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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-1-85479-005-7John RomerTestament: Bible and History
1990978-1-85479-006-4Charles OsborneLife and Crimes of Agatha Christie
1991978-1-85479-024-8Andrew MortonInside Buckingham Palace: The Private World of the Royal Family
1989978-1-85479-025-5Marguerite Porter · Anne DunhillBallerina: A Dancer's Life
1990978-1-85479-031-6Oscar WildeThe Complete Works
2002978-1-85479-041-5Richard DalbyThe Golden Age of Children's Book Illustrations
1991978-1-85479-049-1John Silvester · Anne MobbsA Catland Companion: Classic Cats by Louis Wain and Many Others
  ''978-1-85479-054-5Olive Beaupre-MillerMy Storytime Treasury
1990978-1-85479-077-4Andrew MortonDiana's Diary: An Intimate Portrait of the Princess of Wales
  ''978-1-85479-081-1Gerald DurrellBest Dog Stories
1999978-1-85479-098-9Rodney DaleLouis Wain: the Man Who Drew Cats
1993978-1-85479-117-7Anthony KempWitchcraft and Paganism Today
1997978-1-85479-125-2Oscar WildeThe Complete Oscar Wilde
1992978-1-85479-128-3Andrew MortonDiana: Her True Story
1993978-1-85479-129-0Christopher Waud"Daily Mail" Guide to Employment Law 1993
2002978-1-85479-130-6David BrownThe World According to Groucho Marx
1993978-1-85479-163-4Lesley FotherbyCats: Drawing and Painting in Watercolour
  ''978-1-85479-169-6John Romer · Elizabeth RomerThe Rape of Tutankhamun
  ''978-1-85479-182-5John Askill · Martyn SharpeAngel of Death: Killer Nurse Beverly Allitt
1992978-1-85479-191-7Andrew MortonDiana: Her True Story
2002978-1-85479-195-5Stephen Blake and Andrew JohnThe World According to Heavy Metal
1997978-1-85479-205-1Alkarim JivaniIt's Not Unusual: History of Lesbian and Gay Britain in the 20th Century
1996978-1-85479-220-4Clive DunnPermission to Laugh: My Favourite Funny Stories
1996978-1-85479-223-5Allan StarkieFergie: Her Secret Life
1997978-1-85479-239-6Ken AdamsHead Start: Workbook [How to Read, Count and Learn Through Creative Play Pre-School]
  ''978-1-85479-245-7Adam Hart-DavisThunder, Flush and Thomas Crapper: An Encyclopedia
  ''978-1-85479-250-1Adam Hart-DavisThunder, Flush and Thomas Crapper: An Encycloopedia
1998978-1-85479-253-2Andrew MortonMoi: The Making of an African Statesman
1997978-1-85479-257-0Maurice E. BarenHow Household Names Began (How It All Began)
1998978-1-85479-264-8A Gift Forever
1997978-1-85479-266-2Jan D'LordBluebell: Diary of a Cat
1998978-1-85479-270-9Andrew MortonDiana: Her True Story - In Her Own Words (Diana Princess of Wales)
  ''978-1-85479-273-0Isabel SkypalaWhat are You Eating?: Food Fact File
1997978-1-85479-279-2Alkarim JivaniIt's Not Unusual: History of Lesbian and Gay Britain in the 20th Century
1998978-1-85479-302-7Maurice E. BarenVictorian Shopping: How it all Began
2003978-1-85479-314-0Judy ParkinsonElton: Made in England
1998978-1-85479-327-0Michael O'Mara · Martin BristowDiana, Princess Of Wales 1961-1997: " A Tribute In Photographs "
  ''978-1-85479-334-8Paul JacksonBest Ever Paper Planes: That Really Fly!
2003978-1-85479-342-3Diana BriscoeWicked Geordie English
1998978-1-85479-356-0Paul JacksonChampionship Paper Planes
1998978-1-85479-368-3Sharon Tyler HerbstA Meal without Wine is Breakfast
  ''978-1-85479-378-2Really Wicked Scottish Jokes (Really Wicked Joke Books)
2003978-1-85479-384-3Andrew MortonDiana: Her True Story - In Her Own Words
2002978-1-85479-386-7Betty KirkpatrickWicked Cockney Rhyming Slang
1998978-1-85479-392-8Simone Simmons · Susan HillDiana: The Secret Years (Diana Princess of Wales)
1999978-1-85479-395-9John HighamFlip Over Times Tables (Maths flip-over fun)
  ''978-1-85479-406-2Mabel Lucie AttwellMabel Lucie Attwell's Going to Bed Tales
  ''978-1-85479-408-6William ShakespeareThe Wicked Wit of William Shakespeare
  ''978-1-85479-409-3Maureen Boland · Bridget BolandOld Wives' Lore for Gardeners
2002978-1-85479-415-4Sean SmithKylie Confidential
2000978-1-85479-425-3Jane FurnivalMr Thrifty's How to Save Money
1999978-1-85479-426-0Andrew MortonMonica's Story
2002978-1-85479-434-5Sex Maniac's Cheques: For Adults Only (Gift)
1999978-1-85479-440-6Alec BromcieThe Complete Book of Farting
1999978-1-85479-444-4Rosemary HawthorneChinstraps, Nose Moulds and Corsets: A Shopper's Guide to Feminine Beauty, 1880-1930
  ''978-1-85479-445-1Alec BromcieThe Little Book of Farting
  ''978-1-85479-454-3Alex WarrenThe Little Book of Stupid Men (Humour)
  ''978-1-85479-456-7David BrownThe Little Toilet Book
  ''978-1-85479-463-5Klaus-Achim PeitzmeierFormula One: The 1999 Season
1999978-1-85479-484-0Adam Hart-DavisEurekaaargh
2002978-1-85479-488-8Miranda TwissThe Most Evil Men and Women in History
2000978-1-85479-501-4Ian Wilson · Barrie SchwortzThe Turin Shroud: The Illustrated Evidence
  ''978-1-85479-504-5Love Cheques (Gift)
2001978-1-85479-529-8Dominique EnrightThe Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill
2000978-1-85479-533-5Peter RatcliffeEye of the Storm: Twenty-Five Years In Action With The SAS: 25 Years in Action with the SAS
  ''978-1-85479-542-7Oscar WildeThe Wicked Wit of Oscar Wilde: Centenary Edition
  ''978-1-85479-549-6David CrombieThe World's Stupidest Laws
  ''978-1-85479-554-0William SmethurstThe Archers: The History of Radio's Most Famous Programme 50th Anniversary Edition
2000978-1-85479-555-7Michael O'MaraThe World's Stupidest Signs
  ''978-1-85479-562-5Lucrece Danvers · Grenville DanversThe Little Book of Revenge
2001978-1-85479-563-2EditedLtle Bk of Pics and Tones (Little Book)
2000978-1-85479-578-6Alison PressleyChanging Times: Being Young in Britain in the '60s
  ''978-1-85479-581-6Judy ParkinsonFrom Hue and Cry to Humble Pie (Reference)
  ''978-1-85479-584-7Dominique EnrightWitty, Wicked & Wise. Witticisms From Life & Literature
  ''978-1-85479-597-7Andrew ShollThe Achilles to Zeppelin of Eponyms: How the Names Became the Words
2000978-1-85479-598-4Design 23Sex Cheques (Gift)
  ''978-1-85479-599-1Andrew MortonPosh and Becks
1996978-1-85479-609-7Lesley FotherbyCats: Drawing and Painting in Watercolour
  ''978-1-85479-618-9Ronald MartinettiThe James Dean Story
1997978-1-85479-619-6Sally HarmanCats in Cross Stitch
  ''978-1-85479-635-6Graeme StewartSilent Heroes: Story of the SAS
  ''978-1-85479-636-3Robert (Bob) M. BrierEgyptian Mummies: Unravelling the Secrets of an Ancient Art
1996978-1-85479-644-8Paul GambacciniLove Letters
1997978-1-85479-650-9Mark SeamanBravest of the Brave: True Story of Wing Commander Tommy Yeo-Thomas - SOE Secret Agent Codename, the White Rabbit
2002978-1-85479-652-3Dominique EnrightThe Wicked Wit of Jane Austen
2002978-1-85479-660-8Rudyard KiplingKipling: If... and Other Poems (Pocket Poets)
1997978-1-85479-667-7Maurice E. BarenHow it All Began Up the High Street
  ''978-1-85479-674-5Michael FossPeople of the First Crusade
2000978-1-85479-678-3Michael O'Mara BooksWAN2TLK? Ltle Bk of Txt Msgs.
2001978-1-85479-682-0Theo AronsonPrincess Margaret: A Biography
  ''978-1-85479-685-1Anne JohnsonTantric Sex for Busy People (Little Books)
2002978-1-85479-690-5Alison PressleyThe Seventies, The: Good Times, Bad Taste
1997978-1-85479-698-1Janet BordFairies: Real Encounters with Little People
  ''978-1-85479-699-8James Herriot · Elisabeth Beresford · Stella Whitelaw · et al.Greatest Cat Stories
1995978-1-85479-701-8Richard Johnstone-ScottJambo: A Gorilla's Story
2001978-1-85479-725-4Zoe ZuckermannThe Little Book of Sex Fantasies (Little Books)
1995978-1-85479-741-4David Blunkett · Alex MacCormickOn a Clear Day
1994978-1-85479-747-6Andrew MortonDiana: Her New Life
2002978-1-85479-748-3Michael FossOut of India: a Raj Childhood
1997978-1-85479-754-4Benjamin BartThe History of Farting
1995978-1-85479-772-8Charles OsborneW.H.Auden: The Life of a Poet
1994978-1-85479-777-3Peter James · Nick J. ThorpeAncient Inventions (Wonders of the past!)
2001978-1-85479-780-3Michael O'Mara BooksChristina Aguilera (Access All Areas)
1995978-1-85479-783-4Andrew MortonDiana: Her New Life
  ''978-1-85479-785-8Hilary WilsonUnderstanding Hieroglyphs: A Quick and Simple Guide
2001978-1-85479-790-2Michael O'Mara BooksBritney Spears (Access All Areas)
1996978-1-85479-797-1Davina CharlestonVictorian Secrets: An Anthology of Victorian Erotica
1996978-1-85479-799-5Robert (Bob) M. BrierEgyptian Mummies: Unravelling the Secrets of an Ancient Art
2001978-1-85479-800-8Hilary WilsonEgyptian Woman: a year in the life of a woman during the reign of Ramesses II
2000978-1-85479-809-1Peter RatcliffeEye of the Storm: Twenty-Five Years In Action With The SAS
2001978-1-85479-816-9Edith HoldenThe Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
  ''978-1-85479-820-6Sean SmithJ.K.Rowling: A Biography - The Genius Behind Harry Potter
  ''978-1-85479-821-3Peter RatcliffeEye of the Storm: Twenty-Five Years In Action With The SAS: 25 Years in Action with the SAS
2002978-1-85479-856-5Nigel FountainVoices from the Twentieth Century: The Battle of Britain and the Blitz
  ''978-1-85479-857-2Nigel FountainVoices from the Twentieth Century: Women at War
  ''978-1-85479-859-6Gray JolliffeWicked Willie Does Stand Up
2003978-1-85479-860-2James ColthurstCancer Positive: The Role of the Mind in Tackling Cancers
2001978-1-85479-865-7Karen DolanBest True Cat Stories: Featuring Real-Life Cat Adventures (Anthology)
2002978-1-85479-872-5Naughty Office Cheques (Gift)
2002978-1-85479-876-3Michael O'Mara · Michael O'Mara Books UKThe World's Stupidest Graffiti (The World's Stupidest S.)
  ''978-1-85479-879-4Rhian McKayThe World's Stupidest Criminals (The World's Stupidest S.)
2001978-1-85479-886-2Andrew MortonPosh and Becks
  ''978-1-85479-887-9Peter RatcliffeThe Little Book of the SAS
  ''978-1-85479-888-6Andrew MortonMadonna
  ''978-1-85479-889-3Lesley Anne IvoryCats
2001978-1-85479-890-9N aLUVTLK: Ltle Bk of Luv Txt
1994978-1-85479-902-9Anne DunhillWeb of Passion
1993978-1-85479-906-7Martha GrimesA Martha Grimes Omnibus
1995978-1-85479-907-4Anne Lane · Michael LaneQuick and Easy Garden Cross Stitch
1994978-1-85479-912-8Alex MacCormickPapier Mache Style
2002978-1-85479-918-0The Unofficial Arsenal Joke Book
1995978-1-85479-919-7Richard DalbyShivers for Christmas
1994978-1-85479-927-2John RomerAncient Lives: Story of the Pharaoh's Tombmakers
  ''978-1-85479-928-9Fiona Holman · Martin Bristow · Tim GrahamThe Royal Year 1994 :
1993978-1-85479-930-2Donald ThomasDead Giveaway: Murders Avenged from the Grave
2002978-1-85479-932-6Robin ReeveThe Book of Urban Legends
1995978-1-85479-933-3John Romer · Elizabeth RomerSeven Wonders of the World: A History of the Modern Imagination
1994978-1-85479-938-8Mabel Lucie AttwellMabel Lucie Attwell's Going to Bed Tales
  ''978-1-85479-947-0A. Rosalie DavidDiscovering Ancient Egypt
  ''978-1-85479-952-4Rich Parsons · Tony KeavenyColin the Librarian: The Chronicles of Ancient Threa - Volume 3 or Maybe 4
1998978-1-85479-999-9Sue CrawfordOzzy Unauthorized