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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-1-85585-004-0Jane AustenThe Illustrated Letters of Jane Austen - 'My Dear Cassandra'
  ''978-1-85585-008-8David StarkeyHENRY V111 EUROPEAN COURT ENGL: Royal Meridian - A European Court in England
1992978-1-85585-019-4Juliet GardinerOver Here - The GIs in Wartime Britain
1991978-1-85585-021-7Bill LawsTRAD HSES RURAL FRANCE
  ''978-1-85585-022-4Howard GreenfeldCARUSO JGB: A Life
1995978-1-85585-024-8Malcolm HaslamMARKS & MONOGRAMS 127: Decorative Arts, 1880-1960 - An International Guide for Collectors
1990978-1-85585-030-9Richard MabeyFLOWERS OF MAY
1991978-1-85585-042-2J. S. MorrillThe Impact of the English Civil War
  ''978-1-85585-046-0Virginia WoolfVIRGINIA WOOLF PAPER DARTS: The Letters of Virginia Woolf (The illustrated letters)
  ''978-1-85585-048-4Duchess of Gloucester Princess AliceMEMORIES OF NINETY YEARS
1992978-1-85585-069-9Charlie WaiteCHARLIE WAITE'S LANDSCAPE PHOT: Making of Landscape Photographs
1991978-1-85585-078-1Lance SalwayQUEEN VICTORIA'S GRANDCHILDREN
1992978-1-85585-081-1Jacques Le GoffMEDIEVAL WORLD (The history of European society)
1992978-1-85585-088-0Debby RobinsonMEDIEVAL NEEDLEPOINT
1991978-1-85585-096-5Graham MarshCOVER ART OF BLUE NOTE: v. 1
1990978-1-85585-097-2David LemmonLEN HUTTON A PICT.BIOGRAPHY: A Pictorial Biography
1993978-1-85585-100-9John GillinghamRICHARD III MEDIEVAL KINGSHIP: A Medieval Kingship (History Today)
1992978-1-85585-103-0Virginia WoolfPaper Darts: The Letters of Virginia Woolf
  ''978-1-85585-105-4Julie WheelwrightFATAL LOVER MATA HARI: Mata Hari and the Myth of Women in Espionage
1993978-1-85585-128-3Julie WheelwrightFATAL LOVER MATA HARI: Mata Hari and the Myth of Women in Espionage
1992978-1-85585-130-6David Cordingly · John FalconerPirates. Fact & Fiction
  ''978-1-85585-136-8Patrick CurryCONFUSION OF PROPHETS
  ''978-1-85585-140-5Sarah FreemanSTUDENT VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK
1993978-1-85585-142-9Robert TanitchJOHN MILLS
  ''978-1-85585-143-6Debby RobinsonMEDIEVAL NEEDLEPOINT
1993978-1-85585-149-8Charlie WaiteThe Making of Landscape Photographs: A Practical Guide to the Art and Techniques
  ''978-1-85585-151-1Bill LawsTRAD HSES RURAL FRANCE
  ''978-1-85585-154-2Graham Marsh · Glyn CallinghamEAST COASTING: Cover Art of Prestige, Atlantic Riverside Records
1994978-1-85585-167-2Eleanor Van ZandtDMC CROSS STITCH 230
1993978-1-85585-172-6Andrea HopkinsCHRONICLES KING ARTHUR
1995978-1-85585-178-8Juliet Gardiner · Neil WenbornCOMP. BRITISH HISTORY (History Today)
1993978-1-85585-184-9Thomas HindeLOOKING GLASS LETTERS (The illustrated letters)
  ''978-1-85585-189-4Chris PackhamWILD SHOTS
1999978-1-85585-195-5John HedgecoeHEDGECOES COMP GUIDE TO PHOTOGRAPHY
1994978-1-85585-200-6Chris PackhamWILD SHOTS 311
1995978-1-85585-217-4John HedgecoeHEDGECOE CAMCORDER BASICS 277
  ''978-1-85585-223-5James CrathorneCLIVEDEN: The Place and the People
1996978-1-85585-227-3Eleanor Van ZandtDMC CROSS STITCH
1995978-1-85585-235-8Graham MarshBLUES ALBUM COVER ART
1996978-1-85585-246-4Jan MarshPRE RAPHAELITES: Their Lives in Letters and Diaries (Illustrated Letters Series)
1996978-1-85585-247-1Annie SloanDECORATIVE PAINT EFFECTS
  ''978-1-85585-248-8Annie SloanDECORATIVE GILDING
1997978-1-85585-249-5   ''DECORATIVE STENCILLING: A Step-by-step Course
  ''978-1-85585-250-1   ''DECORATIVE WOOD FINISHES: A Step-by-step Course
1996978-1-85585-255-6Henrietta Spencer-ChurchillCLASSIC FABRICS
  ''978-1-85585-261-7Juliet GardinerCOMP. BRITISH HISTORY (History Today)
  ''978-1-85585-273-0Melinda CossDMC EMBROIDERY
1997978-1-85585-291-4David SoudenSTONEHENGE: Mysteries of the Stones and Landscape
2001978-1-85585-298-3John RaynesThe Figure Drawing Workbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing the Human Figure
1998978-1-85585-352-2Rob HumeOwls of the World
1997978-1-85585-356-0Geoffrey KibbyIllustrated Guide Mushrooms/Other Fungi
1997978-1-85585-385-0Jacques Le GoffThe Medieval World
  ''978-1-85585-391-1SofianidesGems and Crystals
1999978-1-85585-411-6Michael BurleighConfronting the Nazi Past: New Debates on Modern German History
1997978-1-85585-416-1Glyn Callingham · Graham MarshCOVER ART OF BLUE NOTE 2: v. 2
  ''978-1-85585-426-0Joyce S. PetschekBEAUTIFUL BARGELLO: 26 Charted Needlepoint and Bargello Designs
  ''978-1-85585-431-4Lady Caroline WreyCurtain Style: A Complete Step by Step Course with 15 Projects
  ''978-1-85585-432-1Annie SloanDECOUPAGE: A Step-by-step Course
1997978-1-85585-438-3Kelly Hoppen · Kathy PhillipsTABLE CHIC
1998978-1-85585-450-5John HedgecoeMONUMENTAL VISION HENRY MOORE: Sculpture of Henry Moore
1999978-1-85585-468-0Annie SloanPAINTED FURNITURE SOURCEBOOK: Motifs from Medieval Times to the Present Day
2001978-1-85585-478-9Henrietta Spencer-ChurchillCLASSIC GEORGIAN STYLE
  ''978-1-85585-485-7Lady Caroline WreyCurtain Style: A Complete Step by Step Course with 15 Projects
1998978-1-85585-556-4Robert Ingpen · Philip WilkinsonEncyclopaedia of World Events
  ''978-1-85585-560-1Peter Gwynne-JonesThe Art of Heraldry: Origins, Symbols and Designs
1997978-1-85585-570-0John Gooders · Trevor BoyerDucks of Britain and the Northern Hemisphere
1998978-1-85585-575-5Taylor Downing · Maggie MillmanCIVIL WAR DOWNING
  ''978-1-85585-607-3Roger Hicks · Frances SchultzLEARNING TO LIGHT
  ''978-1-85585-629-5Harmony GuidesHG 450 KNITTING STITCHES VOL 2 (Harmony Guides)
1998978-1-85585-630-1Harmony Guides440 More Knitting Stitches Vol 3 (Harmony Guides)
  ''978-1-85585-631-8Harmony GuideHG KNITTING TECHNIQUES VOL 1 (Harmony Guides)
  ''978-1-85585-632-5Harmony Guide · HarmonygdeHG 250 CREATIVE KNIT. STITCHES: 4 (The Harmony Guides)
  ''978-1-85585-633-2Harmony GuideHG 220 ARAN STITCHES/PATTS. V5 (Harmony Guides)
  ''978-1-85585-634-9300 Crochet Stitches (Harmony Guides)
1998978-1-85585-635-6220 More Crochet Stitches (Harmony Guides): Vol 7 (The Harmony Guides)
1999978-1-85585-638-7Harmony-GuidesHG 300 CROCHET ST V6 (USA) (Harmony Guides)
  ''978-1-85585-639-4Erika Knight220 More Crochet Vol 7 (Harmony Guides)
2001978-1-85585-641-7Janet HaighCRAZY PATCHWORK & QUILTING
1999978-1-85585-675-2Debbie MintonORIENTAL CROSS STITCH: 25 Projects from the Far East
  ''978-1-85585-677-6Julie Bell · Nigel SucklingSoft As Steel: The Art of Julie Bell: The Fantasy Art of Julie Bell
  ''978-1-85585-678-3Jim BurnsTRANSLUMINAL: The Art and Thought of Jim Burns
  ''978-1-85585-681-3Christina Scott-MoncrieffVITAMIN ALPHABET: Your Guide to Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements
1999978-1-85585-682-0Ian Marber · Vicki EdgsonThe Food Doctor: Healing Foods for the Mind and Body
  ''978-1-85585-686-8Ken Taylor · Joules TaylorCRYSTALS FOR HEALTH & HOME PB
  ''978-1-85585-690-5Lillian TooEASY TO USE FENG SHUI: 168 Ways to Success
2000978-1-85585-696-7Debbie BlissHOW TO KNIT: The Definitive Knitting Course Complete with Step-by-step Techniques, Stitch Libraries and Projects for Your Home and Family
1999978-1-85585-703-2Maurice Townsend · Val HopePARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS H/BOO
  ''978-1-85585-704-9Anna Lewington · Edward ParkerANCIENT TREES
  ''978-1-85585-705-6Annie SloanHOW TO PAINT FURNITURE
2000978-1-85585-709-4Susan Berry · Steve BradleyMAKING A LOW MAINTENANCE GARDEN
1999978-1-85585-712-4John GarrettJOHN GARRETT'S BLACK & WHITE PHOTO
1999978-1-85585-714-8John HedgecoeHEDGECOE'S GUIDE TO 35MM PHOTOGRAPH
  ''978-1-85585-715-5Nigel SucklingVALLEJO DREAMS: The Art of Boris Vallejo
  ''978-1-85585-722-3Lady Caroline WreyCAROLINE WREY'S FINISHING TOUCHES: Inspirational Ideas for Embellishing Your Home
2000978-1-85585-727-8Anna BuramaFASHIONS OF THE PAST (Historical Guide to World Costumes)
  ''978-1-85585-729-2Judy SpoursULTIMATE DECORATING BOOK
1999978-1-85585-731-5David Langford · Josh Kirby · Tom HoltA Cosmic Cornucopia
  ''978-1-85585-732-2Jane Frank · Howard FrankFRANK COLLECTION: A Showcase of the World's Finest Fantastic Art
1999978-1-85585-736-0Boris Vallejo · Doris VallejoLADIES: Retold Tales of Goddesses and Heroines
  ''978-1-85585-740-7Lillian TooLillian Too's Easy-To-Use Feng Shui: 168 Ways to Success /C(lillian Too)
2002978-1-85585-748-3Charlie WaiteSEEING LANDSCAPES
2000978-1-85585-758-2Lillian TooEASY TO USE FENG SHUI FOR LOVE: 168 Ways to Success
  ''978-1-85585-770-4Janet HaighJAPANESE INSPIRATIONS: Patchwork and Quilting from the Floating World
  ''978-1-85585-771-1Juliet GardinerWHO'S WHO IN BRITISH HISTORY
  ''978-1-85585-772-8Erika KnightSimple Knits for Easy Living
2000978-1-85585-773-5Alan D. Gear · Barry L. FreestoneCOMPLETE GUIDE TO GLASS PAINTING: 65 Techniques, 25 Original Projects and 400 Motifs
  ''978-1-85585-776-6Ian MarberThe Food Doctor in the City: Maximum Health for Urban Living
  ''978-1-85585-781-0Steve BavisterDIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY: A Beginner's Guide
  ''978-1-85585-784-1Anthony AthaCONTAINER KITCHEN GARDEN
  ''978-1-85585-787-2Roger Hicks · Christopher NisperosHOLLYWOOD PORTRAITS
2000978-1-85585-789-6Jane BownFACES JANE BOWN PHOTOGRAPHS
  ''978-1-85585-790-2Komilla SuttonVEDIC ASTROLOGY
  ''978-1-85585-799-5Lady Caroline WreyCAROLINE WREY'S SECRETS FOR SUCESS
  ''978-1-85585-804-6Wendy BakerCURTAIN AND FABRIC SELECTOR
  ''978-1-85585-805-3Ianthe RuthvenSCOTTISH HOUSE
2002978-1-85585-806-0Annie SloanCOLOUR SCHEMES THAT REALLY WORK
2001978-1-85585-811-4Les MeehanCREATIVE EXPOSURE CONTROL
2003978-1-85585-815-2Richard TaylorSkies and Clouds (Pocket Watercolour)
2003978-1-85585-816-9Richard S. TaylorPOCKET WATERCOLOURS HILLS & MOUNTA
2000978-1-85585-819-0Kate BullerKNITTER'S BIBLE
2001978-1-85585-821-3Ellaraine LockiePAPER MAKER
  ''978-1-85585-827-5Pauline TurnerHOW TO CROCHET
2000978-1-85585-831-2John HarrisMASS THE ART OF JOHN HARRIS
  ''978-1-85585-836-7Gerald BromDARKWERKS
2001978-1-85585-842-8Richard S. TaylorPOCKET WATERCOLOURS FORESTS/WOODLA
  ''978-1-85585-843-5   ''POCKET WATERCOLOURS LAKES & RIVERS
2000978-1-85585-844-2Lillian TooLillian Too's Feng Shui Success Secrets
2001978-1-85585-845-9John FeltwellGERANIUMS & PELARGONIUMS
2000978-1-85585-848-0Frank Kelly Freas · Laura Brodian Freas · Tim PowersFrank Kelly Freas: As He Sees It
  ''978-1-85585-849-7Chris Moore · Steve GallagherJOURNEYMAN ART OF CHRIS MOORE
2001978-1-85585-865-7Jane BownFaces: The Creative Process Behind Great Portraits
2000978-1-85585-869-5Debra MountfordHG ARAN & FAIRISLE KNITTING (The Harmony Guides)
2001978-1-85585-870-1Zoe MellorANIMAL KNITS
2001978-1-85585-871-8Alan D. Gear · Barry L. FreestoneThe Glass Painter's Motif Library
2000978-1-85585-878-7John KeeganWorld War II: A Visual Encyclopedia
2002978-1-85585-882-4Juliet GardinerWHO'S WHO IN BRITISH HISTORY
2001978-1-85585-884-8Ron Miller · Frederick C DurantThe Art of Chesley Bonestell
  ''978-1-85585-890-9Jane FrankART OF RICHARD POWERS
  ''978-1-85585-891-6Fred GambinoGROUND ZERO THE ART OF FRED GAMBINO
  ''978-1-85585-895-4Josh KirbyJOSH KIRBY DISCWORLD PORTFOLIO
  ''978-1-85585-899-2Ian MarberIn Bed With the Food Doctor: How to Eat Yourself to Better Sex and Sleep
2001978-1-85585-912-8Caroline AtkinsCOUNTRY LIVING CHRISTMAS: Decorating the Home for the Festive Season
  ''978-1-85585-918-0Gerald BromOFFERINGS THE ART OF BROM (Paper Tiger)
2002978-1-85585-919-7Graham MarshBLUE NOTE COLLECTION
2001978-1-85585-920-3Henrietta Spencer-ChurchillCLASSIC ENGLISH INTERIORS
  ''978-1-85585-921-0Judy SpoursCOUNTRY LIVING HOME: The Country Home
  ''978-1-85585-925-8Jonathan DeeMOON SIGNS
  ''978-1-85585-926-5Erika KnightSimple Knits For Cherished Babies (C & B Crafts)
2001978-1-85585-928-9Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen · Laurence llewllyn BowenUsing Everyday Objects to Create Great Interiors
2002978-1-85585-930-2Paul Harcourt DaviesPHOTOGRAPHING PLANTS & FLOWERS
  ''978-1-85585-931-9Tony WorobiecTONING AND HAND COLOURING PHOTOGRAP
  ''978-1-85585-933-3Claire LeaveyCANDLE MAKER: How to Make Candles in Your Own Kitchen
  ''978-1-85585-935-7Chuck SpezzanoLOVE PACK
  ''978-1-85585-940-1Judy Spours"Country Living": Floral Interiors (Country Living): Inspired by Flowers
2002978-1-85585-949-4Vincent Di FateART OF VINCENT DI FATE
2001978-1-85585-950-0Alan D. Gear · Barry L. FreestoneComplete Guide to Glass Painting: 65 Techniques, 25 Original Projects and 400 Motifs
2002978-1-85585-953-1Sharon AmosCOUNTRY LIVING GARDEN WISDOM
  ''978-1-85585-954-8Stephanie DonaldsonCOUNTRY LIVING HOUSEHOLD WISDOM
  ''978-1-85585-957-9Paul BarnettPaper Tiger Fantasy Art Gallery
  ''978-1-85585-963-0Doris Vallejo · Rowena MorrillART OF ROWENA
  ''978-1-85585-964-7Boris Vallejo · Nigel SucklingVALLEJO DREAMS: The Art of Boris Vallejo
2002978-1-85585-965-4Zoe Mellor50 Baby Bootees to Knit: Packed with Patterns for Little Bootees and Snuggly Socks For Newborn to Nine Months
  ''978-1-85585-966-1Debbie AbrahamsBlankets and Throws To Knit: Patterns and Piecing Instructions for 100 Knitted Squares
  ''978-1-85585-968-5Jemima MillsFrom a House to a Home: Simple Ideas and Projects to Enrich Everyday Family Life
  ''978-1-85585-969-2Christina Scott-MoncrieffOvercoming Allergies: Home Remedies, Elimination and Rotation Diets, Complementary Therapies
  ''978-1-85585-973-9Caroline Wrey · Lady Caroline WreySecrets for Successful Entertaining: How to Be a Perfect Hostess
2002978-1-85585-974-6Anna Lewington · Edward ParkerANCIENT TREES
  ''978-1-85585-975-3Janet HaighThe Embroiderer's Floral: Designs, Stitches & Motifs for Popular Flowers in Embroidery: Designs, Stitches and Motifs for Popular Flowers in Embroidery
2004978-1-85585-977-7Peter CockwillWorld Fly Finder: All the Flies You Need to Fish All the Waters of the World (Country Living)
2002978-1-85585-978-4Boris Vallejo · Julie BellTWIN VISIONS MAGICAL ART BORIS VAL: The Magical Art of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell
2003978-1-85585-979-1Sarah BeamanCOMPLETE GUIDE TO CARD MAKING: 100 Techniques with 25 Original Projects and 100 Motifs
  ''978-1-85585-981-4Charlie Ryrie · Country Living MagazineCOUNTRY LIVING COTTAGE GARDEN: How to Plan and Plant a Garden That Grows Itself
2002978-1-85585-982-1Good Housekeeping InstituteGood Housekeeping Classic Recipes
2003978-1-85585-988-3Roni JayBABY SANCTUARY
  ''978-1-85585-998-2Linda ZeffGOOD HOUSEKEEPING HOME HANDBOOK: The Ultimate Survival Guide to Running Your Home
2002978-1-85585-999-9John HedgecoePHOTOGRAPHING BABIES & TODDLERS