Special Interest Model Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1957978-0-85242-054-6Rodier HeathHow to Take Flash Pictures with Box and Other Simple Cameras
1972978-0-85242-106-2Vivian CapelCreative Tape Recording
1971978-0-85242-220-5Alec PearlmanRollei manual: The complete book of twin-lens photography
1973978-0-85242-221-2Douglas Doherty"Model Railways" Locomotive Album
1998978-0-85242-288-5Lawrence H. SpareyThe Amateur's Lathe
1973978-0-85242-306-6Ernest Alfred SteelThe Miniature World of Henry Greenly
1975978-0-85242-356-1R. W. G. HuntReproduction of Colour
1974978-0-85242-366-0Gerald A. WingroveThe Techniques of Ship Modelling
  ''978-0-85242-405-6Geoffrey W. FutterThe Funnies (A Bellona book)
1970978-0-85242-410-0Karl De HaanSunday Sue
1971978-0-85242-460-5Heinz J. Nowarra · Godfrey Richard DuvalRussian Civil and Military Aircraft, 1884-1969
1977978-0-85242-497-1H. KinnaJäger and Schützen: dress and distinctions 1910-1914
  ''978-0-85242-516-9David R. MacGregorSquare Rigged Sailing Ships
1983978-0-85242-532-9Alfred W. MarshallGear Wheels and Gear Cutting (MAP technical publication)
1977978-0-85242-553-4Charles GrantAncient Battles for Wargamers
  ''978-0-85242-570-1Theo Kisselbach · E.F.LinssenLeica CL
1978978-0-85242-610-4J.M. ThorntonMen-of-War, 1770-1970
1979978-0-85242-618-0David R. MacGregorClipper Ships
  ''978-0-85242-619-7Robert SimperGaff Sail
1979978-0-85242-640-1John WadeShort History of the Camera
  ''978-0-85242-670-8Heather AngelNature Photography
1982978-0-85242-729-3Mike MunnStories Behind the Scenes of the Great Film Epics
1981978-0-85242-749-1W. NordhoekComposition in Colour Photography
1982978-0-85242-773-6Andrew SmithBuilding the "Victoria": A Nineteenth Century Steam Engine
1998978-0-85242-775-0Ian C. BradleyMyford Series 7 Lathe Manual: ML7, ML7-R, Super 7
1982978-0-85242-778-1C.J. FreezerBuilding Model Railways
  ''978-0-85242-787-3George GentlyHardening and Tempering Engineer's Tools
  ''978-0-85242-790-3David BoddingtonBuilding and Flying Radio Controlled Model Aircraft
1984978-0-85242-802-3Ian PeacockAirbrushing and Spray Painting Manual
1998978-0-85242-805-4John HainingIntroducing Model Traction Engine Construction
1983978-0-85242-815-3J.Malcolm WildClock Wheel and Pinion Cutting
  ''978-0-85242-817-7Martin EvansThe Model Steam Locomotive: A Complete Treatise on Design and Construction
1998978-0-85242-820-7R.H. WarringThe Glassfibre Handbook
1984978-0-85242-837-5Tubal CainHardening, Tempering and Heat Treatment (Workshop Practice)
1984978-0-85242-838-2Martin CleeveScrew-cutting in the Lathe (Workshop Practice)
  ''978-0-85242-840-5Tubal CainMilling Operations in the Lathe (Workshop Practice)
1997978-0-85242-841-2Ivan R. LawMeasuring and Marking Metals (Workshop Practice Series No. 6)
1998978-0-85242-843-6Arnold ThropVertical Milling in the Home Workshop (Workshop Practice)
  ''978-0-85242-845-0Tubal CainSoldering and Brazing (Workshop Practice)
1986978-0-85242-846-7W.A. VauseThe Art of Welding (Workshop Practice)
1985978-0-85242-849-8R.E. WakefordSheet Metal Work (Workshop Practice)
1987978-0-85242-862-7Jack PoynerElectroplating (Workshop Practice)
1986978-0-85242-866-5Tubal CainDrills, Taps and Dies (Workshop Practice)
1987978-0-85242-886-3Stan BrayMaking Small Workshop Tools (Workshop Practice)
1986978-0-85242-887-0Ian C. BradleySaws and Sawing (Workshop Practice)
1987978-0-85242-908-2Tubal CainWorkholding in the Lathe (Workshop Practice)
1998978-0-85242-911-2Ivan R. LawGears and Gear Cutting (Workshop Practice)
  ''978-0-85242-914-3V.J. CoxElectric Motors (Workshop Practice)
1988978-0-85242-920-4Les OldridgeBasic Benchwork (Workshop Practice)
  ''978-0-85242-925-9Tubal CainSpring Design and Manufacture (Workshop Practice)
1988978-0-85242-934-1Stuart. AsquithMILITARY MODELLING: GUIDE TO SOLO WARGAMING.
1987978-0-85242-936-5C. J. J. BerryWine Maker's Companion
1988978-0-85242-939-6Argus BooksAircraft Archive; A detailed collection of original scale aircraft drawings: Fighters of World War II, Vol. 1: v. 1
1989978-0-85242-942-6A. J. SmithGuide to Sporting Clays
1988978-0-85242-945-7Argus BooksAircraft Archive; A detailed collection of original scale aircraft drawings: Fighters of World War II, Vol. 2: v. 2
1987978-0-85242-947-1Ian C. BradleyMetalwork and Machining Hints and Tips (Workshop Practice)
1998978-0-85242-976-1David BoddingtonBuilding from Plans (Radio control handbooks)
1989978-0-85242-979-2Ian PeacockCovering Model Aircraft (Radio Control Handbooks)
  ''978-0-85242-985-3Argus BooksAircraft Archive; A detailed collection of original scale aircraft drawings: Classics of World War II
1998978-0-85242-986-0David Boddington · Brian WinchOperating Radio Control Engines (Radio control handbooks)
  ''978-0-85242-996-9Peter RussellVintage Model Aeroplanes (Radio Control Handbooks)
1989978-0-85242-997-6Phil ShawWhose Game is it Anyway?: Book of the Football Fanzines
  ''978-0-85242-998-3Argus BooksAircraft Archive; A detailed collection of original scale aircraft drawings: Aircraft of World War One, Vol. 3: v. 3