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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-86007-010-5David SpenceCrime and Punishment (Snapping Turtle Guides)
1999978-1-86007-026-6Ian MackenzieHistory of Warships (Snapping Turtle Guides)
1997978-1-86007-062-4John GuyKings and Queens (Snapping Turtle Guides: Millennium)
1999978-1-86007-110-2Philip SteeleVolcanoes (Snapping Turtle Guides: Natural Disasters)
2001978-1-86007-116-4Andrew GriffinShark Mad Stanley
  ''978-1-86007-117-1Andrew GriffinTiger-time for Stanley (Strange Relations)
1999978-1-86007-121-8Neal MorrisHurricanes and Tornadoes (Snapping Turtle Guides: Natural Disasters)
2001978-1-86007-149-2Andrew GriffinStanley Goes Ape!
2000978-1-86007-155-3Jason PageZiggy's Olympic Book - Ball Games: Ziggy's Pocket Fun Book
2001978-1-86007-173-7Andrew GriffinShark-Mad Stanley!
  ''978-1-86007-232-1Dougal DixonCarnivores: A Thrilling Look at the Meat-eating Dinosaurs That Walked the Earth (Snapping Turtle Guides: Dinosaurs)
  ''978-1-86007-234-5Dougal DixonIn the Sea: A Thrilling Look at the Prehistoric Creatures That Ruled the Waves (Snapping Turtle Guides: Dinosaurs)
  ''978-1-86007-235-2   ''In the Sky: A Thrilling Look at the Prehistoric Creatures That Ruled the Skies (Snapping Turtle Guides: Dinosaurs)
2001978-1-86007-237-6Dougal DixonHerbivores: A Thrilling Look at the Plant Eating Dinosaurs That Walked the Earth (Snapping Turtle Guides: Dinosaurs)
  ''978-1-86007-239-0   ''In the Sky: A Thrilling Look at the Prehistoric Creatures That Ruled the Skies (Snapping Turtle Guides: Dinosaurs)
  ''978-1-86007-250-5Paul MasonSwimming: And How to Improve Your Style (Activology S.)
  ''978-1-86007-264-2Andrew GriffinTiger-Time for Stanley!
  ''978-1-86007-267-3Dixon DMy First Book of Dinosaurs
2001978-1-86007-283-3Henry VII - Doorhanger
  ''978-1-86007-295-6Blackbeard - Bookmark
2002978-1-86007-299-4Andrew GriffinStanley Goes Ape!
  ''978-1-86007-301-4Sue Finnie · Daniele BourdaisHarry Learns French (Language Learners)
2003978-1-86007-315-1Annabel TempestLanguage Learners: Sophie Learns Spanish CD
  ''978-1-86007-358-8David KimberFast Cars (Wild About S.)
2006978-1-86007-364-9David KimberFast Cars (Wild About) (Wild About S.)
2003978-1-86007-365-6Bill GunstonWild About Planes
  ''978-1-86007-368-7Caroline BinghamWild About Trucks And Diggers
2003978-1-86007-369-4Steve ParkerBoats (Wild About)
  ''978-1-86007-400-4John GuyHenry VIII: And His Six Wives (Snapping Turtle Guides)
  ''978-1-86007-404-2   ''Medieval Life (Snapping Turtle Guides)
  ''978-1-86007-417-2Jeremy SmithLily's Garden of India (Lilly's Garden S.)
2006978-1-86007-423-3Simon BeecroftThe Freeing of Nelson Mandela: February 11th, 1990: February 11th, 1990 (Days That Changed the World) (Days That Changed the World S.)
2004978-1-86007-518-6Kathryn JewiittWhy Don't Polar Bears Freeze? (Animal puzzlers)
  ''978-1-86007-535-3Your Aztec Homework Helper (Homework Helpers)
2004978-1-86007-544-5TickTock BooksUsing Maths Win A Grand Prix
  ''978-1-86007-545-2   ''Real World Maths Orange Level: Fly a Jumbo Jet
2004978-1-86007-547-6TickTock BooksUsing Maths Be A Zoo Vet
  ''978-1-86007-548-3Wendy Clemson · David ClemsonSolve A Crime (Using Maths)
  ''978-1-86007-549-0TickTock BooksUsing Maths 2 Extreme Sports Challenges
2006978-1-86007-567-4   ''Early Civilisations
  ''978-1-86007-588-9   ''The Science of Creating Chocolate
2005978-1-86007-597-1Colin HynsonThe Tower of London (A Place in History)
  ''978-1-86007-598-8Antony MasonThe Palace of Versailles (A Place in History)
2005978-1-86007-612-1Evelyn WolfsonTime Travellers Native Americans (My First Book Of...)
  ''978-1-86007-631-2TickTock BooksHow To Improve At Swimming
  ''978-1-86007-822-4Linda WalkerLiving with Chernobyl: Ira's Story (Real Life Stories)
  ''978-1-86007-831-6TickTock BooksLw World War I Lost Words
  ''978-1-86007-834-7Senan MaloneyThe Titanic (Lost Words Series)
2005978-1-86007-835-4TickTock BooksLost Words The Holocaust
  ''978-1-86007-836-1   ''World War II (Lost Words Series)
2006978-1-86007-844-6Clint TwistHoney Bee's Hive (Mini Beasts S.)
  ''978-1-86007-847-7TickTock BooksInside Story: Survival Skills
  ''978-1-86007-849-1   ''Inside Story: Stunts
2006978-1-86007-852-1TickTock BooksWhat Can I See?: Beach
  ''978-1-86007-854-5   ''What Can I See?: Garden
  ''978-1-86007-855-2   ''What Can I See?: Jungle
  ''978-1-86007-861-3   ''Just The Facts Atlas Of The World
  ''978-1-86007-863-7   ''My First Book of Bugs & Spiders
2006978-1-86007-864-4TickTock BooksMammals (My First Book of...)
2005978-1-86007-917-7Colin TwistForces and Motion: What Makes Stuff Move? (Check it Out S.)
2006978-1-86007-921-4Tish FarrellWrite Your Own Adventure Stories
  ''978-1-86007-922-1Tish FarrellWrite Your Own Mystery Stories
2006978-1-86007-923-8Tish FarrellWrite Your Own Science Fiction Stories
  ''978-1-86007-924-5   ''Write Your Own Fantasy Stories
  ''978-1-86007-925-2   ''Write Your Own History Stories
  ''978-1-86007-926-9   ''Write Your Own Realistic Fiction Stories
  ''978-1-86007-950-4TickTock BooksClever Clogs: Terror Under the Sea
2006978-1-86007-951-1TickTock BooksBeastly Bugs (Clever Clogs)
  ''978-1-86007-952-8   ''Clever Clogs: Marvellous Magic
2006978-1-86007-953-5TickTock BooksClever Clogs: Weird Weather
  ''978-1-86007-954-2   ''Clever Clogs: Castles & Dungeons
  ''978-1-86007-955-9   ''Clever Clogs: Bloodthirsty Pirates
  ''978-1-86007-956-6   ''Clever Clogs: Mighty Machines
  ''978-1-86007-957-3   ''Clever Clogs: Dangerous Dinosaurs
2006978-1-86007-958-0TickTock BooksClever Clogs: Mind-Boggling Science
2006978-1-86007-959-7TickTock BooksClever Clogs: Ghosts & Monsters
  ''978-1-86007-960-3Hazel PooleClever Clogs: Spies & Detectives
  ''978-1-86007-961-0TickTock BooksClever Clogs: Fierce Predators
  ''978-1-86007-965-8   ''Polar Bears (Animals in Danger)
  ''978-1-86007-979-5Fiona MacdonaldHats and Head Dresses (Fashion Through the Ages S.)
2006978-1-86007-980-1Fiona MacdonaldShoes and Boots (Fashion Through the Ages S.)
  ''978-1-86007-981-8   ''Jewellery and Make-up (Fashion Through the Ages S.)
  ''978-1-86007-982-5   ''Uniforms (Fashion Through the Ages S.)
  ''978-1-86007-983-2   ''Everyday Clothes (Fashion Through the Ages S.)
2006978-1-86007-984-9Fiona MacdonaldParty Clothes (Fashion Through the Ages S.)
  ''978-1-86007-985-6Hilary KollUsing Maths 3 Design A Rollercoast (Using Maths 2)
  ''978-1-86007-987-0Hilary KollClimbing Mount Everest (Using Maths 2)
  ''978-1-86007-988-7   ''Using Maths Mission Into Space (Using Maths 2)
  ''978-1-86007-989-4   ''Emergency Department: Exciting Real Life Maths Activities (Using Maths 2)
2006978-1-86007-990-0Hilary KollUsing Maths Survival Skills (Using Maths 2)