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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-1-85356-009-5Alan MackieAll Fingers Go!: with Tape Guide
1995978-1-85356-105-4History GCSE
1996978-1-85356-112-2Stephanie Keeble · Ann Clynch · Linda Murray · Nigel Hunt"A" Level Psychology: Complete Set
1995978-1-85356-120-7Bournville College of Further EducationSpanish General GCSE
1991978-1-85356-125-2Pip HardyReturn to the Office
1997978-1-85356-127-6Denise BatchelorAdvanced Level Accounting
1991978-1-85356-128-3Ian SimpsonAdvanced Level Art
1995978-1-85356-129-0Sean Beer"A" Level Business Studies: Complete Course
1991978-1-85356-136-8Anne RooneyPractical Book-keeping
  ''978-1-85356-139-9Sam McKeownDeveloping Learning Skills
1993978-1-85356-170-2Sally Vince · Pip Hardy · Hugh Parker Hillyard · Anne RooneyAbacus: Level 1 and Level 2 Complete Set
1995978-1-85356-171-9David Mercer · Ken BlandGeneral Certificate of Secondary Education Economics
1992978-1-85356-314-0Paul DeasonPainting and Decorating / Hairdressing / Photography: Painting and Decorating: Flexible Worksheets for Vocational Esol (Go to work on your English series)
  ''978-1-85356-338-6John GillespieMathematics Intermediate GCSE Key Stage 4
  ''978-1-85356-339-3Graham SmithersMathematics Higher GCSE Key Stage 4
1994978-1-85356-341-6Barbara BinnsMathematics Resource Bank
1992978-1-85356-344-7Roger Gomm · Pat McNeillSociology Resource Bank
  ''978-1-85356-354-6Aatplus Foundation: Practice Devolved Assessments
1993978-1-85356-386-7Open Learning: Quantum Leap
1993978-1-85356-406-2Marian Picton · Mike Cooper · Mary Memarzia · Steven Croft · Jean Bayliss · Sharon Phillips · Andrew Worrall · Barry Sloan"A" Level English Language and Literature: "Making History" Workbook
1994978-1-85356-424-6Bournville College of Further EducationSpanish Extended GCSE
1993978-1-85356-435-2Roger GommEssential Caring Skills (Care NVQs)
  ''978-1-85356-446-8Catherine Hilton · Margaret HyderBack to Basics Resource Bank
  ''978-1-85356-448-2Graham VickeryGCSE Italian General
  ''978-1-85356-454-3Roger Lewis · etc.English Literature GCSE Key Stage 4
  ''978-1-85356-456-7Janette EdwardsAccounting in Context: Simulations for Devolved Assessments
1997978-1-85356-457-4AAT Plus: Foundation Stage
1997978-1-85356-458-1AAT Plus: Foundation Stage
1993978-1-85356-459-8Janette EdwardsAccounting in Context: Workbook
  ''978-1-85356-465-9John Pursaill · Roger LewisDeveloping Core Skills in GNVQs
  ''978-1-85356-478-9Doreen Lowe · etc. · Caroline Wilkinson · Ernie HaidonIT Resource Bank
1994978-1-85356-483-3Pam GallagerPsychology Resource Bank
1995978-1-85356-502-1Damian Liptrot · Ged King · Chris Lee · Roy McCrackenGCSE Psychology
  ''978-1-85356-504-5Penny Parkinson · Judy OglethorpeGCSE Human Physiology and Health
1994978-1-85356-510-6Make it Count Practice Program
  ''978-1-85356-515-1Abacus: Skills Bank Level 1
1995978-1-85356-516-8Sally Vince · etc.Abacus: Assessment Bank Level 1
1994978-1-85356-522-9Gladeana McMahonSetting Up Your Own Private Practice
1994978-1-85356-527-4Roger GommDirect Care (Care NVQs)
  ''978-1-85356-528-1Yasmin Alibhai-BrownEqual Value, Equal Care (Care NVQs)
  ''978-1-85356-531-1Margaret VealGCSE Music
1996978-1-85356-533-5Mary EarlGeneral Certificate of Secondary Education Religious Studies
1995978-1-85356-551-9Lynn Norris · Barbara SkudderSelf Access Numeracy
  ''978-1-85356-559-5Andy Owen · Sandy Haynes · Bernard LinsdellGCSE Geography: Key stage 4
1994978-1-85356-560-1John Meed · John BirchallGCSE Accounting
1995978-1-85356-573-1Abacus: Skills Bank Level 3
  ''978-1-85356-574-8Abacus: Assessment Bank and Candidate Assessment Guide Level 3
1996978-1-85356-582-3Chris McAllister · Lesley PartridgeG Pack
1995978-1-85356-586-1English Literature Resource Bank
978-1-85356-588-5Abacus: Level 1: Complete Set
1996978-1-85356-593-9Barbara SkudderApplying Numbers in GNVQs
1995978-1-85356-600-4Deborah SalisburyChildren First: Core Material Level 3
1996978-1-85356-601-1   ''Children First: Endorsement Route A Level 3
1996978-1-85356-602-8Children First: Endorsement Route E Level 3
1995978-1-85356-605-9Nigel Purcell · Joe ThornberryTeaching, Training and Development
1996978-1-85356-611-0Leonard BrownAatplus Technician: Level 4: Managing and Reporting in Accounting Systems
  ''978-1-85356-615-8Graham Whitham · etc.'A' Level History of Art
  ''978-1-85356-616-5Tim Burton · Mary PotterDesigning GNVQ Assignments
  ''978-1-85356-623-3Margaret Collins · etc.Children First: Endorsement B
  ''978-1-85356-624-0Judith WoodwardChildcare and Education Resource Book
1996978-1-85356-627-1Abacus: Key to Assignments
  ''978-1-85356-628-8Jacky UnderwoodTaking Responsibility: Trainer's Guide
  ''978-1-85356-637-0IT User N/SVQ Organiser: 1-10 Candidates
  ''978-1-85356-638-7Assessor/Verifier N/SVQ Organiser: 1-10 Candidates
  ''978-1-85356-642-4NVQ Organiser for Care
1996978-1-85356-643-1NVQ Organiser for Child Care and Education
  ''978-1-85356-645-5Scitech DiolCustomers First: Skills Bank
  ''978-1-85356-646-2   ''Customers First: Assessment Book
  ''978-1-85356-648-6John, Jr. Cairns · Ron HolmesGeneral Certificate of Secondary Education History
  ''978-1-85356-650-9Graham Vickery · Alvaro SotomayorGCSE Spanish General
1996978-1-85356-652-3Gill RichardsonGCSE English Literature
  ''978-1-85356-655-4Graham VickeryGCSE Spanish Extended
  ''978-1-85356-666-0Scitech DiolCustomers First: Complete Set
1997978-1-85356-699-8Customer Service N/SVQ Organiser: 1-10 Candidates Level 2
1998978-1-85356-745-2General Certificate of Secondary Education Biology
  ''978-1-85356-769-8General Certificate of Secondary Education Physics
  ''978-1-85356-775-9General Certificate of Secondary Education Chemistry
1999978-1-85356-793-3Children First: Supporting Children in the Classroom