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1987978-1-85310-004-8Victor F. BinghamWhirlwind: The Westland Whirlwind Fighter, with its Service and Squadron History
1988978-1-85310-017-8Trevor ThomThe Air Pilot's Manual: Aeroplane - Technical v. 4
1989978-1-85310-018-5Arthur PearcyA History of United States Coast Guard Aviation
1988978-1-85310-025-3Ingrid HolfordThe Air Pilot's Weather Guide
  ''978-1-85310-032-1Rudi Rolf · Peter SaalFortress Europe
  ''978-1-85310-047-5Harald PenroseAncient Air
  ''978-1-85310-050-5Patrick AllenWessex
  ''978-1-85310-053-6C. G. JeffordRAF Squadrons: A Comprehensive Record of the Movement and Equipment of All RAF Squadrons and Their Antecedents Since 1912
1989978-1-85310-054-3Ray HolmesSky Spy: From Six Miles High to Hitler's Bunker
1989978-1-85310-057-4Ray WilliamsFly Navy: Post-war Aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm
1990978-1-85310-067-3Lord James Douglas-HamiltonAir Battle for Malta: Diaries of a Spitfire Pilot
1998978-1-85310-068-0Victor F. BinghamMerlin Power: The Growl Behind Air Power in World War II
1990978-1-85310-070-3Terry C. TreadwellThe Ironworks: History of Grumman's Fighting Aeroplanes
1991978-1-85310-072-7Manfred GriehlDornier Do 217-317-417. An operational Record
  ''978-1-85310-075-8Cees SteijgerA History of the United States Air Force in Europe
1989978-1-85310-076-5Martin BowmanWellington: The Geodetic Giant
  ''978-1-85310-077-2P.R. SmithBoeing 747 (Airline Markings)
1995978-1-85310-082-6Philip CroucherThe Professional Pilot's Manual
1991978-1-85310-088-8John K. MortonFaded Glory: Airline Colour Schemes of the Past (Airlife's Colour S.)
2004978-1-85310-090-1Peter ToghillGeology in Shropshire
1990978-1-85310-093-2Roy BootFrom Spitfire to Eurofighter: Forty Five Years of Combat Aircraft Design
1989978-1-85310-099-4Robert F. DorrVietnam: Combat from the Cockpit
1990978-1-85310-102-1Stephen HardingUnited States Aircraft Since 1947: An Illustrated Directory
1989978-1-85310-104-5Gilles LhoteThe Cowboys of the Sky
  ''978-1-85310-106-9David OgilvyShuttleworth: The Historic Aeroplanes
1990978-1-85310-108-3R. D. Campbell · B. TempestBasic Aerobatics
  ''978-1-85310-113-7Colin Laurie McKelvieThe Woodcock
1995978-1-85310-115-1Peter C. SmithT-6: a Pictoral Record of the Harvard, Texan and Wirraway
1995978-1-85310-121-2Mike SpickDesigned for the Kill: The Jet Fighter - Development and Experience
1994978-1-85310-122-9Victor F. BinghamBristol Beaufighter (Aircraft Monograph)
1997978-1-85310-124-3Simon CombesAn African Experience: Wildlife Art and Adventure in Kenya
1989978-1-85310-126-7Michael O'LearyBlack Magic
1990978-1-85310-145-8Rodger McPhailFishing Season: An Artist's Fishing Year
1991978-1-85310-155-7Eric BegbieModern Wildfowling
1990978-1-85310-157-1Ian BlackTornado
  ''978-1-85310-158-8Roland BeaumontTesting the Early Jets
1991978-1-85310-161-8Hajo HerrmannEagles Wings
1990978-1-85310-174-8Christopher CurtisThe Best of My Fun
1991978-1-85310-194-6R.W. SimpsonAirlife's General Aviation
1992978-1-85310-196-0W. A. HarrisonFairey Firefly
1991978-1-85310-198-4C.J.Van GentFighter Meet
1992978-1-85310-201-1Allan CooperAir Battle of the Ruhr
1991978-1-85310-204-2Robbie ShawAirbus A300 and A310 (Airline Markings 4)
1992978-1-85310-209-7T.F. NeilOnward to Malta
1991978-1-85310-218-9J. AllawayHero of the Upholder
  ''978-1-85310-223-3Chris O'MalleyThe Pilot's Radiotelephony Handbook
1992978-1-85310-225-7Joseph SinclairThe Arteries of War
1995978-1-85310-229-5Mark VinesWind in the Wires
1993978-1-85310-235-6Rupert WatsonThe Trout: A Fisherman's Natural History
1991978-1-85310-238-7Michael BranderTraining the Pointer-Retriever Gundog
1993978-1-85310-239-4Derry ArguePointers and Setters
1992978-1-85310-240-0Bill Newton DunnBig Wing: Biography of Air Chief Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory
1993978-1-85310-250-9Ian AlcockStalking Deer in Great Britain
1996978-1-85310-252-3Nick Beale · F. D'Amico · Gabriele ValentiniAir War Italy 1944-45: The Axis Air Forces in Italy June 1994-May 1945
1993978-1-85310-258-5John Frayn TurnerVC's of the Air
1992978-1-85310-259-2Charles WoodleyGolden Age: British Civil Aviation, 1945-1965: British Civil Aviation 1950-65
1995978-1-85310-261-5Arthur PearcyDouglas Propliners DC1-DC7
1991978-1-85310-262-2Michael F. JerramTo be a Pilot
  ''978-1-85310-270-7John R. FozardSydney Camm and the Hurricane
1992978-1-85310-278-3Mike BurtonThe Professional Pilot's Study Guide: Cabin Pressurization v. 6
1991978-1-85310-282-0Trevor ThomThe Air Pilot's Manual Vol 1: Flying Training: Flying Training v. 1
  ''978-1-85310-284-4Bob Howes · Carol HowesThe Ballooning Manual
1991978-1-85310-285-1Stanley HookerNot Much of an Engineer
1992978-1-85310-288-2Glyn SatterleyThe Highland Game: Life on Highland Sporting Estates
  ''978-1-85310-290-5Stanley StewartFlying the Big Jets
1994978-1-85310-294-3Alec LumsdenBritish Piston Aero Engines and Their Aircraft
1993978-1-85310-312-4Robbie ShawBoeing 737 (Airline Markings)
1992978-1-85310-316-2K.M. WicksonMeteorology for Pilots
1991978-1-85310-318-6Mike VinesBirmingham International Airport
1994978-1-85310-319-3Captain Eric BrownTesting for Combat: Testing Experimental and Prototype Aircraft, 1930-45
1992978-1-85310-323-0Duff Hart-DavisFurther Country Matters
1993978-1-85310-324-7Patrick AllenSea King
  ''978-1-85310-328-5M. P. CockerMine Warfare Vessels of the Royal Navy 1908- To date
1992978-1-85310-330-8John Warburton-LeeRoof of Africa
  ''978-1-85310-331-5Susan ScalesRetriever Training
1995978-1-85310-332-2Colin Laurie McKelvieFly Fishing for Salmon: An Introduction
1992978-1-85310-341-4Adrian M. BalchBoeing 727 Airline Markings 6
2002978-1-85310-343-8Michael Doulton · Vinny LeeDiscovering Royal Doulton
1992978-1-85310-348-3Stanley StewartEmergency
1993978-1-85310-349-0Adrian M. BalchTesting Colours
1992978-1-85310-354-4Christopher SaxtonChristopher Saxton's 16th Century Maps
1999978-1-85310-360-5Arthur PearcyAn Illustrated History of the Royal Aircraft Establishment Bedford
2008978-1-85310-362-9G Kenneth WhiteheadThe Whitehead Encyclopedia Of Deer
1998978-1-85310-364-3Manfred Griehl · Joachim DresselHeinkel HE 177, 277, 274
1993978-1-85310-367-4Felicity PeakePure Chance
1994978-1-85310-368-1Diana Durman-WaltersThe Modern Falconer: Training, Hawking and Breeding
1992978-1-85310-369-8Charles E. BrownCamera Above the Clouds: The Colour Collection v.3: Aviation Photographs of Charles E. Brown: The Colour Collection Vol 3
1993978-1-85310-372-8Jean-Yves BernotBernot on Breezes
  ''978-1-85310-388-9Lou StevensTrout and Terrestrials
1993978-1-85310-389-6Carolyn Henderson · Lynn RussellShowing to Win
  ''978-1-85310-400-8C.J.Van GentEast German Air Force
  ''978-1-85310-407-7David GravesUnited Kingdom Air Traffic Control: A Layman's Guide
  ''978-1-85310-411-4R.E.G. DaviesAeroflot
1998978-1-85310-413-8Captain Eric BrownWings of the Luftwaffe
1994978-1-85310-417-6John K. MortonFlying Colours (Airlife's Colour)
1993978-1-85310-419-0Joe IrvingTraining Spaniels
1994978-1-85310-421-3Richard JefferiesBeloved Land: A Richard Jefferies Anthology
1993978-1-85310-425-1Annie HillVoyaging on a Small Income
1994978-1-85310-429-9Andrew HendrieThe Short Sunderland in World War II
1995978-1-85310-431-2Michael MagnussonLatin Glory: Airlines of South America (Airlife's Colour S.)
  ''978-1-85310-433-6James McKayComplete Guide to Ferrets
1994978-1-85310-436-7Adrian M. BalchVintage Glory (Airlife's Colour)
1994978-1-85310-451-0Ken DelveThe Source Book of the RAF
  ''978-1-85310-452-7Roland BeaumontTempest Over Europe
  ''978-1-85310-458-9Robert BatemanThe Art of Robert Bateman
  ''978-1-85310-460-2Robbie ShawBoeing 757 (Airline Markings)
  ''978-1-85310-468-8Gordon BainGatwick Airport
1995978-1-85310-482-4David BeatyThe Naked Pilot: The Human Factor in Aircraft Accidents
1994978-1-85310-483-1David BrufordThe Air Pilot's Reference Guide
1994978-1-85310-488-6Rostislav Apolossovitch BelyakovMiG: 50 Years of Secret Aircraft Design
1995978-1-85310-491-6Gordon Wansbrough-WhiteNames with Wings
1994978-1-85310-494-7Aram GesarNew York Airports: Kennedy, La Guardia and Newark
  ''978-1-85310-496-1Sheperd PaineBuilding and Painting Scale Figures
  ''978-1-85310-498-5Keith ErlandsonGundog Training
2001978-1-85310-501-2P.R.A. MoxonTraining the Roughshooter's Dog
1994978-1-85310-502-9Harold G. Moore · Joseph L. GallowayWe Were Soldiers Once...and Young: The Battle That Changed the War in Vietnam
  ''978-1-85310-504-3Ken StewartThe Glider Pilot's Manual
1998978-1-85310-510-4Stuart QuarrieThe Offshore Race Crew's Manual
1995978-1-85310-521-0Kev DarlingLightning: The Operational History
  ''978-1-85310-524-1Philip ChinneryFifty Years of the Desert Boneyard: Davis-Monthan A.F.B., Arizona
1995978-1-85310-529-6Peter HancockSailing Out of Silence
  ''978-1-85310-532-6Richard PriorThe Roe Deer: Conservation of a Native Species
1996978-1-85310-534-0Peter FlintDowding and Headquarters Fighter Command
1994978-1-85310-537-1Sophearith MoengThe Vital Guide to Military Aircraft
  ''978-1-85310-538-8Robert HewsonThe Vital Guide to Commercial Aircraft
1996978-1-85310-539-5David Donald · Jon LakeThe Vital Guide to Combat Guns and Infantry Weapons
1995978-1-85310-544-9Neil MercerThe Sharp End: Sea Harrier Front Line Operations
  ''978-1-85310-547-0Peter HinchliffeThe Other Battle: Luftwaffe Night Aces Versus Bomber Command
  ''978-1-85310-555-5Commander R. Mike CrosleyUp in Harm's Way: Flying with the Fleet Air Arm
1996978-1-85310-562-3Fred AdkinRAF Ground Support Equipment Since 1918
1995978-1-85310-563-0Chris FerrisBeneath the Dark Hill: Life and Wildlife in Scottish Lowlands
1995978-1-85310-566-1Errol FullerThe Lost Birds of Paradise
1990978-1-85310-567-8Lisa CarrPractical Boat Canvas Work
1995978-1-85310-570-8Brian JackmanRoaring at the Dawn: Journeys in Wild Africa
  ''978-1-85310-583-8Lucy ReesKeeping a Pony
1996978-1-85310-585-2P.R.A. MoxonGun Dogs: Training and Field Trials (Gundogs: Training & Field Trials)
1995978-1-85310-586-9David DonaldThe Vital Guide to Fighting Aircraft of World War II
1996978-1-85310-590-6Goronwy EdwardsHead in the Clouds: A Young RAF Pilot's Life in the Late '30s
1995978-1-85310-592-0Donald S. LopezFighter Pilot's Heaven: Flight Testing the Early Jets
1996978-1-85310-595-1Lesley CrawfordFishing for Wild Trout in Scottish Lochs
  ''978-1-85310-597-5Alan Youngson · David HayThe Lives of Salmon
1990978-1-85310-602-6Bert KinzeyUnited States Navy Carrier Air Group Aircraft: Fighters (Colour & Markings S.)
1987978-1-85310-603-3Bert KinzeyF6F Hellcat in Detail & Scale, Vol. 26
1988978-1-85310-611-8   ''United States Air Force Aggressor Squadrons (Colour & markings)
1990978-1-85310-620-0Bert Kinzey · Ray LeaderA-7 Corsair II: Pacific Coast Squadrons (Colours & Markings S.)
  ''978-1-85310-623-1Bert KinzeyColors & markings of U.S. Navy CAG aircraft (Colors & markings series)
1991978-1-85310-626-2   ''F-104 Starfighter
2003978-1-85310-701-6Arthur PearcySixty Glorious Years: Tribute to the Douglas DC-3
1995978-1-85310-705-4Angelo MojettaThe Barrier Reefs: A Guide to the World of Corals (Diving Guides)
  ''978-1-85310-707-8Anthony CrossleyAdvanced Dressage
1995978-1-85310-708-5Edward BishopMosquito: The Wooden Wonder
  ''978-1-85310-711-5Trevor N. Dupuy · etc. · David L Bongard · Richard C. Anderson JrHitler's Last Gamble: Battle of the Bulge, December 1944 to January 1945
1996978-1-85310-713-9Colin Laurie McKelvieSnipe and Woodcock: Sport and Conservation
1997978-1-85310-714-6Robert JacksonThe Royal Navy in World War II
  ''978-1-85310-717-7Philip ChinneryMarch or Die: Story of Wingate's Chindits
1996978-1-85310-718-4Norman BaileyThe Helicopter Pilot's Manual: Powerplants, Instruments and Hydraulics v.2: Powerplants, Instruments and Hydraulics Vol 2
  ''978-1-85310-719-1Chris CarpenterFlightwise: Principles of Aircraft Flight v. 1
1995978-1-85310-724-5Christopher SaxtonChristopher Saxton's 16th century maps
1996978-1-85310-726-9John K. MortonLost Airline Liveries: Aircraft Colour Schemes of the Past (Airlife's Colour)
1997978-1-85310-729-0Jan JorgensenSaab 35 Draken: Scandinavian Cold War Warrior
1996978-1-85310-732-0Martin SimonsSlingsby Sailplanes
1995978-1-85310-734-4Graham WhiteAllied Aircraft Piston Engines of World War II (Includes bibliographical references)
1998978-1-85310-744-3Beth MaloneyNutrition and the Feeding of Horses
1996978-1-85310-750-4Richard O'ConnorTo be a Soldier: Joining the British Army
  ''978-1-85310-757-3Frank BethwaiteHigh Performance Sailing
1996978-1-85310-759-7Norman BaileyHelicopter Pilot's Manual: Principles of Flight, Basic Handling and Advanced Techniques v. 1
  ''978-1-85310-760-3R.V. RighyniSalmon Taking Times
  ''978-1-85310-764-1Carl Boyd · Yoshida Akihiko · Akihiko YoshidaThe Japanese Submarine Force and World War II
1997978-1-85310-781-8Mike BurtonThe Commercial Pilot's Study Manual: v.3: Vol 3 (The commercial pilot's study manual series)
1996978-1-85310-784-9Kurt Amsler · Andrea GhisottiDiving Guide to the Red Sea Wrecks (Diving Guides)
1998978-1-85310-787-0Lin Pardey · Larry PardeyStorm Tactics Handbook
1996978-1-85310-788-7Marco FerrariDeserts
  ''978-1-85310-791-7David OliverFlying Boats and Amphibians Since 1945
1997978-1-85310-793-1Alasdair MitchellGoose Shooting
  ''978-1-85310-795-5Stuart SpicerDream Schemes: Exotic Airliner Art: One-off and Exotic Airliner Art
1996978-1-85310-797-9Rick ArchboldRobert Bateman: Natural Worlds
1996978-1-85310-804-4Jackie DrakefordWorking Ferrets: Selection, Training and Sport
  ''978-1-85310-816-7Alan E. Bramson · Neville H. Birch · Alan BransonRadio Navigation for Pilots
1998978-1-85310-821-1Jerry ScuttsRepublic P-47 Thunderbolt: The Operational Record
1997978-1-85310-822-8Pat O'ReillyMatching the Hatch: Stillwater, River and Stream
1996978-1-85310-827-3Philip ChinneryVietnam: The Helicopter War
  ''978-1-85310-828-0Roger C. DunhamSpy Sub: A Top Secret Mission to the Bottom of the Pacific
  ''978-1-85310-830-3Frank SheardownThe Lurcher: Training and Hunting
1997978-1-85310-832-7Robbie ShawKai Tak: The Final Decade
  ''978-1-85310-833-4Peter HancockSailing into Sunshine
1997978-1-85310-834-1Klaus HuneckeJet Engines: Fundamentals of Theory, Design and Operation
  ''978-1-85310-841-9Lynn Kessler · Don WinarHow to Paint Realistic Military Figures (Scale modeling handbook)
  ''978-1-85310-844-0Ray HolmesSky Spy: From Six Miles High to Hitler's Bunker
  ''978-1-85310-845-7Arthur PearcyBerlin Airlift
  ''978-1-85310-853-2David BrufordAir Pilot's Practical and Theoretical Weather Manual
1999978-1-85310-856-3Peter CarneWoodland Stalking
1997978-1-85310-858-7Martin W. BowmanStearman: A Pictorial History
1996978-1-85310-859-4David Roberts · Fabio BourbonEgypt Yesterday and Today: Lithographs and Diaries by David Roberts R.A.
1996978-1-85310-860-0John GolleyGenesis of the Jet: Frank Whittle and the Invention of the Jet Engine
  ''978-1-85310-861-7Lin Pardey · Larry PardeySeraffyn's Oriental Adventure
1998978-1-85310-864-8Peter G. Dancey · Franz-Antal VajdaGerman Aircraft Industry and Production, 1933-45
1997978-1-85310-865-5Brian McAllisterFlying the Edge: Operation at the Threshold of Optimum Performance
  ''978-1-85310-870-9Chris CarpenterFlightwise: Aircraft Stability and Control v. 2
  ''978-1-85310-871-6David Roberts · Fabio BourbonThe Holy Land Yesterday and Today: Lithographs and Diaries by David Roberts R.A. (Yesterday & today)
  ''978-1-85310-872-3Lou StevensTrout and the Sub-surface Fly
2003978-1-85310-873-0John Cochrane · Stuart ElliotMilitary Aircraft Insignia of the World
1998978-1-85310-880-8Robert JacksonAir War Korea
2002978-1-85310-882-2Colin JonesThe Marine Electronics Handbook (Waterline)
1999978-1-85310-888-4Rupert WatsonSalmon, Trout and Charr of the World
1999978-1-85310-889-1Neil MercerCamera at Sea: History of the Royal Naval Photographic Branch, 1919-98
2000978-1-85310-890-7Peter ToghillThe Geology of Britain: An Introduction
1998978-1-85310-893-8Lee William HarrisFalconry for Beginners: An Introduction to the Sport
1997978-1-85310-894-5Charles BinghamSea Trout: How to Catch Them
  ''978-1-85310-896-9Norman EllisonRemembrances of Hell - The Great War Diary of Writer, Broadcaster and Naturalist - Norman Ellison
  ''978-1-85310-898-3Colin W. PrenticeMonino: The Russian Air Force Museum
1998978-1-85310-899-0Gerry Manning1000 Airlines in Colour
1997978-1-85310-903-4Brian McAllisterCrew Resource Management: The Improvement of Awareness, Self-discipline, Cockpit Efficiency and Safety
1999978-1-85310-908-9Richard Townshend BickersHawker Typhoon: The Combat History
1997978-1-85310-909-6Stuart McKayThe Tiger Moth
1998978-1-85310-914-0Gunter G. EndresAirlife's Airliners: McDonnell Douglas DC10 v.4: McDonnell Douglas DC10 Vol 4
1999978-1-85310-916-4Stepan MikoyanStepan Mikoyan: Memories of Military Test-flying and Life with the Kremlin's Elite
2000978-1-85310-917-1Robert Hewson · Tim LamingAirbus A320 (Airlife's Airliners)
2001978-1-85310-918-8Philip BirtlesAirlife's Airliners: Boeing 757 v. 13
1997978-1-85310-925-6Trevor ThomThe Air Pilot's Manual, Vol. 1: Flying Training: Flying Training v. 1
1998978-1-85310-926-3   ''The Air Pilot's Manual: Aviation Law and Meteorology, Vol. 2 (Air Pilot's Manuals): Aviation Law and Meteorology v. 2
1997978-1-85310-927-0   ''The Air Pilot's Manual: Air Navigation, Vol. 3 (Air Pilot's Manuals): Air Navigation v. 3
1997978-1-85310-928-7Trevor ThomThe Air Pilot's Manual: Aeroplane Technical, Vol. 4 (Air Pilot's Manuals): Aeroplane Technical v. 4
  ''978-1-85310-929-4   ''The Air Pilot's Manual: Radio Navigation and Instrument Flying v. 5
  ''978-1-85310-930-0   ''The Air Pilot's Manual: Human Factors and Pilot Performance, Vol. 6
  ''978-1-85310-931-7   ''Air Pilot's Manual: Radiotelephony, Vol. 7 (Air Pilot's Manuals): Radiotelephony v. 7
  ''978-1-85310-932-4Jordan VauseWolf: U-boat Commanders in World War II
1998978-1-85310-933-1Peter GilchristBoeing 747-400 Series (Airlife's Airliners)
1998978-1-85310-934-8Philip BirtlesAirlife's Airliners: 2, Lockheed L1011 TriStar
1997978-1-85310-937-9Vincenzo PaolilloSeychelles
  ''978-1-85310-940-9Ned MiddletonMaltese Islands Diving Guide
1998978-1-85310-944-7David HudsonRunning Your Own Shoot
  ''978-1-85310-945-4Philip BirtlesBoeing 777 (Airlife's Airliners)
1999978-1-85310-946-1   ''Airlife's Airliners: Boeing 767 v. 7
  ''978-1-85310-947-8Robbie ShawBoeing 737: From -300 to -800 (Airlife's Airliners)
2001978-1-85310-948-5Robbie ShawBoeing 737: 100-200 (Airlife's Airliners)
1997978-1-85310-949-2Ron Dick · Don PattersonMesserschmitt BF 109 (Living Legend)
1998978-1-85310-952-2Freddy BullockLax - Los Angeles International Airport
1999978-1-85310-953-9Freddy BullockPacific Glory: Airlines of the Great Ocean
  ''978-1-85310-956-0Arthur PearcyMD-80/MD-90 Family (Airlife's Airliners)
2000978-1-85310-958-4Gunter G. EndresAirlife's Airliners: Airbus A-310 v.10: Airbus A-310 Vol 10
1997978-1-85310-965-2Charles ColesGardens and Deer: A Guide to Damage Limitation
2000978-1-85310-967-6Marcy Pavord · Tony PavordHandling and Understanding the Horse
1998978-1-85310-968-3R.W. SimpsonAirlife's Helicopters and Rotorcraft
  ''978-1-85310-970-6Anne MustoeLone Traveller: One Woman, Two Wheels and the World
  ''978-1-85310-971-3Colin BallantineVintage Russian: Props and Jets of the Iron Curtain Airlines
2000978-1-85310-974-4David J. BakerThe Heyday of the Shotgun: The Art of the Gunmaker at the Turn of the Last Century
1998978-1-85310-975-1Mike VinesReturn to Rhinebeck: Cole Palen's Museum in the Sky
1997978-1-85310-976-8Ed ShermanOutboard Engines: Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Repair
1998978-1-85310-977-5Duff Hart-DavisRaoul Millais: His Life and Work
2000978-1-85310-978-2Tim LamingU.K.Airports and Airfields: A Spotter's Guide
1999978-1-85310-986-7Ron FlookBritish and Commonwealth Military Knives
1998978-1-85310-992-8David Brian PlummerThe New Complete Lurcher
  ''978-1-85310-995-9Peter CrowtherSingle-Handed Sailing in Galway Blazer
1999978-1-85310-997-3Adrian WalkerThe Encyclopedia of Falconry
1998978-1-85310-998-0Sren Bo HusumAt War without Weapons: Peace-keeper in the Bosnian Conflict
1998978-1-85310-999-7John F. WhiteU-Boat Tankers, 1941-45: Submarine Suppliers to Atlantic Wolf Packs