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  ''978-1-85972-078-3Kayleen M. HazlehurstLegal Pluralism and the Colonial Legacy: Indigenous Experiences of Justice in Canada, Australia and New Zealand
1996978-1-85972-098-1Stephen ClarkeSocial Work as Community Development: A Management Model for Social Change
  ''978-1-85972-120-9Leif Roderick RosenbergerAmerica's Drug War Debacle
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1996978-1-85972-252-7Collette McAuleyChildren in Long Term Foster Care: Emotional and Social Development
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1996978-1-85972-299-2Chas Critcher · David P. WaddingtonPolicing Public Order: Theoretical and Practical Issues
2009978-1-85972-327-2Shuttleworth EtCollaborative Knowledge
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  ''978-1-85972-359-3Chung-Ron PiExpression of Culture in Economic Development: A Cross-Country Analysis (Bruton Center for Development Studies Series)
1999978-1-85972-389-0Michael FerriterSchizophrenia and Parenting
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1997978-1-85972-424-8Professor Ruth Chadwick · etc. · Mairi Levitt · Darren ShickleThe Right to Know and the Right Not to Know (Avebury Series in Philosophy)
2008978-1-85972-468-2Chris CurranScale, Cost and Effectiveness in University Distance Teaching
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1997978-1-85972-516-0William J. WeidaRegaining Security: Guide to the Costs of Disposing of Plutonium and Highly Enriched Uranium (Avebury Studies in Green Research)
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1998978-1-85972-678-5John Biggart · etc.Alexander Bogdanov and the Origins of Systems Thinking in Russia
1997978-1-85972-679-2Colin CrawfordForbidden Femininity: Child Sexual Abuse and Female Sexuality
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