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1996978-1-86134-019-1Annette Hastings · Andrew McArthur · Alan McGregorLess Than Equal?: Community Organisations and Estate Regeneration Partnerships
1997978-1-86134-036-8Paul HoggettContested Communities: Experiences, Struggles, Policies
1999978-1-86134-056-6Marian Barnes · Stephen Harrison · Maggie Mort · Polly ShardlowUnequal Partners: User Groups and Community Care
1997978-1-86134-063-4Peter Lee · Alan MuriePoverty, Housing Tenure and Social Exclusion (Area regeneration series)
  ''978-1-86134-070-2Ann Davis · etc. · Kathryn Ellis · Kirstein RummeryAccess to Assessment: Perspectives of Practitioners, Disabled People and Carers (Community Care into Practice Series)
1998978-1-86134-085-6Robin Means · Randall SmithFrom Poor Law to Community Care: Development of Welfare Services for Elderly People, 1939-71
  ''978-1-86134-102-0Margaret Coombs · Andrew SedgwickRight to Challenge: Oxfordshire Community Care Rights Project
1999978-1-86134-142-6Mary Shaw · Daniel Dorling · David Gordon · George Davey SmithThe widening gap: Health inequalities and policy in Britain (Studies in Poverty, Inequality and Social Exclusion Series)
  ''978-1-86134-149-5Carol Lupton · Paul NixonEmpowering Practice?: A Critical Appraisal of the Family Group Conference Approach
  ''978-1-86134-151-8Martin PowellNew Labour, new welfare state?
2000978-1-86134-152-5Frank CoffieldThe Necessity of Informal Learning (ESRC Learning Society Series)
2000978-1-86134-156-3Graham TowersShelter is not enough: Transforming Multi-storey Housing
1999978-1-86134-174-7David Gordon · Mary Shaw · Daniel Dorling · George Davey-SmithInequalities in Health: The evidence presented to the Independent Inquiry into Inequalities in Health, chaired by Sir Donald Acheson (Studies in Poverty, Inequality and Social Exclusion series)
2000978-1-86134-190-7Catherine HumphreysSocial Work, Domestic Violence and Child Protection: Challenging Practice
  ''978-1-86134-191-4Huw T. O. Davies · Sandra Nutley · Peter C. SmithWhat Works?: Evidence-Based Policy and Practice in Public Services
  ''978-1-86134-192-1Huw T. O. Davies · Sandra Nutley · Peter C. SmithWhat works?: Evidence-based policy and practice in public services
1999978-1-86134-199-0Robert WalkerEnding child poverty: Popular welfare for the 21st century?: Popular Welfare for 21st Century?
2000978-1-86134-202-7B. Seebohm RowntreePoverty: A Study of Town Life
2001978-1-86134-211-9George Davey-Smith · Daniel Dorling · Mary ShawPoverty, inequality and health in Britain: 1800-2000: A reader (Studies in Poverty, Inequality and Social Exclusion Series)
  ''978-1-86134-220-1Susan Balloch · Marilyn TaylorPartnership working: Policy and practice
2000978-1-86134-226-3John Micklewright · Kitty StewartThe Welfare of Europe's Children: Are EU Member States Converging?
  ''978-1-86134-238-6Helen MartynDeveloping Reflective Practice: Making Sense of Social Work in a World of Change
2000978-1-86134-247-8Frank CoffieldDiffering visions of a Learning Society Vol 2: Differing Visions of a Learning Society v. 2 (ESRC Learning Society Series)
2001978-1-86134-253-9Timothy M. SmeedingChild well-being, child poverty and child policy in modern nations: What do we know?
  ''978-1-86134-261-4Janet Ford · Roger Burrows · Sarah NettletonHome ownership in a risk society: A Social Analysis of Mortgage Arrears and Possessions
  ''978-1-86134-263-8Sheila Peace · Caroline HollandInclusive housing in an ageing society: Innovative Approaches
2002978-1-86134-265-2Robin Means · Hazel Morbey · Randall SmithFrom community care to market care?: The development of welfare services for older people
  ''978-1-86134-273-7Jorgen Goul Andersen · Per H. JensenChanging Labour Markets, Welfare Policies and Citizenship
2000978-1-86134-304-8B.Seebohm RowntreePoverty: A Study of Town Life
2001978-1-86134-306-2Rick Henderson · Mike PochinA Right Result?: Advocacy, Justice and Empowerment
2002978-1-86134-309-3Prue Chamberlayne · Michael Rustin · Tom WengrafBiography and social exclusion in Europe: Experiences And Life Journeys
2003978-1-86134-322-2George Davey SmithHealth Inequalities: Life Course Approaches (Studies in Poverty, Inequality and Social Exclusion Series)
2002978-1-86134-335-2Martin PowellEvaluating New Labour's Welfare Reforms
  ''978-1-86134-339-0Caroline Glendinning · Martin Powell · Kirstein RummeryPartnerships, New Labour and the Governance of Welfare
2002978-1-86134-343-7Lyn FroggettLove, hate and welfare: Psychosocial approaches to policy and practice
2003978-1-86134-356-7Sarah Banks · Hugh L. Butcher · Paul Henderson · Jim RobertsonManaging Community Practice: Principles, Policies and Programmes
2002978-1-86134-357-4Iain BeggUrban competitiveness: Policies for dynamic cities
  ''978-1-86134-362-8Tess RidgeChildhood poverty and social exclusion: From a child's perspective (Studies in Poverty, Inequality and Social Exclusion Series)
2003978-1-86134-364-2Richard Olsen · Harriet ClarkeParenting and disability: Disabled parents' experiences of raising children
2006978-1-86134-373-4David GordonPoverty and Social Exclusion in Britain: The Millennium Survey (Studies in Poverty, Inequality and Social Exclusion Series)
2003978-1-86134-380-2Rob Imrie · Mike RacoUrban renaissance?: New Labour, community and urban policy
2002978-1-86134-385-7Jon Glasby · Rosemary LittlechildSocial Work and Direct Payments
2006978-1-86134-390-1SAUNDERSONLone Parents in Context: 25 Years of Policy and Research
  ''978-1-86134-391-8   ''Lone Parents in Context: 25 Years of Policy and Research
2003978-1-86134-399-4Jo AldridgeChildren caring for parents with mental illness: Perspectives Of Young Carers, Parents And Professionals
2004978-1-86134-403-8Saul Becker · Alan BrymanUnderstanding Research for Social Policy and Practice: Themes, Methods and Approaches (Understanding Welfare: Social Issues, Policy and Practice Series)
2003978-1-86134-405-2Howard GlennersterUnderstanding the Finance of Welfare: What Welfare Costs and How to Pay for it (Understanding Welfare: Social Issues, Policy and Practice Series)
2004978-1-86134-415-1Peter DywerUnderstanding Social Citizenship: Themes and Perspectives for Policy and Practice (Understanding Welfare: Social Issues, Policy and Practice Series)
2003978-1-86134-417-5Vaughan Robinson · Roger Andersson · Sako MusterdSpreading the Burden?: A Review of Policies to Disperse Asylum-seekers and Refugees
  ''978-1-86134-419-9Jane MillarUnderstanding Social Security: Issues for Policy and Practice (Understanding Welfare: Social Issues, Policy and Practice Series)
  ''978-1-86134-427-4Nicky Stanley · Bridget Penhale · Denise Riordan · Rosaline S. Barbour · Sue HoldenChild protection and mental health services: Interprofessional responses to the needs of mothers
2002978-1-86134-432-8Shirley Dex · Fiona ScheiblSMEs and Flexible Working Arrangements (Family and Work Series)
2003978-1-86134-439-7Neils Akerstrom AndersenDiscursive analytical strategies: Understanding Foucault, Koselleck, Laclau, Luhmann
2003978-1-86134-440-3Neils Akerstrom AndersenDiscursive Analytical Strategies: Understanding Foucault, Koselleck, Laclau, Luhmann
2004978-1-86134-444-1Martin Boddy · Michael ParkinsonCity Matters: Competitiveness, Cohesion and Urban Governance
2003978-1-86134-449-6Margaret AttwoodLeading change: A guide to whole systems working
2007978-1-86134-451-9Rosemary SalesUnderstanding immigration and refugee policy; Contradictions and continuities (Understanding Welfare: Social Issues, Policy and Practice series)
2002978-1-86134-457-1Professor Chris PhillipsonTransitions from Work to Retirement: Developing a New Social Contract (Transitions After 50 Series)
2003978-1-86134-462-5Simon BrownsellAssistive Technology and Telecare: Forging Solutions for Independent Living
2004978-1-86134-471-7Linda HantraisFamily Policy Matters: Responding to Family Change in Europe
2003978-1-86134-477-9Harry HendrickChild Welfare: Historical Dimensions, Contemporary Debate
  ''978-1-86134-491-5Nina Biehal · Jim Wade · Fiona MitchellLost from View: Missing Persons in the UK
  ''978-1-86134-497-7Anne Power · Katharine MumfordEast Enders: Family and Community in East London: Family and Community in Urban Neighbourhoods
2004978-1-86134-514-1Marie SmythResearchers and their 'subjects': Ethics, power, knowledge and consent
  ''978-1-86134-518-9Jean CarabineSexualities (Personal Lives and Social Policy Series)
  ''978-1-86134-519-6Janet FinkCare: Personal lives and social policy (Personal Lives and Social Policy Series)
2004978-1-86134-520-2Gerry MooneyWork: Personal Lives and Social Policy (Personal Lives and Social Policy Series)
  ''978-1-86134-521-9Gail LewisCitizenship: Personal lives and social policy (Personal Lives and Social Policy Series)
  ''978-1-86134-527-1Alison GilchristThe Well-Connected Community: A Networking Approach to Community Development
  ''978-1-86134-528-8Bronwen CohenA new deal for children?: Re-forming education and care in England, Scotland and Sweden
2006978-1-86134-530-1John OfferAn Intellectual History of British Social Policy: Idealism Versus Non-idealism
  ''978-1-86134-531-8John OfferAn intellectual history of British social policy: Idealism Versus Non-idealism
2003978-1-86134-535-6Ruth LuptonPoverty Street: The dynamics of neighbourhood decline and renewal (CASE Studies on Poverty, Place and Policy)
2004978-1-86134-540-0John Hudson · Stuart LoweUnderstanding the Policy Process: Analysing Welfare Policy and Practice (Understanding Welfare: Social Issues, Policy and Practice Series)
2006978-1-86134-542-4Tony Maltby · Alan WalkerAgeing and Social Policy in Europe
2004978-1-86134-547-9Svein Olav Daatland · Simon BiggsAgeing and Diversity: Multiple Pathways and Cultural Migrations
2004978-1-86134-555-4Daniel Dorling · Bethan ThomasPeople and places: A 2001 Census atlas of the UK
2003978-1-86134-556-1Susan Yeandle · Judith Phillips · Fiona Scheibl · Andrea Wigfield · Sarah WiseLine Managers and Family-Friendly Employment: Roles and Perspectives (Family and Work Series)
2005978-1-86134-566-0Harry HendrickChild welfare and social policy: An Essential Reader
2004978-1-86134-572-1Rachel Fyson · Linda WardMaking Valuing People Work: Strategies for change in services for people with learning disabilities
2005978-1-86134-577-6John HillsA more equal society?: New Labour, Poverty, Inequality and Exclusion (Case Studies on Poverty, Place, and Policy)
2004978-1-86134-580-6Heather Clark · Helen Gough · Ann MacFarlaneIt Pays Dividends: Direct Payments and Older People
2005978-1-86134-583-7Lucinda PlattDiscovering child poverty: The creation of a policy agenda from 1800 to the present (Studies in Poverty, Inequality and Social Exclusion) (Studies in Poverty, Inequality & Social Exclusion)
2004978-1-86134-584-4Sarah Vickerstaff · John C. Baldock · Jennifer Cox · Linda KeenHappy retirement?: The impact of employers' policies and practice on the process of retirement (Transitions After 50 Series)
2005978-1-86134-588-2Harriet Bradley · Jacques van HoofYoung people in Europe: Labour Markets and Citizenship
  ''978-1-86134-591-2Jørgen Goul AndersenThe changing face of welfare: Consequences and Outcomes from a Citizenship Perspective
  ''978-1-86134-592-9Jørgen Goul Andersen · Anne-Marie Guillemard · Per H. Jensen · Birgit Pfau-EffingerThe changing face of welfare: Consequences and Outcomes from a Citizenship Perspective
  ''978-1-86134-594-3Gerry MooneyExploring social policy in the 'new' Scotland
2004978-1-86134-596-7Joan Langan · Vivien LindowLiving with Risk: Mental Health Service User Involvement in Risk Assessment and Management
  ''978-1-86134-597-4David H. HargreavesLearning for life: The foundations for lifelong learning: The Foundations of Lifelong Learning
2006978-1-86134-599-8Jude BrowneSex Segregation and Inequality in the Modern Labour Market
2005978-1-86134-602-5Maria Eriksson · Marianne Hester · Suvi Keskinen · Keith PringleTackling men's violence in families: Nordic issues and dilemmas
2005978-1-86134-603-2Maria Eriksson · Marianne Hester · Suvi Keskinen · Keith PringleTackling men's violence in families: Nordic Issues and Dilemmas
  ''978-1-86134-604-9Birgit Pfau-Effinger · Birgit GeisslerCare and social integration in European societies
  ''978-1-86134-605-6David Taylor · Susan BallochThe politics of evaluation: Participation and policy implementation
  ''978-1-86134-612-4Alison Clark · Anne Trine Kjorholt · Peter MossBeyond listening: Children's perspectives on early childhood services
  ''978-1-86134-613-1Alison Clark · Anne Trine Kjorholt · Peter MossBeyond Listening: Children's Perspectives on Early Childhood Services
2004978-1-86134-614-8Danny Burns · Frances Heywood · Marilyn Taylor · Pete Wilde · Mandy WilsonMaking Community Participation Meaningful: A Handbook for Development and Assessment
2006978-1-86134-618-6Brian LundUnderstanding housing policy (Understanding Welfare: Social Issues, Policy and Practice Series)
2005978-1-86134-625-4Gillian Pascall · Anna KwakGender Regimes in Transition in Central and Eastern Europe
2006978-1-86134-629-2Yves JorensSocial Protection In Europe
2007978-1-86134-630-8Rob BaggottUnderstanding Health Policy (Understanding Welfare: Social Issues, Policy and Practice series)
2005978-1-86134-633-9David GriffithsRefugee community organisations and dispersal: Networks, resources and social capital
2005978-1-86134-637-7David ClaphamThe meaning of housing: A Pathways Approach
  ''978-1-86134-638-4David ClaphamThe Meaning of Housing: A Pathways Approach
  ''978-1-86134-639-1Janet NewmanRemaking governance: Peoples, Politics and the Public Sphere
2004978-1-86134-642-1Mary Godfrey · Tracey DenbyDepression and older people: Towards securing well-being in later life
2005978-1-86134-643-8Linda MckieFamilies in society: Boundaries and Relationships
  ''978-1-86134-644-5Linda McKie · Sarah Cunningham-BurleyFamilies in Society: Boundaries and Relationships
2006978-1-86134-645-2Anne Lise EllingsæterPoliticising parenthood in Scandinavia: Gender Relations in the Welfare State
  ''978-1-86134-646-9Anne Lise Ellingsaeter · Arnlaug LeiraPoliticising Parenthood in Scandinavia: Gender Relations in the Welfare State
2004978-1-86134-649-0Mike Hough · Julian V. RobertsYouth Crime and Youth Justice: Public Opinion in England and Wales (Researching Criminal Justice Series)
2004978-1-86134-651-3Martin Evans · Jill EyreThe Opportunities of a Lifetime: Model Lifetime Analysis of Current British Policy
2006978-1-86134-653-7Janet LeeceDevelopments in direct payments
2005978-1-86134-655-1John FieldSocial capital and lifelong learning
2007978-1-86134-658-2Anne Power · John HoughtonJigsaw Cities: Big Places, Small Spaces (Case Studies on Poverty, Place & Policy)
2004978-1-86134-660-5Tim McSweeney · Victoria Herrington · Mike Hough · Paul J. Turnbull · Jim ParsonsFrom dependency to work: Addressing the multiple needs of offenders with drug problems (Researching Criminal Justice Series)
2006978-1-86134-662-9John Davis · Malcolm Hill · Kay Tisdall · Alan ProutChildren, Young People and Social Inclusion: Participation for What?
2007978-1-86134-664-3Sandra M. NutleyUsing evidence: How research can inform public services
  ''978-1-86134-665-0Sandra Nutley · Isabel Walter · Huw DaviesUsing Evidence: How Research Can Inform Public Services
  ''978-1-86134-667-4Marian BarnesPower, participation and political renewal: Case Studies in Public Participation
2005978-1-86134-671-1Adam CrawfordPlural policing: The Mixed Economy of Visible Patrols in England and Wales (Researching Criminal Justice Series)
2006978-1-86134-672-8Geetanjali Gangoli · Nicole WestmarlandInternational Approaches to Prostitution: Law and Policy in Europe and Asia
  ''978-1-86134-674-2Sheena Asthana · Joyce HallidayWhat Works in Tackling Health Inequalities?: Pathways, Policies and Practice Through the Lifecourse (Studies in Poverty, Inequality and Social Exclusion Series)
  ''978-1-86134-678-0Anne DaguerreWhen children become parents: Welfare State Responses to Teenage Pregnancy
2006978-1-86134-684-1John FlintHousing, urban governance and anti-social behaviour: Perspectives, policy and practice
2005978-1-86134-688-9Shirley Dex · Heather JoshiChildren of the 21st Century: From Birth to Nine Months (The UK Millennium Cohort Study Series)
  ''978-1-86134-691-9Ann OakleyThe Ann Oakley reader: Gender, women and social science
2007978-1-86134-693-3Ruth ListerGendering Citizenship in Western Europe: New Challenges for Citizenship Research in a Cross-National Context
2005978-1-86134-695-7Margaret LedwithCommunity Development: A Critical Approach
2006978-1-86134-699-5Dominic MaxwellThe citizen's stake: Exploring the future of universal asset policies
  ''978-1-86134-702-2Mary Marshall · Margaret-Anne TibbsSocial work and people with dementia: Partnerships, practice and persistence (BASW/Policy Press Titles)
  ''978-1-86134-704-6Malcolm PayneWhat is professional social work? (BASW/Policy Press Titles)
  ''978-1-86134-706-0Adrian WardWorking in group care: Social work and social care in residential and day care settings (BASW/Policy Press Titles)
2007978-1-86134-712-1Steve Myers · Judith MilnerSexual Issues in Social Work (BASW/Policy Press Titles)
2007978-1-86134-713-8Steve Myers · Judith MilnerSexual Issues in Social Work
2006978-1-86134-714-5Ann McdonaldOlder people and the law (BASW/Policy Press Titles)
  ''978-1-86134-718-3Colin BarnesIndependent Futures: Creating user-led disability services in a disabling society (BASW/Policy Press Titles)
2010978-1-86134-720-6Richard PughRural social work: An International Perspective (BASW/Policy Press Titles): International Perspectives
2007978-1-86134-722-0Margaret HollowayNegotiating death in contemporary health and social care
  ''978-1-86134-723-7Ian Butler · Mark DrakefordMaria Colwell and the End of Innocence
  ''978-1-86134-724-4Ian Butler · Mark DrakefordMaria Colwell and the End of Innocence
2005978-1-86134-725-1Joe Sempik · Jo Aldridge · Saul BeckerHealth, well-being and social inclusion: Therapeutic horticulture in the UK
  ''978-1-86134-726-8   ''Growing together: A practice guide to promoting social inclusion through gardening and horticulture: A Practical Guide to Promoting Social Inclusion Through Gardening and Horticulture
2006978-1-86134-729-9Peter SquiresCommunity Safety: Critical Perspectives on Policy and Practice
2007978-1-86134-731-2Betsy Thom · Rosemary Sales · Jenny PearceGrowing Up with Risk
2005978-1-86134-735-0Susanne LaceThe glass consumer: Life in a surveillance society
2007978-1-86134-737-4Danny BurnsSystemic action research: A Strategy for Whole System Change
2007978-1-86134-738-1Danny BurnsSystemic action research: A strategy for whole system change
  ''978-1-86134-741-1Graeme Simpson · Vicky PriceTransforming Society?: Social Work and Sociology
  ''978-1-86134-743-5Mike RacoBuilding Sustainable Communities: Spatial Policy and Labour Mobility in Post-war Britain
2006978-1-86134-746-6Mark Drakeford · Ian ButlerScandal, Social Policy and Social Welfare: (Revised second edition)
2007978-1-86134-759-6Martin PowellUnderstanding the Mixed Economy of Welfare (Understanding Welfare: Social Issues, Policy & Practice)
2005978-1-86134-761-9Jane Seymour · Ros Witherspoon · Merryn Gott · Helen Ross · Sheila Payne · Tom OwenEnd-of-life Care: Promoting Comfort, Choice and Well-being for Older People
  ''978-1-86134-763-3Mike Hough · Andrew Millie · Eraina McDonald · Jessica JacobsonAnti-social Behaviour Strategies: Finding a Balance
2007978-1-86134-766-4Mary Shaw · Bruna Galobardes · George Davey Smith · John Lynch · Ben Wheeler · Debbie A LawlorThe Handbook of Inequality and Socioeconomic Position: Concepts and Measures (Health & Society)
2008978-1-86134-778-7Steve Myers · Viviene CreeSocial Work: Making a Difference (Social Work in Practice)
2005978-1-86134-785-5Adam CrawfordIntegrating victims in restorative youth justice (Researching Criminal Justice)
2007978-1-86134-786-2Kathryn FarrowOffenders in focus: Risk, Responsivity and Diversity
  ''978-1-86134-787-9Kathryn Farrow · Gill Kelly · Bernadette WilkinsonOffenders in focus: Risk, responsivity and diversity
2007978-1-86134-791-6Hugh L ButcherCritical community practice
2010978-1-86134-793-0Ruth ListerUnderstanding Theories and Concepts in Social Policy
  ''978-1-86134-794-7   ''Understanding Theories and Concepts in Social Policy (Understanding Welfare: Social Issues, Policy and Practice Series)
2006978-1-86134-798-5Amparo Serrano Pascual · Maria JepsenUnwrapping the European Social Model
  ''978-1-86134-802-9Celia DaviesCitizens at the centre: Deliberative participation in healthcare decisions
2007978-1-86134-804-3Basia SpalekCommunities, Identities and Crime
  ''978-1-86134-805-0Basia SpalekCommunities, Identities and Crime
2005978-1-86134-807-4Tania BurchardtThe Education and Employment of Disabled Young People: Frustrated Ambition
2006978-1-86134-808-1Julian Tudor HartThe Political Economy of Health Care: A Clinical Perspective (Health & Society)
  ''978-1-86134-812-8Mike Hough · Rob Allen · Una PadelReshaping Probation and Prisons: The New Offender Management Framework (Researching Criminal Justice Series)
2007978-1-86134-814-2Rowland AtkinsonSecuring an urban renaissance: Crime, Community and British Urban Policy
2007978-1-86134-815-9Rowland Atkinson · Gesa HelmsSecuring an urban renaissance: Crime, Community and British Urban Policy
  ''978-1-86134-820-3Bethan Thomas · Danny DorlingIdentity in Britain: A Cradle-to-grave Atlas
2008978-1-86134-823-4Mary Shaw · George Davey Smith · Bethan Thomas · Daniel DorlingThe Grim Reaper's Road Map: An Atlas of Mortality in Britain (Health and Society Series)
2006978-1-86134-825-8Paul SpickerPolicy analysis for practice: Applying social policy
2013978-1-86134-832-6Ruth Lister · Graham MurdockDigital citizenship: Participation and exclusion in the e-society
2006978-1-86134-837-1Robert Furbey · Adam Dinham · Richard Farnell · Doreen Finneron · Guy Wilkinson · Catherine Howarth · Hussain Dilwar · Sharon PalmerFaith as social capital: Connecting or dividing?
2008978-1-86134-839-5Bill WhyteYouth Justice in Practice: Making a difference (Social Work in Practice Series)
  ''978-1-86134-840-1Bill WhyteYouth Justice in Practice: Making a difference (Social Work in Practice Series)
2007978-1-86134-845-6Mekada GrahamBlack Issues in Social Work and Social Care (BASW/Policy Press Titles)
2009978-1-86134-848-7Barbara BagilholeUnderstanding Equal Opportunities and Diversity: The Social Differentiations and Intersections of Inequality (Understanding Welfare: Social Issues, ... Social Issues, Policy and Practice Series)
2006978-1-86134-856-2Caroline Glendinning · Peter A. KempCash and Care: Policy Challenges in the Welfare State
2008978-1-86134-861-6Stephen SyrettRenewing neighbourhoods: Work, Enterprise and Governance
  ''978-1-86134-862-3Stephen Syrett · David NorthRenewing neighbourhoods: Work, enterprise and governance
2007978-1-86134-872-2Mick CarpenterBeyond the workfare state: Labour Markets, Equalities and Human Rights
2006978-1-86134-874-6Suzanne Cater · Lester Coleman'Planned' teenage pregnancy: Perspectives of young parents from disadvantaged backgrounds
  ''978-1-86134-876-0Jonathan Bradshaw · Naomi Finch · Emese Mayhew · Veli-Matti Ritakallio · Christine SkinnerChild Poverty in Large Families
2008978-1-86134-882-1Ian Rees JonesAgeing in a Consumer Society: From Passive to Active Consumption in Britain (Ageing and the Lifecourse Series)
2006978-1-86134-884-5Eric Marlier · Tony Atkinson · Beatrijs Cantillon · Brian NolanThe EU and social inclusion: Facing the challenges
2010978-1-86134-885-2Denise TannerManaging the Ageing Experience: Learning from Older People (Ageing and the Lifecourse Series)
2007978-1-86134-888-3Paul SpickerThe idea of poverty
2007978-1-86134-890-6Miriam BernardCritical Perspectives on Ageing Societies (Ageing and the Lifecourse Series)
  ''978-1-86134-894-4Ian Smith · Eileen Lepine · Marilyn TaylorDisadvantaged by where you live?: Neighbourhood governance in contemporary urban policy
  ''978-1-86134-895-1Ian Smith · Eileen Lepine · Marilyn TaylorDisadvantaged by Where You Live?: Neighbourhood Governance in Contemporary Urban Policy
2011978-1-86134-897-5Lyle J. Palmer · Paul Burton · George Davey SmithAn Introduction to Genetic Epidemiology (Health & Society Series)
2007978-1-86134-899-9Elizabeth DowlerChallenging Health Inequalities: From Acheson to Choosing Health (Health & Society)
2008978-1-86134-901-9Norah KeatingRural ageing: A Good Place to Grow Old? (Ageing and the Lifecourse)
2007978-1-86134-903-3Hugh M. BochelMaking Policy in Theory and Practice
2009978-1-86134-908-8Mark SmithRethinking Residential Child Care: Positive Perspectives
2007978-1-86134-910-1Jon GlasbyUnderstanding Health and Social Care
2008978-1-86134-914-9Tess RidgeUnderstanding Inequality, Poverty and Wealth: Policies and Prospects (Understanding Welfare: Social Issues, Policy & Practice)
2007978-1-86134-916-3Sally HinesTransForming gender: Transgender Practices of Identity, Intimacy and Care
2008978-1-86134-920-0Stephen J. BallThe education debate: Policy and Politics in the Twenty-First Century (Policy and Politics in the Twenty-first Century Series)
  ''978-1-86134-929-3David J. HunterThe Health Debate: Policy and Politics in the Twenty-first Century (Policy and Politics in the Twenty-first Century Series)
  ''978-1-86134-933-0Gary CraigSocial justice and public policy: Seeking fairness in diverse societies
2007978-1-86134-937-8Ann OakleyFracture: Adventures of a Broken Body
2008978-1-86134-939-2Paul Iganski'Hate Crime' and the City
2007978-1-86134-941-5Karen ClarkeSocial Policy Review 19: Analysis and Debate in Social Policy: 19 (Social Policy Review)
2008978-1-86134-943-9Nicola YeatesUnderstanding Global Social Policy (Understanding Welfare: Social Issues, Policy & Practice)
2008978-1-86134-945-3Kate MorrisSocial Work and Multi-agency Working: Making a difference (Social Work in Practice)
  ''978-1-86134-947-7Sara Ashencaen Crabtree · Fatima Husain · Basia SpalekIslam and Social Work: Debating values, transforming practice
2007978-1-86134-949-1Jay BelskyThe National Evaluation of Sure Start: Does Area-based Early Intervention Work?
  ''978-1-86134-957-6John Hills · Julian Le Grand · David PiachaudMaking Social Policy Work (CASE Studies on Poverty, Place & Policy)
2009978-1-86134-965-1Kate Morris · Marian Barnes · Paul MasonChildren, Families and Social Exclusion: New Approaches to Prevention
  ''978-1-86134-966-8Kate Morris · Marian Barnes · Paul MasonChildren, families and social exclusion: New approaches to prevention
2007978-1-86134-967-5Will SomervilleImmigration Under New Labour
2008978-1-86134-971-2Paul HoggettThe dilemmas of development work: Ethical Challenges in Regeneration (Policy Press Publications (All Titles as Published))
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