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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-86156-005-6Nigel JowettCardiovascular Monitoring
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  ''978-1-86156-015-5Jill CooperOccupational Therapy in Oncology and Palliative Care (Exc Business And Economy (Whurr))
  ''978-1-86156-017-9Wendy McCrackenAudiology in Education (Exc Business And Economy (Whurr))
2011978-1-86156-019-3ClarksonOn the Sublime in Psychoanalysis (Exc Business And Economy (Whurr))
2006978-1-86156-021-6Linda M. LuxonHandbook of Vestibular Rehabilitation (Exc Business And Economy (Whurr))
2005978-1-86156-022-3Tony TilneyDictionary of Transactional Analysis (Exc Business And Economy (Whurr))
1997978-1-86156-026-1Janet LeesChildren with Language Disorders 2e
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1997978-1-86156-030-8Joy StackhouseChildren's Speech and Literacy Difficulties: A Psycholinguistic Framework
2007978-1-86156-035-3Charles HulmeDyslexia: Biology, Cognition and Intervention (Exc Business And Economy (Whurr))
1997978-1-86156-038-4Louise MarkandayDay Surgery for Nurses
1998978-1-86156-043-8Steve Chinn · Richard AshcroftMathematics for Dyslexics: A Teaching Handbook
2002978-1-86156-045-2David McloughlinThe Adult Dyslexic: Interventions and Outcomes (Dyslexia)
2006978-1-86156-047-6GibsonPaediatric Oncology: Advances in Nursing Practice
1997978-1-86156-049-0Monica BalyFlorence Nightingale and the Nursing Legacy
2000978-1-86156-053-7Janet MccullochInfection Control
1997978-1-86156-055-1Elaine MilesThe Bangor Dyslexia Teaching System
1998978-1-86156-059-9Janet DoylePractical Audiology for Speech
  ''978-1-86156-061-2Elaine WilsonOccupational Therapy for Children
2002978-1-86156-065-0Ann CookeTackling Dyslexia (Dyslexia Series (Whurr))
2005978-1-86156-068-1Lesser LesserCognitive Neuropsychology: An Introductory Casebook
1998978-1-86156-071-1David Crystal · Rosemary VarleyIntroduction to Language Pathology
1999978-1-86156-072-8Chris JacksonDesigning and Analysis Questionnaires: A Manual for Health Professionals and Administrators
2008978-1-86156-080-3Brian ThornePerson-centred Counselling and Christian Spirituality: The Secular and the Holy
1998978-1-86156-082-7Jack DunhamStress in Teachers: Past, Present and Future
1999978-1-86156-085-8Theresa Porrett · Norma DanielEssential Coloproctology for Nurses
1998978-1-86156-088-9Jennifer CreekOccupational Therapy: New Perspectives
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1999978-1-86156-099-5JERREATDiabetes for Nurses
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  ''978-1-86156-111-4PapathanasAcquired Neurogenic Communication: A Clinical Perspective
1999978-1-86156-112-1Petruska ClarksonEthics: Working with Ethical and Moral Dilemmas in Psychotherapy
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2006978-1-86156-132-9Michael MartinDictionary of Hearing (Whurr)
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1999978-1-86156-150-3Philip DowneyIntroduction to Urological Nursing
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2004978-1-86156-406-1Sue CooperTracheostomy Care
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