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1997978-1-86239-002-7C.D. Oakman · etc. · J.H. Martin · P.W.M. CorbettCores from the Northwest European Hydrocarbon Province: An Illustration of Geological Applications from Exploration to Development
1998978-1-86239-008-9S.J. Duppenbecker · J.E. IliffeBasin Modelling: Practice and Progress (Geological Society of London Special Publications)
  ''978-1-86239-016-4P.K. Harvey · M.A. LovellCore-Log Integration (Geological Society of London Special Publications)
  ''978-1-86239-025-6V. Paul Wright · T. BurchetteCarbonate Ramps (Geological Society of London Special Publications)
1999978-1-86239-033-1B. Durand · etc. · Laurent Jolivet · Frank Horvath · Michel SeranneThe Mediterranean Basins: Tertiary Extension within the Alpine Orogen (Geological Society of London Special Publications)
  ''978-1-86239-035-5T.P. Jones · N.P. RoweFossil Plants and Spores: Modern Techniques
  ''978-1-86239-036-2P. Andrews · P. BanhamLate Cenzoic Environments and Hominid Evolution: A Tribute to Bill Bishop
1999978-1-86239-039-3A.J. Fleet · S.A.R. BoldyPetroleum Geology of Northwest Europe: Proceedings of the 5th Conference (Geological society publication)
  ''978-1-86239-048-5T.H. Druitt · M. Davies · L. Edwards · R.S.J. Sparks · et alSantorini Volcano (Geological Society Special Memoir)
2000978-1-86239-053-9A. M. PollardGeoarchaeology (Geological Society of London Special Publications)
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  ''978-1-86239-062-1B. McGuire · etc. · Dafydd Griffiths · P.L. Hancock · Iain StewartThe Archaeology of Geological Catastrophes (Geological Society of London Special Publications)
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2000978-1-86239-065-2Edward P. F. Rose · C. Paul NathanailGeology and Warfare: Examples of the Influence of Terrain and Geologists on Military Operations
  ''978-1-86239-068-3The Geologist's Directory
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2001978-1-86239-085-0G. J. H. McCallTektites in the Geological Record: Showers of Glass from the Sky (Geological Society Earth in View)
  ''978-1-86239-087-4P. M. Shannon · W. Haughton · D. CorcoranThe Petroleum Exploration of Ireland's Offshore Basins (Geological Society of London Special Publications)
2003978-1-86239-089-8J. G. Gluyas · H.M. HichensThe United Kingdom Oil and Gas Fields-commemorative Millennium Volume: No.20: Memoir
2002978-1-86239-096-6David Roger OldroydThe Earth Inside and Out: No. 192: Some Major Contributions to Geology in the Twentieth Century - Special Publication
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  ''978-1-86239-098-0T.H. Druitt · B.P. KokelaarThe Eruption of the Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat, from 1995 to 1999: No. 21: Memoir (Memoir S.)
  ''978-1-86239-101-7James S. GriffithsMapping in Engineering Geology: No. 1: Key Issues in Earth Sciences
2002978-1-86239-110-9Wes GibbonsThe Geology of Spain
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