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2003978-1-85780-000-5Tom FerrisIrish Railways in Colour: From Steam to Diesel, 1955-67
1992978-1-85780-002-9Brian ShulSled Driver: Flying the World's Fastest Aeroplane
2006978-1-85780-005-0William Wagner · William P. SloanFireflies and Other Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
1998978-1-85780-006-7Wendy SkiltonBritish Military Band Uniforms-Cavalry
  ''978-1-85780-007-4   ''British Military Band Uniforms-Household Cavalry
1994978-1-85780-008-1Ernest ShepherdMidland Great Western Railway of Ireland: An Illustrated History
1993978-1-85780-009-8R. Powell HendryRails in the Isle of Man, a Colour Celebration
2003978-1-85780-010-4Tom FerrisThe Irish Narrow Gauge: From Cork to Cavan v. 1: A Pictorial History
1996978-1-85780-012-8Vladimir Antonov · Yefim GordonOKB Sukhoi: A History of the Design Bureau and Its Aircraft
1994978-1-85780-013-5Dan Hagedorn · Leif HellstromForeign Invaders: Douglas Invader in Foreign Military and US Clandestine Service
1998978-1-85780-014-2Peter Green · Mike HodgsonCranwell: Royal Naval Air Service and Royal Air Force Photographs (Royal Air Force Pictorials S.)
2003978-1-85780-017-3Tom FerrisThe Irish Narrow Gauge: The Ulster Lines v. 2: A Pictorial History: The Ulster Lines v. 2
1995978-1-85780-019-7   ''Irish Railways in Colour: A Second Glance, 1947-70
1994978-1-85780-021-0B.I. HengiAirlines Worldwide: Over 280 Airlines Described and Illustrated in Colour
  ''978-1-85780-022-7Incledon Clark · Railway Development SocietyThomas the Privatised Tank Engine
  ''978-1-85780-025-8Ken EllisWrecks and Relics: The Biennial Survey of Preserved, Instructional and Derelict Airframes in the U.K.and Eire
1997978-1-85780-026-5Graham Buchan InnesBritish Airfield Buildings of the Second World War (Aviation Pocket Guide S.)
1995978-1-85780-028-9Robert KirbyAvro Manchester: The Legend Behind the Lancaster
  ''978-1-85780-029-6Carl A. ChristieOcean Bridge: History of RAF Ferry Command
1998978-1-85780-033-3Martin Middlebrook · Chris EverittThe Bomber Command War Diaries: An Operational Reference Book, 1939-45
2003978-1-85780-034-0Bill TaylorRoyal Air Force: Germany Since 1945
1996978-1-85780-036-4Robert Inns · John Scott-Morgan · John Scott MorganBluebell Railway Locomotives: As They Were
1995978-1-85780-037-1Jay MillerLockheed Martin's Skunk Works: The First Fifty Years
1998978-1-85780-044-9Stephen JohnsonJohnson's Atlas and Gazetteer of the Railways of Ireland
2003978-1-85780-045-6Stephen JohnsonLocomotives and Railcars of Bord na Mona
1998978-1-85780-051-7Arthur A.C. SteffenMcDonnell Douglas DC-10 and KC-10 Extender: Wide-Body Workhorses (Aerofax S.)
1997978-1-85780-052-4Walter Schick · Ingolf MeyerLuftwaffe Secret Projects: Fighters 1939-1945
1998978-1-85780-054-8Steve FlandersThe County Donegal Railway: An Irish Railway Pictorial
1997978-1-85780-056-2Tom SingfieldAirliners Worldwide
1998978-1-85780-058-6Jay MillerConvair B-58 Hustler: The World's First Supersonic Bomber (Aerofax Series)
1998978-1-85780-060-9Mike Bailey · Tony NorthLiberator Album: B-24s of the 2nd Air Division Usaaf
1999978-1-85780-061-6Stuart McKay OBETiger Moth, De Havilland's Legendary Trainer
1998978-1-85780-064-7Gordon YefimMiG-25 Foxbat and MiG-31 Foxhound: Russia's Defensive Frontline (Aerofax Series)
  ''978-1-85780-065-4Yefim Gordon · Vladimir RigmantTu-22 'Blinder'/Tu-22M 'Backfire': Russia's Long Range Supersonic Bombers (Aerofax) (Aerofax S.)
  ''978-1-85780-066-1C.J. FreezerFirst Steps in Railway Modelling
  ''978-1-85780-068-5Hugh HarkinsEurofighter 2000: Europe's Combat Aircraft for the New Millennium
  ''978-1-85780-069-2Robert S. Hopkins IIIBoeing KC-135 Stratotanker: More Than Just a Tanker (Aerofax S.)
1998978-1-85780-072-2Peter SharpeU-boat Fact File 1935-1945
  ''978-1-85780-073-9Tom Ferris · Patrick FlanaganCavan and Leitrim Railway - The Last Decade: An Irish Railway Pictorial
2003978-1-85780-074-6Steve FlandersLondonderry and Lough Swilly Railway: An Irish Railway Pictorial
1998978-1-85780-075-3Norman FranksRoyal Air Force Fighter Command Losses of the Second World War: Volume 2. Operational Losses: Aircraft and Crews 1942-1943: 1942-43 v. 2
2003978-1-85780-076-0Desmond CoakhamThe Belfast and County Down Railway: An Irish Railway Pictorial
1998978-1-85780-077-7B.I. HengiAirline Tail Colours: 485 Colour Illustrations to Aid in the Quick Recognition of Airlines (Aviation Pocket Guide S.)
  ''978-1-85780-081-4Robert S. Hopkins IIIMcDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle: Super Heavy-Weight Fighter (Aerofax S.)
2003978-1-85780-082-1Gerry Beesley · Ernest ShepherdThe Dublin and South Eastern Railway: An Illustrated History
1998978-1-85780-083-8Yefim Gordon · Dmitri KhazanovSoviet Combat Aircraft of the Second World War: Single Engined Fighters v. 1
2006978-1-85780-084-5   ''Soviet Combat Aircraft of the Second World War: Twin-engined Fighters, Attack Aircraft and Bombers v. 2
1998978-1-85780-085-2Otger Van Der KooijEuropean Wrecks and Relics: An Illustrated Survey of Preserved, Instructional and Derelict Airframes in 22 Countries
2004978-1-85780-088-3William NortonAir War on the Edge: A History of the Israel Air Force and it's Aircraft Since 1947
2001978-1-85780-089-0Roy BonserAviation in Leicestershire and Rutland
2000978-1-85780-091-3B.I. HengiAirlines Remembered: Histories and Operations of 204 Airlines of the Last 30 Years
  ''978-1-85780-092-0Dieter Herwig · Heinz RodeLuftwaffe Secret Projects: Strategic Bombers 1935-1945
  ''978-1-85780-093-7Norman FranksRoyal Air Force Fighter Command Losses of the Second World War: Volume 3. Operational Losses: Aircraft and Crews 1944-1945 (Incorporating Air Defence Great Britain and 2nd TAF): 1944-1945 v. 3
2000978-1-85780-094-4Robert HendryBritish Railway Goods Wagons in Colour For the Modeller and Historian: Vol 1
  ''978-1-85780-095-1Tony ButtlerBritish Secret Projects: Jet Fighters Since 1950
2001978-1-85780-097-5Mark KennedyThe LMS in Ireland
2000978-1-85780-098-2Tom SingfieldClassic Airliners: 76 Older Types Worldwide Described and Illustrated in Colour
2001978-1-85780-099-9Yefim Gordon · Bill GunstonSoviet X-planes
2000978-1-85780-101-9Graham Buchan InnesBritish Airfield Buildings: Expansion and Inter War Periods v. 2 (Aviation Pocket Guide S.)
  ''978-1-85780-102-6Bob ArcherUS Air Force: The New Century
  ''978-1-85780-103-3B.I. HengiAirlines Worldwide: More Than 350 Airlines Described and Illustrated in Colour
  ''978-1-85780-104-0   ''Airline Tail Colours: 550 Colour Illustrations to Aid the Quick Recognition of Airlines
2001978-1-85780-105-7Yefim GordonMikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15: The Soviet Union's Long-lived Korean War Fighter (Aerofax)
2006978-1-85780-106-4Yefim Gordon · Dmitriy Kommissarov · Dmitriy KomissarovIlyushin Il-76: Russia's Versatile Jet Freighter: Russia's Ubiquitous Jet Freighter (Aerofax)
2002978-1-85780-107-1Yefim GordonMikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17: The Soviet Union's Jet Fighter of the Fifties (Aerofax) (Aerofax S.)
2004978-1-85780-108-8Yefim GordonSukhoi Su-7/17/22 'Fitter' (Aerofax Series)
2001978-1-85780-109-5Jay MillerThe X-planes X-1 to X-45
2003978-1-85780-110-1Michael CorcoranThrough Streets Broad and Narrow: A History of Dublin's Tramways
  ''978-1-85780-112-5Neil SprinksThe Sligo, Leitrim and Northern Counties Railway (Irish Railway Pictorial S.)
2001978-1-85780-114-9R. Powell HendryBritish Railway Signalling in Colour: For the Modeller and Historian
  ''978-1-85780-115-6Chris HobsonVietnam Air Losses: United States Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps Fixed-wing Aircraft Losses in Southeast Asia 1961-1973
  ''978-1-85780-116-3Dennis R. JenkinsSpace Shuttle: History of the National Space Transportation System - The First 100 Missions
2005978-1-85780-117-0Arthur A.C. SteffenMcDonnell Douglas MD-11 (Aerofax)
2001978-1-85780-119-4Roger A. FreemanAmerican Air Museum Duxford: A Tribute to American Air Power
  ''978-1-85780-120-0Yefim GordonSukhoi S-37 and Mikoyan MFI: Russian Fifth-generation Fighter Demonstrators (Red Star)
2001978-1-85780-121-7Yefim GordonFlankers: The New Generation: 2 (Red Star)
2003978-1-85780-122-4Joe TaylorThe West Clare Railway: An Irish Railway Pictorial (Irish Railway Pictorial S.)
  ''978-1-85780-123-1Nick JardineBritish Railway Stations in Colour: For the Modeller and Historian
2002978-1-85780-124-8Klaus KropfGerman Starfighters: The F-104 in German Air Force and Naval Air Service
  ''978-1-85780-125-5Yefim Gordon · Dmitriy KomissarovYakovlev Yak-25/26/27/28: Yakovlev's Tactical Twinjets (Aerofax S.)
  ''978-1-85780-126-2Chris Hobson · Andrew NobleFalklands Air War (U.K.)
  ''978-1-85780-127-9H. Beauvais · etc.German Secret Flight Test Centres to 1945
2003978-1-85780-128-6Ross McNeillRoyal Air Force Coastal Command losses of the Second World War. Vol. 1 Aircraft and crew losses, 193
2003978-1-85780-130-9Tony ButtlerBritish Secret Projects: Jet Bombers Since 1949 (U.K.)
2001978-1-85780-131-6Yefim Gordon · Keith DexterPolikarpov's I-16 Fighter (Red Star)
2002978-1-85780-132-3W.R. ChorleyRoyal Air Force Bomber Command Losses. Volume 7: Operational Training Units 1940-1947: Operational Training Losses 1940-1947 v. 7
  ''978-1-85780-133-0Ken EllisWrecks and Relics: The Biennial Survey of Preserved, Instructional and Derelict Airframes in the U.K. and Eire
  ''978-1-85780-134-7Eric B. MorganVickers Valiant: The First V-bomber (Aerofax S.)
  ''978-1-85780-136-1Wendy MillsTarget Rolling: Llanbedr Airfield 1941-2002
2003978-1-85780-137-8Gerard KeijsperSaab Gripen: Sweden's 21st Century Multi-role Aircraft (Aerofax)
2002978-1-85780-138-5James Goodall · Jay MillerLockheed's SR-71 Blackbird Family: A-12, F-12, M-21, D-21, SR-71 (Aerofax)
  ''978-1-85780-139-2Yefim GordonEarly Soviet Jet Fighters: The 1940s and Early 1950s (Red Star)
2002978-1-85780-140-8Yefim Gordon · Dmitri KhazanovYak Piston-engined Fighters (Red Star)
  ''978-1-85780-141-5Yefim Gordon · Keith DexterPolikarpov's Biplane Fighters: 6 (Red Star)
  ''978-1-85780-142-2Yefim Gordon · Vladimir RigmantTupolev Tu-4 Superfortress: 7 (Red Star)
2003978-1-85780-144-6Donal MurrayRails Around Dublin: An Irish Railway Pictorial (Irish Raiway Pictorial)
2008978-1-85780-145-3Robert HendryBritish Railway Coaching Stock in Colour: For the Modeller and Historian
2002978-1-85780-146-0Sergey KommissarovRussia's Ekranoplans: Vol 8 (Red Star)
2003978-1-85780-147-7Yefim GordonTupolev Tu-160 Blackjack: The Russian Answer to the B-1: 9 (Red Star)
  ''978-1-85780-149-1   ''Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19: The Soviet Union's First Production Supersonic Fighter (Aerofax S.)
  ''978-1-85780-150-7Dieter Herwig · Heinz RodeLuftwaffe Secret Projects: Ground Attack and Special Purpose Aircraft
2003978-1-85780-151-4Yefim GordonLavochkin's Piston-Engined Fighters: (Red Star, Vo.l 10)
  ''978-1-85780-152-1   ''Myasishchev M-4 and 3M: The First Soviet Strategic Jet Bomber (Red Star, Vol. 11)
  ''978-1-85780-153-8Yefim Gordon · Dmitriy KomissarovAntonov's Turboprop Twins: An-24/An-26/An-30/An-32 (Red Star)
  ''978-1-85780-155-2B.I. HengiAirlines Worldwide: More Than 360 Airlines Described and Illustrated in Colour
  ''978-1-85780-156-9W.R. ChorleyRoyal Air Force Bomber Command Losses, Volume 8: Heavy Conversion Units and Miscellaneous Units, 1939-1947: HCUs and Miscellaneous Units 1939 to 1947: v. 8
2004978-1-85780-157-6Yefim Gordon · Dmitriy KomissarovIlyushin IL-18/20/22: A Versatile Turboprop Transport (Aerofax Series)
2006978-1-85780-158-3Jay MillerLockheed Martin F/A -22 Raptor (Aerofax)
2004978-1-85780-159-0Dmitriy KomissarovTupolev Tu-134: The USSR's Short-Range Jetliner (Aerofax Series)
2003978-1-85780-160-6Yefim Gordon · Keith DexterMikoyan's Piston-Engined Fighters (Red Star, Vol.13)
2003978-1-85780-161-3Yefim Gordon · Dmitriy KomissarovMil Mi-8 / Mi-17 Rotary-Wing Workhorse and Warhorse (Red Star)
2004978-1-85780-162-0   ''Antonov AN-2 (Red Star)
  ''978-1-85780-163-7P.H. Butler · Dan HagedornAir Arsenal North America: Aircraft for the Allies, 1938-1945
  ''978-1-85780-165-1Bill NortonBell/Boeing V-22 Osprey: Multi Service Tilt-rotor (Aerofax Series)
2003978-1-85780-166-8Ken EllisWrecks and Relics the Album
2004978-1-85780-167-5Andrew Crockhart · Jack PatienceRails Around Belfast (Irish Railway Pictorial S.)
2003978-1-85780-168-2R. J. EsseryRailway Operation for the Modeller
  ''978-1-85780-169-9Tom FerrisThe Great Northern Railway: An Irish Railway Pictorial
  ''978-1-85780-170-5Robert HendryBritish Railway Goods Wagons in Colour: v.2: For the Modeller and Historian: Vol 2 (British Railways Past and Present)
2004978-1-85780-171-2Chris EllisNext Steps in Railway Modelling
2003978-1-85780-172-9Helmut ErfurthJunkers Ju-188 (Black Cross S.)
2004978-1-85780-173-6Karl-Heinz RegnatJunkers 288/388/488 (Black Cross, Vol. 2) (Black Cross S.)
2004978-1-85780-174-3Wolfgang FleischerGerman Air-dropped Weapons to 1945
  ''978-1-85780-175-0Desmond CoakhamIrish Broad Gauge Carriages: A Pictorial Introduction
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  ''978-1-85780-178-1Karl-Heinz RegnatJunkers Ju 90 (Black Cross S.)
2004978-1-85780-179-8Tony ButtlerBritish Secret Projects: Fighters and Bombers 1935-1950 (British Secret Projects S.)
  ''978-1-85780-180-4Yefim GordonSukhoi Interceptors (Red Star)
  ''978-1-85780-181-1   ''Early Soviet Jet Bombers (Red Star)
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  ''978-1-85780-183-5Ken EllisWrecks and Relics: The Biennial Survey of Preserved, Instructional and Derelict Airframes in the U.K. and Eire
2004978-1-85780-184-2Karl-Heinz RegnatHeinkel He 111 (Black Cross, Vol. 4) (Black Cross S.)
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  ''978-1-85780-188-0Yefim GordonSoviet/Russian Aircraft Weapons: Since World War Two
2005978-1-85780-189-7Tom SingfieldAirliners Worldwide
2004978-1-85780-190-3William R. PeakeMcDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II: Production and Operational Data
2004978-1-85780-191-0Yefim GordonSoviet Heavy Interceptors (Red Star)
2005978-1-85780-193-4Yefim GordonSoviet/Russian Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Red Star)
2004978-1-85780-194-1Yefim Gordon · Tony ButtlerSoviet Secret Projects: Bombers Since 1945 v. 1
2007978-1-85780-195-8W R ChorleyRAF Bomber Command Losses: Roll of Honour, 1939-1947 v. 9
2006978-1-85780-196-5Jay MillerX-Planes 2 and Other Research Aircraft
  ''978-1-85780-197-2Brian RogersUS Air Force Unit Designations Since 1978
2005978-1-85780-198-9Ernest ShepherdThe Cork, Bandon and South Coast Railway
  ''978-1-85780-199-6Yefim Gordon · Dmitriy KomissarovAntonov Jet Twins (Red Star)
  ''978-1-85780-200-9John K. MortonArrivals and Departures: North American Airlines 1990-2000
  ''978-1-85780-201-6Alwyn T. LloydFairchild C-82 Packet and C-119 Flying Boxcar (Aerofax S.)
2005978-1-85780-202-3Yefim Gordon · Keith DexterSukhoi Su-24 Fencer: Soviet Swing-Wing Bomber (Aerofax S.)
  ''978-1-85780-203-0Yefim Gordon · Sergey Komissarov · Dmitriy KomissarovOkb Yakovlev: A History of the Design Bureau and Its Aircraft
  ''978-1-85780-204-7R. Powell HendryBritish Railway Infrastructure In Colour: For the Modeller and Historian
  ''978-1-85780-205-4Roger CrombleholmeThe County Donegal Railways Companion
  ''978-1-85780-206-1Yefim Gordon · Dmitriy KomissarovMil's Heavylift Helicopters (Red Star)
2005978-1-85780-207-8Jamie HunterSea Harrier: The Last British Fighter
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  ''978-1-85780-211-5Yefim GordonMiG-23/27 Flogger (Aerofax)
2005978-1-85780-212-2S. McKayDe Havilland DH60 Moth
  ''978-1-85780-213-9Gerry ManningAirliners of the 1970s
  ''978-1-85780-214-6Yefim Gordon · Vladimir RigmantOKB Tupolev: A History of the Design Bureau and Its Aircraft
  ''978-1-85780-215-3Yefim Gordon · Dmitriy KomissarovSoviet / Russian AWACS Aircraft
  ''978-1-85780-216-0Yefim Gordon · Vladimir Rigmant · Dmitriy KomissarovTupolev Tu-144: Russia's Concorde (Red Star)
2005978-1-85780-218-4Laurence WatersBritish Railway Western Region in Colour
  ''978-1-85780-219-1Gordon YefimMikoyan MiG-31 (Famous Russian Aircraft)
  ''978-1-85780-220-7R. J. EsseryPassenger Train Operation for the Railway Modeller
  ''978-1-85780-221-4Tony Buttler · Yefim GordonSoviet Secret Projects: Fighters Since 1946 v. 2
  ''978-1-85780-222-1R.W. SimpsonGeneral Aviation Handbook
2005978-1-85780-223-8Yefim Gordon · Dmitriy KomissarovRed Star 25: Il Yushin IL-12 and IL-14
2006978-1-85780-224-5Yefim GordonRed Star: v. 26: Russia's Military Aircraft in the 21st Century
2005978-1-85780-225-2J. Richard Smith · Eddie J. Creek · Hans-Georg DachnerArado Ar 234 A, (Military Aircraft in Detail)
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  ''978-1-85780-229-0Gerry Manning1000 Preserved Aircraft in Colour
  ''978-1-85780-230-6Philip Butler · Tony ButtlerGloster Meteor (Aerofax)
2017978-1-85780-231-3Yefim GordonMikoyan MiG - 29 (Famous Russian Aircraft)
2006978-1-85780-232-0J. HunterTesting Top Guns: US Air Force and US Navy Test and Evaluation Squadrons
2006978-1-85780-233-7Bill Rose & Tony ButtlerFlying Saucer Aircraft (Secret Projects)
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2006978-1-85780-245-0Yefim GordonSoviet Rocket Powered Fighters (Red Star)
2007978-1-85780-246-7Yefim Gordon · Vladimir RigmantTupolev Tu-114 (Red Star)
  ''978-1-85780-247-4Yefim GordonSukhoi Su-27 (Famous Russian Aircraft)
2008978-1-85780-248-1Michael O'LearyP-38 Lightning (Military Aircraft in Detail S.)
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2008978-1-85780-266-5Joe CherrieTSR.2: Britain's Controversial Cold War Bomber (Aerofax S.)
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