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A Biblical Guide To Counseling The Sexual Addict978-0-9715470-9-42005
A Lamp Unto My Feet978-0-9758832-5-92006
At The Altar Of Sexual Idolatry978-0-9702202-0-22000
At The Altar Of Sexual Idolatry Workbook978-0-9702202-1-92000
Bariai Grammar Sketch978-9980-0-3063-42007Peirce Baehr
Create In Me A Pure Heart: Answers For Struggling Women978-0-9758832-7-32007Kathy Gallagher
He Leads Me Beside Still Waters978-0-9800286-0-72009
Intoxicated With Babylon: The Seduction of God's People In The Last Days978-0-9758832-4-22007
Irresistible To God978-0-9715470-2-52003
Living In Victory: Through the Power of Mercy978-0-9715470-0-12003
Out of the Depths of Sexual Sin: The Story of My Life and Ministry978-0-9715470-7-02004
Pressing On Toward The Heavenly Calling978-0-9758832-6-62007
Standing Firm Through The Great Apostasy978-0-9758832-9-72008
The Journeyman, The: Art of Chris Moore978-1-85585-849-72000Chris Moore
The Walk Of Repentance978-0-9702202-8-81993
Time Of Your Life: In Light Of Eternity978-0-9800286-5-22011

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