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1991978-1-85567-025-9John Baylis · John GarnettThe Makers of Nuclear Strategy
1992978-1-85567-053-2E. W. AndersonThe Atlas of World Political Flash Points
1997978-1-85567-070-9Chris FreemanThe Economics of Industrial Innovation
1994978-1-85567-093-8Jean Holm · John BowkerAttitudes to Nature (Themes in Religious Studies)
  ''978-1-85567-095-2Jean Holm · John BowkerHuman Nature and Destiny (Themes in Religious Studies)
  ''978-1-85567-096-9   ''Making Moral Decisions (Themes in Religious Studies Series)
  ''978-1-85567-101-0   ''Picturing God (Themes in Religious Studies)
  ''978-1-85567-103-4John BowkerRites of Passage (Themes in Religious Studies)
2001978-1-85567-104-1Jean Holm · John BowkerSacred Place (Themes in Religious Studies)
1994978-1-85567-107-2   ''Sacred Writings (Themes in Religious Studies)
1994978-1-85567-109-6Jean Holm · John BowkerWomen in Religion (Themes in Religious Studies)
  ''978-1-85567-111-9Jean HolmWorship (Themes in Religious Studies)
  ''978-1-85567-129-4Anders AslundChanging the Russian Economic System
  ''978-1-85567-139-3Peter FerdinandThe New Central Asia and Its Neighbours (Chatham House Papers)
1995978-1-85567-149-2Alan HargreavesThe Migrant Experience in Europe
  ''978-1-85567-205-5Chas Critcher · etc. · David Waddingtton · Klaus SchubertRegeneration of the Coalfield Area: Anglo-German Perspectives
1995978-1-85567-211-6Jon Elster · Nicolas HerpinThe Ethics of Medical Choice (Social Change in Western Europe)
1994978-1-85567-225-3Ronald Dore · Colin CrouchThe Return to Incomes Policy (Social Change in Western Europe)
1997978-1-85567-227-7Marc BlecherChina Against the Tides: Restructuring Through Revolution, Radicalism, and Reform
1995978-1-85567-233-8Neil MelvinRussians Beyond Russia (Chatham House Papers)
  ''978-1-85567-235-2Hussein Agha · Ahmad KhalidiSyria and Iran: The Durable Alliance (Chatham House Papers)
2000978-1-85567-264-2Peter Barberis · John McHugh · Mike TyldesleyEncyclopedia of British and Irish Political Organizations: Parties, Groups and Movements of the Twentieth Century
1995978-1-85567-284-0Paul CornishThe Arms Trade and Europe (Chatham House Papers)
1999978-1-85567-321-2Michael CoxRethinking the Soviet Collapse: Sovietology, the Death of Communism and the New Russia
1996978-1-85567-342-7Ronen P. Palan · etc. · Jason AbbottState Strategies in the Global Political Economy
1997978-1-85567-350-2Vince Cable · Albert BressandGlobalization: Rules and Standards for the World Economy (Chatham House Papers)
1999978-1-85567-351-9Vince CableGlobalization and Global Governance
1997978-1-85567-367-0Donatella Della Porta · Yves Meny · Simon LeeDemocracy and Corruption in Europe (Social Change in Western Europe)
  ''978-1-85567-394-6Marie CrossVoices of France: Social, Political and Cultural Identity
  ''978-1-85567-427-1Mary Kaldor · Basker VasheeRestructuring the Global Military Sector: New Wars v.1: New Wars Vol 1
1998978-1-85567-428-8Mary KaldorThe End of Military Fordism: The End of Military Fordism v. 2
1920978-1-85567-442-4Zoltan J. AcsRegional Innovation, Knowledge and Global Change (Science, technology & the IPE)
1997978-1-85567-452-3Charles EdquistSystems of Innovation: Technologies, Institutions and Organizations (Science, Technology & the International Political Economy)
2000978-1-85567-459-2Paul HainsworthThe Politics of the Extreme Right: From the Margins to the Mainstream (History and Politics in the 20th Century: Bloomsbury Academic)
1998978-1-85567-467-7Paul CornishPartnership in Crisis: US-European Cooperation in Military Security (Chatham House Papers)
1999978-1-85567-473-8Stephen IngleThe British Party System
1998978-1-85567-515-5Robert Leonardi · Raffaella Y. NanettiRegional Development in a Modern European Economy: The Case of Tuscany
1999978-1-85567-538-4Lloyd Pettiford · Melissa CurleyChanging Security Agendas and the Third World
1998978-1-85567-578-0Ishtiaq AhmedState, Nation, and Ethnicity in Contemporary South Asia
1999978-1-85567-598-8Ian HarrisBuddhism and Politics in Twentieth-century Asia
  ''978-1-85567-606-0Roger Eatwell · Tony WrightContemporary Political Ideologies
1999978-1-85567-619-0Dennis J. D. SandoleCapturing the Complexity of Conflict: Dealing with Violent Ethnic Conflicts of the Post-Cold War Era
2000978-1-85567-636-7Stephen CliftTourism and Sex: Culture, Commerce and Coercion (Tourism, Leisure & Recreation Series)

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