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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-0-910413-00-8Paul LetarouillyEdifices de Rome Moderne (Reprint Series)
1983978-0-910413-03-9Claude-Nicolas LedouxL'Architecture de C. N. Ledoux: Collection qui rassemble tous les genres de batiments employés dans l'ordre social
1987978-0-910413-07-7Anthony VidlerThe Writing of the Walls: Architectural Theory in the Late Enlightenment
1986978-0-910413-08-4Ray BeelerThe Princeton Journal - Thematic Studies in Architecture, Volume 2: Landscape
  ''978-0-910413-09-1Thomas L. SchumacherThe Danteum: A Study in the Architecture of Literature (English and Italian Edition)
1998978-0-910413-11-4Hugh FerrissMetropolis of Tomorrow
1990978-0-910413-13-8Michael GravesMichael Graves: Buildings and Projects, 1982-1989
1985978-0-910413-14-5Joseph FentonPamphlet Architecture 11: Hybrid Buildings
1995978-0-910413-15-2Steven HollPamphlet Architecture 9: Rural and Urban House Types
1997978-0-910413-16-9Steven HollPamphlet Architecture #5: The Alphabetical City
1990978-0-910413-17-6Karen Vogel Nichols · Patrick Burke · Caroline Hancock · Christian Norberg-Schulz · Robert MaxwellMichael Graves: Buildings and Projects 1982-1989
978-0-910413-18-3Enrico RaineroGardens, Labyrinths, Paradise
1989978-0-910413-19-0Steven HollAnchoring: Selected projects, 1975-1988
  ''978-0-910413-22-0Kenneth JacksonSilent Cities: the Evolution of the American Cemetery
1987978-0-910413-23-7Deborah GansLe Corbusier Gd use 1568981198
1996978-0-910413-26-8David Mohney · Keller EasterlingSeaside: Making a Town in America
1997978-0-910413-28-2Diana Agrest · Mario GandelsonasAgrest and Gandelsonas Works
  ''978-0-910413-29-9Anthony AmesFive Houses
1988978-0-910413-35-0Werner Hegemann · Elbert PeetsThe American Vitruvius: An Architects' Handbook of Civic Art
1987978-0-910413-38-1Raymond BeelerRoom in the City
1988978-0-910413-39-8Ray BeelerPrinceton Journal: Thematic Studies in Architecture: 003
1997978-0-910413-40-4Robert ed. McCarterPamphlet Architecture 12: Buliding;Machines
1988978-0-910413-43-5Christian Norberg-SchulzNew World Architecture
1997978-0-910413-45-9Robert GutmanArchitectural Practice: A Critical View
1989978-0-910413-47-3Tony GarnierUne Cite Industrielle
  ''978-0-910413-49-7Helene LipstadtThe Experimental Tradition: Essays on Competitions in Architecture
1997978-0-910413-53-4Julius Shulman · S. Polyzoides · R. Sherwood · J. TiceCourtyard Housing in Los Angeles
1997978-0-910413-55-8Michael TrencherThe Alvar Aalto Guide
1989978-0-910413-56-5Karl Friedrich SchinkelSammlung Architecutonisher Entwurfe
  ''978-0-910413-57-2Dennis DoordanBuilding Modern Italy, 1914-1936
1991978-0-910413-58-9Nicholas Van HoogstratenLost Broadway Theatres
  ''978-0-910413-59-6Thomas L. SchumacherSurface and Symbol: Giuseppe Terragni and the Architecture of Italian Rationalism
1997978-0-910413-60-2K. Michael HaysUnprecedented Realism
1996978-0-910413-65-7Princeton Arch StaffTakefumi Aida: Buildings and Projects
  ''978-0-910413-67-1Princeton Arch StaffShowrooms (Thematic Architecture)
  ''978-0-910413-68-8Doug ed. KelbaughPedestrian Pocket Book
1996978-0-910413-69-5Princeton Arch StaffReweaving the Urban Fabric
  ''978-0-910413-71-8Andrea KahnDrawing/Building/Text: Essays in Architectural Theory
1989978-0-910413-78-7Modulus: Preservation and Progress
1990978-0-910413-79-4Stephen LeetFranco Albini: Architecture and Design, 1934-1977: Marco Albini, Franca Helg, Antonio Piva
2011978-0-910413-80-0Lebbeus WoodsOneFiveFour
1990978-0-910413-87-9Stefano De MartinoCities of Childhood: Italian Colonie of the 1930's
1996978-0-910413-88-6Carol WillisEmpire State Building
  ''978-0-910413-89-3Natalie ShiversChrysler Building