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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-84994-000-9Janet TwinnColour in Art Quilts
  ''978-1-84994-001-6Wendy CotterillSpunbonded Textile and Stitch
  ''978-1-84994-003-0Martin DawberGreat Big Book of Fashion Illustration
  ''978-1-84994-004-7Kevin TallonDigital Fashion Print: With Photoshop and Illustrator
  ''978-1-84994-005-4Jill SalenVintage Lingerie: Historical Patterns and Techniques
2011978-1-84994-006-1Julia Triston · Rachel LombardHow to Be Creative in Textile Art
  ''978-1-84994-008-5Kim ThittichaiLayered Textiles: New Surfaces with Heat Tools, Machine and Hand Stitch
  ''978-1-84994-009-2Bethan AshInstinctive Quilt Art: Fusing Techniques and Design
  ''978-1-84994-010-8Robin Capon · Annette KaneBeing Bold with Watercolour
  ''978-1-84994-012-2John Hammond and Robin CaponPainting Atmospheric Acrylics
2011978-1-84994-013-9Simon JamesLondon Movie Guide
2012978-1-84994-014-6Val HolmesCollage, Stitch, Print: Collagraphy for Textile Artists
2011978-1-84994-023-8Robin Farquhar · Hannah DipperLondon Buildings: An Architectural Tour
2012978-1-84994-024-5Sandra MeechConnecting Design To Stitch
  ''978-1-84994-025-2C June BarnesExploring Dimension in Quilt Art
  ''978-1-84994-026-9Andrew SoltisWhat It Takes to Become a Chess Master (Batsford Chess)
  ''978-1-84994-027-6Jake Winkle · Robin CaponLight and Movement in Watercolour
2011978-1-84994-028-3Paul Cohen-PortheimThe Spirit of London
  ''978-1-84994-029-0Harry Batsford and Charles FryThe Cathedrals of England
2011978-1-84994-030-6David CurtisCapturing the Moment in Oils
2012978-1-84994-031-3Meriel Thurstan · Rosie MartinExotic Botanical Illustration: With the Eden Project
  ''978-1-84994-034-4Marnie Fogg1960s Fashion Print
  ''978-1-84994-041-2Mike RoydenLiverpool Then and Now
2013978-1-84994-042-9Sara ImpeyText in Textile Art
  ''978-1-84994-043-6Cas Holmes · Anne KellyConnected Cloth: Creating Collaborative Textile Projects
  ''978-1-84994-044-3Sheila SmithFelt Fabric Designs: A Recipe Book for Textile Artists
2013978-1-84994-048-1Elizabeth FriendshipCreating Historical Clothes: Pattern Cutting from Tudor to Victorian Times
2012978-1-84994-058-0Anna LewingtonAncient Trees: Trees That Live for a Thousand Years (National Trust History & Heritage)
2013978-1-84994-067-2Helen ParrottMark-making in Textile Art
  ''978-1-84994-069-6Sabrina ChevannesThe Batsford Book of Chess for Children
  ''978-1-84994-070-2Andrew SoltisPawn Structure Chess
  ''978-1-84994-071-9David Curtis · Robin CaponPainting on Location
  ''978-1-84994-072-6Margaret Stevens · Ernest E. ClarkHandbook of Plant Forms for Botanical Artists
2013978-1-84994-073-3Gillian HolmanPattern Cutting Made Easy: A Step-by-step Introduction
  ''978-1-84994-074-0Claire HarriganAbstract and Colour Techniques in Painting
2014978-1-84994-076-4Scott Christianson100 Diagrams That Changed the World
  ''978-1-84994-085-6Anna KiperFashion Portfolio: Design and Presentation
  ''978-1-84994-090-0Ann BlockleyExperimental Landscapes in Watercolour
2013978-1-84994-092-4Margaret BealNew Ideas in Fusing Fabric: Creative Cutting, Bonding and Mark-Making with the Soldering Iron
  ''978-1-84994-094-8Marnie FoggVintage Patterns 1950s: A classic scrapbook of 1950s design, fashion and style
2013978-1-84994-108-2Andrew Soltis100 Chess Master Trade Secrets: From Sacrifices to Endgames
  ''978-1-84994-109-9Mikhail Tal · Alexander KoblencsStudy Chess with Tal
  ''978-1-84994-111-2Sandra MeechCreative Quilts: Inspiration, Texture & Stitch
  ''978-1-84994-112-9Marnie FoggVintage Fashion Illustration: From Harper's Bazaar 1930 - 1970
  ''978-1-84994-121-1Jean DraperStitch and Structure: Design and Technique in two and three-dimensional textiles
2014978-1-84994-124-2Hazel SoanWatercolour Rainbow: Exploring the colours in your palette
2014978-1-84994-140-2Hazel SoanLearn Watercolour Quickly (Learn Quickly)
  ''978-1-84994-149-5Smith SheilaFelt to Stitch: Creative Felting for Textile Artists
  ''978-1-84994-150-1   ''Embellish, Stitch Felt: Using the Embellisher Machine and Needle Punch
2015978-1-84994-151-8Mary Ann ScottBotanical Sketchbook: Inspiration and Guide to keeping a Sketchbook
2014978-1-84994-153-2Deirdre ClancyDesigning Costume for Stage and Screen
  ''978-1-84994-157-0Rosie JamesStitch Draw: Design and Technique for Figurative Stitching
  ''978-1-84994-160-0Andrew SoltisThe New Art of Defence in Chess
2014978-1-84994-167-9Millie MarottaMillie Marotta's Animal Kingdom - A Colouring Book Adventure
  ''978-1-84994-192-1Colin SalterScience is Beautiful: The Human Body Under the Microscope
2015978-1-84994-266-9Shirley TrevenaShirley Trevena Watercolours
  ''978-1-84994-271-3Meriel Thurstan · Rosie MartinBotanical Illustration for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide
  ''978-1-84994-274-4Cas HolmesStitch Stories: Personal Places, Spaces and Traces in Textile Art
  ''978-1-84994-280-5Millie MarottaMillie Marotta's Home Sticker Book
2015978-1-84994-285-0Millie MarottaMillie Marotta's Tropical Wonderland: A Colouring Book Adventure
2016978-1-84994-297-3John O. E. ClarkMaps That Changed the World
2015978-1-84994-298-0Alice FoxNatural Processes in Textile Art: From Rust Dyeing to Found Objects
  ''978-1-84994-299-7Claire Wellesley-SmithSlow Stitch: Mindful and Contemplative Textile Art
  ''978-1-84994-300-0Scott Christianson100 Documents That Changed the World
2016978-1-84994-328-4Millie MarottaMillie Marotta's Wild Savannah: A Colouring Book Adventure (Colouring Books)
2015978-1-84994-329-1   ''Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom Deluxe Edition: A Colouring Book Adventure
2016978-1-84994-340-6Mike Bernard · Robin CaponCollage, Colour and Texture in Painting: Mixed Media Techniques for Artists
  ''978-1-84994-343-7Anne KellyTextile Nature: Textile Techniques and Inspiration from the Natural World
  ''978-1-84994-355-0Robin Farquhar · Hannah DipperLondon Buildings Colouring Book (Colouring Books)
2017978-1-84994-356-7Soraya FrenchContemporary Landscapes in Mixed Media
2016978-1-84994-363-5Margery FishCottage Garden Flowers - Special Edition
2016978-1-84994-365-9Millie MarottaMillie Marotta's Curious Creatures: A Colouring Book Adventure (Colouring Books)
  ''978-1-84994-369-7Caroline TaggartHer Ladyship's Guide to the Queen's English
  ''978-1-84994-371-0Dawn CloakeCutting and Draping Party and Eveningwear
  ''978-1-84994-374-1Mandy PattulloTextile Collage
  ''978-1-84994-376-5Caroline TaggartHer Ladyship's Guide to the British Season: The Essential Practical and Etiquette Guide (Ladyship's Guides)
2017978-1-84994-382-6Ophelia PangOphelia Pangs Interactive Art Book (Colouring Books)
2017978-1-84994-394-9Hazel SoanLearn to Paint People Quickly: A Practical, Step-by-Step Guide to Learning to Paint People in Watercolour and Oils (Learn Quickly)
2016978-1-84994-397-0Rosie SandersRosie Sanders' Flowers: A Celebration of Botanical Art
2017978-1-84994-402-1Matt BrownEverything You Know About Science is Wrong
  ''978-1-84994-423-6Peter RiceAn Engineer Imagines
  ''978-1-84994-429-8Matt BrownEverything You Know About Art is Wrong
2018978-1-84994-430-4   ''Everything You Know About Space is Wrong
  ''978-1-84994-435-9Cas HolmesTextile Landscape: Painting with Cloth in Mixed Media
2017978-1-84994-436-6Els van Baarle · Cherilyn MartinInterpreting Themes in Textile Art
2018978-1-84994-439-7Jean DraperStitch and Pattern
2017978-1-84994-440-3Frank EgholmSnitte: The Danish Art of Whittling: Beautiful Wooden Birds to Make
  ''978-1-84994-441-0Colin SalterScience is Beautiful: Disease and Medicine: Under the Microscope
2017978-1-84994-445-8Jim ChristianHow to Think Like a Coder: Without Even Trying
  ''978-1-84994-448-9Clare GogertyHidden Villages of Britain
2018978-1-84994-451-9Scott Christianson · Colin Salter100 Books that Changed the World
  ''978-1-84994-457-1Stefi Orazi · Christoffer RudquistThe Barbican Estate
  ''978-1-84994-458-8Anne KellyTextile Folk Art
  ''978-1-84994-462-5Ann BlockleyWatercolour Workshop: projects and interpretations
2018978-1-84994-464-9Adam DantAdam Dant's Maps of London and Beyond
  ''978-1-84994-474-8Jessica PileFashion Embroidery: Techniques and Inspiration for Haute Couture Clothing Embroidery
2019978-1-84994-478-6David Hillman · Harri PeccinottiNova 1965 - 1975
2018978-1-84994-480-9Shelley RhodesSketchbook Explorations: Mixed media approaches for textile artists
  ''978-1-84994-481-6Colin SalterScience is Beautiful: Botanical Life: Under the Microscope
  ''978-1-84994-494-6Lizzie HoughtonFelting Fashion: Creative and inspirational techniques for feltmakers
  ''978-1-84994-495-3Paul KeresPractical Chess Endings: with modern chess notation (Batsford Chess)
2018978-1-84994-503-5Frank EgholmThe Danish Art of Whittling: Simple Projects for the Home
  ''978-1-84994-504-2Hannah DaleThe Farmyard Set
  ''978-1-84994-510-3Kim ThittichaiHot Textiles: Inspiration and Techniques with Heat Tools
  ''978-1-84994-511-0Rosie JamesStitch Draw: Design and technique for figurative stitching
  ''978-1-84994-512-7Thomas Engqvist300 Most Important Chess Positions (Batsford Chess)
2019978-1-84994-521-9Sara CookBojagi - Korean Textile Art: technique, design and inspiration
2019978-1-84994-525-7Jennie AshmoreThe Art of Pressed Flowers and Leaves: Contemporary techniques & designs
2018978-1-84994-530-1Janice GunnerShibori: For Textile Artists
2019978-1-84994-534-9Penelope Hughes-HallettThe Illustrated Letters of Jane Austen: Selected and Introduced by Penelope Hughes-Hallett
  ''978-1-84994-536-3Hannah LambPoetic Cloth: Creating meaning in textile art
  ''978-1-84994-545-5Meriel Thurstan · Rosie MartinPainting Nature's Details
  ''978-1-84994-553-0Lucy McGrathContemporary Paper Marbling: Design and Technique
  ''978-1-84994-579-0Helen ParrottMark-Making Through the Seasons