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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-85985-765-6Tim DowleyOn That Christmas Night
2013978-1-85985-766-3Juliet DavidBumper Wipe Clean Activities
2008978-1-85985-767-0Juliet DavidThe First Christmas Board Book
  ''978-1-85985-768-7   ''Noah and His Boat
2009978-1-85985-769-4   ''Prayers Gift Set (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
  ''978-1-85985-770-0   ''Stories Jesus Told (Candle Bible for Toddlers Sticker Fun)
  ''978-1-85985-771-7   ''The Very First Easter (Candle Bible for Toddlers Sticker Fun)
  ''978-1-85985-772-4Gwen EllisThe Easter Story (Candle Read & Share)
2009978-1-85985-773-1Tim DowleySolomon's Temple Model (Candle Discovery Series)
2009978-1-85985-774-8Tim DowleyMy First Story Bible (Candle Bible/My First Story) (My First Story Series)
  ''978-1-85985-775-5   ''Paul's Travels (Candle Discovery Series)
  ''978-1-85985-776-2   ''Tabernacle Model (Candle Discovery Series)
  ''978-1-85985-777-9Kelly PulleyBeginner's Bible Everyday
2010978-1-85985-778-6Juliet DavidTime for Bed Bible Stories
2009978-1-85985-779-3   ''Moses and the Bulrushes (Candle Playbook)
  ''978-1-85985-780-9   ''Daniel and the Lions' Den (Candle Playbook)
2009978-1-85985-781-6Bryan DavisRaising Dragons (Dragons in Our Midst)
  ''978-1-85985-782-3Bryan DavisThe Candlestone (Dragons in Our Midst)
  ''978-1-85985-783-0Juliet DavidNoah Story Blocks (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
2009978-1-85985-784-7Juliet DavidLift the Flap Noah (Candle Playbook)
  ''978-1-85985-785-4   ''Lift the Flap Lost Sheep
2010978-1-85985-786-1Claire FreedmanBenjamin Bear Says Goodnight
2009978-1-85985-788-5Juliet DavidBible Friends Jigsaw (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
  ''978-1-85985-789-2Kelly PulleyNew Testament (The Beginner's Bible)
  ''978-1-85985-790-8Juliet DavidNoah's Busy Boat (Candle Peek a Boo) (Hide and Seek)
  ''978-1-85985-791-5   ''Puddle Pen Bible Stories (Candle Puddle Pen)
2009978-1-85985-793-9Bryan DavisCircles of Seven (Dragons in Our Midst)
  ''978-1-85985-794-6   ''Tears of a Dragon (Dragons in Our Midst)
  ''978-1-85985-795-3Juliet DavidChristmas Jigsaw Fun (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
2010978-1-85985-796-0Bryan DavisEye of the Oracle (Oracles of Fire)
2009978-1-85985-797-7Juliet DavidThe Christmas Story (Candle Read & Play) (Read and Play)
  ''978-1-85985-798-4Tim DowleyMy First Christmas Stencil Book
2010978-1-85985-803-5Juliet DavidThe Busy Christmas Stable (Candle Peek a Boo) (Hide and Seek)
  ''978-1-85985-805-9Mary EvansOld Testament Introduction (Essential Bible Reference) (Essential Bible Reference Library)
2010978-1-85985-806-6Stephen MotyerNew Testament Introduction (Essential Bible Reference) (Essential Bible Reference Library)
  ''978-1-85985-807-3Rob J. BewleyThe Life of Jesus (Essential Bible Reference) (Essential Bible Reference Library)
  ''978-1-85985-809-7Tim DowleyBible Facts and Figures (Essential Bible Reference) (Essential Bible Reference Library)
  ''978-1-85985-811-0   ''Life in Bible Times (Essential Bible Reference) (Essential Bible Reference Library)
2010978-1-85985-812-7Tim DowleyThe World of the Bible (Essential Bible Reference) (Essential Bible Reference Library)
  ''978-1-85985-813-4Robert BackhousePeople of the Bible (Essential Bible Reference) (Essential Bible Reference Library)
  ''978-1-85985-814-1Tim DowleyBible Guide (Essential Bible Reference) (Essential Bible Reference Library)
  ''978-1-85985-815-8   ''Bible Atlas (Essential Bible Reference) (Essential Bible Reference Library)
  ''978-1-85985-816-5   ''The Tabernacle (Essential Bible Reference) (Essential Bible Reference Library)
2010978-1-85985-817-2Tim DowleyThe Story of the Bible (Essential Bible Reference) (Essential Bible Reference Library)
  ''978-1-85985-818-9   ''Explore the Bible Sticker Book (Candle Discovery Series)
  ''978-1-85985-819-6Marilyn LashbrookMe Too! Bible and Prayers Gift Book
  ''978-1-85985-820-2Juliet DavidThe First Easter (Candle Playbook)
  ''978-1-85985-821-9   ''Noah and the Flood (Read & Play) (Read and Play)
2010978-1-85985-822-6Robert BackhouseThe Jerusalem Temple (Essential Bible Reference) (Essential Bible Reference Library)
2011978-1-85985-823-3Tim DowleyLife of Jesus (Look Inside the Bible)
2014978-1-85985-824-0Juliet DavidCandle Day by Day Bible
2009978-1-85985-825-7Marilyn LashbrookMe Too! My Little Bible Stories
2011978-1-85985-826-4Karen WilliamsonThe First Christmas: Pop Up
  ''978-1-85985-827-1Juliet DavidCandle Bible for Kids
2012978-1-85985-828-8Nick ButterworthThe Fox's Tale: The First Christmas (Animal Tales)
2009978-1-85985-829-5Claire FreedmanBenjamin Bear Says Please
2009978-1-85985-830-1Claire FreedmanBenjamin Bear Says Sorry
  ''978-1-85985-831-8   ''Benjamin Bear Says Thank You
  ''978-1-85985-832-5Juliet DavidThe Innkeeper (Candle Christmas Trio)
  ''978-1-85985-833-2   ''The Shepherds (Candle Christmas Trio)
  ''978-1-85985-834-9   ''The Wise Men (Candle Christmas Trio)
2010978-1-85985-835-6   ''My Very First Easter (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
2010978-1-85985-836-3Juliet DavidBible Stories Jigsaw Book (Jigsaw Books)
2009978-1-85985-838-7Lori C. FroebNoah's Ark (Little Tabs) (RD Little Tabs)
  ''978-1-85985-839-4Lori C. FroebBaby Jesus (Little Tabs) (RD Little Tabs)
2009978-1-85985-840-0Lori C. FroebGod's Creation (Little Tabs) (RD Little Tabs)
2010978-1-85985-843-1Juliet DavidWipe Clean Activity Book: Bk. 1
  ''978-1-85985-844-8   ''Wipe Clean Activity Book: Bk. 2
2013978-1-85985-847-9   ''99 Stories from the Bible
2010978-1-85985-849-3Claire FreedmanBenjamin Bear Stencil Book
  ''978-1-85985-851-6Juliet DavidLost Sheep (Candle Playbook)
2009978-1-85985-852-3Sally Lloyd-JonesTiny Bear's Bible Pink
  ''978-1-85985-854-7Kelly PulleyThe Very First Christmas (Beginner's Bible)
2010978-1-85985-856-1Catherine DeVriesAdventure Bible Story Book
  ''978-1-85985-857-8Kelly PulleyThe Very First Easter (The Beginners Bible)
2010978-1-85985-861-5Juliet DavidBible Memory Game (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
  ''978-1-85985-863-9   ''My Very First Prayers Board Book (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
  ''978-1-85985-864-6   ''All Aboard with Noah: Lift the Flap Book
2012978-1-85985-867-7Alan ParryThe Candle Classic Bible
2010978-1-85985-868-4Juliet DavidPuddle Pen Christmas
2013978-1-85985-869-1Karen WilliamsonMy Little Prayers (My Little Bible)
2010978-1-85985-870-7Juliet DavidThe Very First Christmas: Changing Pictures
2013978-1-85985-871-4Marilyn LashbrookMe Too Favourite Bible Stories
2010978-1-85985-872-1Bryan DavisEnoch's Ghost (Oracles of Fire)
2010978-1-85985-873-8Bryan DavisThe Last of the Nephilim (Oracles of Fire)
  ''978-1-85985-874-5   ''The Bones of Makaidos (Oracles of Fire)
  ''978-1-85985-875-2Tim DowleyJumbo Bible Activity Book: Bk. 2 (Jumbo Bible Activity Books)
  ''978-1-85985-876-9Karen WilliamsonMy Very Own Bible
2011978-1-85985-879-0Juliet DavidNoah (Tiny Readers)
  ''978-1-85985-880-6   ''Jonah (Tiny Readers)
2011978-1-85985-881-3Juliet DavidZacchaeus (Tiny Readers)
  ''978-1-85985-882-0   ''Loaves and Fishes (Tiny Readers)
  ''978-1-85985-883-7   ''Baby Jesus is Born (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
2011978-1-85985-884-4Juliet DavidMy Very First Easter (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
  ''978-1-85985-885-1   ''Noah Jigsaw Book (Jigsaw Books)
  ''978-1-85985-886-8Tim DowleyCandle Library Bible Animals
  ''978-1-85985-887-5Juliet DavidCandle Prayers for Toddlers and Candle Bible for Toddlers (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
  ''978-1-85985-888-2   ''Christmas Jigsaw Book (Jigsaw Books)
2011978-1-85985-889-9Juliet DavidThe Story of Christmas
2012978-1-85985-890-5Tim DowleyChristmas Activity Fun (Jumbo Bible Activity Books)
2011978-1-85985-891-2Juliet DavidWipe Clean Christmas Story
  ''978-1-85985-892-9   ''Christmas Stable Lift the Flap (Lift the Flap (Candle Books))
2012978-1-85985-893-6   ''Moses Poster Sticker Book: Candle Bible for Kids
2012978-1-85985-894-3Juliet DavidJesus Poster Sticker Book: Candle Bible for Kids
2011978-1-85985-895-0Marilyn LashbrookMe Too! Bedtime Bible Stories
2012978-1-85985-896-7Karen WilliamsonWho am I?: Bible Friends (Bible Friends Lift-The-Flap)
  ''978-1-85985-897-4   ''Playtime Noah (Play-Time Books)
2011978-1-85985-906-3Juliet DavidMy Little Library Candle Bible for Toddlers (Candle Bible for Toddlers Series)
978-1-85985-907-0Noah and the Animals: 24 Piece Jigsaw
2012978-1-85985-908-7Juliet DavidMoses: Tiny Readers
  ''978-1-85985-909-4   ''Joseph: Tiny Readers
  ''978-1-85985-910-0   ''Lost Sheep (Tiny Readers)
2011978-1-85985-911-7Karen WilliamsonMy Little Bible
2012978-1-85985-912-4Juliet DavidThe Easter Story: Candle Bible for Kids
  ''978-1-85985-913-1   ''Jesus Activity Pack
2012978-1-85985-914-8Karen WilliamsonJoseph (Candle Tab Books)
2012978-1-85985-915-5Karen WilliamsonDaniel (Candle Tab Books)
  ''978-1-85985-916-2Juliet DavidGod Helps Me Bible
  ''978-1-85985-917-9   ''Stilling the Storm: Tiny Readers
2011978-1-85985-918-6Tim DowleyBedtime Bible Stories
  ''978-1-85985-919-3Juliet DavidNoah Activity Pack (Candle Activity Packs)
  ''978-1-85985-920-9Karen WilliamsonBaby Jesus is Born Sticker Book (My Very First Sticker Books)
2011978-1-85985-921-6Juliet DavidThe Nativity Story (Candle Bible for Kids)
2012978-1-85985-923-0   ''Candle Bible for Little Ones
  ''978-1-85985-924-7Tim DowleyCandle Atlas of the Bible (Essential Bible Reference Library)
  ''978-1-85985-926-1Catherine DeVriesBeginner's Bible for Toddlers
  ''978-1-85985-928-5Sally Lloyd JonesTiny Bear's Bible: Pink (Childrens Bible)
  ''978-1-85985-929-2   ''Tiny Bear's Bible (Childrens Bible)
2012978-1-85985-930-8Juliet DavidStories Jesus Told (Sticker Books) (My Very First Sticker Books)
  ''978-1-85985-931-5   ''David (Sticker Books) (My Very First Sticker Books)
2013978-1-85985-932-2Karen WilliamsonPlay-time Bible Stories (Play Time Novelty Board Book) (Play-Time Books)
2012978-1-85985-934-6Karen WilliamsonBaby Jesus (Candle Tab Books)
  ''978-1-85985-935-3   ''Christmas (Bible Friends)
  ''978-1-85985-936-0Juliet DavidChristmas Stable (Build Your Own)
978-1-85985-937-7Christmas Stable
2013978-1-85985-938-4Karen WilliamsonChristmas (Candle Library)
2012978-1-85985-939-1Juliet DavidCandle Bible for Kids: Toddler Edition
  ''978-1-85985-940-7   ''The Christmas Story (Candle Bible for Kids)
  ''978-1-85985-941-4Karen WilliamsonThe Christmas Story
2013978-1-85985-942-1   ''Easter (Candle Library)
2013978-1-85985-943-8Karen WilliamsonEaster Sticker Book (My Very First Sticker Books)
  ''978-1-85985-944-5Juliet DavidCandle Bible for Me
  ''978-1-85985-945-2Allia Zobel-NolanBaby's First Nativity Carry Along (Baby's First Bible Collection)
  ''978-1-85985-947-6Juliet DavidStories Jesus Told Sticker Scenes
  ''978-1-85985-948-3   ''Noah's Ark Sticker Scenes
2013978-1-85985-949-0Juliet DavidLift the Flap Bible Stories
2012978-1-85985-950-6Juliet DavidFantastic Christmas Stable: Illustrated by Steve Smallman
2014978-1-85985-952-0   ''Blessings for Little Girls
2013978-1-85985-953-7   ''My Bible Stories Colouring Book 1
  ''978-1-85985-954-4   ''My Bible Stories Colouring Book 2
  ''978-1-85985-955-1Karen WilliamsonCandle Bedtime Bible
  ''978-1-85985-956-8Juliet DavidCountdown to Christmas (Advent Calendar)
  ''978-1-85985-958-2Karen WilliamsonA Little Girl is Healed (Candle Tab Books)
2013978-1-85985-960-5Karen WilliamsonA Little Boy's Gift (Candle Tab Books)
2012978-1-85985-962-9NATiny Bear Bible X10 Mixed Counterpack (Childrens Bible)
  ''978-1-85985-964-3Juliet DavidThe Christmas Story
2013978-1-85985-966-7Tim DowleyJumbo Bible Activities: 4 (Jumbo Bible Activity Books)
  ''978-1-85985-968-1Juliet DavidMy Christmas Coloring Book: With Stickers
  ''978-1-85985-969-8Karen WilliamsonPlay-Time Christmas (Play-Time Books)
  ''978-1-85985-970-4Juliet DavidMy Pop Up Stories of Jesus
2013978-1-85985-971-1Juliet DavidMy Story Time Parables
  ''978-1-85985-972-8Tim DowleyEaster Activity Fun (Jumbo Bible Activity Books)
2012978-1-85985-973-5Juliet DavidGod Helps Me: Bk. 1
  ''978-1-85985-974-2   ''God Helps Me: Bk. 2
2013978-1-85985-978-0Juliet DavidBible Stories Painting Book 1 (Bible Stories Painting Books)
  ''978-1-85985-979-7   ''Bible Stories Painting Book 2 (Bible Stories Painting Books)
  ''978-1-85985-980-3   ''My Story Time Parables Coloring Book
  ''978-1-85985-981-0Karen WilliamsonPull-Out Noah and the Animals (Candle Pull-Out)
  ''978-1-85985-982-7Claire FreedmanBenjamin Bear's Adventures
2013978-1-85985-984-1Juliet DavidMy Christmas Colouring Book
  ''978-1-85985-985-8Karen WilliamsonMy Little Prayers (My Little Bible)
  ''978-1-85985-986-5   ''My Little Bible Memory Game
  ''978-1-85985-987-2Tim DowleyMy First Bible (My First Story Series)
2014978-1-85985-988-9Allia Zobel-NolanNoah and the Ark (The First Bible Collection) (Baby's First Bible Collection)
  ''978-1-85985-989-6   ''Jesus and the Children (The First Bible Collection) (Baby's First Bible Collection)
2014978-1-85985-990-2Juliet DavidPrayers for Little Girls
2014978-1-85985-991-9Juliet DavidThe Great Flood (Candle Bible for Kids)
  ''978-1-85985-992-6   ''The Easter Story (Candle Bible for Kids)
  ''978-1-85985-993-3Karen WilliamsonMy Story of Easter
  ''978-1-85985-994-0   ''My First Bible Stories
  ''978-1-85985-995-7Juliet DavidBible Stories Painting Book 3 (Bible Stories Painting Books)
2014978-1-85985-996-4Juliet DavidBible Stories Painting Book 4 (Bible Painting Books) (Bible Stories Painting Books)
  ''978-1-85985-997-1Josh EdwardsPull-Out David and Goliath (Candle Pull-Out)
  ''978-1-85985-998-8Josh EdwardsPull-Out Jonah and the Big Fish (Candle Pull-Out)
  ''978-1-85985-999-5   ''Pull-Out Christmas (Candle Pull-Out)