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1989978-1-85424-018-7Bill A. MuskThe Unseen Face of Islam: Sharing the Gospel with Ordinary Muslims
1988978-1-85424-030-9Tim Sims · etc. · Pegoda101 Things to Do During a Dull Sermon
1989978-1-85424-054-5Paul Marston · Roger ForsterReason and Faith: Do Science and Theology Really Conflict?
1988978-1-85424-065-1Philip WaltersWorld Christianity: Eastern Europe
1990978-1-85424-107-8David BurnettClash of Worlds: A Book of Crucial Importance for All Who Want to Spread the Christian Faith
1991978-1-85424-129-0Tom Gilling · John McKnight · McKnightTrial and Error: Mordechai Vanunu and Israel's Nuclear Bomb
1992978-1-85424-173-3C.Peter WagnerWarfare Prayer: Strategies for Combating the Rulers of Darkness
  ''978-1-85424-202-0T. Davis BunnThe Quilt
1993978-1-85424-228-0John FieldsendMessianic Jews: The Search for Identity
1986978-1-85424-274-7Willard F. HarleyHis Needs, Her Needs: Buidling an Affair-Proof Marriage
1995978-1-85424-306-5Peter J. Kreeft · Ronald TacelliHandbook of Christian Apologetics
1996978-1-85424-346-1Robert Hemfelt · Frank Minirth · Paul MeierLove is a Choice
1997978-1-85424-388-1Chris Chesterton77 Talks for 21st Century Kids
  ''978-1-85424-406-2Mary CundyBetter Than the Witch Doctor: The Extraordinary Story of the Church in Nepal, and of One Woman's Remarkable Courage
1998978-1-85424-412-3Neil T. AndersonSet Free: Overcoming Emotional, Sexual, Mental and Spiritual Captivity
  ''978-1-85424-421-5Neil T. AndersonVictory Over the Darkness: with Study Guide
1999978-1-85424-433-8Chris Chesterton · Elaine Buckley52 Ideas for Infant Assemblies: Plus 52 Brand New Songs
  ''978-1-85424-437-6Neil T. AndersonLiving Free Omnibus: "Living Free in Christ", "Walking in the Light"
1999978-1-85424-454-3Peter S. WilliamsThe Case for God
2007978-1-85424-469-7Neil T. AndersonFreedom From Fear: Overcoming Anxiety And Worry: Overcoming Worry and Anxiety
2000978-1-85424-486-4Jeanette HowardOut of Egypt: One Woman's Journey Out of Lesbianism - Christian Religion
  ''978-1-85424-489-5Neil T. AndersonSteps to Freedom in Christ
  ''978-1-85424-504-5Lena MariaFootnotes
2001978-1-85424-505-2Michael GriffithsLambs Dancing with Wolves: A Manual for Christian Workers Overseas
2007978-1-85424-509-0Florence LittauerPersonality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself
2001978-1-85424-513-7J. John10+ Study Guide: A group study of the Ten Commandments in Ten or Twenty sessions
  ''978-1-85424-516-8Michael MoynaghChanging World, Changing Church
  ''978-1-85424-523-6Marion KnellFamilies on the Move
2004978-1-85424-526-7Mark GriffithsFusion: A Years Worth of Teaching for 5-12s
2009978-1-85424-543-4Marjory F FoyleHonourably Wounded: Stress Among Christian Workers
2001978-1-85424-547-2J. John · Revd Mark W. G. StibbeBox Of Delights
2001978-1-85424-548-9Catherine FoxScenes from Vicarage Life: Or the Joy of Sexagesima
2007978-1-85424-549-6Tim Sims101 Things to Do During a Dull Sermon
2001978-1-85424-550-2J. JohnYour Kingdom Come: A Group Study of the Lords Prayer in Ten Sessions
  ''978-1-85424-554-0Anne Coomes · Stephen LunguOut of the Black Shadows: The amazing transformation of Stephen Lungu
  ''978-1-85424-566-3Neil T. Anderson · Robert L. SaucyGod's Power at Work in You: Unleashing the Fullness of God's Power
  ''978-1-85424-568-7Martin RobinsonThe Faith of the Unbeliever: Grappling with the Beliefs and Unbeliefs That Shape Our Society
  ''978-1-85424-569-4Martin RobinsonWinning Hearts, Changing Minds: When the Western World Ignores the Gospel, What Should Christians Do?
1992978-1-85424-570-0David BurnettClash of Worlds: In a World Full of Cultures in Conflict, What Can Christians Do?
2007978-1-85424-572-4Neil T. AndersonVictory Over the Darkness: With Study Guide
2007978-1-85424-574-8Neil T AndersonThe Bondage Breaker: Overcoming Negative Thoughts, Irrational Feelings and Habitual Sins: With Study Guide
2002978-1-85424-576-2Meg GuillebaudRwanda: The Land God Forgot?
  ''978-1-85424-577-9Howard AstinBody and Cell: Making the Transition to Cell Church - A First-hand Account
  ''978-1-85424-579-3   ''12-1/2 Steps to Spiritual Health
  ''978-1-85424-586-1Beth MooreTo Live is Christ: Embracing the Passion of Paul
  ''978-1-85424-588-5J. John · Mark StibbeA Bucket of Surprises: An A-Z of the Wittiest, Shrewdest and Most Memorable Stories, Proverbs, Jokes and Sayings
2007978-1-85424-593-9Mark GriffithsImpact: A Whole Year's Worth of Teaching Materials for 5-12s
2002978-1-85424-597-7Bro . YunThe Heavenly Man: The Remarkable True Story Of Chinese Christian Brother Yun
2003978-1-85424-598-4Chris Chesterton · David T. Ward77 Talks for Cyberspace Kids: Messages from the Truth Zone for 8-12s
1989978-1-85424-602-8Robert Hemfelt · Frank Minirth · Paul MeierLove is a Choice
2002978-1-85424-603-5Catherine FoxThe Little Book of Vicarage Wisdom
2002978-1-85424-605-9Fred WrightFather, Forgive Us: A Christian Response to the Church's Heritage of Jewish Persecution
2004978-1-85424-611-0Jennifer CrolyMissing being Mrs
2003978-1-85424-612-7Sokreaksa S. HimmThe Tears of my Soul: He Survived Cambodia's Killing Fields. His Family Didn't. Could He Forgive.
  ''978-1-85424-614-1Diet Eman · James SchaapThings We Couldn't Say
  ''978-1-85424-616-5Nancy GuthrieHolding onto Hope: A Pathway through Suffering to the Heart of God
  ''978-1-85424-619-6Neil T. AndersonSteps to Freedom in Christ
  ''978-1-85424-621-9Mark StibbeA Barrel of Fun: An A-Z Of The Shrewdest And Most Comical Stories, Sayings And Observations From Those Masters Of Anthology
2003978-1-85424-622-6David BurnettThe Spirit of Buddhism: A Christian Perspective on Buddhist Thought
  ''978-1-85424-623-3John RobinsonNobody's Child: The Stirring True Story Of An Unwanted Boy Who Found Hope
  ''978-1-85424-624-0Mark GriffithsDon't Tell Cute Stories - Change Lives!
  ''978-1-85424-625-7Neil T. AndersonSteps to Freedom in Christ (Five Pack)
  ''978-1-85424-636-3Bridget GillespieHow to be Perfect: A Treasury of Tips from a Vicarage Goddess
2003978-1-85424-640-0Martin RobinsonInvading Secular Space: Strategies for Tomorrow's Church
2004978-1-85424-644-8Neil T. Anderson · Steve GossFreedom in Christ: Discipleship Course-Leaders Guide
  ''978-1-85424-645-5Terry VirgoGod's Lavish Grace
  ''978-1-85424-646-2Benedict RogersA Land Without Evil: Stopping the Genocide of Burma's Karen People
2005978-1-85424-652-3Bill A. MuskTouching the Soul of Islam: Sharing the Gospel in Muslim Cultures
2004978-1-85424-653-0Alie Stibbe · John KillyBursting at the Seams: A Wealth of Wit and Wisdom by, for and About Women
  ''978-1-85424-654-7Steve GossFreedom in Christ Workbook: A 13 Week Discipleship Course for Every Christian: Discipleship-Group Workbook (Freedom in Christ Course)
  ''978-1-85424-657-8T. Davis BunnGreat Divide
2005978-1-85424-658-5Ivor J. DavidsonBirth of the Church: From Jesus To Constantine, Ad30-312 (Monarch History of the Church)
2004978-1-85424-659-2Francine RiversRedeeming Love
2004978-1-85424-661-5Jane BullivantDear Lord, I Feel Like a Whale: Knowing God's Touch Throughout Your Pregnancy - and Beyond
  ''978-1-85424-662-2Christine A. MallouhiMiniskirts, Mothers & Muslims: A Christian Woman in a Muslim Land
  ''978-1-85424-664-6Michael MoynaghEmergingchurch.intro
  ''978-1-85424-668-4Neil T. Anderson · Steve GossThe Freedom in Christ [DVD]
  ''978-1-85424-670-7Jan Greenough · John DelaneyStaying Alive: The Paratrooper's Story
2004978-1-85424-671-4Clifford HillThe Wilberforce Connection: William Wilberforce and His Friends Transformed a Nation. How Can We Transform Society Today?
  ''978-1-85424-672-1Alison MorganThe Wild Gospel: Bringing Truth to Life
  ''978-1-85424-673-8Catherine HamlinThe Hospital By the River: A Story of Hope
2005978-1-85424-675-2Bill A. MuskKissing Cousins?: Christians and Muslims Face to Face: Christian and Muslims Face to Face
  ''978-1-85424-676-9Jeanette HowardInto The Promised Land: Beyond the Lesbian Struggle Christian Religion
  ''978-1-85424-679-0Mark GriffithsDetonate: A Whole Year's Worth of Teaching Material for 5-12s: A Whole Year's Worth of Teaching Materials for 5-12's
2005978-1-85424-682-0Penny M. Wheat · Jan GreenoughAnd You Visited Me: A True Story of Death Row Friendships
  ''978-1-85424-685-1Tim ChesterDelighting in the Trinity: Just Why Are Father, Son and Spirit Such Good News?
  ''978-1-85424-686-8Mark StibbeA Bundle of Laughs: An A-Z Of The Funniest And Sharpest Comments, Quips And Stories From The Ministers Of Mirth
  ''978-1-85424-687-5David AikmanJesus in Beijing: How Christianity is Transforming China and Changing the Global Balance of Power
  ''978-1-85424-688-2Catherine FoxExtreme Anglicanism: A Liturgical Guide to the Sporting Year
2005978-1-85424-689-9Ivor J. DavidsonA Public Faith: From Constantine To The Medieval World: From Constantine to the Medieval World AD 312-600 (Monarch History of the Church)
2006978-1-85424-690-5Rudolph W. HeinzeReform and Conflict: From the Medieval World to the Wars of Religion AD 1350 - 1648 (The Monarch History of the Church): Volume 4
2012978-1-85424-698-1Michael GreenThe Books the Church Suppressed: What The Da Vinci Code Doesn't Tell You: Fiction and Truth in The Da Vinci Code
2005978-1-85424-701-8Christopher WrightKnowing Jesus Through the Old Testament
2006978-1-85424-702-5Christopher J.H. WrightKnowing the Holy Spirit Through the Old Testament
2007978-1-85424-703-2Chris WrightKnowing God the Father Through the Old Testament: Knowing God Through Old Testament
2005978-1-85424-705-6Jean HattonBetsy: The Story Of A Courageous, Complex Woman Who Defied Social Conventions: The Dramatic Biography of Prison Reformer Elizabeth Fry
  ''978-1-85424-706-3Dale Le VackGod's Golden Acre: The Inspirational Story Of One Woman's Fight For Some Of The World's Most Vulnerable Aids Orphans: A Biography of Heather Reynolds
  ''978-1-85424-708-7Gareth JonesDesigners of the Furture: Who Should Make The Decisions?
  ''978-1-85424-713-1Alie StibbeAll Stitched Up: Wit and Wisdom for Today's Woman
  ''978-1-85424-723-0Mark StibbeA Stocking Full of Christmas: The Ultimate A-Z of Festive Gems
2005978-1-85424-724-7Carolyn BramhallAm I a Good Girl Yet?: Childhood Abuse Had Shattered Her. Could She Ever Be Whole?
  ''978-1-85424-725-4Anne AtkinsAgony Atkins: Shrewd and outrageous advice from a favourite agony aunt
2006978-1-85424-728-5Martin RobinsonPlanting Mission Shaped Churches Today
2005978-1-85424-729-2Hilary CotterillMidwife Crisis: The Calamities of a Trainee Midwife
2006978-1-85424-740-7Angus BuchanFaith Like Potatoes: The Story of a Farmer Who Risked Everything for God
  ''978-1-85424-743-8Jill BriscoeFatherless
2008978-1-85424-746-9Denis AlexanderCreation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose?
2006978-1-85424-748-3Tony LambertChina's Christian Millions: New Edition, Fully Revised and Updated
  ''978-1-85424-752-0Charles FosterThe Jesus Inquest: The Case for -And Against- The Resurrection of the Christ: Myth or History?
2007978-1-85424-753-7Jean HattonGeorge Fox: A Biography of the Founder of the Quakers
2006978-1-85424-756-8Brad JersakCan You Hear Me?: Tuning In to the God Who Speaks
  ''978-1-85424-757-5Jim WallisThe Call to Conversion: Why Faith is always Personal But Never Private
2006978-1-85424-760-5Simon GuillebaudFor What it's Worth: A Call to No-holds-barred Discipleship: Making The Tough Choices That Count
  ''978-1-85424-761-2Nick CuthbertHow to Survive and Thrive as a Church Leader
2007978-1-85424-762-9Paul HattawayChina's Christian Martyrs: 1300 Years Of Christians In China Who Have Died For Their Faith
2006978-1-85424-765-0Caroline CoxThis Immoral Trade: What Can We Do?
  ''978-1-85424-768-1Jo SwinneyThrough the Dark Woods: A Young Woman's Journey Out Of Depression
2007978-1-85424-771-1Meic PearseThe Age of Reason: From the Wars of Religion to the French Revolution 1570 - 1789 (The Monarch History of the Church)
2006978-1-85424-772-8Stephen LunguOut of the Black Shadows: The Amazing Transformation of Stephen Lungu
  ''978-1-85424-774-2Bob HartmanTelling the Bible: Over 100 Stories To Read Aloud
  ''978-1-85424-779-7Angela MurrayThrough the Eyes of a Street Child: Amazing Stories Of Hope
2006978-1-85424-789-6Chris Chesterton144 Talks for Totally Awesome Kids: Messages with a Meaning for 8-12s: Presentations with a Purpose for 8-12 Year Olds
  ''978-1-85424-792-6Dallas WillardThe Great Omission: Reclaiming Jesus's Essential Teachings On Discipleship
  ''978-1-85424-794-0David AikmanJesus in Beijing - Revised and updated
2007978-1-85424-812-1Mark RowanCondemned: The Transformation of a Violent Gang Leader: The Transformation of the Gang Leader Formerly Known as Satan
  ''978-1-85424-816-9Lela GilbertBaroness Cox: Eyewitness to a Broken World
2008978-1-85424-817-6Dawn Herzog JewellEscaping the Devil's Bedroom: Sex Trafficking, Global Prostitution and the Gospel's Transforming Power
  ''978-1-85424-818-3Sophie ScottCrying Scarlet Tears: My journey through self-harm
2007978-1-85424-822-0Eric MetaxasAmazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery
2007978-1-85424-824-4Sokreaksa S. HimmAfter the Heavy Rain: Khmer Rouge Killed His Family, He Tracked Them, But Not for Revenge...
2008978-1-85424-825-1Louise Morse · Roger HitchingsCould it Be Dementia?: Losing Your Mind Doesn't Mean Losing Your Soul
2007978-1-85424-826-8Garth KingThe Hansie Cronje Story: An Authorised Biography
  ''978-1-85424-834-3Martin SaundersThe Ideas Factory: 100 Adaptable Discussion Starters to Get Teens Talking: 100 Discussions Starters to Get Teens Talking
  ''978-1-85424-835-0Michele GuinessThe Heavenly Party: Recover The Fun: Life-Changing Celebrations For Home And Community
2009978-1-85424-836-7Greg HaslamMoving in the Prophetic: A Biblical Guide to Effective Prophetic Ministry Today
2008978-1-85424-841-1Martin J. Hodson · Margot R. HodsonCherishing the Earth: How to Care for God's Creation
2007978-1-85424-846-6Krish Kandish · krish kandiahDestiny: What's life all about?
  ''978-1-85424-849-7Neil T. AndersonRestored: Experience Life with Jesus: 7 Steps to Freedom in Christ
  ''978-1-85424-850-3Angus BuchanA Farmer's Year: Daily Truth to Change Your Life
2007978-1-85424-852-7John RobinsonSomebody's Child: The Story Of A Man Who Found Hope - And Took It Back To The Streets
  ''978-1-85424-853-4Brother DavidProject Pearl: The one million smuggled Bibles that changed China: The Man Who Secretly Shipped One Million Bibles into China
2008978-1-85424-855-8Michele GuinessChosen: An Autobiography
  ''978-1-85424-857-2Steve GossFree to be Yourself: Enjoy Your True Nature in Christ
  ''978-1-85424-858-9   ''Win the Daily Battle: Resist and Stand Firm in God's Strength
  ''978-1-85424-859-6   ''Break Free, Stay Free: Don'T Let The Past Hold You Back (Fulfil Your Potential)
2008978-1-85424-860-2Steve GossThe You God Planned: Don't Let Anything or Anyone Hold You Back: Become Everything God Created You to Be (Fulfil Your Potential)
  ''978-1-85424-862-6Julia FisherIsrael's New Disciples: Why Are So Many Jews Turning to Jesus: Why So Many Jews Are Turning to Jesus
  ''978-1-85424-867-1Krish KandiahLife Swap: Finding the Life Always Wanted: Finding the Life You Always Wanted
  ''978-1-85424-868-8David PytchesIf You Think My Preaching's Bad, Try My Jokes
2009978-1-85424-876-3Andrew WhiteThe Vicar of Baghdad: Fighting for Peace in the Middle East
2008978-1-85424-877-0A.W. TozerThe Worship-Driven Life: The Reason We Were Created
978-1-85424-881-7Bonhoeffer a New Biography
2009978-1-85424-884-8R.J. BerryReal Scientists, Real Faith: 17 Leading Scientists Reveal the Harmony Between Their Science and Their Faith
2008978-1-85424-885-5Mel StarrThe Unquiet Bones: The First Chronicle of Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon
  ''978-1-85424-889-3Michael WenhamMy Donkey Body: Living With A Body That No Longer Obeys You: A Journey with Terminal Illness
2009978-1-85424-894-7Suzanne Davenport TietjenThe Sheep of His Hand: Walking with God Through the Psalms
2009978-1-85424-897-8Rick LewisMentoring Matters: Identifying and Promoting the Work of God's Spirit in the Lives of Christian Leaders
  ''978-1-85424-907-4Allie StibbeLosing the Thread: Joyful Wit And Wisdom For Today's Woman: An A-Z of Wit and Wisdom By, for and About Modern Women
  ''978-1-85424-910-4James L. SnyderA. W.Tozer: In Pursuit of God - A Biography
  ''978-1-85424-911-1A. W. TozerThe Christ-Centred Church: Creating Fearless, Spirit-Filled Followers of Christ: Creating Fearless, Passionate, Sacrificial, Bold, Loving, Spirit-filled Followers of Christ
  ''978-1-85424-912-8Penelope WilcockIn Celebration of Simplicity: The Joy of Living Lightly
2009978-1-85424-920-3Roy WilliamsGod, Actually: Why God Probably Exists, Why Jesus Was Probably Divine and Why the 'Rational' Objections to Religion are Unconvincing: Why God Probably Exists and Why Jesus Was Probably Divine
  ''978-1-85424-922-7Rev. Mark StibbeA Basket of Gems: A Collection of Wise, Witty and Wonderful Quotes and Anecdotes
  ''978-1-85424-927-2Neil T AndersonFreedom in Christ Youth Edition, 15-18, Packs of Five (Freedom in Christ Course)
  ''978-1-85424-929-6Mark GriffithsOne Generation from Extinction: How The Church Connects With The Unchurched Child
2010978-1-85424-930-2Louise MorseDementia: Frank and Linda's Story: New Understanding, New Approaches, New Hope
  ''978-1-85424-931-9   ''Worshipping with Dementia: Meditations, scriptures and prayers for sufferers and carers
2010978-1-85424-933-3Mark Stibbe100 Bible Verse Bible: The Essence of the Worlds Most Powerful Book
2009978-1-85424-935-7Herbert BrokeringCat Psalms: Prayers My Cats Have Taught Me
  ''978-1-85424-936-4Herbert BrokeringDog Psalms: Prayers My Dogs Have Taught Me
2010978-1-85424-937-1Mark StibbeI am Your Father: What Every Heart Needs To Know
2009978-1-85424-939-5Neil T. Anderson · Steve GossFreedom in Christ Leader's Guide: A 13-week course for every Christian (Freedom in Christ Course)
  ''978-1-85424-940-1Steve GossFreedom in Christ: Workbook: A 13-week course for every Christian (Freedom in Christ Course)
978-1-85424-942-5Freedom in Christ: A 13-week Course for Every Christian [DVD]
2009978-1-85424-943-2Neil L. AndersonSteps to Freedom in Christ (Freedom in Christ Course)
  ''978-1-85424-944-9Neil T. AndersonSteps to Freedom in Christ Workbook (Freedom in Christ Course)
978-1-85424-945-6Steps to Freedom in Christ [DVD]
2009978-1-85424-947-0Anne PuntonThe World Jesus Knew: Beliefs & Customs from the Time of Jesus
  ''978-1-85424-954-8Mel StarrA Corpse at St Andrew's Chapel: 2 (The Chronicles of Hugh De Singleton, Surgeon)
2010978-1-85424-955-5John LittleCatherine's Gift: Stories of Hope from the Hospital by the River
2010978-1-85424-956-2Steve CioccolantiFrom Buddha to Jesus: An Insider's View of Buddhism and Christianity
  ''978-1-85424-961-6Bob HartmanTelling the Gospel: 70 Stories About Jesus To Read Out Loud
2011978-1-85424-962-3Andrew WhiteFaith Under Fire: What the Middle East Conflict Has Taught me About God
2010978-1-85424-964-7Martin SaundersThe Think Tank: 100 Adaptable Discussion Starters to Get Teens Talking
2011978-1-85424-965-4Penelope WilcockThe Road of Blessing: Finding God's Direction for your Life
2010978-1-85424-968-5Donna Fletcher CrowA Very Private Grave: Book One: The Monastery Murders
  ''978-1-85424-970-8Ronald ClementsIn Japan the Crickets Cry: How Could Steve Metcalf Forgive the Japanese?
  ''978-1-85424-973-9Simon GuillebaudMore Than Conquerors: A Call to Radical Discipleship (Previously for What Its Worth)
  ''978-1-85424-974-6Mel StarrA Trail of Ink: The Third Chronicle Of Hugh De Singleton, Surgeon (The Chronicles of Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon)
2009978-1-85424-976-0Dave RobertsThe Twilight Gospel: The Spiritual Roots of Stephanie Meyer's Vampire Saga
2010978-1-85424-983-8Catherine CampbellGod Knows Your Name: In a World of Rejection, He Accepts You
2010978-1-85424-985-2Martha OckleyThe Reluctant Detective (A Faith Morgan Mystery)
  ''978-1-85424-987-6George PitcherA Time to Live: The Case Against Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
  ''978-1-85424-988-3Phil MooreStraight to the Heart of Matthew: 60 Bite-Sized Insights (The Straight to the Heart Series)
2010978-1-85424-989-0Phil MooreStraight to the Heart of Acts (The Straight to the Heart Series)
  ''978-1-85424-990-6   ''Straight to the Heart of Revelation (The Straight to the Heart Series)
  ''978-1-85424-991-3John ButerworthGod's Secret Listener: The Albanian Army Captain whi Risked Everything
2011978-1-85424-992-0Peter GladwinOut of Ashes: The Restoration of a Burned Boy
2010978-1-85424-997-5Melvin TinkerReclaiming Genesis
2011978-1-85424-999-9Stuart WindsorGod's Adventurer: The Story of Stuart Windsor and the Persecuted Church