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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-1-85430-017-1Christopher JamesBump at the Beach (Bump books)
1989978-1-85430-038-6Anna LouiseSometimes....
  ''978-1-85430-040-9   ''Sometimes....
  ''978-1-85430-045-4Moy McCrory · Eleni MichaelGrandmother's Tale
  ''978-1-85430-052-2Moy McCrory · Eleni MichaelGrandmother's Tale
  ''978-1-85430-100-0Maria Martinez i Vendrell · R. CapdevilaA Brother for Celia (Let's talk about)
1989978-1-85430-110-9Maria Martinez i Vendrell · R. CapdevilaAfter Dark (Let's talk about)
  ''978-1-85430-111-6   ''After Dark (Let's talk about)
1991978-1-85430-145-1Tony RossThe I Want My Potty
  ''978-1-85430-146-8Tony RossThe I Want My Potty (Magi)
1993978-1-85430-159-8Anne Mangan · Gwyneth WilliamsonThe Lonely Little Bear
1991978-1-85430-211-3Kati TeagueImran's Clinic (Picture Playbooks)
  ''978-1-85430-231-1   ''Gail's Birthday (Picture Playbooks)
1997978-1-85430-289-2Julie SykesI Don't Want to Go to Bed!
1992978-1-85430-293-9Rabindranath Tagore · Chitra GajadinAmal and the Letter from the King
  ''978-1-85430-294-6Rabindranath Tagore · Chitra GajadinAmal and the Letter from the King
1994978-1-85430-301-1Mamta Bhatia · Yasmin JonesBini in Trouble
1993978-1-85430-310-3Babette ColePrince Cinders
1994978-1-85430-312-7Martin WaddellCan't You Sleep, Little Bear?
1994978-1-85430-326-4Christine HarrisThe Silver Path
  ''978-1-85430-327-1Christine HarrisThe Silver Path
  ''978-1-85430-336-3Mary HoffmanAmazing Grace
  ''978-1-85430-340-0Mary HoffmanAmazing Grace
1995978-1-85430-348-6Martin Waddell · Patrick BensonOwl Babies
  ''978-1-85430-353-0Mick InkpenKipper's Toybox
1995978-1-85430-358-5Jill MurphyFive Minutes' Peace
  ''978-1-85430-360-8Jill MurphyFive Minutes' Peace
  ''978-1-85430-366-0Kati TeagueAnna Goes to School (Picture Playbooks)
  ''978-1-85430-369-1   ''Gail's Birthday (Picture Playbooks)
1995978-1-85430-376-9Kati TeagueImran's Clinic (Picture Playbooks)
  ''978-1-85430-380-6   ''Liam's Day Out (Picture Playbooks)
  ''978-1-85430-386-8Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You
  ''978-1-85430-387-5Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You (Vietnamese & English) (Vietnamese and English-)
1997978-1-85430-401-8Julie SykesShhh! (Santa) (Little Tiger)
1998978-1-85430-407-0   ''Dora's Eggs (Dora)
  ''978-1-85430-421-6   ''I Don't Want to Have a Bath!
1998978-1-85430-429-2Linda JenningsPenny and Pup
1999978-1-85430-457-5Alan MacDonaldBeware of the Bears!
  ''978-1-85430-461-2Julie SykesHurry, Santa!
  ''978-1-85430-471-1Michael ColemanOne, Two, Three, Oops!
  ''978-1-85430-473-5Alison Allen-GrayThe Lost Kitten!
1998978-1-85430-480-3Klaus BaumgartLaura's Star
1999978-1-85430-482-7Sssh! Santa's Reading Poster
  ''978-1-85430-483-410 Ways to Improve Your Reading Poster
2000978-1-85430-491-9Julie SykesLittle Tiger's Big Surprise!
1997978-1-85430-495-7Julie Sykes · Tim WarnesI Don't Want to Have a Bath Toy
1996978-1-85430-505-3Dyan SheldonWhales' Song
1996978-1-85430-516-9Mick InkpenKipper's Snowy Day
  ''978-1-85430-521-3Martin WaddellYou and Me, Little Bear
1998978-1-85430-535-0Julie SykesI Don't Want to Go to Bed!
  ''978-1-85430-537-4   ''I Don't Want to Go to Bed!
1998978-1-85430-539-8Julie SykesI Don't Want to Go to Bed!
  ''978-1-85430-543-5Linda JenningsBuster
  ''978-1-85430-544-2   ''Buster
1997978-1-85430-551-0Mick InkpenBear
1999978-1-85430-606-7Julie SykesLittle Tiger Goes to School
2000978-1-85430-609-8Diana HendryThe Very Noisy Night (Little Mouse, Big Mouse)
1999978-1-85430-615-9Julie SykesI Don't Want to Go to Bed!
2000978-1-85430-618-0Catherine WaltersAre You There, Baby Bear? (Alfie Bear) (Little Tiger Press)
2001978-1-85430-620-3Sheridan CainLittle Turtle and the Song of the Sea
2000978-1-85430-628-9Isobel FinnThe Very Lazy Ladybird
2005978-1-85430-635-7Joanne PartisHungry Harry
2001978-1-85430-637-1Nigel GrayLittle Bear's Grandad
  ''978-1-85430-641-8Sheridan CainThe Crunching, Munching Caterpillar
2000978-1-85430-654-8Julie SykesTime for Bed, Little Tiger
  ''978-1-85430-656-2   ''Wake Up, Little Tiger
2001978-1-85430-670-8David BedfordIt's My Turn!
2001978-1-85430-672-2Linda JenningsTitus's Troublesome Tooth
  ''978-1-85430-679-1Paeony LewisI'll Always Love You
2002978-1-85430-681-4Christine Leeson · Gaby HansenThe Gift of Christmas
2000978-1-85430-682-1Klaus BaumgartLaura's Christmas Star (Laura's Star)
2001978-1-85430-683-8   ''Laura's Christmas Star (Laura's Star)
2000978-1-85430-696-8   ''Laura's Star
2002978-1-85430-698-2Christyan Fox · Diane FoxFireman Piggywiggy
  ''978-1-85430-709-5David BedfordBig Bear, Little Bear
2000978-1-85430-714-9Julie Sykes · Tim WarnesLittle Tiger's Big Surprise!
2001978-1-85430-723-1Julie SykesWait for Me, Little Tiger!
2004978-1-85430-725-5Adele GerasSleep Tight, Ginger Kitten
2001978-1-85430-728-6Catherine WaltersWhen Will It Be Spring? (Alfie Bear) (Alfie Bear S.)
2002978-1-85430-735-4Catherine WaltersAre You There, Baby Bear? (Alfie Bear) (Alfie Bear S.)
  ''978-1-85430-737-8David BedfordShaggy Dog and the Terrible Itch
2001978-1-85430-753-8Ruth GallowayFidgety Fish
  ''978-1-85430-759-0Diana HendryThe Very Busy Day (Little Mouse, Big Mouse)
  ''978-1-85430-761-3Julie SykesThe Sleepover Party (Little Tiger & Friends S.)
2003978-1-85430-768-2Catherine WaltersPlay Gently, Alfie Bear! (Alfie Bear) (Alfie Bear S.)
2002978-1-85430-770-5Christyan Fox · Diane FoxSpaceman PiggyWiggy
2003978-1-85430-772-9Julie SykesDora's Chicks (Dora)
  ''978-1-85430-776-7Alan MacDonald · Tim WarnesScaredy Mouse
2003978-1-85430-780-4Jane ClarkeSmoky Dragons
2002978-1-85430-784-2Jo BrownWhere's My Mummy?
  ''978-1-85430-785-9Delia NoelYawn Like a Hippo! (Lift-the-flap Book)
  ''978-1-85430-786-6Delia NoelQuack Quack, Who's That? (Lift-the-flap Book)
2003978-1-85430-792-7Jane JohnsonReady for Bed!
  ''978-1-85430-811-5Claire FreedmanHushabye Lily
2002978-1-85430-812-2Christyan Fox · Diane FoxAround the World PiggyWiggy (A pull-the-page book)
  ''978-1-85430-813-9Barbara BennettLion's Precious Gift
2004978-1-85430-818-4Ben CortPigs Can't Fly!
2003978-1-85430-820-7David RobertsDirty Bertie
2002978-1-85430-822-1Catherine WaltersLet's Play, Alfie Bear! (Alfie Bear) (Alfie Bear S.)
2002978-1-85430-823-8Catherine WaltersWhere Are You, Alfie Bear? (Alfie Bear) (Alfie Bear S.)
2003978-1-85430-825-2Julie SykesCareful, Santa!
2002978-1-85430-837-5Emma Harris · Paul CherrillBedtime Little Monsters
2004978-1-85430-844-3Claire FreedmanGoodnight, Sleep Tight!
2003978-1-85430-854-2Christine LeesonMolly and the Storm
  ''978-1-85430-855-9Julie SykesHide and Seek, Little Tiger
  ''978-1-85430-856-6   ''Bathtime, Little Tiger
  ''978-1-85430-858-0Andrew MurrayThe Very Sleepy Sloth
2004978-1-85430-860-3David BedfordWhat Are You Doing in My Bed?
2003978-1-85430-861-0Ruth GallowaySmiley Shark
  ''978-1-85430-862-7   ''Smiley Shark
2004978-1-85430-864-1Paul BrightUnder the Bed (Mini Hardbacks)
2003978-1-85430-866-5Sam LloydSuper Sid: The Silly Sausage Dog
2004978-1-85430-869-6Ewa LipniackaIt's Mine!
2003978-1-85430-873-3Isobel Finn · Jack TickleThe Very Lazy Ladybird: Pop-up Edition (A Pop-up Story)
2003978-1-85430-874-0Sam LloydHappy Dog Sad Dog
  ''978-1-85430-875-7Christyan Fox · Diane FoxPirate PiggyWiggy
  ''978-1-85430-880-1Sam LloydWhose Tail?
2004978-1-85430-891-7Catherine WaltersTime to Sleep,Alfie Bear!
2003978-1-85430-894-8A. H. Benjamin · Jane ChapmanBaa, Moo, What Will We Do?
  ''978-1-85430-896-2Gillian LobelLittle Bear's Special Wish
2004978-1-85430-898-6Sam LloydYummy Yummy, Food for My Tummy!
  ''978-1-85430-900-6Paul BrightQuiet!
2003978-1-85430-901-3Claire FreedmanNight-night, Poppy!
2004978-1-85430-902-0Claire Freedman · Jane MasseyNight-night,Poppy!
2005978-1-85430-904-4Anna PowellDon't Say That, Willy Nilly!
2005978-1-85430-908-2Sam Lloyd · Ben Cort3,2,1 Bedtime
2004978-1-85430-910-5David BedfordMo's Smelly Jumper
2003978-1-85430-911-2Lucy RichardsFunky Farm (Animal Faces Cuddly Cuffs S.)
  ''978-1-85430-912-9Lucy RichardsJolly Jungle (Animal Faces Cuddly Cuffs) (Animal Faces Cuddly Cuffs S.)
  ''978-1-85430-913-6   ''Silly Sea (Animal Faces Cuddly Cuffs) (Animal Faces Cuddly Cuffs S.)
  ''978-1-85430-914-3   ''Busy Bugs (Animal Faces Cuddly Cuffs S.)
2004978-1-85430-917-4Jack TickleThe Very Lazy Lion (Peek a Boo Pop Ups)
2004978-1-85430-918-1Jack TickleThe Very Bouncy Bear (Pop Up) (Peek a Boo Pop Ups)
2003978-1-85430-933-4Michael ColemanOne, Two, Three, Oops!
  ''978-1-85430-955-6Klaus BaumgartLaura's Secret (Lauras Star)
2004978-1-85430-959-4Claire FreedmanOops-A-Daisy (Magi)
2003978-1-85430-973-0Claire Freedman · Jane ChapmanDilly Duckling
2005978-1-85430-976-1M. Christina ButlerWho's Been Eating My Porridge?
2004978-1-85430-978-5Kathryn WhiteHere Comes the Crocodile
  ''978-1-85430-979-2Kathryn WhiteHere Comes the Crocodile
  ''978-1-85430-981-5Klaus BaumgartLaura's Secret (Laura's Star)
2003978-1-85430-982-2Hilary Robinson · Mandy StanleyThe Princess's Secret Letters (with pen)
  ''978-1-85430-987-7Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You
978-1-85430-988-4   ''Guess How Much I Love You (Arabic/English)
2005978-1-85430-992-1Jane JohnsonLittle Bunny's Bedtime!
2004978-1-85430-993-8Isobel FinnThe Very Lazy Ladybird (My First Storybook)
2004978-1-85430-994-5Sheridan CainThe Crunching, Munching Caterpillar
  ''978-1-85430-998-3Jack TickleThe Very Happy Hen (Peek a Boo Pop Ups)
  ''978-1-85430-999-0   ''The Very Silly Shark (Peek a Boo Pop Ups)