVacation homes: A-frames, chalets, designs 480 to 3,238 sq. ft
  ''978-0-918894-55-7Inc. Home Planners1 And a Half Story Homes
1990978-0-918894-56-4Home PlannersTwo Hundred Forty-Four House Plans for Better Living
1986978-0-918894-57-1128 Home Plans for Varying Building Budgets
  ''978-0-918894-58-8Inc. Home PlannersOne Hundred Fifteen Home Designs for Unlimited Budgets
1987978-0-918894-59-5Home Planners IncEncyclopedia of home designs: 450 house plans (v. 1)
  ''978-0-918894-60-1Home PlannersThe Essential Guide to Early American Home Plans
1987978-0-918894-61-8Home Planners IncThe Essential Guide to Contemporary Home Plans: Over 335 Modern & Functional Home Designs
  ''978-0-918894-62-5Home PlannersColor Portfolio of Houses and Plans
1988978-0-918894-63-2Home Planners IncHome Planners' Most Popular Home Designs: 360 Of Americas Favorite Houses
  ''978-0-918894-64-9Philip Alan Cecchettini · Alice Klein · A. Cort SinnesHome Plans for Outdoor Living
  ''978-0-918894-65-6A. B. ThorneCountry Houses (Home Planners Series)
1989978-0-918894-66-3Michael Walsh · Richard TogliaTudor Houses: A Portfolio of Floor Plans, Exteriors, and Furnishing Ideas for 80 Enchanting Tudor Houses
  ''978-0-918894-67-0Bob BechstromHome Plans for Solar Living
1988978-0-918894-69-4Home PlannersCountry Houses
1990978-0-918894-73-1Ann Reilly · Susan A. Roth · Ray Skibinski · Ireland-Gannon AssociatesThe Home Landscaper: 55 Professional Landscapes You Can Do
1989978-0-918894-74-8Home Planners IncLuxury Dream Homes
978-0-918894-75-5Michael WalshTudor Houses: A portfolio of floor plans, exteriors, and furnishing ideas for 80 enchanting Tudor houses.
1989978-0-918894-76-2New design portfolio
1990978-0-918894-78-6Home Planners IncAffordable Home Plans: 429 Home Designs for Modest and Medium Budgets
1990978-0-918894-79-3Inc. Home PlannersHome Planners Style Portfolio: 335 Home Plans You Can Build
  ''978-0-918894-80-9Ann ReillyThe home landscaper: 55 professional landscapes you can do
  ''978-0-918894-81-6Home Planners StaffDeck Planner: 25 Outstanding Decks You Can Build
  ''978-0-918894-82-3Inc. Home PlannersColonial Houses: Modern Floor Plans and Authentic Exteriors for 161 Historical Colonial Homes
  ''978-0-918894-83-0Inc. Edited By Home PlannersColonial houses: Modern floor plans and authentic exteriors for 161 historical colonial homes
1990978-0-918894-84-7Jim BauerDeck planner: 25 outstanding decks you can build
1994978-0-918894-85-4Home Planners IncOne-Story Homes: 470 Designs for All Lifestyles: 860 to 5,400 Square Feet
1991978-0-918894-86-1   ''Two-Story Homes: 478 Designs for 1 1/2 and 2 Stories: 1,200 to 7,200 Square Feet
1991978-0-918894-87-8Home Planners IncMulti-Level and Hillside Homes: 312 Designs for Split Levels, Bi-Levels, Multi-Levels, and Walkout Basements: 1,250 to 6,800 Square Feet
1995978-0-918894-88-5Editors of Home PlannersVacation and Second Homes: 258 Designs for Recreation, Retirement and Leisure Living
1992978-0-918894-89-2Ireland-Gannon AssociationThe Backyard Landscaper: 40 Professional Designs for Do-It-Yourselfers
1991978-0-918894-90-8Home Planners IncVictorian Dream Homes: 160 Victorian & Farmhouse Plans from Three Master Designers
  ''978-0-918894-91-5Paulette (editor) MulvinVictorian dream homes
978-0-918894-92-2The Backyard Landscaper: 40 Professional Designs for Do-It-Yourselfers
1992978-0-918894-93-9Home Planners IncEncyclopedia of Home Designs Volume 1 (v. 1)
  ''978-0-918894-94-6   ''Western Home Plans: Over 200 Home Plans
  ''978-0-918894-96-0   ''200 Farmhouse and Country Home Plans: Classic and Modern Farmhouses from 1,299 to 4,890 Square Feet (Blue Ribbon Designer Series)
  ''978-0-918894-97-7Paulette Mulvin200 Budget-Smart Home Plans: Affordable Homes from 902 to 2,540 Square Feet (Blue Ribbon Designer Series)
1993978-0-918894-98-4Christina B. FarnsworthThe Home Remodeler: Plans & Ideas for Thirty-One Outstanding Remodeling Projects
1993978-0-918894-99-1Christina B FarnsworthThe home remodeler: Plans & ideas for 31 outstanding remodeling projects