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2007978-1-85936-013-2Mike ClarkeThe Leeds and Liverpool Canal: A History and Guide
  ''978-1-85936-015-6David C. A. ShotterThe Roman Frontier in Britain: Hadrian's Wall, the Antonine Wall and Roman Policy in Scotland
  ''978-1-85936-016-3Chris AspinThe First Industrial Society: Social History of Lancashire, 1750-1850
1996978-1-85936-018-7Jack BinnsA Place of Great Importance: Scarborough in the Civil Wars, 1640-60
  ''978-1-85936-037-8J.R. DickinsonLordship of Man Under the Stanleys, The: Government and Economy in the Isle of Man, 1580-1704 (Chetham Society S.)
2007978-1-85936-038-5David RussellFootball and the English: A Social History of Association Football, 1863-1995
1997978-1-85936-047-7Roger HoldenStott and Sons: Architects of the Lancashire Cotton Mill
  ''978-1-85936-049-1Alistair C. HodgeThe History of Preston: An Introduction
2000978-1-85936-058-3Steve BarrittThe Old Tram Road: Preston to Walton Summit
1999978-1-85936-063-7John Robert · etc.The History of ROF Chorley
2007978-1-85936-067-5Peter AughtonBristol: A People's History
1999978-1-85936-071-2Mike Payne · Ian RigbyProud Preston: Preston North End FC, 1888-1999
2000978-1-85936-075-0John DownhamRed Roses on the Veldt: Lancashire Regiments in the Boer War, 1899-1902
2007978-1-85936-078-1Gordon BlackwoodTudor and Stuart Suffolk
2001978-1-85936-087-3Graham PhythianSaga of the Silkmen: The History of Macclesfield Town FC
2002978-1-85936-088-0Mike FletcherBlack Gold and Hot Sand: A History of St.Helens
2007978-1-85936-096-5Colin DickinsonCotton Mills in Preston: The Power Behind the Thread
2007978-1-85936-097-2Peter AughtonBristol: A People's History
  ''978-1-85936-100-9Thomas PottsThe Wonderfvll Discoverie of Witches in the Covntie of Lancaster
  ''978-1-85936-103-0George IngleMarriners Yarns
2003978-1-85936-109-2John HargreavesHalifax
2007978-1-85936-110-8David HeyA History of Sheffield
  ''978-1-85936-112-2Graham Davis · Penny BonsallA History of Bath: Image and Reality
  ''978-1-85936-113-9Derek BeattieHistory of Blackburn
2007978-1-85936-119-1Carl ChinnThey Worked All Their Lives: Women of the Urban Poor, 1880-1939
  ''978-1-85936-122-1David HeyHistory of Yorkshire: County of the Broad Acres
  ''978-1-85936-123-8RobertsBirdwatching Walks in Cumbria
  ''978-1-85936-125-2Michael BushCasualties of Peterloo
  ''978-1-85936-126-9Carl ChinnPoverty Amidst Prosperity: The Urban Poor in England, 1834-1914
2007978-1-85936-128-3Alan KiddManchester: A History
2010978-1-85936-154-2Anthea JonesCheltenham: A New History
2007978-1-85936-155-9David John FoxManchester Consuls
2008978-1-85936-161-0Peter AughtonLiverpool: A People's History
  ''978-1-85936-167-2David HeyDerbyshire: A History
  ''978-1-85936-168-9Peter AughtonLiverpool: A People's History
2009978-1-85936-171-9David HuntA History of Preston
2013978-1-85936-175-7Barrie TrinderBritain's Industrial Revolution: The Making of a Manufacturing People, 1700-1870
2015978-1-85936-178-8John K. WaltonA Social History of Britain 1750-1914
2010978-1-85936-186-3David HeyDerbyshire: A History
2008978-1-85936-188-7David JohnsonIngleborough: Landscape and History
2009978-1-85936-189-4William A. MaguireBelfast: A History
  ''978-1-85936-191-7Stephen Bull"A General Plague of Madness": The Civil Wars in Lancashire, 1640-1660
  ''978-1-85936-196-2David DymondResearching and Writing History: A Guide for Local Historians
2010978-1-85936-198-6David HeyA History of Sheffield
2010978-1-85936-208-2Robert TanitchLondon Stage in the Nineteenth Century