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1990978-1-85486-014-9Ray RimellBattle of Britain Aircraft: Detailed Instructions on Modelling Twelve 1:72 scale models from the Classic Conflict
1998978-1-85486-026-2Ian PeacockScale Colour for Modellers
  ''978-1-85486-034-7Ken DuffeyModelling Modern Soviet Fighter Aircraft
  ''978-1-85486-037-8"Slimming Magazine"Microwave and Freezer Low Calorie Recipe Book
1991978-1-85486-048-4David LammasAdhesives and Sealants (Workshop Practice)
  ''978-1-85486-049-1A. J. Smith · T. HoareSporting Clays Masterclass
  ''978-1-85486-057-6"Slimming Magazine"Thin Twin
1998978-1-85486-065-1Mike ReynoldsCamouflage and Markings of World War Two: Royal Air Force, 1939-45 (Camouflage & Markings S.)
1991978-1-85486-077-4Nick WeallSailing to Win!: Complete Introduction to Model Yacht Racing (Radio control handbooks)
1992978-1-85486-078-1Martin SmithGreat Western Express Passenger Locomotives (Steam Classic Guide S.)
1998978-1-85486-081-1Keith JulierThe Period Ship Handbook
1993978-1-85486-104-7Tubal CainBuilding Simple Model Steam Engines
1998978-1-85486-106-1Peter RouseScanners 3: Putting Scanners Into Practice
1998978-1-85486-107-8Alex WeissWorkshop Electrics (Workshop Practice)
1990978-1-85486-108-5T.D. WalshawOrnamental Turning
1998978-1-85486-112-2Glynn GuestModel Boats (Basics of... S.)
  ''978-1-85486-115-3Alan HarmanThe Basics Of...Radio Control Model Cars (Basics of... S.)
  ''978-1-85486-116-0Bill BurkinshawIntroducing Radio Control Model Aircraft
1995978-1-85486-119-1John Restall · Donald HebbsMaking Sparkling Wines
1955978-1-85486-122-1C. Nepean LongridgeThe Anatomy of Nelson's Ships
1998978-1-85486-123-8C. J. J. Berry · Roy ElkinsHome Brewed Beers and Stouts
  ''978-1-85486-125-2Dave LineBrewing Beers Like Those You Buy (Amateur Winemaker)
1984978-1-85486-130-6Ian BradleyThe Amateur's Workshop
1996978-1-85486-131-3Jim Forrest · Peter JenningsWorkshop Construction (Workshop Practice)
1998978-1-85486-132-0Keith JulierPeriod Ship Handbook: No. 2
1996978-1-85486-133-7Jim CoxElectric Motors in the Home Workshop (Workshop Practice)
  ''978-1-85486-134-4Tubal CainModel Engineer's Handbook
1998978-1-85486-135-1David BoddingtonBuilding and Flying Radio Controlled Model Aircraft (Radio Control Handbookds)
1996978-1-85486-136-8John HainingThe " Countryman's Steam Manual
1998978-1-85486-137-5Nick PapillonRadio Controlled Helicopters: The Guide to Building and Flying Radio Control Helicopters
1995978-1-85486-138-2C. J. J. Berry130 New Winemaking Recipes
1996978-1-85486-139-9   ''First Steps in Winemaking
1998978-1-85486-142-9John CundellRadio Control in Model Boats
1992978-1-85486-143-6Ron MoultonKites: The Practical Handbook for the Modern Kite Flyer: A Practical Handbook
1997978-1-85486-144-3George StringwellA Complete Guide to Radio Control Gliders
1998978-1-85486-145-0Vic SmeedHome Workshop Hints and Tips (Workshop Practice)
1997978-1-85486-146-7B. Terry AspinThe Backyard Foundry (Workshop Practice)
1997978-1-85486-147-4Tubal CainBuilding Simple Model Steam Engines: Book 2: v. 2
1998978-1-85486-148-1Peter HollandModel Aeroplane Building: Sketch by Sketch
  ''978-1-85486-149-8Harprit SandhuSpindles (Workshop Practice)
  ''978-1-85486-150-4Tubal CainSimple Workshop Devices (Workshop Practice)
  ''978-1-85486-152-8Peter WrightModel Engineering: A Foundation Course
  ''978-1-85486-153-5Harprit SandhuAn Introduction to Robotics
1998978-1-85486-156-6Vic SmeedCO2 Models to Build (Small Model Planbooks)
  ''978-1-85486-159-7   ''Free Flight Power Models (Small Model Planbooks S.)
  ''978-1-85486-161-0   ''Flying Scale Rubber Models: v.2: Vol 2 (Small Model Planbooks) (Small Model Planbooks S.)
  ''978-1-85486-163-4   ''Plan Parade
  ''978-1-85486-165-8B. Terry AspinThe Model Locomotive from Scratch: By Chuck
1998978-1-85486-166-5Alex WeissTake-off: All about Radio Controlled Model Aircraft
  ''978-1-85486-167-2Eric CoatesScale Aircraft for Free Flight
  ''978-1-85486-168-9B. Terry AspinFoundrywork for the Amateur (Workshop Practice)
  ''978-1-85486-170-2Alex WeissPlastics for Modellers
  ''978-1-85486-171-9Glynn GuestSmall Radio Control Boats
1998978-1-85486-172-6Tony BrookesCO2 Powered Model Aircraft
  ''978-1-85486-173-3Martin SimonsGliding with Radio Control (Beginner's Guide to Building and Flying Model Sailplanes)
  ''978-1-85486-175-7Caroline RightonCreate it with Paper in an Afternoon (In an evening)
  ''978-1-85486-176-4Caroline RightonCreate it with Thread in an Afternoon (In an evening)
1998978-1-85486-177-1Caroline RightonCreate it with Wax, Clay and Plaster in an Evening
2000978-1-85486-179-5David ThomasRadio Control Foam Modelling
1999978-1-85486-180-1Peter RouseScanners 4: Complete HF/VHF/UHF Listener's Guide
1998978-1-85486-181-8Nick PoulterGrowing Vines to Make Wines
2003978-1-85486-182-5Tubal CainWorkshop Drawing (Workshop Practice)
1998978-1-85486-187-0Scott RobertsonHistoric Model Ships from Scratch
1999978-1-85486-188-7Tom GormanScale Model Tugs and Trawlers
1998978-1-85486-189-4D.A.G. BrownC.A.D for Model Engineers (Workshop Practice)
1999978-1-85486-190-0Martin SimonsModel Aircraft Aerodynamics
  ''978-1-85486-192-4Alex WeissWorkshop Materials (Workshop Practice)
2000978-1-85486-194-8Stan BrayUseful Workshop Tools (Workshop Practice)
1999978-1-85486-195-5Michael J. Pooley · John LomaxReal Cider Making on a Small Scale
2000978-1-85486-197-9Bryan KingAdvanced Ship Modelling
  ''978-1-85486-198-6Dave ChineryFly Electric
  ''978-1-85486-200-6Keith JulierThe Period Ship, Handbook 3
2001978-1-85486-203-7Dave DayFlying Model Helicopters: From Basics to Competition
2000978-1-85486-206-8Tom GormanThe Ship Model Builders Handbook: Fittings and Superstructures for the Small Ship: A Guide to Fittings on the Small Ship
  ''978-1-85486-209-9Bill SmithAward Winning Wines: Professional Methods for the Amateur Winemaker
2000978-1-85486-212-9Phil StoneLearning to Fly in 21 Days
2001978-1-85486-213-6Bob LoaderUnimat III Lathe Accessories (Workshop Practice)
  ''978-1-85486-214-3Stan BrayMaking Clocks (Workshop Practice)
2000978-1-85486-216-7Kelvin ShacklockAircraft Workshop: Learn to Make Models That Fly
2003978-1-85486-226-6Nick PapillonRadio Controlled Helicopters: The Guide to Building and Flying R/C Helicopters
2004978-1-85486-227-3Stan BrayThe Compact Lathe
2003978-1-85486-228-0Keith JulierPeriod Ship Kit Builder's Manual
2004978-1-85486-229-7Stuart LodgeThe Model Rocketry Handbook: 21st Century Edition
2003978-1-85486-230-3Harold HallLathework: A Complete Course (Workshop Practice)
  ''978-1-85486-231-0John CundellRadio Control in Model Boats
2004978-1-85486-232-7Harold HallMilling: A Complete Course (Workshop Practice)
  ''978-1-85486-233-4Keith JulierThe New Period Ship Handbook
1985978-1-85486-235-8Dave LineThe Big Book of Brewing
2005978-1-85486-237-2Brian King · Azien WatkinPhoto Etching (Workshop Practice)
  ''978-1-85486-238-9Harold HallDividing (Workshop Practice)
2005978-1-85486-239-6David BoddingtonBuilding and Flying Radio Controlled Aircraft
2007978-1-85486-240-2David Wooley · William ClarkeWarships and Warship Modelling
2006978-1-85486-241-9Harold HallTool and Cutter Sharpening (Workshop Practice)
2007978-1-85486-242-6David BoddingtonAlmost Ready to Fly: Radio Control Flying 21st Century Style
2006978-1-85486-243-3Pat AddyElectromechanical Building Blocks: For the Model Engineer
  ''978-1-85486-244-0Peter Rouse · Bill RobertsonScanners 5: 5: The VHF/UHF Communications Guide
  ''978-1-85486-245-7Stan BrayModel Marine Steam
2007978-1-85486-246-4Jim CoxElectric Motors (Workshop Practice S)
  ''978-1-85486-247-1Brian KingShip Modelling Solutions
  ''978-1-85486-248-8Harold HallModel Engineers' Workshop Projects (Workshop Practice S)
2007978-1-85486-249-5Peter K. HeimannRegulator Clock Construction
2008978-1-85486-250-1Alex WeissBearings (Workshop Practice)
2009978-1-85486-252-5Stan BrayGrinding, Honing and Polishing (Workshop Practice)
  ''978-1-85486-253-2Harold HallMetalworker's Data Book (Workshop Practice)
  ''978-1-85486-254-9David FennerThe Mini-lathe (Workshop Practice)
  ''978-1-85486-255-6Tom GormanScale Model Tugs
2010978-1-85486-256-3Harold HallThe Metalworker's Workshop (Workshop Practice)
2009978-1-85486-257-0Peter Rouse · Bill RobertsonScanners 6
2010978-1-85486-260-0Alex WeissWorkshop Machinery (Workshop Practice)
  ''978-1-85486-261-7Stan BrayBasic Lathework (Workshop Practice)
2010978-1-85486-262-4Graham R. AstburyThree-phase Conversion (Workshop Practice)
2011978-1-85486-265-5David FennerMini-lathe Tools and Projects (Workshop Practice Series)
  ''978-1-85486-266-2Harold HallThe Milling Machine (Workshop Practice)
2015978-1-85486-270-9Martin SimonsModel Aircraft Aerodynamics
2013978-1-85486-272-3Peter Rouse · Bill RobertsonScanners 7: Tuning Into Digital & Analogue Communication
2014978-1-85486-274-7Oliver Bothmann3D Printers: A Beginner's Guide