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1900978-1-84528-291-2Annie HulleySpending the Kids' Inheritance: 2nd edition: How to Ensure You Have the Time of Your Life in Retirement
2009978-1-84528-292-9Michael BennieA Guide to Good Business Communication: 5th edition
  ''978-1-84528-293-6John BowdenWriting a Report: 8th edition: How to Prepare, Write and Present Really Effective Reports
2008978-1-84528-294-3John BowdenMaking a Wedding Speech: How to Face the Big Occasion with Confidence and Carry It Off with Style
  ''978-1-84528-296-7Shelagh YoungHow to Be a Successful Life Coach: A Guide to Setting Up a Profitable Coaching Business
1900978-1-84528-299-8Robert AngellGetting into Films & Television: 9th edition
2009978-1-84528-303-2D G ConwayThe Event Manager's Bible: 3rd edition: The Complete Guide to Planning and Organising a Voluntary or Public Event
  ''978-1-84528-304-9D.G. ConwayThe A-Z of Home Security: How to Keep Your Home and Family Safe from Crime
2008978-1-84528-305-6Michael OkeWrite Your Life Story: How to Record and Present Your Memories for Friends and Family to Enjoy
2009978-1-84528-307-0Linda M. JamesHow to Write Great Screenplays and get them into production
  ''978-1-84528-308-7James Kayui LiStart and Run a Fish and Chip Shop or Burger Bar
2009978-1-84528-310-0Romasa StoreyLive and Work in Brazil: All you need to know about life, work and property.
2008978-1-84528-311-7Emma Fletcher · Martha LangleyFree Yourself From Anxiety: A self-help guide to overcoming anxiety disorders (How to Books)
  ''978-1-84528-312-4Jim GreenStarting Your Own Business: The Bestselling Guide to Planning and Building a Successful Enterprise
  ''978-1-84528-313-1Philip CalvertHow to Make a Great Wedding Speech: 2nd edition
2009978-1-84528-314-8Deborah PenrithStart and Run a Delicatessen (Small Business Starters Series)
2010978-1-84528-315-5M. Michael BradyNorway: A Handbook for New Residents
1900978-1-84528-318-6Jackie ArnoldCoaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace: How to Develop, Motivate and Get the Best From Your Staff
2008978-1-84528-320-9Kenneth D. RickettsHow To Pass The Police Recruitment Tests
2009978-1-84528-323-0Mike EvansHow to Pass Your Exams: Proven Techniques for Any Exam That Will Boost Your Confidence and Guarantee Success
  ''978-1-84528-324-7Peter MarshallMastering Book-keeping: A Complete Guide to the Principles and Practice of Business Accounting
2008978-1-84528-325-4Jan SuttonLearning to Counsel: Develop the Skills, Insight and Knowledge to Counsel Others
2010978-1-84528-327-8John Richardson · Hugh GilmartinSetting Up and Managing Your Own Coffee Bar: How to open a coffee bar that actually lasts and makes money . . . (Coffee Boys Step By Step Guide)
2009978-1-84528-328-5L B BuckinghamPrepare to sell your company: A guide to planning and implementing a successful exit (How to Books)
  ''978-1-84528-329-2Marion FieldImprove Your Punctuation and Grammar: 3rd edition: Master the Essentials of the English Language and Write with Greater Confidence (How to)
2009978-1-84528-330-8Pamela CleaverWriting for Children: 4th edition
  ''978-1-84528-331-5Marion FieldImprove Your Written English: 5th edition: Master the Essentials of Grammar; Punctuation and Spelling and Write with Greater Confidence (How to)
2008978-1-84528-332-2Aryanne OadeStarting and Running a Coaching Business: The Complete Guide to Setting Up and Managing a Coaching Practice (Small Business Start-Ups)
2010978-1-84528-333-9Jill SutherlandStart and Run a Sandwich and coffee shop (Small Business Start-Ups)
2008978-1-84528-334-6John Richardson · Hugh GilmartinWake Up and Smell the Profit: 52 Guaranteed Ways to Make More Money in Your Coffee Business
2009978-1-84528-335-3Judy HeminsleyWork from Home: How to Make Money Working at Home - and Get the Most Out of Life
  ''978-1-84528-336-0Jasmine JenkinsHow to Live a Full Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis
  ''978-1-84528-337-7Steve MartinStart and Run a Residential Letting Agency (How to Books: Small Business Start-Ups)
  ''978-1-84528-338-4Benjamin A. KrancLive & Work in Canada: 4th edition
2009978-1-84528-339-1Margret GeraghtyThe Five-Minute Writer: Exercise and inspiration in creative writing in five minutes a day (William Lorimer)
  ''978-1-84528-340-7Ann DobsonTouch Typing in Ten Hours: 3rd edition
2010978-1-84528-341-4Don ShiachHow To Write Essays: 2nd edition: A Step-by-step Guide for All Levels, with Sample Essays
2009978-1-84528-344-5Graeme DavisYour Family Tree Online: How to trace your ancestry from your own computer
  ''978-1-84528-346-9Enda M. LarkinHow to Run a Great Hotel: Everything you need to achieve excellence in the hotel industry
  ''978-1-84528-348-3Colin CraneBecome an Approved Driving Instructor: And set up your own driving school
2010978-1-84528-349-0Leaonne HallLive and Work in Italy: The Essential Guide to Working, Relocating and Living La Dolce Vita (How to)
  ''978-1-84528-353-7Meera AshishLive and Work in Dubai: Comprehensive, Up-to-date, Practical Information About Everyday Life (Live & Work in)
2009978-1-84528-355-1John BolchDo Your Own Divorce: A Practical Guide to Divorcing Without a Lawyer
1900978-1-84528-356-8Carol Anne StrangeStart and Run an Internet Business: 2nd edition (How to Books: Small Business Start-Ups)
2009978-1-84528-357-5Anna BrittenWorking in the Music Industry: 3rd edition
1900978-1-84528-358-2Julie-Ann AmosHandling Tough Job Interviews: 4th edition
2009978-1-84528-359-9Steve MillsLive & Work in America: 7th edition
2009978-1-84528-360-5Val ClarkStart and Run a Gift Shop: 2nd edition (How to Books: Small Business Start-Ups)
2010978-1-84528-361-2Angela BurtQuick Solutions to Common Errors in English: 4th edition (How to Books)
2009978-1-84528-365-0Tracey WhitmoreHow to Write an Impressive CV and Cover Letter: A Comprehensive Guide for the UK Job Seeker
  ''978-1-84528-366-7Rupert HuntThe Essential Guide to Flatsharing: For sharers, lodgers and everyone renting out a room
1900978-1-84528-367-4Catherine DawsonIntroduction to Research Methods: 4th edition
2009978-1-84528-368-1Elaine EverestShowing Your Dog: A Beginner's Guide
  ''978-1-84528-369-8Deborah PenrithStart and Run a Shop: How to Open a Successful Retail Business (How to Books: Small Business Start-Ups)
  ''978-1-84528-370-4David KayA Practical Guide to Mentoring: 4th edition
2010978-1-84528-372-8Mathew CollinsHow to live and work in the UK: 2nd edition (Live & Work in)
2009978-1-84528-374-2Leonard SalesManage a homebuild and renovation project: 4th edition
  ''978-1-84528-375-9Ian MaxwellHow to Trace Your Irish Ancestors: 2nd edition
2009978-1-84528-376-6Bijan Yousef-Zadeh · Sally MedcalfStart and Run a Successful Beauty Salon: A comprehensive guide to managing or acquiring your own salon
  ''978-1-84528-377-3Paul McGeeHow to Write a CV That Really Works: A Concise, Clear and Comprehensive Guide to Writing an Effective CV
  ''978-1-84528-380-3William SmethurstHow to Write for Television: 6th edition
1900978-1-84528-383-4David Lawrence Preston365 Ways to Be Your Own Life Coach: 2nd edition
2009978-1-84528-385-8Sophie KingHow to Write Short Stories For Magazines - and get published: 2nd edition (Creative Writing (How to Books))
2010978-1-84528-386-5Roy van den Brink-BudgenCritical Thinking for Students: Learn the Skills of Analysing, Evaluating and Producing Arguments
  ''978-1-84528-388-9Sophie KingHow to Write Your First Novel (Creative Writing (How to Books))
  ''978-1-84528-390-2Carol GodsmarkStart and run a Restaurant: 2nd edition (How to Books: Small Business Start-Ups)
2010978-1-84528-392-6Stephen MarshallYour PhD Companion: 3rd edition
  ''978-1-84528-393-3Helen JackmanJust Six Guests: How to Set Up and Run a Small Bed & Breakfast, 4th Revised Edition
  ''978-1-84528-394-0Sarah WoodsHow to Make Money from Travel Writing: Practical advice on turning the dream into a well-paid reality
  ''978-1-84528-395-7Marc LevertonHow to work as a Freelance Journalist
  ''978-1-84528-397-1Peter MarshallComputerised Book-Keeping
2010978-1-84528-398-8Steve HorrellEmigrating to New Zealand: Comprehensive, Up-to-date, Practical Information About Everyday Life in the Other Down-under
  ''978-1-84528-399-5Michael OkeWrite Your Life Story: 4th edition
1900978-1-84528-400-8John BowdenFather of the Bride: 2nd edition
2010978-1-84528-401-5David Lawrence Preston365 Steps to Self-confidence: A complete programme for personal transformation - in just a few minutes a day
  ''978-1-84528-402-2Adèle RametCreative Writing: 8th edition
1900978-1-84528-403-9D. G. ConwayHome Security: 3rd edition (How to)
2010978-1-84528-405-3Lisa SodeauThe DIY Wedding Manual: How to create your perfect day without a celebrity budget
  ''978-1-84528-407-7Sophie KingHow to Write Your Life Story in Ten Easy Steps (Creative Writing)
1900978-1-84528-408-4Elaine EverestCanine Cuisine: How to cook tasty meals and treats that your dog will enjoy
2010978-1-84528-409-1LLB Gordon BowleyProbate: The guide to obtaining grant of probate and administering an estate
  ''978-1-84528-410-7Lynda WrightThe Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding
2010978-1-84528-411-4Ajay AhujaHow to Make Money from Property: Authoritative, comprehensive and authentic advice on investing in property, whatever the state of the market
  ''978-1-84528-412-1Sandra HewettA Woman's Guide to Working for Herself: Inspiration, Information and Advice from Women Who Run Their Own Business for Women Who Aspire to Do So
  ''978-1-84528-413-8Shay McConnonManaging conflict in the workplace: 4th edition
  ''978-1-84528-414-5Paul PowerStart and Run a Gardening Business: 3rd edition (Small Business Start-Ups)
  ''978-1-84528-415-2Elizabeth WhiteStart and Run a Greeting Cards Business: 2nd edition
2010978-1-84528-416-9Donna MarshThe Middle East Unveiled: A cultural and practical guide for all Western business professionals
  ''978-1-84528-417-6Becky AlexanderThe Complete Guide to Baby Naming Ceremonies (How to Books)
  ''978-1-84528-419-0Lynne HacklesWriting from Life: How to turn your personal experience into profitable prose
  ''978-1-84528-420-6Jim GreenStarting Your Own Business: How to plan and build your own successful enterprise: checklists, tips, case studies and online coverage
  ''978-1-84528-423-7Emma Murray · Charlie WilsonHow to succeed as a Freelancer in Publishing: The Complete Guide
2010978-1-84528-424-4Heather LyonStart and Run Your Own Coffee Shop and Lunch Bar: 2nd edition (How to Small Business Start-ups)
  ''978-1-84528-425-1Mark S. ElliottHow to Run a Successful Pub
  ''978-1-84528-429-9Rachel WrightLive and Work in Hong Kong: 3rd edition
  ''978-1-84528-430-5Angela Hicks88 Secrets of Chinese Medicine: How To Cultivate Lifelong Health, Wisdom And Happiness
  ''978-1-84528-431-2Jamie E SmithMaking Money From Stocks & Shares: A simple guide to increasing your wealth by consistent investment in the stock market
2010978-1-84528-433-6Roy van den Brink-BudgenAdvanced Critical Thinking Skills
  ''978-1-84528-434-3Graeme DavisResearch Your Surname and Your Family Tree
  ''978-1-84528-435-0John McTaggartThe Definitive Guide To Passing The Police Recruitment Process: A Handbook For Prospective Police Officers, Special Constables And Police Community Support Officers
  ''978-1-84528-439-8Angela PatmoreChallenging Depression and Despair: A medication-free, self-help programme that will change your life
  ''978-1-84528-442-8Rob YeungHow to Succeed at Interviews: 4th edition
2010978-1-84528-443-5Louise WestonStart and Run a Bed & Breakfast: 2nd edition (How to Books: Small Business Start-Ups)
  ''978-1-84528-444-2Mike EvansHow to Pass Your Exams: Proven Techniques for Any Exam That Will Guarantee Success
2011978-1-84528-445-9Catherine DawsonThe Complete Study Skills Guide: A practical guide for all students who want to know how to learn
2010978-1-84528-446-6Peter MarshallMastering Book-Keeping: 9th edition
  ''978-1-84528-447-3Andrea ShavickHow to Pass Psychometric Tests: 3rd edition
2013978-1-84528-448-0Gerry FitzGeraldComplete Guide to Property Investment in France: A Buy-to-let Manual
2011978-1-84528-449-7Steven A. HaroldMarketing your Complementary Therapy Practice: 4th edition
  ''978-1-84528-451-0Julia DolowiczWriting a UCAS Personal Statement in Seven Easy Steps: A Really Useful Guide to Creating a Successful Personal Statement
  ''978-1-84528-455-8James MastersWorking in sport: 3rd edition
2011978-1-84528-456-5Fiona ShoopHow to Deal in Antiques: 5th edition
  ''978-1-84528-459-6Jackie JamesStart and Run a Successful Complementary Therapy Business (Small Business Start-Ups)
  ''978-1-84528-460-2Stewart WhyteHow to Start & Run a B&B: 3rd edition
  ''978-1-84528-461-9Karen LindseyPlanning and Managing a Corporate Event
  ''978-1-84528-462-6Andrea ShavickHow to Write a Children's Picture Book: And get it published
2011978-1-84528-463-3Jasmine JenkinsRheumatoid Arthritis: 3rd edition (Expert Patient Guide)
  ''978-1-84528-464-0Andrea ShavickNo-Limit Texas Hold'Em for Winners: The Complete Poker Player's Guide to No-Limit Texas Hold'em - for Begginners, Intermediates and Advanced Players
  ''978-1-84528-465-7Stephen MillerStarting and Running a Sandwich-Coffee Bar: An Insider Guide to setting up your own successful business
  ''978-1-84528-467-1Chris JennerFibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome: A self-help guide
  ''978-1-84528-470-1John BowdenWriting a Report: 9th edition (How to Books)
2011978-1-84528-471-8Chris JennerArthritis: A practical guide to getting on with your life (How to Self-Help Guide)
  ''978-1-84528-474-9Lori BoulDIY Sex & Relationship Therapy: An Effective Self-Help Programme for Couples Wanting to Improve their Relationship
  ''978-1-84528-475-6Emily RoseHow to Look Pretty Not Plastered: A Step-by Step Make-up Guide to Looking Great!
  ''978-1-84528-476-3Brian DuckettHow to Franchise Your Business: 2nd edition
  ''978-1-84528-477-0Graeme DavisSolving Genealogy Problems: How to Break Down 'Brick Walls' and Build your Family Tree
2011978-1-84528-484-8Rupert HuntThe Essential Guide to Flatsharing: 2nd edition
2012978-1-84528-487-9Robert BrowningSetting Up and Running a Limited Company: A Comprehensive Guide to Forming and Operating a Company as a Director and Shareholder
  ''978-1-84528-492-3Jane Cooper365 Ways to Get You Writing: Daily Inspiration and Advice for Creative Writers
2013978-1-84528-507-4Conrad Jones · Darin Jewell100 Ways To Publish and Sell Your Own Ebook
  ''978-1-84528-508-1Vivien HampshireHow To Crack Cryptic Crosswords: Hints and Tips To Help You Find The Answers
  ''978-1-84528-510-4Caroline SpencerWhy Does My Dog Do That?: Understand and Improve Your Dog's Behaviour and Build a Friendship Based on Trust
  ''978-1-84528-513-5Catherine DawsonAdvanced Research Methods: A Practical Guide for Social Research Projects (How to)
2014978-1-84528-514-2Warren Zhang · Hemant MohapatraSuccessful Personal Statements to Get You into a Top University: 50 Real-life Examples and Analysis to Show Why They Succeeded (How to)
2014978-1-84528-523-4Samantha CollettHow To Buy Property at Auction: The Essential Guide to Winning Property and Buy-to-Let Bargains
  ''978-1-84528-526-5Kris RaoGuide To Living And Working In India
  ''978-1-84528-535-7John MctaggartDefinitive Guide To Passing The Police Recruitment Process: A handbook for prospective police officers, special constables and police community support officers
  ''978-1-84528-549-4Tanith CareyTaming the Tiger Parent: How to put your child's well-being first in a competitive world
  ''978-1-84528-551-7Carol Martin-SperrySexual Healing: Stories and insights from the therapist`s couch
978-1-84528-557-9Definitive Guide To Passing The Police Recruitment Process: A handbook for prospective police officers, special constables and police community support officers
2014978-1-84528-565-4Carol Martin-SperrySexual Healing: Stories and Insights from the Therapist's Couch
2013978-1-84528-566-1Jackie ArnoldCoaching Skills Leaders in the Workplace
2015978-1-84528-571-5Catherine DawsonHow To Finance Your Research Project: A Practical Guide to Costing Research Projects and Obtaining Funding
2015978-1-84528-572-2Catherine DawsonHow to Finance Your Research Project: A Practical Guide to Costing Research Projects and Obtaining Funding
2014978-1-84528-573-9Graham JonesTop Performance Leadership: A dynamic and achievable new approach to delivering first-class, sustainable results
  ''978-1-84528-574-6Graham JonesTop Performance Leadership: A Dynamic and Achievable New Approach to Delivering First-Class, Sustainable Results
2015978-1-84528-579-1Mona HamadehA Lebanese Feast of Vegetables, Pulses, Herbs and Spices
2014978-1-84528-584-5Samantha CollettProperty Investment: the essential rules: How to use property to achieve financial freedom and security (The Minack Chronicles)
  ''978-1-84528-597-5Chris JennerFibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome: How to manage this painful condition and improve the quality of your life
2015978-1-84528-612-5Angela Hicks88 Chinese Medicine Secrets: How the wisdom of China can help you to stay healthy and live longer