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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-84506-001-5Jane JohnsonLittle Bunnies Bathtime
  ''978-1-84506-003-9A. H. BenjaminAt the End of the Rainbow
2004978-1-84506-004-6Julie Sykes · Tim WarnesBless You,Santa!
2005978-1-84506-005-3Julie SykesBless You, Santa! (Santa S.)
2004978-1-84506-008-4Claire Freedman · Rory TygerBy My Side,Little Panda
2005978-1-84506-009-1Claire FreedmanBy My Side, Little Panda
2004978-1-84506-010-7David RobertsPooh! is That You Bertie? (Dirty Bertie)
2005978-1-84506-011-4David RobertsPooh! Is That You, Bertie? (Dirty Bertie)
  ''978-1-84506-013-8Kathryn WhiteThe Nutty Nut Chase
2004978-1-84506-015-2Nicola GrantChameleon's Crazy Colours
  ''978-1-84506-017-6Liz PichonThe Very Ugly Bug
  ''978-1-84506-023-7Christine Leeson · Andy EllisJust for You!
2005978-1-84506-024-4Christine LeesonJust for You!
2004978-1-84506-027-5Debbie TarbettTen Wriggly Wiggly Caterpillars
2004978-1-84506-029-9Christina M. Butler · Tina MacNaughtonOne Snowy Night
  ''978-1-84506-030-5Christina M. Butler · Tina MacNaughtonOne Snowy Night
2005978-1-84506-035-0Gaby HansenAll About Baby
2004978-1-84506-036-7Klaus BaumgartLaura's Star and the New Teacher (Laura's Star)
  ''978-1-84506-037-4Tim WarnesSanta's Sticker Activity Book
  ''978-1-84506-041-1Klaus BaumgartLaura's Star and the New Teacher
2005978-1-84506-042-8Ann MeekI'm Special, I'm Me!
2006978-1-84506-043-5Ann Meek · Sarah MassiniI'm Special, I'm Me!
2005978-1-84506-062-6Michael ColemanLazy Ozzie
  ''978-1-84506-063-3Michael ColemanRidiculous!
2005978-1-84506-068-8Alan MacDonaldBeware of the Bears!
  ''978-1-84506-071-8Hilary RobinsonPrincess's Secret Letters: Book & Letter Writing Set (Book & Letter Writing Sets)
2007978-1-84506-075-6Catherine WaltersWhen Will It Be Spring?
  ''978-1-84506-077-0David Bedford · Gwyneth WilliamsonShaggy Dog and the Terrible Itch (Little Tiger Mini Hardbacks)
  ''978-1-84506-078-7A. H. Benjamin · Gwyneth WilliamsonLittle Mouse and the Big Red Apple
  ''978-1-84506-079-4Julie Sykes · Jane ChapmanDora's Eggs
2007978-1-84506-080-0David Bedford · Daniel HowarthWhat Are You Doing in My Bed? (Little Tiger Mini Hardbacks)
  ''978-1-84506-081-7Julie Sykes · Tim WarnesI Don't Want to Have a Bath!
2005978-1-84506-086-2Sheridan CainThe Teeny Weeny Tadpole
  ''978-1-84506-087-9Elizabeth BaguleyMeggie Moon (Ready Steady Read)
2006978-1-84506-088-6Elizabeth BaguleyMeggie Moon (Ready Steady Read)
  ''978-1-84506-090-9Julia Rawlinson · Tim WarnesRosie's Special Surprise
2005978-1-84506-091-6Jo BrownHoppity Skip Little Chick
  ''978-1-84506-102-9Keith ChapmanIncy Wincy Spider
2005978-1-84506-105-0Paul BrightNobody Laughs at a Lion! (Ready Steady Read)
2006978-1-84506-106-7Paul Bright · Matt BuckinghamNobody Laughs at a Lion!
  ''978-1-84506-107-4Claire FreedmanSnuggle Up, Sleepy Ones
2005978-1-84506-109-8Ruth GallowayClumsy Crab
  ''978-1-84506-110-4Claire FreedmanOne Magical Morning
2006978-1-84506-111-1Claire Freedman · Louise HoOne Magical Morning
2004978-1-84506-124-1Diana Hendry · Jane ChapmanThe Very Noisy Night Gift Set (Book & Toy)
  ''978-1-84506-144-9Julie SykesShhh! (Little Tiger)
2005978-1-84506-155-5Ruth GallowayFidgety Fish
  ''978-1-84506-157-9Klaus BaumgartLaura's Star: Sticker Activity Book (Laura's Star)
2005978-1-84506-159-3Gillian LobelLittle Bear's Special Wish
  ''978-1-84506-163-0Jack TickleThe Very Busy Bee (Peek-a-boo Pop-ups)
  ''978-1-84506-164-7Angela JoyJoe's Dog
  ''978-1-84506-167-8Anna McQuinnWanda's Washing Machine
2006978-1-84506-183-8Mark OliverRobot Dog (Ready Steady Read)
2005978-1-84506-185-2Layn MarlowThe Witch with a Twitch
  ''978-1-84506-188-3Liz PichonBored Bill
2006978-1-84506-189-0   ''Bored Bill
2005978-1-84506-190-6M. Christina ButlerSnow Friends
2005978-1-84506-191-3M. Christina ButlerSnow Friends
2006978-1-84506-193-7Kenneth StevenThe Sea Mice and the Stars
2005978-1-84506-194-4David BedfordI've Seen Santa!
  ''978-1-84506-195-1   ''I've Seen Santa!
  ''978-1-84506-196-8Diana HendryThe Very Snowy Christmas
2006978-1-84506-197-5Diana Hendry · Jane ChapmanThe Very Snowy Christmas
2005978-1-84506-200-2Kanako UsuiThe Fantastic Mr Wani
2006978-1-84506-201-9Kanako UsuiThe Fantastic Mr Wani
2005978-1-84506-202-6Nick WardThe Biggest Baddest Wolf (Ready Steady Read)
2006978-1-84506-203-3Nick WardThe Biggest Baddest Wolf
2005978-1-84506-204-0Jack TickleThe Very Dizzy Dinosaur (Peek-a-boo Pop-ups)
2006978-1-84506-205-7Anna McQuinn · Ruth HearsonJasmin's Fairy Bubbles (Little Fairy Friends) (Little Fairy Friends S.)
  ''978-1-84506-206-4Anna McQuinn · Ruth HearsonDaisy's Fairy Flowers (Little Fairy Friends) (Little Fairy Friends S.)
2005978-1-84506-207-1Klaus BaumgartLaura's Star and the Sleepover (Laura's Star)
  ''978-1-84506-208-8Anna McQuinnTick Tock (Cuddly Cuffs) (Cuddly Cuffs S.)
2005978-1-84506-209-5Anna McQuinnRing Ring (Cuddly Cuffs) (Cuddly Cuffs S.)
  ''978-1-84506-210-1Klaus BaumgartLaura's Star and the Sleepover (Laura's Star)
2007978-1-84506-217-0Julie Sykes · Tim WarnesSanta's Noisy Night (Santa)
2005978-1-84506-218-7Klaus BaumgartLaura's Star and the Lost Puppy
  ''978-1-84506-219-4   ''Laura's Star and the Lost Puppy
  ''978-1-84506-224-8Sally HobsonHee-Haw (Farmyard Cuddly Cuffs) (Farmyard Cuddly Cuffs S.)
  ''978-1-84506-226-2Sally HobsonBaa (Farmyard Cuddly Cuffs) (Farmyard Cuddly Cuffs S.)
2006978-1-84506-234-7Debbie TarbettWho's Hiding on the Farm (Hide-&-Seek Fun Book) (Hide-&-Seek Fun Book S.)
2006978-1-84506-235-4Debbie TarbettWho's Hiding in the Jungle (Hide-&-Seek Fun Book) (Hide-&-Seek Fun Book S.)
2005978-1-84506-236-1Isobel Finn · Jack TickleThe Very Lazy Ladybird (Picture Book & CD Set)
  ''978-1-84506-237-8Sheridan CainThe Crunching Munching Caterpillar (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84506-238-5Paul BrightQuiet! (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84506-239-2Diana Hendry · Jane ChapmanThe Very Noisy Night (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84506-240-8David Bedford · Gwyneth WilliamsonShaggy Dog and the Terrible Itch (Book & CD)
2005978-1-84506-241-5Ruth GallowayFidgety Fish (Book & CD)
2006978-1-84506-258-3Ragnhild ScamellOuch! (Ready Steady Read)
  ''978-1-84506-260-6Laura GarnhamThe Tiniest Mermaid
  ''978-1-84506-261-3Sheridan Cain · Gaby HansenBy the Light of the Moon
  ''978-1-84506-262-0   ''By the Light of the Moon
  ''978-1-84506-263-7Marni McGee · Tina MacNaughtonWhile Angels Watch
2007978-1-84506-264-4Marni McGeeWhile Angels Watch
2006978-1-84506-265-1Steve SmallmanBumbletum
2007978-1-84506-266-8Steve Smallman · Tim WarnesA Hug for Humphrey
2006978-1-84506-270-5Matt BuckinghamBright Stanley
2006978-1-84506-282-8Catherine RaynerAugustus and His Smile
2007978-1-84506-283-5Catherine RaynerAugustus and His Smile
2006978-1-84506-300-9Incy Wincy Spider (Sound Book & Toy)
  ''978-1-84506-301-6Jack TickleThe Very Friendly Firefly (Peek a Boo Pop Ups)
2006978-1-84506-302-3Jack TickleThe Very Clever Crocodile (Peek a Boo Pop Ups)
2001978-1-84506-305-4jack tickleThe Very Friendly Firefly
2006978-1-84506-307-8Claire FreedmanGoodnight, Sleep Tight
  ''978-1-84506-308-5   ''Dilly Duckling (Touch-and-feel Book) (Touch-and-feel Book S.)
  ''978-1-84506-309-2Ruth GallowaySmiley Shark
  ''978-1-84506-336-8D Bedford · E FieldIt's My Turn!
  ''978-1-84506-339-9A. H. Benjamin · Jane ChapmanBaa! Moo! What Will We Do?
2006978-1-84506-340-5J West · T WarnesHave You Got My Purr?
  ''978-1-84506-342-9Paeony LewisI'll Always Love You
  ''978-1-84506-343-6J Sykes · T WarnesWait for Me, Little Tiger!
  ''978-1-84506-347-4Catherine WaltersTime to Sleep, Alfie Bear!
  ''978-1-84506-348-1Sanja RescekTwinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: And Other Favourite Bedtime Rhymes
2006978-1-84506-349-8Sanja RescekHickory, Dickory, Dock: And Other Favourite Nursery Rhymes
2005978-1-84506-350-4Jack TickleThe Very Busy Bugs (Pop-Up)
2006978-1-84506-354-2Debbie TarbettTen Tiny Tadpoles
  ''978-1-84506-355-9   ''Who's Hiding Under the Sea? (Slide & Seek)
2008978-1-84506-358-0M. Christina ButlerOne Snowy Night
2007978-1-84506-370-2Paul Bright · Ben CortI'm Not Going Out There!
  ''978-1-84506-372-6Gill Lewis · Louise HoThe Most Precious Thing
2006978-1-84506-373-3Steve Smallman · Joelle DreidemyThe Lamb Who Came for Dinner
2007978-1-84506-375-7Ruth GallowayTickly Octopus
2008978-1-84506-376-4   ''Tickly Octopus
2007978-1-84506-378-8Christine LeesonThe Snow Angel
  ''978-1-84506-380-1Gillian LobelLittle Honey Bear and the Smiley Moon
2006978-1-84506-388-7M. Christina Butler · Tina MacNaughtonOne Winter's Day
  ''978-1-84506-389-4Debbie TarbettWho's Hiding Around the Garden? (Slide & Seek)
2007978-1-84506-394-8   ''Five Little Ducks
2007978-1-84506-396-2Debbie TarbettFive Speckled Frogs
2006978-1-84506-414-3Kathryn White · Mike TerryHere Comes the Crocodile! (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84506-415-0Ruth GallowaySmiley Shark (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84506-416-7Klaus BaumgartLaura's Star (Book & CD)
2006978-1-84506-417-4Klaus BaumgartLaura's Star and the Search for Santa
  ''978-1-84506-418-1   ''Laura's Star and the Search for Santa
978-1-84506-419-8The Very Smiley Snowman (Peek a Boo Pop Ups)
2006978-1-84506-424-2M. Christina Butler · Tina MacNaughtonOne Snowy Night (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84506-425-9Sheridan Cain · Jack TickleThe Teeny Weeny Tadpole (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84506-426-6Julie Sykes · Tim WarnesI Don't Want to Go to Bed! (Book & CD)
2007978-1-84506-427-3Claire Freedman · Tina MacNaughtonSnuggle Up, Sleepy Ones
2004978-1-84506-441-9Christine LeesonTitle: Just For You
2008978-1-84506-449-5Steve SmallmanThe Very Greedy Bee
  ''978-1-84506-450-1Diana HendryOodles of Noodles
2008978-1-84506-451-8Diana HendryOodles of Noodles
2007978-1-84506-453-2Hilary Robinson · Mandy StanleyThe Princess's Secret Sleepover
  ''978-1-84506-455-6Mick Manning · Brita GranstromCock-a-doodle-hooooooo!
  ''978-1-84506-457-0Claire Freedman · Tina MacNaughtonOne Magical Day
2008978-1-84506-459-4Steve SmallmanThe Monkey with a Bright Blue Bottom (Picture Book and CD Set)
  ''978-1-84506-461-7M. Christina ButlerDon't Be Afraid, Little Ones
2007978-1-84506-465-5Alison Ritchie · Alison EdgsonMe and My Dad!
  ''978-1-84506-472-3Claire FreedmanA Kiss Goodnight
2007978-1-84506-483-9Anna McQuinnJust Like Mummy
  ''978-1-84506-484-6Cecilia JohanssonJust Like Daddy
  ''978-1-84506-485-3Gail YerrillMy Best Friends Secrets Notebook (Fairy Friends)
  ''978-1-84506-518-8Steve SmallmanThe Lamb Who Came for Dinner
  ''978-1-84506-522-5Diana Hendry · Jane ChapmanThe Very Noisy Night (Little Tiger Mini Hardbacks)
2007978-1-84506-524-9Tim WarnesCan't You Sleep, Dotty? (Little Tiger Mini Hardbacks)
  ''978-1-84506-525-6Jack Tickle · Keith ChapmanIncy Wincy Spider (Picture Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84506-526-3Jack Tickle · David Roberts · Keith ChapmanDirty Bertie (Picture Book & CD)
2008978-1-84506-531-7Jason ChapmanTed, Bo and Diz: The First Adventure
2007978-1-84506-532-4David BedfordI've Seen Santa (Book & CD)
2008978-1-84506-548-5   ''Bedtime for Little Bears!
2009978-1-84506-550-8Susie BrooksFive Cheeky Monkeys (Noisy Counting Book)
2008978-1-84506-551-5Susie BrooksFive Chirpy Birds
  ''978-1-84506-552-2Susle BrooksMe and My Daddy
  ''978-1-84506-556-0Debbie TarbettTen Friendly Fish
2008978-1-84506-559-1Ana Martin-LarranagaSplash in the Sea (Big-and-Little Book Series)
2007978-1-84506-561-4M. Christina ButlerSnow Friends
2008978-1-84506-564-5Elizabeth BaguleyThe Little Lost Robin
  ''978-1-84506-567-6Claire FreedmanFollow That Bear If You Dare!
2007978-1-84506-569-0   ''I Love You, Sleepyhead
2008978-1-84506-580-5   ''The Magic of Christmas
2007978-1-84506-585-0VariousSnuggle Up, Little One: A Treasury of Bedtime Stories
2008978-1-84506-589-8Catherine RaynerHarris Finds His Feet
2009978-1-84506-590-4Catherine RaynerHarris Finds His Feet
2008978-1-84506-592-8Jack TickleThe Very Ticklish Tiger (Peek-a-boo Pop-ups)
  ''978-1-84506-593-5   ''The Very Funny Fish (Peek-a-boo Pop-ups)
2009978-1-84506-619-2Tina MacNaughtonMy Daddy and Me
  ''978-1-84506-620-8   ''My Mummy and Me
  ''978-1-84506-622-2Caroline PitcherThe Littlest Owl
  ''978-1-84506-626-0Steve SmallmanSmelly Peter: The Great Pea Eater
2008978-1-84506-627-7Liz PichonThe Three Horrid Pigs and the Big Friendly Wolf
2009978-1-84506-628-4   ''The Three Horrid Pigs and the Big Friendly Wolf
2009978-1-84506-634-5Marni McGeeSilly Goose
2008978-1-84506-637-6M. Christina ButlerThe Dark, Dark Night
2009978-1-84506-639-0Elizabeth BaguleyLittle Pip and the Rainbow Wish
2008978-1-84506-648-2David Van BurenI Love You as Big as the World
978-1-84506-662-8unknownThe Very Bouncy Bear (Pop-Up)
2008978-1-84506-665-9Ragnhild ScamellThe Wish Cat (Ready Steady Read)
  ''978-1-84506-666-6Elizabeth BaguleyMeggie Moon (Ready Steady Read)
  ''978-1-84506-667-3Michael CatchpoolHopping Mad! (Ready Steady Read)
  ''978-1-84506-668-0Ragnhild ScamellOuch! (Ready Steady Read)
  ''978-1-84506-669-7Michael ColemanRidiculous! (Ready Steady Read)
2008978-1-84506-670-3Kathryn WhiteThe Nutty Nut Chase (Ready Steady Read)
  ''978-1-84506-703-8Paul Bright · Ruth GallowayFidgety Fish and Friends
  ''978-1-84506-704-5David RobertsPooh! Is That You, Bertie?
  ''978-1-84506-706-9Claire FreedmanSnuggle Up, Sleepy Ones - Book and CD set
  ''978-1-84506-708-3Diana HendryThe Very Snowy Christmas (Book & CD)
2008978-1-84506-710-6Susie BrooksWho's Hiding in the Snow? (Hide-&-Seek Fun Book) (Hide-&-Seek Fun Book S.)
  ''978-1-84506-711-3   ''Who's Hiding in the Forest? (Hide-&-Seek Fun Book) (Hide-&-Seek Fun Book S.)
  ''978-1-84506-755-7M. Christina ButlerOne Rainy Day
2010978-1-84506-760-1Simon PrescottSmall Mouse Big City
2009978-1-84506-764-9Paul BrightThe Bears in the Bed and the Great Big Storm
  ''978-1-84506-768-7Claire FreedmanOn This Special Night
2008978-1-84506-777-9Klaus BaumgartLaura's Star and the Special Pony
2008978-1-84506-778-6Klaus BaumgartLaura's Star and the Special Pony
2009978-1-84506-780-9M. Christina ButlerThe Wishing Star
  ''978-1-84506-791-5Debbie TarbettTen Chirpy Chicks
  ''978-1-84506-796-0Jack TickleThe Very Funny Frog (Peek-a-boo Pop-ups)
  ''978-1-84506-797-7   ''The Very Busy Bear (Peek-a-boo Pop-ups)
  ''978-1-84506-811-0Christine LeesonMolly and the Storm
2009978-1-84506-821-9Sam LloydSuper Sid
  ''978-1-84506-825-7Claire FreedmanOne Magical Morning
  ''978-1-84506-827-1Andrew MurrayThe Very Sleepy Sloth
2008978-1-84506-840-0Debbie TarbettTen Friendly Fish
2009978-1-84506-846-2Alison RitchieMe and My Mum
2010978-1-84506-847-9   ''Me and My Mum
2009978-1-84506-851-6Norbert LandaSorry!
  ''978-1-84506-856-1Catherine RaynerSylvia and Bird
2010978-1-84506-857-8Catherine RaynorSylvia and Bird
  ''978-1-84506-859-2M. Christina ButlerBabbity's Big Bad Mood
2009978-1-84506-876-9Nick WardThe Biggest Baddest Wolf (Ready Steady Read)
2009978-1-84506-877-6M.Christina ButlerWho's Been Eating My Porridge? (Ready Steady Read)
  ''978-1-84506-878-3A.H. BenjaminLittle Mouse and the Big Red Apple (Ready Steady Read)
  ''978-1-84506-879-0   ''Mouse, Mole and the Falling Star (Ready Steady Read)
  ''978-1-84506-881-3Paul BrightNobody Laughts at a Lion! (Ready Steady Read)
  ''978-1-84506-944-5Alison RitchieMe and My Mom
2009978-1-84506-955-1Gail YerrillFriends Forever: Address Book and Letter Writing Set
  ''978-1-84506-968-1Catherine WaltersThe Magical Snowman
2010978-1-84506-970-4Julia HuberyChristmas With You
  ''978-1-84506-974-2Simon PrescottOn a Dark, Dark Night
  ''978-1-84506-978-0Kathryn WhiteClick Clack Crocodile's Back
2009978-1-84506-980-3Paul BrightCharlie's Superhero Underpants
2010978-1-84506-987-2   ''Crunch Munch Dinosaur Lunch!
  ''978-1-84506-989-6Steve SmallmanThere's No Such Thing As Monsters
2010978-1-84506-990-2Gail YerrillSanta's Special Letter
  ''978-1-84506-993-3Steve SmallmanGruff the Grump