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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-1-878271-06-8Nicholas van HoogstratenLost Broadway Theatres
1995978-1-878271-07-5Natalie ShiversBaltimore Rowhouse
1996978-1-878271-08-2Beatriz ColominaSexuality & Space (Princeton Papers on Architecture)
1997978-1-878271-09-9Magdalena GarmazThe Plecnik Guide
1992978-1-878271-11-2Hagia Sophia from the Age of Justinian to the Present
1999978-1-878271-13-6Neil DenariGyroscopic Horizons
1996978-1-878271-17-4Robert BoyceKeck and Keck
  ''978-1-878271-18-1Robert BoyceKeck and Keck
1997978-1-878271-19-8Susan BowerModern Lighting Design: 1880-1990
1996978-1-878271-26-6Robert McCarterFrank Lloyd Wright:: A Primer on Architectural Principles
1991978-1-878271-27-3The Socially Responsible Environment: Usa/USSR 1980-1990
1996978-1-878271-28-0Princeton Arch StaffBearings
  ''978-1-878271-29-7Princeton Arch StaffModulus 20:Stewardship of Land
  ''978-1-878271-35-8Lisa Mahar-KeplingerGrain Elevators
  ''978-1-878271-37-2Elizabeth Diller · Ricardo ScofidioFlesh: Architectural Probes
1992978-1-878271-38-9Princeton Arch StaffAfrican American Architects
1996978-1-878271-39-6Marida TalamonaCasa Malaparte
1993978-1-878271-41-9Daniel Burnham · Edward BennettPlan of Chicago
2000978-1-878271-42-6Ellen LuptonThe ABC's of Bauhaus, The Bauhaus and Design Theory
1995978-1-878271-48-8Anthony VidlerTerritorial Myths Political Maps
1993978-1-878271-49-5M. Adjmi · G BertolottoAldo Rossi: Drawings and Paintings
1996978-1-878271-51-8Steven HollAnchoring
1996978-1-878271-55-6Jacques LucanRem Koolhaas / OMA
  ''978-1-878271-56-3Steven HollPamphlet Architecture 13: Edge of a City
1991978-1-878271-58-7Graziano Gasparini · Carlos Morales & Maricio Pininilla · Fernando Cortes Larreamendy · Jaime Correa · Jose Gelabert-Navia · John Hancock · Rodolfo Machado · Aldo RossiThe New City: Foundations [University of Miami School of Architecture] (English and Spanish Edition)
1992978-1-878271-61-7Daniel SolomonRebuilding
  ''978-1-878271-62-4Ellen LuptonGraphic Design and Typography in the Netherlands: A View of Recent Work (Writing/Culture Monograph VI)
1996978-1-878271-66-2A. Ed. Von VegesackCzech Cubism
  ''978-1-878271-67-9Mark RobbinsAngles of Incidence:
1995978-1-878271-68-6Peter CalthorpeThe Next American Metropolis: Ecology, Community, and the American Dream
1996978-1-878271-69-3Princeton Architectural PressAmerican Town Plans
  ''978-1-878271-74-7Princeton Arch StaffWilliam Alsop Buildings & Proj
1996978-1-878271-77-8Brian ed. BoigonCulture Lab 1 (Bk. 1)
  ''978-1-878271-78-5M. Kuper · I. Van ZijlGerrit Rietveld Compl. Works
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1997978-1-878271-88-4Laurie OlinTransforming the Common Place: Selections from Laurie Olin's Sketchbooks
1996978-1-878271-89-1H. Fardjadi · MostafaviDelayed Space
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  ''978-1-878271-99-0Deborah Fausch et. al.Architecture in Fashion