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1994978-1-85703-101-0Roger JonesHow to Emigrate: Your Complete Guide to a Successful Future Overseas
1995978-1-85703-127-0Roy van den Brink-BudgenSurvive Divorce: 2nd edition: A Handbook of Guidance and Practical Advice
  ''978-1-85703-164-5Derek SwetnamHow to Write Your Dissertation: A Practical Survival Guide for Students
1997978-1-85703-226-0Chriss McCallumWriting for Publication: What to Write;How to Write it;Where and How to Sell it (How to Books (Midpoint))
1998978-1-85703-244-4Carole BaldockMaking Money from Writing: How to become a freelance writer
  ''978-1-85703-246-8Pamela RochfordWriting Erotic Fiction: How to write a successful erotic novel
  ''978-1-85703-266-6Paul StallardParenting Pre-School Children: How to cope with common behavioural problems
  ''978-1-85703-268-0Mark HempshellGetting a Job in Travel & Tourism: 3rd edition: Where to Find the Best Jobs and How to Secure Them
1998978-1-85703-278-9Robert RichardsLiving Working In Spain 2e: The complete guide to a successful short or long-term stay: How to Prepare for a Successful Visit, Be It Short, Long-term or Forever (Living & Working Abroad)
  ''978-1-85703-283-3William StewartSelf-Counselling: How to develop the skills to positively manage your life (How to series)
1999978-1-85703-292-5Adam WalkerBuying A House: A step-by-step guide to buying your ideal home (How to)
1997978-1-85703-365-6Paul McGeeWriting a CV That Works 2nd Edition: A Concise, Clear and Comprehensive Guide to Writing an Effective CV (How to)
1999978-1-85703-390-8Peter NickolLearning To Read Music 3rd Edition: How to make sense of those mysterious symbols and bring music alive: Making Sense of Those Mysterious Symbols and Bringing Music Alive (General Reference)
1997978-1-85703-407-3John T WilsonFreelance Teaching & Tutoring: How to earn good money by teaching others what you know (Jobs & Careers)
  ''978-1-85703-440-0Ian Hopkins · Karen HopkinsBudgeting for Students: How to get the most out of your time at college with limited financial resources
1996978-1-85703-441-7Carole BaldockWriting Reviews: How to write about arts and leisure for pleasure and profit (How to books)
1999978-1-85703-442-4Jeremy ButlerWriting Sports Stories that Sell: How to make money from writing about your favourite pastime (Successful Writing)
1997978-1-85703-445-5Derek SwetnamWriting Your Dissertation: How to Plan, Prepare and Present Your Work Successfully (Student Handbooks)
1999978-1-85703-463-9Hilary JonesChoosing a Better Life: An inspiring step-by-step guide to building the future you want (How to Books (Midpoint))
  ''978-1-85703-473-8John WhiteleySaving and Investing: How to Achieve Financial Security and Make Your Money Grow (How To Books. Personal finance)
  ''978-1-85703-476-9William StewartGoing for Counselling: Discover the benefits of counselling and which approach is best for you
1999978-1-85703-485-1Peter BartramWriting a Press Release: How to Get the Right Kind of Publicity and News Coverage (How to books)
  ''978-1-85703-493-6Moira StewartMaking Money From Letting (2nd Edition): How to Buy and Let Residential Property for Profit
  ''978-1-85703-528-5Pete Cohen · Judith VerityFeeling Good For No Good Reason: proven tools for lifelong happiness; transform your life and relationships; works for everyone, every time (Things That Really Matter)
  ''978-1-85703-550-6David C BarkerPass Your Practical Driving Test: Discover what your examiner is looking for and save the expense and heartache of failing (Essentials)
2000978-1-85703-553-7Benjamin A. Kranc · Karina RomanLiving and Working in Canada: A New Life in Canada - All You Need to Know (Living & Working Abroad)
  ''978-1-85703-555-1Matthew SealLiving and Working in South Africa: Survive and Thrive in the New South Africa (Living & Working Abroad)
2000978-1-85703-567-4John BowdenMaking the Bridegroom's Speech: Etiquette;Jokes;Sample Speeches;One-liners (Things That Really Matter)
  ''978-1-85703-568-1John BowdenMaking the Father of the Bride's Speech: Etiquette, Jokes, Sample Speeches, One-liners
2001978-1-85703-596-4Susan NashDelighting Your Customers: Keep your customers coming back, time and time again (How to)
2000978-1-85703-597-1Mark HempshellBackpacking Round Europe: How to Explore Europe on a Tight Budget
  ''978-1-85703-603-9Judith ByrneHow to Talk to the Media: Make the Most of Every Media Opportunity in Press, Radio and Television
  ''978-1-85703-611-4Phil StoneThe Ultimate Business Plan
2001978-1-85703-615-2Christine HallLiving & Working in Germany: 3rd edition: Settle in Quickly and Get the Most Out of Your Stay
2000978-1-85703-617-6Ken ParkerBuying & Running A Small Hotel 3e: The complete guide to setting up and managing your own hotel, guest house or B&B
  ''978-1-85703-621-3Mike EvansMake Exams Easy: Time-proven techniques that really make a difference to your results: Learn Time-proven Exam Techniques, Boost Your Confidence and ... What Examiners Look for (Essentials)
2000978-1-85703-627-5Adam WalkerHow to Make Money from Property: The expert guide to property investment
1998978-1-85703-628-2Linda WilsonBecoming a Complementary Therapist: How to start a career in the new caring professions
2000978-1-85703-634-3Roy Van Den Brink-BudgenCritical Thinking for Students: Learn the Skills of Critical Assessment and Effective Argument (How to books)
  ''978-1-85703-642-8Alex GoughWorking with Animals: An exciting guide to opportunities and training in this rewarding vocation (How to)
  ''978-1-85703-658-9John BowdenAfter Dinner Speaking 2e: Deliver an entertaining speech with sparkle and style
  ''978-1-85703-659-6   ''Making the Best Man's Speech: 2nd edition: Etiquette;Jokes;Sample Speeches;One-liners
  ''978-1-85703-660-2   ''Making a Wedding Speech: How to Face the Big Occasion with Confidence and Carry It Off with Style (How to books)
2000978-1-85703-662-6Derek Swetnam · Ruth SwetnamWriting Your Dissertation: The bestselling guide to planning, preparing and presenting first-class work (The How to Series)
  ''978-1-85703-670-1Laura VeltmanLiving Working In Australia 7e: All you need to know for starting a new life 'down under' (How to books)
  ''978-1-85703-680-0Joy MuirheadLiving & Working In New Zealand 5e: How to build a new life in New Zealand
  ''978-1-85703-682-4Rhiannon HarrisBecoming an Aromatherapist: 2nd edition: The Complete Guide to Training and Working in Aromatherapy (How to)
2001978-1-85703-684-8Jackie TaylorMaking Money from Holiday Lets: A start-up handbook for buying and letting holiday homes (How to)
  ''978-1-85703-685-5Shaun MacLoughlinWriting for Radio: 2nd edition: How to Write Plays, Features and Short Stories That Get You on Air (Successful writing)
2001978-1-85703-695-4Michael OkeWriting Your Life Story: How to Record and Present Your Memories for Friends and Family to Enjoy
  ''978-1-85703-698-5Andrea Clifford-PostonThe Secrets of Successful Parenting: Understand what your child's behaviour is really telling you: Understanding What Your Child's Behaviour Is Really Telling You (Pathways)
  ''978-1-85703-700-5Mathew CollinsGetting Into Australia: The complete immigration guide to gaining your visa (How to S.)
  ''978-1-85703-704-3Navroza LadhaBringing a Small Claims Action: How to represent yourself in court - and win your case (Essentials)
  ''978-1-85703-708-1Stephen KayeMake Telesales Work: Set up a successful telesales unit and increase your profits (How to)
2001978-1-85703-709-8John ClaxtonReducing Your Tax Bill: A simple guide to paying less personal tax (Essentials)
  ''978-1-85703-712-8Phil StoneUnderstanding Financial Accounts: Understand the Principles and Practice of Accounting - from Book-keeping to VAT (How to series)
  ''978-1-85703-720-3Julie-Ann AmosHandling Tough Job Interviews: Be prepared, perform well, get the job (How to)
  ''978-1-85703-723-4Jill WrightArthritis & Rheumatism: Symptoms, causes, orthodox treatment - and how herbal medicine will help (Herbal Health S.)
2002978-1-85703-725-8Jill WrightAnxiety & Tension: Symptoms, causes, orthodox treatment - and how herbal medicine will help (Herbal Health S.)
2001978-1-85703-726-5   ''IBS & Colitis: Symptoms, causes, orthodox treatment - and how herbal medicine will help (Herbal Health S.)
  ''978-1-85703-730-2Phillip Khan-PanniBlank Page to First Draft in 15 Minutes: The most effective shortcut to preparing a speech or presentation (How to)
2001978-1-85703-748-7Karen ManneringManaging Difficult People: 2nd edition: Effective Management Strategies for Handling Challenging Behaviour (How to)
2005978-1-85703-750-0Moira StewartLandlord's Guide To Letting 3e: How to Buy and Let Residential Property for Profit
2001978-1-85703-754-8Paul McGeeWrite A Great Cv: Create a Powerful CV That Really Works (How to)
2002978-1-85703-759-3Jill WrightMigraine & Headaches: Symptoms, causes, orthodox treatment - and how herbal medicine will help (Herbal Health S.)
2001978-1-85703-763-0John EatonCommunicate with Emotional Intelligence: Use personal competencies and key relationship skills to influence others and get results: Personal ... Transform the Way You Work (Communicators)
  ''978-1-85703-766-1Lucy ClarkeStudent Survival Guide: What to expect and how to handle it - insider advice on university life
2002978-1-85703-767-8Mark BlayneyTurning A Business Around: How to Spot the Warning Signs and Keep Your Business Healthy (How to Spot the Warning Signs and Save Your Business from Fa)
  ''978-1-85703-769-2Clive KristenBuying a Property in France: 2nd edition: An Insider Guide to Realising Your Dream (How to Books)
2003978-1-85703-770-8Valerie GerrardGetting A Job In Canada 3e: Find a well-paid job and a wonderful lifestyle: Secure a Well Paid Job and a Great New Lifestyle (Living & Working Abroad)
2002978-1-85703-771-5Robert AngellGetting Into Films and Television 7/E: How to Spot the Opportunities and Find the Best Way in
  ''978-1-85703-781-4Phillip Khan-PanniStand and Deliver: Leave them stirred, not shaken: Leave Them Stirred But Not Shaken (Communicators)
  ''978-1-85703-782-1Roger JonesRetire Abroad, 2nd Edition: Your Complete Guide to a Fresh Start in the Sun (How to)
2002978-1-85703-783-8Susan NashDeliver Outstanding Customer Service: 2nd edition: Gain and Retain Customers and Stay Ahead of the Competition (How to Gain and Retain Customers and Stay Ahead of the Compe)
  ''978-1-85703-784-5Harry AlderDon't Stop Smoking Until You've Read This Book: Change the Whole Way you Look at Your Habit and Beat it Once and for All (How to)
  ''978-1-85703-787-6Rob YeungMaking Workshops Work: Ensure your workshops create high-octane interaction (Communicators)
  ''978-1-85703-788-3Rob YeungThe Ten Career Commandments: Equip yourself with the 10 most important skills for a fulfilling and successful career: Equip Yourself with the 10 Most Important Skills to Move Up the Career Ladder
  ''978-1-85703-791-3Harry KingBuying a Property in Spain: An Insider Guide to Finding a Home in the Sun (How to)
2003978-1-85703-794-4Richard HessionSuccessful Telephone Selling: How to make sales and hit targets using the telephone
2002978-1-85703-796-8Jan SuttonLearning to Counsel: Develop the Skills You Need to Counsel Others (How to)
2002978-1-85703-802-6Phillip Khan-PanniBe the Best, Best Man and Make a Stunning Speech
  ''978-1-85703-803-3Peter TaylorCash Flows & Budgeting Made Easy: 4th edition: How to Monitor Financial Targets in Any Organisation
  ''978-1-85703-805-7Stephen MillerStarting and Running a Sandwich-Coffee Bar: An Insider Guide (Successful Business Start-ups)
  ''978-1-85703-806-4Steven HaroldMarketing Complementary Therapist: 101 Tried and Tested Ways to Attract Clients
  ''978-1-85703-807-1Susan NashBe a Successful Consultant: An Insider Guide to setting up and running a consultancy practice
2002978-1-85703-808-8Pamela CleaverWriting A Children's Book 2e: How to Write for Children and Get Published
  ''978-1-85703-810-1John BowdenWriting A Report 6/E: How to prepare, write and present effective reports: How to Prepare, Write and Present Powerful Reports
2003978-1-85703-811-8Frances Kay · Helen Guinness · Nicola StevensMaking Management Simple: A practical handbook for meeting management challenges
2002978-1-85703-812-5David Kay · Roger HindsA Practical Guide To Mentoring 5e: Down to earth guidance on making mentoring work for you: Play an Active and Worthwhile Part in the Development of Others and Improve Your Own Skills in the Process
  ''978-1-85703-819-4Andrea ShavickPassing Psychometric Tests: Know What to Expect and Get the Job You Want (How to)
  ''978-1-85703-820-0Marianne TalbotMake Your Mission Statement Work: 2nd edition: Identify Your Organisation's Values and Live Them Every Day (How to)
  ''978-1-85703-826-2Tony BoothSave Thousands Selling Your Home: Learn an Estate Agent's Secrets and Make More Money Selling Your House Yourself (How to)
2002978-1-85703-827-9Ann DobsonTouch Typing in 10 Hours: Spend a few hours now and gain a valuable skill for life
  ''978-1-85703-828-6Harry AlderTracking Down Your Ancestors: Discover the story behind your ancestors and bring your family history to life
  ''978-1-85703-830-9Pauline SmithWriting An Assignment 5e: Proven Techinques from a Chief Examiner That Really Gets Results
2003978-1-85703-833-0Neil Bromage100 Ways To Business Success: A Small Business Resource Book
2002978-1-85703-834-7Fiona ShoopStarting & Running An Antiques Business: An insider guide (Small Business Start-Ups)
  ''978-1-85703-838-5Sue Tyson-WardLiving And Working In Portugal 3e: All you need to know to enjoy life in Portugal (How to)
2003978-1-85703-840-8Julie-Ann AmosWrite a Winning CV: 2nd edition: Essential CV Writing Skills That Will Get You the Job You Want
2002978-1-85703-844-6Benjamin A. Kranc · Karina RomanLiving and Working In Canada 2e: All You Need to Know to Start a New Life in Canada
2004978-1-85703-845-3Julie-Ann AmosHandling Tough Job Interviews 2e: Be prepared, perform well, get the job
2002978-1-85703-846-0Brendan HennessyWriting an Essay: Simple Techniques to Transform Your Coursework and Examinations (Student handbooks)
2003978-1-85703-847-7John WhiteInvesting in Stocks and Shares: A Step-by-step Guide to Making Money on the Stock Market
  ''978-1-85703-848-4Marion FieldImprove Your Written English 4e: Master the essentials of grammar, punctuation and spelling and write with greater confidence (How to)
2003978-1-85703-850-7Peter ReynoldsGoing To Live In Greece 3e: Your practical guide to life and work in Greece (How to)
  ''978-1-85703-854-5Alan HartGoing To Live In France 2e: Your practical guide to life and work in France (How to)
  ''978-1-85703-855-2Amanda HintonGoing to Live in Italy: 3rd edition: Your Practical Guide to Life and Work in Italy (How to)
1900978-1-85703-857-6Annie HulleyHow to be a Property Millionaire: From Coronation Street to Canary Warf: From Coronation Street to Canary Wharf - Annie Hulley - Her Self-help Guide to Property Investment
2002978-1-85703-859-0Jim GreenStarting Your Own Business 3e Rei: The bestselling guide to planning and building a successful entreprise: How to Plan, Build and Manage
2003978-1-85703-860-6Jason DeignMaking Money From Copywriting: An insider guide to setting up and running your own copywriting business
  ''978-1-85703-861-3Paul PowerStarting Your Own Gardening Business: An Insider Guide to setting yourself up as a professional gardener
  ''978-1-85703-864-4Tony BoothThe Buy To Let Handbook: How to Invest for Profit in Residential Property and Manage the Letting Yourself (How to Invest Wisely in Residential Property and Manage the)
2003978-1-85703-865-1Graham GreenThe Career Change Handbook: Find out what you're good at and enjoy; and get someone to pay you for it. It's as simple and difficult as that
  ''978-1-85703-866-8Robert BrowningSetting Up & Running a Limited Company: 4th edition: A Comprehensive Guide to Forming and Operating a Company as a Director and Shareholder
  ''978-1-85703-867-5Michael CollinsTurn your Degree into a Career: A step-by-step guide to achieving your dream career (Step-By-Step Guide to Choosing and Getting Your First Job)
  ''978-1-85703-868-2Roger JonesGetting A Job In America 7/E: A Step-by-step Guide to Finding Work in the USA (Living & working in the USA)
  ''978-1-85703-869-9Gordon BowleyDeath And Probate: A self-help guide to managing the procedures yourself: Manage the Legal and Financial Side of Death Yourself
2003978-1-85703-870-5Mark BlayneySelling Your Business: Preparing Your Business for Sale and Getting the Best Possible Price
  ''978-1-85703-871-2Jehad Al-OmariThe Arab Way: How to Work More Effectively with Arab Cultures (Working with Other Cultures S.)
  ''978-1-85703-873-6Marion FieldImprove Your Punctuation and Grammar: Master the Essentials of the English Language and Write with Greater Confidence
  ''978-1-85703-875-0Harry KingGoing to Live in Spain: A Practical Guide to Enjoying a New Lifestyle in the Sun
  ''978-1-85703-877-4Chriss McCallumThe Writers' Guide To Getting Published, 5th Edition
2003978-1-85703-878-1Peter TaylorBook-Keeping & Accounting for the Small Business: 7th edition: How to Keep the Books and Maintain Financial Control Over Your Business
  ''978-1-85703-879-8Nick VandomePlanning Your Gap Year 6e: Hundreds of opportunities for employment, study, volunteer work and independant travel: Hundreds of Opportunities for ... Study, Volunteer Work and Independent Travel
  ''978-1-85703-880-4Clive KristenBuy to Let in France: How to Invest in French Property for Pleasure and Profit
  ''978-1-85703-881-1Matthew RecordPreparing a Winning Business Plan: How to Win the Attention of Investors and Stakeholders
  ''978-1-85703-882-8Andrew WilliamsonThe Chinese Business Puzzle: How to work more effectively with Chinese cultures
2003978-1-85703-883-5Nigel Jess · Stewart WhyteThe Daily Telegraph: Starting And Running A B&b: A practical guideto setting up and managing a Bed and Breakfast business
  ''978-1-85703-887-3Ajay AhujaBuy-to-Let Property Hotspots: Where to buy property and how to let it for profit
  ''978-1-85703-888-0Ajay AhujaProperty Hotspots In London: Where in Our Capital City to Buy and Let Property for Profit
2004978-1-85703-889-7Sue Tyson-WardBuying A Property In Portugal: An insider guide to buying a dream home in the sun
2003978-1-85703-890-3Harry KingBuy to Let in Spain: How to Invest in Spanish Property for Pleasure and Profit (How to)
  ''978-1-85703-891-0Amanda HintonBuying A Property In Italy 2/E: An insider guide to finding a home in the sun: An Insider Guide to Buying a Dream Home in the Sun for Pleasure and Profit
2001978-1-85703-892-7Paul McGeeHow to Write a Great CV: 2nd edition: Discover What Interviewers Are Looking For, Focus on Your Strengths and Perfect Your Presentation (How to Write a Great CV: Discover What Interviewers Are Loo)
2003978-1-85703-893-4Gordon BowleyThe Self-Help Guide To Making Your Will
2007978-1-85703-895-8Jan Sutton · Deb MartinsonBecause I Hurt: Understanding Self Injury And Healing The Hurt: Understanding Self-Injury & Healing the Hurt
2003978-1-85703-896-5Jan Sutton1000 Pocket Positives: Inspiring quotations to enlighten, refresh and uplift: Inspiring Quotations to Enlighten, Support, Refresh and Uplift (How to)
  ''978-1-85703-897-2Peter MarshallMastering Book-Keeping 6/E: A Step-by-step Guide to the Principles and Practice of Business Accounting (How to)
2003978-1-85703-898-9Dan MarshallBuying & Running a Guesthouse or Small Hotel: Make a Fresh Start and Run Your Own Guesthouse
  ''978-1-85703-899-6Rob YeungCoaching People: 2nd edition: Develop and Motivate Your Team to Achieve Great Results
  ''978-1-85703-900-9Deborah HuntStarting & Running a B&b In France: How to make money and enjoy a new lifestyle running your own chambres d'hotes: How to Make Money and Enjoy a New Lifestyle Running Your Own Chambre D'hotes
  ''978-1-85703-901-6Tony BoothBuild Your Own Home: The Ultimate Guide to Managing a Self-build Project and Creating Your Dream House
  ''978-1-85703-903-0Gill JamesThe Complete Guide to Learning a Language: How to Learn a Language with the Least Amount of Difficulty and the Most Amount of Fun
2003978-1-85703-905-4Phil StoneUnderstanding Financial Accounts: 2nd edition: Understand the Principles and Practice of Accounting - From Book-keeping to VAT
  ''978-1-85703-908-5Diane MarelliMeet Your Ancestors: History is fascinating but never mo so when it's your own: Find Out How Easy It Is to Discover Your Own Family History
2004978-1-85703-910-8Worldwide Volunteer OrganisationWorldwide Volunteering 4/E (How to)
2003978-1-85703-911-5Andrea ShavickPsychometric Tests for Graduates: Gain the Confidence You Need to Excel at Graduate-level Psychometric and Management Tests (How to)
1900978-1-85703-912-2Joy MuirheadLiving and Working in New Zealand: 6th edition: How to Build a New Life in New Zealand
2004978-1-85703-913-9Steve MillsLiving and Working in America: The Complete Guide to a Successful Short or Long-Term Stay (How to)
2003978-1-85703-914-6Henry LiebmanGetting Into America 3/E: The Immigration Guide to Finding a New Life in the USA (How to)
2004978-1-85703-916-0Valerie GerrardGetting A Job In Canada 4e: Find the right job and secure a great new lifestyle (Living & Working in Canada)
2005978-1-85703-918-4Laura VeltmanLiving Working In Australia 8e: All You Need to Know for Starting a New Life Down Under
2003978-1-85703-919-1John WhiteleySmall Business Tax Guide Reissue (How to)
  ''978-1-85703-920-7   ''Going For Self-Employment 2/E: How to set up and run your own business
2004978-1-85703-921-4Nick VandomeGetting a Job in Australia: 5th edition: A Step-by-step Guide to Finding Work Down Under (How to)
  ''978-1-85703-922-1John BowdenWriting a Report: How to Prepare, Write and Present Effective Reports (How to)
  ''978-1-85703-923-8Patricia BishopSetting up & Running a Complementary Health Practice: An Insider Guide to running your own practice: An Insider Guide to Making a Living from Running ... Practice (Successful Business Start-Ups)
2004978-1-85703-925-2Pamela CleaverWriting a Children's Book: How to Write for Children and Get Published (How to)
  ''978-1-85703-926-9Ajay AhujaProperty Hotspots In Spain: The Hottest Property Locations in the Sunny Costas and How to Invest in Them
  ''978-1-85703-928-3Tom ProvanGone To Spain: You too can realsie your dream of a better lifestyle: You Too Can Realise Your Dream of a Better Lifestyle
  ''978-1-85703-929-0Elena Constantin · Benjamin A. KrancGetting into Canada: How to Make a Successful Application for Permanent Residence (How to Series (Oxford, England))
  ''978-1-85703-931-3Ajay AhujaYou, Property & Your Pension: Using Bricks and Mortar as the Safe Route to a Secure Retirement
2004978-1-85703-932-0Ajay AhujaHow To Get On Property Ladder: The First-time Buyer's Guide to Escaping the Rent Trap and Owning Your Own Home
  ''978-1-85703-933-7Mike EvansHow to Pass Exams Every Time: Proven Techniques for Any Exam That Will Boost Your Confidence and Guarantee Success
  ''978-1-85703-934-4Leonard SalesManaging Home Build & Renovation: A Step-by-step Guide to Supervising Your Own Building Projects
  ''978-1-85703-935-1Mathew Collins · Mary NeilsonGoing to Live in Australia: Your Practical Guide to Living and Working in Oz
  ''978-1-85703-936-8Adam WalkerBuying & Selling Your House
2004978-1-85703-937-5Judith JohnstonePlanning A Career Change 5/E: Rethink your way to a better working life
2002978-1-85703-938-2Rachel Bishop-FirthCVs for High Flyers: 2nd edition: Elevate Your Career with a CV That Gets You Noticed
2004978-1-85703-939-9Phillip Khan-PanniHow To Make Your Point In Minute: Get to the Heart of the Matter Quickly and Make Your Listeners Want to Hear More
  ''978-1-85703-940-5Anna BrittenWorking In The Music Industry: How to Find an Exciting and Varied Career in the World of Music
  ''978-1-85703-941-2Victor HughesBecoming a Director: Learn the basics and become an effective and successful director: Learn the Basics of Directorship and Become an Effective and Successful Director
  ''978-1-85703-942-9Anthony Vice7 Ways To Beat The Pension Crisis
  ''978-1-85703-943-6Ajay Ahuja7 Steps to Leaving the Rat Race: Free Yourself from the 9 to 5 Grind
2004978-1-85703-944-3Shay McconnonResolving Conflict: How to Manage Disagreements and Develop Trust and Understanding
  ''978-1-85703-947-4Angela BurtQuick Solutions to Common Errors in English: An A-Z Guide to Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
  ''978-1-85703-948-1Nick Green · Stephen MarshallYour Phd Companion: The Insider Guide to Mastering the Practical Realities of Getting Your PhD
  ''978-1-85703-949-8Adèle RametWriting Short Stories & Articles: How to Get Your Work Published in Newspapers and Magazines
  ''978-1-85703-955-9Chris SangsterThe Downshifter's Guide To Relocation: Escape to a simpler, less stressful way of life
2004978-1-85703-956-6Mary V. GoudgeChoosing a Care Home: How to arrange for the satisfactory long-term care of an elderly dependent or relative
  ''978-1-85703-958-0Graham GreenCareer Change Handbook 2e: How To Find Out What You're Good at and Enjoy - and Get Someone to Pay You for It.
  ''978-1-85703-959-7Fiona ShoopBuying & Selling Antiques 2nd Ed: Insider Knowledge and Trade Tips to Help You Make Money from Your Hobby
  ''978-1-85703-961-0Tony BoothThe Beginner's Guide to Property Investment: The ultimate handbook for first-time buyers and would-be property investors
  ''978-1-85703-964-1Carol HarrisProducing Successful Magazines, Newsletters and E-zines
2004978-1-85703-965-8Mathew Collins · Mary NeilsonGoing to Live In New Zealand: Your Practical Guide to Life and Work in the Other Down Under...
  ''978-1-85703-966-5Philip CalvertSuccessful Seminar Selling: The ultimate small business guide to boosting sales and profits through seminars and workshops
  ''978-1-85703-967-2Richard WhitingBuying and Renovating a Property in France 2nd Edition
2009978-1-85703-968-9Jonathan RiceBehind the Japanese Mask . . .: How to understand the Japanese culture . . . and work successfully with it
2004978-1-85703-970-2Michael OkeTimes of Our Lives: The Essential Companion for Writing Your Own Life Story
1900978-1-85703-971-9Andrew WilliamsonLiving and Working in China: The complete, practical guide to living as an expatriate in the People's Republic
  ''978-1-85703-973-3Gordon WainwrightHeadless Chickens, Laidback Bears: Use scientific techniques to create more time and revolutionize your life and work: Use Scientific Techniques to ... Time and Revolutionise Your Life and Work
2004978-1-85703-974-0Robert AngellGetting into Films and TV: How to Spot the Opportunities and Find the Best Way in: 8
  ''978-1-85703-975-7Adèle RametCreative Writing 5th Edition: How to Unlock Your Imagination, Develop Your Writing Skills and Get Published
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