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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1990978-1-85490-044-9AcademyPost-modernism on Trial (Architectural Design Profile S.)
  ''978-1-85490-048-7L NesbittRichard Meier Collages
1992978-1-85490-098-2AcademyVenturi Scott Brown: On Houses and Housing (Architectural Monographs)
1991978-1-85490-100-2M RombautPaul Delvaux (Art Monographs)
1992978-1-85490-137-8AcademyA Decade of RIBA Student Competitions (UIA Journals S.)
1993978-1-85490-143-9   ''Architecture and the Environment (Architectural Design)
  ''978-1-85490-151-4   ''Morphosis: Connected Isolation (Architectural Monographs)
  ''978-1-85490-167-5   ''Jones, Allen (Art & Design Monographs)
  ''978-1-85490-172-9   ''Jones, Allen (Art & Design Monographs)
1993978-1-85490-183-5AcademyMoore, Ruble, Yudell
1995978-1-85490-200-9Colin RoweArchitecture of Good Intentions
1993978-1-85490-201-6Andreas PapadakisNew Architecture: The New Moderns and the Super Moderns (Architectural Design Profile S.)
  ''978-1-85490-202-3HasegawaItsuko Hasegawa. Architectural Monographs No.31.
1996978-1-85490-232-0David MoosPainting in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (Art & Design Profile)
1994978-1-85490-245-0AcademyNew Towns (Architectural Design Profile)
1995978-1-85490-252-8Martin Pearce · Neil SpillerArchitecture in Cyberspace (Architectural Design)
  ''978-1-85490-262-7Allan GreenbergAllan Greenberg (Architectural Monographs (Paper))
1993978-1-85490-266-5M SpensJellicoe at Shute
1994978-1-85490-268-9Reyner BanhamThe Visions of Ron Herron (Architectural Monographs)
1995978-1-85490-277-1AcademyEnric Miralles (Architectural Monographs)
1995978-1-85490-279-5AcademyArakawa and Madeline Gins (Art & Design Monographs)
1993978-1-85490-291-7Günter NitschkeFrom Shinto to Ando: Studies in Architectural Anthropology in Japan
1994978-1-85490-295-5Thomas A. HeinzFrank Lloyd Wright: Glass Art
1995978-1-85490-299-3Herbert Lachmayer · Pasqual Schoenig · Dennis CromptonArchigram
  ''978-1-85490-300-6Herbert Lachmayer · Pasqual Schoenig · Dennis CromptonArchigram
1994978-1-85490-301-3AcademyArchitects Anonymous (Quinlan Terry sketchbooks)
1993978-1-85490-310-5G MoureMarcel Duchamp (Art Monographs)
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1995978-1-85490-366-2   ''The Viipuri Library by Alvar Aalto, 1927-34 (Historical Monograph)
1994978-1-85490-376-1AcademyA Guide to Archigram, 1961-74
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  ''978-1-85490-401-0Neil Cox · Deborah PoveyA Picasso Bestiary
  ''978-1-85490-406-5Charles JencksThe Architecture of the Jumping Universe: A Polemic - How Complexity Science is Changing Architecture and Culture
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1958978-1-85490-424-9Academy EditionsAllen Jones P
1996978-1-85490-428-7Charles JencksWhat is Post-Modernism? (What Isà?)
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