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1998978-1-85675-001-1Stephen Russell · Jurgen KolbThe Tao of Sexual Massage
1991978-1-85675-005-9Shirley PriceAromatherapy for Common Ailments (Common Ailments Series)
2000978-1-85675-010-3R. Nagarathna · etc. · R. Nagendra · Robin MonroYoga For Common Ailments (Common Ailments Series)
1991978-1-85675-015-8Chris Jarmey · John TindallAcupressure for Common Ailments (Common Ailments Series)
  ''978-1-85675-020-2Kam Chuen LamThe Way of Energy: Mastering the Chinese Art of Internal Strength with Chi Kung Exercise
1997978-1-85675-029-5Liz SimpsonThe Book of Crystal Healing
2000978-1-85675-030-1Anna KrugerH. is for Eco Home: A. to Z. of Indoor Pollutants and Safe Alternatives (Eco A-Z Series)
1998978-1-85675-031-8Sara ThomasMassage for Common Ailments (Common Ailments Series)
  ''978-1-85675-033-2Sue SticklandHeritage Vegetables
1996978-1-85675-037-0Robert HartBeyond the Forest Garden
2000978-1-85675-038-7Maria MercatiStep-by-Step Tui Na: Massage to Awaken Body and Mind
1998978-1-85675-039-4Tanmaya HonervogtReiki
2000978-1-85675-040-0James LovelockGaia - The Practical Science of Planetary Medicine
2004978-1-85675-044-8Maria MercatiTui Na: Massage to Awaken Body and Mind (Step-by-Step)
2000978-1-85675-046-2David PearsonEarth to Spirit: In Search of Natural Architecture
1996978-1-85675-047-9Master Kamchuen LamThe Feng Shui Handbook: How to Create a Healthier Living and Working Environment
1998978-1-85675-049-3Ann GillandersFamily Reflexology
2000978-1-85675-050-9Paul Ekins · etc. · Mayer Hillman · Robert HutchisonWealth Beyond Measure: An Atlas of New Economics (Gaia Future)
1998978-1-85675-053-0Master Lam KamchuenPersonal Feng Shui Manual: How to Develop a Healthy and Harmonious Lifestyle (A Gaia original)
1993978-1-85675-065-3Herbert GirardetThe Gaia Atlas of Cities: New Directions for Sustainable Urban Living (Gaia Future)
1994978-1-85675-066-0Master Lam Kam ChuenStep-By-Step: Tai Chi :
1998978-1-85675-074-5Janet BalaskasNew Natural Pregnancy
1999978-1-85675-079-0Master Lam KamchuenWay of Healing: Chi Kung for Energy and Life
2004978-1-85675-081-3Gaia Reflexology Tutor Ann GillandersReflexology: A Step-by-step Guide
1999978-1-85675-083-7Liz SimpsonThe Book of Chakra Healing (Gaia original)
  ''978-1-85675-088-2Charlie RyrieThe Healing Energies of Water
2000978-1-85675-089-9Michael GuerraThe Edible Container Garden: Fresh Food from Tiny Spaces
  ''978-1-85675-094-3Felicity JacksonYoga Cookbook 1856752453: Vegetarian Food for Body and Mind
2001978-1-85675-102-5David PearsonNew Organic Architecture: The Breaking Wave
2005978-1-85675-108-7Ulrich StrunzFat Burner (Powerfoods Series)
2003978-1-85675-109-4Stephen RussellNew Tao Of Sexual Massage
1999978-1-85675-111-7Kam Chuen LamThe Way of Energy Mastering the Chinese Art of Internal Strength with Chi Kung Exercises
1999978-1-85675-115-5Anna Selby · Alan HerdmanPilates: Creating the Body You Want
2001978-1-85675-117-9Charlie RyrieCompost (Gaia Organic Basics)
2003978-1-85675-119-3OCTOPUS BOOKSTantric Sex: A Practical Guide to Sex and the Joy of Tantra
2000978-1-85675-121-6Howard ReidThe Book of Soft Martial Arts: Finding Personal Harmony with Chi Kung, Hsing I, Pa Kua and T'ai Chi
2001978-1-85675-122-3Charlie RyrieSoil (Gaia Organic Basics)
2002978-1-85675-123-0David PearsonNew Organic Architecture: The Breaking Wave
2000978-1-85675-125-4Maria MercatiTui Na Massage: For a Healthier, Brighter Child
2005978-1-85675-126-1Swami ShivapremanandaYoga for Stress Relief (Step-by-Step)
2001978-1-85675-127-8Charlie RyriePests (Gaia Organic Basics)
  ''978-1-85675-128-5Janet BalaskasNatural Baby: How to Optimize Your Child's Development in the First Year of Life
  ''978-1-85675-132-2Charlie RyrieWeeds (Gaia Organic Basics)
2007978-1-85675-134-6Jill BarkerBaby Green: Caring for your baby the eco-friendly way
1999978-1-85675-135-3Anne McIntyreComplete Womans Herbal: A Manual of Healing Herbs and Nutrition for Personal Wellbeing and Family Care
2001978-1-85675-142-1David PearsonYurts, Tipis and Benders (House That Jack Built)
2002978-1-85675-143-8Master Lam KamchuenWay of Tea: The Sublime Art of Oriental Tea Drinking
2000978-1-85675-146-9Kam Chuen Lam · Lam Kai Sin · Lam Tin YuThe Feng Shui Cooking: Recipes for Harmony and Health (Gaia Powerfoods)
2001978-1-85675-147-6Ma Ananda Sarita · Swami Anand GehoTantric Love: Journey into Sexual and Spiritual Ecstasy
2002978-1-85675-153-7Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa · Darryl O'KeeffeKundalini - The Essence of Yoga
1999978-1-85675-155-1Dagmar Von Cramm · Angelika Ilies · Friedrich BohlmannAnti-stress: Recipes for Acid-alkaline Balance (Powerfoods Series)
2001978-1-85675-157-5Tanmaya HonervogtInner Reiki: A Practical Guide for Healing and Meditation: A Practical Guide to Healing and Meditation
2002978-1-85675-158-2Master Lam KamchuenWay of Healing: Chi Kung for Energy and Life
2000978-1-85675-160-5Roger CoghillBook Of Magnet Healing 1856752240
2004978-1-85675-163-6Judith H. MorrisonThe Book of Ayurveda: A Guide to Personal Wellbeing
2003978-1-85675-168-1Patrice BouchardonHealing Energies of Trees
2000978-1-85675-170-4Kam Chuen Lam · Lam Kai SinThe Feng Shui Kitchen
2005978-1-85675-173-5Peter Harper · Chris Madsen · Jeremy LightThe Gaia Natural Garden: Gardening in Harmony with Nature
2004978-1-85675-174-2Laura CooperBelly Dancing Basics: Step-by-step
2000978-1-85675-175-9Jane AlexanderFive Minute Healer: A Busy Person's Guide to Vitality and Energy All Day, Every Day
2004978-1-85675-176-6Francoise FreedmanBaby Yoga
2001978-1-85675-177-3Theo GimbelHealing Colour
2004978-1-85675-179-7Mishabae EdmondThe Book of Partner Yoga: Sharing the Joy of Yoga
2000978-1-85675-180-3Anne McIntyreHealing Drinks: Juices, Teas, Soups, Smoothies
  ''978-1-85675-181-0Ashtanga Yoga John ScottAshtanga Yoga: The Essential Step-by-step Guide to Dynamic Yoga
2003978-1-85675-183-4Jeff SawardLabyrinths and Mazes of the World
2004978-1-85675-184-1Master Kamchuen LamTai Chi for Staying Young: The Gentle Way to Health and Wellbeing
2001978-1-85675-186-5Helen Raphael SandsLabyrinth: Pathway to Meditation and Healing
2004978-1-85675-194-0Richard MabeyNew Age Herbalist
2000978-1-85675-196-4David PearsonGaia Natural House Book: Creating a Healthy and Ecologically Sound Home
2005978-1-85675-198-8Master Kamchuen LamThe Way of Power: Reaching Full Strength in Body and Mind
  ''978-1-85675-199-5Stefanie Powers · Kathy CoreyPowers Pilates: Stefanie Powers' Guide to Longevity and Well-being Through Pilates
2005978-1-85675-201-5Anthony HuxleyGreen Inheritance: Saving the Plants of the World
  ''978-1-85675-202-2David PearsonDesigning Your Natural Home: A Practical Guide
  ''978-1-85675-204-6Gaia Reflexology Tutor Ann GillandersReflexology for Back Pain: Healing Your Back in a Safe and Successful Way
  ''978-1-85675-205-3Ma Ananda Sarita · Swami Anand GehoTantric Love: Journey into Sexual and Spiritual Ecstasy
  ''978-1-85675-207-7Tin Yu LamTai Chi: Simple Routines for Home, Work and Travel (Busy Person's Guide)
2007978-1-85675-208-4Lizzie HoughtonCreative Felting
2005978-1-85675-209-1Jennifer KentThe New Gaia Atlas of Planet Management: People as Planet Managers
2005978-1-85675-210-7Mary HorsleyThe Enneagram for the Spirit: How to Make Peace with Your Personality and Understanding Others
  ''978-1-85675-211-4Tanmaya Honervogt · Carol NeimanReiki: Simple Routines for Home, Work and Travel (Busy Person's Guide)
  ''978-1-85675-212-1Sarah DeanAromatherapy: Simple Routines for Home, Work and Travel (Busy Person's Guide)
  ''978-1-85675-213-8Liz (Simpson) AlexanderThe Book of Chakra Healing (Gaia Classics)
  ''978-1-85675-214-5Paul LundbergThe New Book of Shiatsu: Vitality and health through the art of touch
2005978-1-85675-215-2Master Kamchuen LamChi Kung: The Way of Energy
  ''978-1-85675-217-6Tanmaya HonervogtInner Reiki: A Practical Guide for Healing and Meditation
  ''978-1-85675-218-3Cindy EngelThe Gaia Book of Organic Gardening
2004978-1-85675-219-0Janet BalaskasNew Natural Pregnancy: Practical Wellbeing from Conception to Birth
2005978-1-85675-220-6Michael GuerraEdible Container Garden: Fresh Food from Tiny Spaces
  ''978-1-85675-221-3Andrew StanwayThe New Natural Family Doctor: The Authoritative Self-Help Guide to Health and Natural Medicine
  ''978-1-85675-222-0Theo GimbelThe Healing Energies of Colour
2005978-1-85675-225-1Liz (Simpson) AlexanderThe Healing Energies of Earth
2006978-1-85675-228-2Gaia Reflexology Tutor Ann GillandersReflexology for Women: Simple Step-by-Step Treatments for Women of All Ages
2005978-1-85675-229-9Liz (Simpson) AlexanderThe Book of Crystal Healing
  ''978-1-85675-230-5Helen Raphael SandsWalking the Healing Labyrinth
  ''978-1-85675-231-2James LovelockGaia: medicine for an ailing planet
  ''978-1-85675-232-9Gabriel MojayAromatherapy for Healing the Spirit: A Guide to Restoring Emotional and Mental Balance Through Essential Oils (Alternative Health)
  ''978-1-85675-233-6Ann RedfearnMigraine: Take Control of Your Health Naturally (Gaia Holistic Health)
2005978-1-85675-234-3Ann RedfearnInsomnia: Take Control of Your Health Naturally (Gaia Holistic Health)
2006978-1-85675-235-0Master Lam KamchuenMaster Lam's Walking Chi Kung
2005978-1-85675-236-7Ruth TodPositive Parenting for a Peaceful World: A Practical Guide for the First Twelve Years
  ''978-1-85675-237-4Jacqueline Koay · Ek Ong Kar SinghThe Kundalini Yoga Cookbook: Vegan Feasts for Family and Friends
2006978-1-85675-238-1Tanmaya HonervogtReiki for Emotional Healing
2005978-1-85675-240-4Alan Herdman · Gill PaulPilates Plus: Grown-up Pilates for 50+
  ''978-1-85675-241-1Eleanor McKenzie · Niclaire MannThai Massage
2006978-1-85675-243-5Chris Jarmey · John TindallAcupressure for Common Ailments
2005978-1-85675-244-2Wendy TeasdillYoga for Pregnancy
  ''978-1-85675-245-9Sivananda Yoga Vedanta CentreThe Yoga Cookbook: Vegetarian Food for Body and Mind (Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres)
  ''978-1-85675-246-6Gaia Reflexology Tutor Ann GillandersThe Family Guide to Reflexology
2006978-1-85675-247-3Paul HoughamThe Atlas of Mind, Body and Spirit
2006978-1-85675-250-3Alan HerdmanPilates: Simple Routines for Home, Work and Travel (Busy Person's Guide)
  ''978-1-85675-256-5Christina RodenbeckCrystals: Simple Rountines for Home, Work and Travel (Busy Person's Guide)
2005978-1-85675-258-9Alan Herdman · Anna SelbyPilates: Creating the Body You Want
2006978-1-85675-260-2Sivananda Yoga Vedanta CentreSivananda Beginner's Guide to Yoga (Sivananda Yoga Centre)
2007978-1-85675-261-9Jim BuchananLabyrinths for the Spirit: How to Create Your Own Labyrinths for Meditation and Enlightenment
2006978-1-85675-262-6Stephen SkinnerSacred Geometry: Deciphering the Code
  ''978-1-85675-265-7Master Lam KamchuenMaster Lam's Step-by-Step Tai Chi
2008978-1-85675-268-8Alan HerdmanPilates for Men: Fit for sport fit for life
2007978-1-85675-271-8Christopher Clouder · Janni NicolCreative Play for your Baby: Steiner expertise and toy projects for 3 months - 2 years
  ''978-1-85675-272-5Sarah Howard · Elisabeth KendrickCreative Weaving (Gaia Traditional Crafts)
  ''978-1-85675-275-6Eilean BentleyIndian Head Massage: Simple Routines for Home, Work and Travel (Busy Person's Guide)
2008978-1-85675-276-3Ralph Quinlan FordeThe Book of Tibetan Medicine: How to use Tibetan healing for personal wellbeing
2007978-1-85675-278-7Ian SpenceYour Organic Allotment
2007978-1-85675-280-0Jackie CrookNatural Dyeing (Gaia Traditional Crafts)
  ''978-1-85675-281-7Alison Daykin · Jane DeaneCreative Spinning (Gaia Traditional Crafts)
2008978-1-85675-282-4Tanmaya HonervogtThe Gaia Complete Reiki Tutor: A Structured Course to Achieve Professional Expertise
2007978-1-85675-283-1Gaia Reflexology Tutor Ann GillandersThe Gaia Complete Reflexology Tutor: Everything You Need to Achieve Professional Expertise
2010978-1-85675-284-8Joanna HoareThe Gaia Complete Aromatherapy Tutor: Everything You Need to Achieve Professional Expertise
2007978-1-85675-285-5Jonathan HiltonWild Food For Free
2008978-1-85675-286-2Christopher Clouder · Janni NicolCreative Play the Steiner Waldorf Way: Expertise and toy projects for your 2-4-year-old: Steiner Expertise and Toy Projects for 2 Years - 4 Years
2007978-1-85675-288-6George MarshallCarbon Detox: Your step-by-step guide to getting real about climate change.
  ''978-1-85675-289-3Matilda LeeEco Chic: The Savvy Shoppers Guide to Ethical Fashion
2008978-1-85675-290-9Pat ThomasThe 21st Century is Making You Fat: Why your environment makes you put on weight and what you can do about it
  ''978-1-85675-291-6Shanida NatarajaThe Blissful Brain: Neuroscience and proof of the power of meditation (Gaia Thinking)
  ''978-1-85675-293-0Donnachadh MccarthyEasy Eco Auditing: How to make your home and workplace planet-friendly
2007978-1-85675-294-7Professor Callum RobertsThe Unnatural History of the Sea: The Past and Future of Humanity and Fishing (Gaia Thinking)
2008978-1-85675-298-5Ann GillandersReflexology: Simple Routines for Home, Work and Travel: Relax and Unwind, Beat Common Ailments, Feel Happier (To Go)
2008978-1-85675-299-2Tanmaya Honervogt · Carol NeimanReiki: Simple Routines for Home, Work and Travel: Boost Your Mood, Refresh Your Energy, Sleep Well (To Go)
  ''978-1-85675-301-2Liz WrightChoosing and Keeping Ducks and Geese
  ''978-1-85675-302-9Paul PeacockKeeping Bees: A Complete Practical Guide
2009978-1-85675-305-0Mary AtkinsonHealing Touch for Children: Massage, acupressure and reflexology routines for children aged 4 -12
  ''978-1-85675-306-7Dawn MellowshipToxic Beauty: The hidden chemicals in cosmetics and how they can harm us
2008978-1-85675-308-1Robert LlewellynSold Out: How I survived a year of not shopping
2009978-1-85675-309-8unknownThe Great Allotment Cookbook: Over 200 Delicious Recipes from Plot to Plate (Cookery)
2010978-1-85675-310-4Zoe HawesWild Drugs: A forager's guide to healing plants
2009978-1-85675-311-1Linda Mcdonald-BrownChoosing and Keeping Pigs: A Complete Practical Guide
2010978-1-85675-318-0Anne McIntyreThe Gaia Complete Herbal Tutor
  ''978-1-85675-322-7Paul DevereuxSacred Geography: Deciphering Hidden Codes in the Landscape
2013978-1-85675-328-9Sue Beer · Emma RobertsStep-by-Step Tapping: The amazing self-help technique
2013978-1-85675-329-6Patrizia CollardJourney into Mindfulness: Gentle ways to let go of stress and live in the moment
2014978-1-85675-341-8Alan HerdmanThe Complete Pilates Tutor: A structured course to achieve professional expertise (The Complete Tutors)
  ''978-1-85675-353-1Patrizia CollardThe Little Book of Mindfulness: 10 minutes a day to less stress, more peace (MBS Little book of...)
2017978-1-85675-369-2Beth PennThe Little Book of Tidying: Declutter your home and your life (MBS Little book of...)
  ''978-1-85675-374-6Linnea DunneLagom: The Swedish Art of Balanced Living
2018978-1-85675-378-4Tanmaya HonervogtThe Gaia Complete Reiki Tutor
  ''978-1-85675-379-1Mark KanThe Complete Yoga Tutor: A structured course to achieve professional expertise
  ''978-1-85675-380-7Joanna NylundSisu: The Finnish Art of Courage
2020978-1-85675-427-9Selene NelsonYes Ve-gan!: A blueprint for vegan living (Gaia Manifestos)