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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-59764-001-5Klaus H. CarlAthens (Great Cities)
  ''978-1-59764-005-3Caren Weiner-Campbell · Klaus H. CarlBangkok (Great Cities)
  ''978-1-59764-006-0Patrik AlacThe Bikini: A Cultural History (Temporis)
  ''978-1-59764-007-7Philippe MesmerCigarscapes: For the Refined Pleasure of Cigar Lovers (Temptation)
  ''978-1-59764-012-1Hans-Jurgen DoppThe Erotic Museum in Berlin (Temporis)
2005978-1-59764-013-8Hans-Jurgen DoppThe Erotic Orient (Temptation)
  ''978-1-59764-014-5   ''Ectasy (Temptation)
  ''978-1-59764-016-9Alexander F. TcherviakovFans: From the 18th to the Beginning of the 20th Century (Temporis)
  ''978-1-59764-017-6Hans-Jurgen DoppFeet-ishism (Temptation)
  ''978-1-59764-018-3Sarah Carr-GommGoya
2005978-1-59764-019-0Donald WigalHistoric Maritime Maps: 1290-1699 (Temporis)
  ''978-1-59764-025-1Esther SesdonFini, Leonor (Reveries)
  ''978-1-59764-028-2Hans-Jurgen DoppObjects of Desire (Temptation)
  ''978-1-59764-031-2Ingo LatotzkiRio de Janeiro (Great Cities)
  ''978-1-59764-034-3Peter LeekRussian Painting: From the XVIIIth until the XXth Century (Temporis)
2005978-1-59764-036-7Yvonne Shafir · Klaus H. CarlSydney (Great Cities)
  ''978-1-59764-037-4Hans-Jurgen DoppThe Temple of Venus (Temporis)
  ''978-1-59764-048-0Paul RobinDunes
  ''978-1-59764-049-7Clemens JockleEncyclopedia of Saints (History/Journey's Into the Past)
  ''978-1-59764-050-3Thierry Des OuchesFrance
2005978-1-59764-051-0Simon ShawFrontier House
  ''978-1-59764-056-5Alain D'HoogheThe Magic of Morocco
  ''978-1-59764-057-2Gloria Torrens FerrerMajorca Living
  ''978-1-59764-058-9Colin EislerMasterworks in Berlin: A City's Paintings Reunited
  ''978-1-59764-059-6Robert HicksNashville: The Pilgrims of Guitar Town
2005978-1-59764-061-9Ian WilsonPast Lives: Unlocking the Secrets of Our Ancestors (History/Journey's Into the Past)
  ''978-1-59764-063-3Barry MorenoThe Statue of Liberty Encyclopedia
  ''978-1-59764-065-7Dominique T. Pasqualini · Bruno SuetThe Time of Tea
  ''978-1-59764-066-4Francoise de BonnevilleThe Book of the Bath
2006978-1-59764-069-5Eric NashAdams, Ansel: The Spirit of Wild Places
2009978-1-59764-070-1Joe McDonaldAfrican Wildlife: A Portrait of the Animal World
2006978-1-59764-071-8Leonard RueAlligators and Crocodiles: A Portrait of the Animal World
  ''978-1-59764-072-5Jill CaravanAmerican Covered Bridges: A Pictorial History
2006978-1-59764-074-9Andrew CleaveAquarium Fish: A Portrait of the Animal World
2005978-1-59764-077-0Henri LallemandCezanne: Visions of A Great Painter
2006978-1-59764-078-7Ben SonderThe Legacy of Norman Rockwell (Great Masters)
  ''978-1-59764-082-4Leonard RueElephants: A Portrait of the Animal World
2005978-1-59764-086-2Ita BerkowHopper, Edward: An American Master (Great Masters)
  ''978-1-59764-087-9Bert YeagerThe Hudson River School: American Landscape Artists
  ''978-1-59764-089-3Terri HardinKahlo, Frida: A Modern Master (Great Masters)
  ''978-1-59764-090-9Susan SternauMatisse, Henri (Great Masters)
2005978-1-59764-091-6Henri LallemandMonet: Impressions of Light (Great Masters)
2006978-1-59764-096-1Gerhard GruitrooyRenoir: A Master of Impressionism (Great Masters)
2005978-1-59764-101-2David DevossThailand: A Portrait Of
  ''978-1-59764-102-9Server LeeTigers: A Look into the Glittering Eye
2006978-1-59764-107-4Amy HandyAmerican Castles: A Pictorial History
  ''978-1-59764-108-1John BurdickAmerican Colonial Homes: A Pictorial History
  ''978-1-59764-116-6Malcolm CouchCreative Calligraphy: The Art of Beautiful Writing
2005978-1-59764-119-7Server LeeFrance: A Portrait Of
2006978-1-59764-130-2Lee ServerLions: A Portrait of the Animal World
  ''978-1-59764-131-9Lee ServerLions: King of Beasts
2006978-1-59764-132-6Dean ServerThe Majesty of the Horse (American Landmarks)
  ''978-1-59764-133-3Henri LallemandManet: A Visionary Impressionist
  ''978-1-59764-140-1Richard G. LesliePop Art: A New Generation of Style
  ''978-1-59764-144-9Paul SterrySpiders: A Portrait of the Animal World
2007978-1-59764-145-6Dean ServerTall Ships: The Magic of Sail (American Landmarks)
2006978-1-59764-146-3Lee ServerTigers: A Portrait of the Animal World
2005978-1-59764-152-4Ingo Latotzki · Claudia LatotzkiBerlin (Great Cities Collection)
  ''978-1-59764-153-1Klaus H. CarlSaigon: Ho Chi Minh City (Great Cities Collection)
2006978-1-59764-155-5Hans HalberstadtArmy: The US Army Today
2006978-1-59764-164-7Susanna PartschKlimt, Gustav: Life and Work
  ''978-1-59764-181-4Robert HutchinsonSubmarines: War Beneath the Waves
  ''978-1-59764-182-1Yves BuffetautThe 1917 Spring Offensives
  ''978-1-59764-184-5Reeve ChaceThe Complete Book of Oscar Fashion: 75 Years of Glamour on the Red Carpet
  ''978-1-59764-186-9AesopThe Hare and the Tortoise (Children's Classics)
2006978-1-59764-187-6David Ross · Brian SolomonThe Heritage of North American Trains
  ''978-1-59764-196-8John CarrollClassic American Motorcycles
  ''978-1-59764-199-9Neil GrantClans and Tartans of Scotland
  ''978-1-59764-201-9Jim GlastonburyHarley Davidson: A Love Affair
  ''978-1-59764-202-6Victor AmbrusHow to Draw the Human Figure
2006978-1-59764-210-1Charles StuckeyMonet: A Retrospective
  ''978-1-59764-214-9Flora McdonnellGiddy up ! Let's Ride !
2009978-1-59764-221-7Laura BrooksAmerican Landmarks: The Barn
2007978-1-59764-299-6JoAnn Locktov · Doreen MastandreaMosaic Sourcebook
  ''978-1-59764-305-4Robin W. BairdKiller Whales
2009978-1-59764-307-8Gerhard GruitrooyRenoir: A Master of Impressionism
  ''978-1-59764-308-5William C., Jr. KetchumAmerican Folk Art