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2006978-1-84696-000-0Nick SaundersThe Story Of Alexander The Great
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  ''978-1-84696-004-8Colin HynsonThe Story Of Elizabeth 1
  ''978-1-84696-006-2Alison HowardMy First Book of Ocean Life
  ''978-1-84696-007-9Dee PhillipsReptiles and Amphibians (My First Book of...)
2006978-1-84696-013-0Jim PipeTales Of Horror: Werewolves
  ''978-1-84696-015-4Jim PipeTales Of Horror: Zombies
  ''978-1-84696-016-1   ''Tales Of Horror: Aliens
2007978-1-84696-026-0Anita GaneriThis Is My Faith Buddhism: 1
  ''978-1-84696-027-7Anita GaneriChristianity (This Is My Faith): 1
  ''978-1-84696-028-4   ''Hinduism (This Is My Faith): 1
2007978-1-84696-029-1Anita GaneriThis Is My Faith Islam: 1
  ''978-1-84696-030-7   ''This Is My Faith Judaism: 1
  ''978-1-84696-031-4   ''Sikhism (This Is My Faith): 1
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2006978-1-84696-035-2Dougal DixonAwesome Ancient Animals: T. rex Is King: Cretaceous Life
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2007978-1-84696-064-2G Cameron-CooperThe Trojan Horse (Ancient Greek Myths and Legends) (Ancient Greek Myths and Legends S.)
  ''978-1-84696-067-3Nick SaundersAncient Greek Myths Pandoras Box (Ancient Greek Myths and Legends)
2007978-1-84696-069-7Nick SaundersHercules (Ancient Greek Myths and Legends) (Ancient Greek Myths and Legends S.)
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2010978-1-84696-089-5Clint TwistLittle Science Stars: Forces & Motion
2009978-1-84696-191-5Clint TwistLittle Science Stars: Light & Sound
  ''978-1-84696-192-2   ''Little Science Stars: What Things Are Made Of
  ''978-1-84696-193-9Ronne RandallLittle Science Stars: Healthy Eating
  ''978-1-84696-195-3Helen OrmeLittle Science Stars: The Weather
2009978-1-84696-196-0Helen OrmeLittle Science Stars: Solar System
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2007978-1-84696-302-5Dee PhilipsMy Night-Time Animals (Sparkle Books) (Sparkle Books S.)
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2008978-1-84696-521-0Amy BaumanWater Cycle (Planet Earth)
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2008978-1-84696-728-3Jason PageClever Clogs Swimming From Diving
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2009978-1-84696-971-3David SpenceEssential Artists: Gauguin
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2009978-1-84696-979-9David SpenceEssential Artists: Michelangelo
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