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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2014978-1-78128-100-0Juliet DavidCandle Pop-Up Bible Atlas
  ''978-1-78128-101-7Juliet DavidCandle Bible for Kids
  ''978-1-78128-102-4Claire FreedmanCandle Prayers for Kids (Candle Bible for Kids)
  ''978-1-78128-103-1Eira ReevesWould You Like to Know Jesus?
  ''978-1-78128-104-8Eira ReevesWould You Like to Know the Bible?
2014978-1-78128-105-5Tim DowleyMy First Story of Christmas (My First Story Series)
  ''978-1-78128-106-2Roger LangtonMy First Story of Easter (My First Story Series)
  ''978-1-78128-109-3Juliet AbbottBible Stories Painting Books 34 Filled C
  ''978-1-78128-110-9Karen WilliamsonNoah and the Animals (Candle Tiny Tots)
  ''978-1-78128-111-6Karen WilliamsonPlay-Time Noah (Play-Time Books)
2014978-1-78128-112-3Juliet DavidGod Helps Me
  ''978-1-78128-113-0   ''God Knows Me
  ''978-1-78128-114-7   ''God Loves Me
  ''978-1-78128-122-2Karen WilliamsonChristmas Stable (Candle Tiny Tots)
  ''978-1-78128-123-9Juliet DavidChristmas Sticker Scenes
2014978-1-78128-130-7Karen WilliamsonCandle Tiny Tots Lift the Flap Bible
  ''978-1-78128-131-4   ''My Little Life of Jesus (My Little Bible)
  ''978-1-78128-134-5Josh EdwardsFirst Jigsaws Christmas
  ''978-1-78128-135-2Josh EdwardsFirst Jigsaws David
  ''978-1-78128-136-9   ''First Jigsaws Jonah
2014978-1-78128-137-6Josh EdwardsFirst Jigsaws Noah
  ''978-1-78128-138-3Meryl Doney · Malcolm DoneyWho Made Me?
  ''978-1-78128-139-0Juliet DavidThe Christmas Journey Storybook: With Pop-Up Play Scenes
2014978-1-78128-141-3Juliet DavidCandle Bible for Little Ones
  ''978-1-78128-142-0   ''Christmas Dominoes (Magnetic Adventures)
  ''978-1-78128-143-7   ''The Lord is My Shepherd
  ''978-1-78128-144-4   ''Our Father
2015978-1-78128-148-2   ''Bible Journey Storybook (Candle Activity Fun)
  ''978-1-78128-149-9Karen WilliamsonBible Mini Pops 1
2015978-1-78128-150-5Karen WilliamsonBible Mini Pops 2
2014978-1-78128-151-2Karen WilliamsonMy Little Story of Christmas (My Little Bible)
  ''978-1-78128-152-9Juliet DavidMy Very First Bible and Prayers (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
2015978-1-78128-155-0   ''Bible Dominoes (Candle Bible for Kids)
  ''978-1-78128-156-7Karen WilliamsonNoah (Candle Tab Books)
  ''978-1-78128-157-4   ''Easter (Candle Tab Books)
  ''978-1-78128-158-1Tim DowleyWould You Like to Know How to Pray?
2015978-1-78128-159-8Karen WilliamsonThe Lost Sheep (Candle Little Lambs)
  ''978-1-78128-160-4   ''David and Goliath (Candle Little Lambs)
  ''978-1-78128-161-1   ''Ruth and Naomi (Candle Little Lambs)
2015978-1-78128-162-8Karen WilliamsonDaniel and the Lions (Candle Little Lambs)
  ''978-1-78128-163-5   ''Moses in the Bulrushes (Candle Little Lambs)
  ''978-1-78128-164-2   ''Peter the Fisherman (Candle Little Lambs)
  ''978-1-78128-165-9   ''Jonah and the Great Fish (Candle Little Lambs)
  ''978-1-78128-166-6   ''Noah and the Ark (Candle Little Lambs)
2014978-1-78128-167-3Allia Zobel-NolanNoah's Ark (Candle Playbook)
2014978-1-78128-168-0Allia Zobel-NolanThe First Christmas (Candle Playbook)
2015978-1-78128-169-7Juliet DavidMy Very First Bible (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
2015978-1-78128-170-3Juliet DavidMy Very First Prayers (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
  ''978-1-78128-173-4Nick Butterworth · Mick InkpenThe Magpie's Tale (Animal Tales)
  ''978-1-78128-174-1Nick Butterworth · Mick InkpenThe Cat's Tale (Animal Tales)
  ''978-1-78128-175-8   ''The Mouse's Tale (Animal Tales)
  ''978-1-78128-176-5Juliet DavidMy Little Picture Bible
2015978-1-78128-177-2Juliet DavidThe Easter Story (99 Stories from the Bible)
  ''978-1-78128-179-6Josh EdwardsLittle Lost Sheep (Bible Animals) (Bible Animals board books)
  ''978-1-78128-180-2   ''The Helpful Donkey (Bible Animals) (Bible Animals board books)
  ''978-1-78128-188-8Karen WilliamsonBaby Jesus (Candle Little Lambs)
  ''978-1-78128-190-1Josh EdwardsBible Stories Gone Crazy
2015978-1-78128-191-8Juliet David99 Prayers for Children (99 Stories from the Bible)
  ''978-1-78128-193-2   ''My Little Blessings Bible
  ''978-1-78128-196-3   ''The Midnight Visitors
  ''978-1-78128-197-0Tim DowleyWould You Like to Know the Story of Christmas?
2015978-1-78128-198-7Tim DowleyWould you like to know The Story of Easter?: pack of 10
2014978-1-78128-199-4Sally Lloyd JonesBaby's First Bible (The First Bible Collection)
2015978-1-78128-201-4Juliet DavidCandle Bible for Toddlers Deluxe Edition
  ''978-1-78128-202-1   ''Candle Bible for Toddlers Gift Edition
  ''978-1-78128-203-8Josh EdwardsMy Big Story Bible
  ''978-1-78128-224-3Karen WilliamsonBible Sliders (Candle Tiny Tots)
  ''978-1-78128-225-0Juliet DavidMagnetic Adventures - Bible Stories (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
2015978-1-78128-226-7Juliet DavidMagnetic Adventures - The Nativity Story (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
  ''978-1-78128-227-4   ''Magnetic Adventures - Noah (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
  ''978-1-78128-229-8Steve SmallmanPilgrim's Progress
  ''978-1-78128-230-4Tim Dowley · Steve (Ill SmallmanPilgrims Progress the Game (Board Games)
  ''978-1-78128-231-1Juliet DavidMy Very First Christmas Story
2015978-1-78128-232-8Juliet DavidMy Very First Bible Stories
  ''978-1-78128-233-5   ''The Midnight Visitors
  ''978-1-78128-234-2   ''My Advent Activity Pack
  ''978-1-78128-235-9Max LucadoYou are Special: Deluxe (Wemmicks)
2016978-1-78128-241-0Juliet DavidMy Toddler Bible
  ''978-1-78128-243-4Karen WilliamsonThe First Easter (Candle Little Lambs)
2016978-1-78128-244-1Juliet DavidMy Very First Easter (Candle Bible for Toddlers)
2015978-1-78128-247-2Would you like to know the story of Christmas?
2016978-1-78128-248-9Tim DowleyThe Story of Jesus (Activity Fun) (Candle Activity Fun)
2016978-1-78128-256-4Tim DowleyBible Animals (Activity Fun) (Candle Activity Fun)
  ''978-1-78128-259-5   ''Kings & Queens (Activity Fun) (Candle Activity Fun)
  ''978-1-78128-260-1   ''Great Bible Stories (Activity Fun) (Candle Activity Fun)
  ''978-1-78128-264-9Eira Reeves GoldsworthyWould You Like to Know the Bible Storybook
2020978-1-78128-320-2Eira ReevesBible for Little Ones (Would You Like to Know?)