New Line Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-880908-05-1Alan RichardsBirds of Prey: Hunters of the Sky
1998978-1-880908-14-3Henri LallemandManet: A Visionary Impressionist (The Impressionists)
  ''978-1-880908-15-0   ''Cezanne: Visions of a Great Painter (The Impressionists)
  ''978-1-880908-21-1Leonard Lee Rue IIIAlligators & Crocodiles: A Portrait of the Animal World
  ''978-1-880908-38-9William C., Jr. KetchumAmerican Folk Art
  ''978-1-880908-49-5Bert D. YaegerThe Hudson River School: American Landscape Artists (American Art)
1998978-1-880908-63-1Charles SheppardRailway Stations (Masterpieces of Architecture)
  ''978-1-880908-67-9Gerhard GruitrooyMary Cassatt: An American Impressionist (American Art)
  ''978-1-880908-68-6Susan WrightThe Bible in Art (Artists & Art Movements)
  ''978-1-880908-70-9Lisa N. PetersJames McNeill Whistler (Todtri Art S)
  ''978-1-880908-79-2Andrew CleaveAquarium Fish: A Portrait of the Animal World (Portraits of the Animal World)
2001978-1-880908-88-4Jill CaravanAmerican Country Churches: A Pictorial History
1998978-1-880908-91-4Katherine S. WilliamsonThe Golden Age of Aviation