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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-0-7134-8910-1Sam CollinsAttacking Repertoire for White
  ''978-0-7134-8911-8James PlaskettScandinavian Defence
  ''978-0-7134-8912-5Raymond BrockEASY GUIDE TO FIVE CARD MAJORS
  ''978-0-7134-8913-2Jennie RaymentCREATIVE TUCKS TEXTURES FOR QUILTS
2005978-0-7134-8914-9Ray TaborGreen Woodworking Pattern Book: Over 300 Traditional Craft Designs
2004978-0-7134-8916-3Patricia Read50 NEW MILANESE LACE PATTERNS
  ''978-0-7134-8917-0Gary LaneThe Bishop's Opening Explained
2004978-0-7134-8918-7Maggie GreyPaper, Metal and Stitch
  ''978-0-7134-8919-4Vassilios Kotronias · Andeas TzermiadianosBEATING THE PETROFF
2005978-0-7134-8920-0Alexander BeliavskyNajdorf - Life and Games
2004978-0-7134-8921-7Mary SleighAfrican Inspirations in Embroidery
  ''978-0-7134-8922-4Julian PottageWin the Big Match
2005978-0-7134-8924-8Geoff StebbingsSpring Bulbs: Daffodils, Tulips and Hyacinths
2004978-0-7134-8926-2Jane LemonMETAL THREAD EMBROIDERY
2005978-0-7134-8927-9Christopher Grey-WilsonPOPPIES: The Poppy Family in the Wild and in Cultivation
  ''978-0-7134-8928-6Peter YeoHARDY GERANIUMS REVISED EDTN: The Complete Guide to the Genus
  ''978-0-7134-8929-3Bill Whitsett · Nancy CadoretteWATERCOLOUR FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS
  ''978-0-7134-8931-6Ann CollierLace Fans
  ''978-0-7134-8932-3Elizabeth EwingHISTORY OF 20TH CENTURY FASHION
2004978-0-7134-8933-0Daniel KingTEST YOUR CHESS WITH DANIEL KING
  ''978-0-7134-8934-7Paul LittlewoodCHESS TACTICS (Batsford Chess Book)
  ''978-0-7134-8935-4Hans Bohm · Kees JongkindBobby Fischer: The Wandering King
2015978-0-7134-8936-1Robert BellinLONDON SYSTEM REPERTOIRE (Chess)
2005978-0-7134-8937-8Moyra McNeillDRAWN THREAD EMBROIDERY (Batsford Classic Embroidery)
2005978-0-7134-8938-5Constance HowardThe Constance Howard Book of Stitches (Batsford Classic Embroidery)
  ''978-0-7134-8939-2Graham McCallum4000 Animal, Bird and Fish Motifs: A Sourcebook (4000 Design Motifs)
  ''978-0-7134-8940-8Gary LaneThe Scotch Game Explained
2004978-0-7134-8941-5Lev PsakhisFrench Defence: Steinitz, Classical and Other Variations: Steinitz, Classical and Other Systems
2005978-0-7134-8942-2A. AdorjanBlack is OK Forever! (Chess)
  ''978-0-7134-8943-9C. J. TabrahamSCOTLAND'S CASTLES REVISED (Historic Scotland)
  ''978-0-7134-8945-3Graham RiceSWEET PEAS
2005978-0-7134-8946-0Yakov DamskyThe Batsford Book of Chess Records (Batsford Chess Books)
2006978-0-7134-8947-7Carsten Hansen · Peter Heine NielsenSICILIAN ACCELERATED DRAGON
2005978-0-7134-8949-1Ian ArmitHIS SCOT BOOK OF CELTIC SCOTLAND
  ''978-0-7134-8950-7Gary LaneIdeas Behind Modern Chess Openings: Black (Batsford Chess Book)
  ''978-0-7134-8951-4Martin MillettRoman Britain (English Heritage)
  ''978-0-7134-8953-8Angela ThompsonEmbroiderer's and Quilter's Sourcebook: 1000 Textile Images
  ''978-0-7134-8955-2Robin Capon · David CurtisLight and Mood in Watercolour
2005978-0-7134-8956-9Margaret BealFusing Fabric: Creative Cutting, Bonding and Mark-Making with the Soldering Iron
  ''978-0-7134-8957-6Kay GreenleesCreating Sketchbooks for Embroiderers and Textile Artists: Exploring the Embroiderers' Sketchbook
  ''978-0-7134-8958-3Valerie Campbell-HardingCeltic Inspirations for Machine Embroiderers
  ''978-0-7134-8960-6Jan BeaneyStitch Magic - Ideas and Interpretation
  ''978-0-7134-8961-3Martin DawberNew Fashion Illustration
2005978-0-7134-8962-0Rod LeedsAutumn Bulbs
  ''978-0-7134-8964-4Tracy A FranklinContemporary Whitework
  ''978-0-7134-8965-1Janet EdmondsThree-Dimensional Embroidery
2006978-0-7134-8966-8Owen Davies · Gill HoldsworthEmbroidered Knot Gardens: Using Three-Dimensional Stumpwork, Canvas Work and Ribbon Work
2005978-0-7134-8967-5Jean HoodTrafalgar Square: A Visual History of London's Landmark Through Time
  ''978-0-7134-8969-9Veronica Sorenson · J.E.H.Rombach-De KievidTECHNIQUE OF BRUGES FLOWER LACE
  ''978-0-7134-8970-5James PlaskettQueen's Bishop Attack Revealed
2005978-0-7134-8972-9Malcolm Tait · David BellamyWILDLIFE WALKS: Great Days Out at Over 500 of the UK's Top Nature Reserves (Wildlife Trusts Guide)
2006978-0-7134-8974-3Ineke BerlynLandscape in Contemporary Quilts: Design and Technique
2007978-0-7134-8975-0Jill CarterNew Canvaswork: Creative Techniques in Needlepoint
2005978-0-7134-8976-7C. J. TabrahamCastles of Scotland: A Voyage Through the Centuries (Historic Scotland)
  ''978-0-7134-8977-4David Bird52 Great Bridge Tips on Declarer Play
  ''978-0-7134-8978-1Gary LaneRuy Lopez Explained (Batsford Chess Books)
  ''978-0-7134-8979-8Andy SoltisHow to Choose a Chess Move (Batsford Chess Books)
  ''978-0-7134-8980-4Neil McDonaldThe Sicilian BB5 Revealed
2005978-0-7134-8981-1Julian PottageEasy Guide to Defensive Signals at Bridge
  ''978-0-7134-8982-8Richard PalliserMODERN BENONI REVEALED (Batsford Chess Books)
2006978-0-7134-8983-5Andy SoltisWhy Lasker Matters
  ''978-0-7134-8984-2Tibor KarolyiKasparov's Fighting Chess: 1999-2005
  ''978-0-7134-8985-9Jane Malcolm-Davies · Ninya MikhailaThe Tudor Tailor: Reconstructing Sixteenth-Century Dress
  ''978-0-7134-8986-6Val HolmesCreative Recycling in Embroidery
2006978-0-7134-8987-3Sandra MeechContemporary Quilts: Design, Surface and Stitch
2005978-0-7134-8988-0Simon WebbChess for Tigers (Batsford Chess Book)
  ''978-0-7134-8989-7Andrew MartinThe Hippopotamus Rises: A Chess Opening (Batsford Chess Books)
  ''978-0-7134-8992-7Bernard MageeTIPS FOR BETTER BRIDGE (Batsford Bridge)
2006978-0-7134-8993-4Tom McNeillCastles (English Heritage)
  ''978-0-7134-8994-1Tibor KarolyiKasparov's Fighting Chess 1993-1998 (Batsford Chess Books)
  ''978-0-7134-8995-8David J. BreezeROMAN SCOTLAND NEW EDTN (Historic Scotland)
2006978-0-7134-8996-5Maggie GreyStitch, Dissolve, Distort with Machine Embroidery
  ''978-0-7134-8998-9Valerie Campbell-HardingEdges & Finishes in Machine Embroidery
  ''978-0-7134-8999-6Mark LeachRaw Colour with Pastels
  ''978-0-7134-9002-2David BassettDelphiniums
  ''978-0-7134-9004-6Amatzia AvniDevious Chess: How to Bend the Rules and Win
2006978-0-7134-9005-3Rosie Martin · Meriel ThurstanBotanical Illustration Course with the Eden Project
  ''978-0-7134-9006-0Sandra MeechCreative Quilts: Inspiration, Texture & Stitch
2007978-0-7134-9007-7Robin Capon · David CurtisCapturing the Moment in Oils
2006978-0-7134-9008-4Sheila SmithFelt to Stitch: Creative Felting for Textile Artists
  ''978-0-7134-9009-1Charles OliverHeuchera, Tiarella and Heucherella A Gardener's Guide
  ''978-0-7134-9010-7Anatoly KarpovCaro-Kann Defence: Advance Variation and Gambit (Batsford Chess Books)
  ''978-0-7134-9011-4Anatolii KarpovKarpov's Caro Kann: Panov's Attack (Batsford Chess Books)
2006978-0-7134-9012-1Marnie FoggPrint in Fashion: Design and Development in Textile Fashion
  ''978-0-7134-9013-8Janice GunnerShibori: For Textile Artists
2007978-0-7134-9017-6John E. G. GoodAlpine Plants: Ecology for Gardeners
2006978-0-7134-9018-3Annette Kane · With Robin CaponBeing Bold with Watercolour
2007978-0-7134-9020-6A. W. P. KettlessThe Woodwork Pattern Book: 80 Design Projects to Make by Hand
2006978-0-7134-9022-0Kevin TallonCreative Fashion Designer with Illustrator: With Abobe Illustrator
  ''978-0-7134-9023-7Graham McCallumPattern Motifs: A Sourcebook
2005978-0-7134-9024-4BatsfordKAKURO PUZZLE BOOK: 120 Original Puzzles
2006978-0-7134-9025-1Neil McDonaldThe Art of Planning in Chess: Move by Move (Batsford Chess Books (Batsford Chess Books (Hardcover))
  ''978-0-7134-9026-8Linda TudorEmbroidered Purses: Design and Techniques
  ''978-0-7134-9027-5John Hammond · Robin CaponCapturing Light in Acrylics
2006978-0-7134-9028-2Maggie GreyRaising the Surface with Machine Embroidery
  ''978-0-7134-9030-5KILLER AND SAMURAI SUDOKU: The Ultimate Challenge with 140 Puzzles
2007978-0-7134-9033-6Patrick John IrelandNew Fashion Figure Templates
  ''978-0-7134-9034-3Isobel HallBags with Paper and Stitch
  ''978-0-7134-9035-0Lou Krieger52 Great Poker Tips: At Home, at Tournament and Online
  ''978-0-7134-9036-7John RaynesComplete Anatomy and Figure Drawing Book
2007978-0-7134-9037-4Ruth IssettPrint, Pattern and Colour
2008978-0-7134-9039-8Ray SlaterCloth Dolls for Textile Artists
2007978-0-7134-9040-4Kim ThittichaiHot Textiles: Inspiration and Techniques with Heat Tools
2008978-0-7134-9043-5John Hammond · Robin CaponFree Expression in Acrylics
2007978-0-7134-9045-9Martin DawberBig Book of Fashion Illustration: A World Sourcebook of Contemporary Illustration
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  ''978-0-7134-9047-3Rebecca YueChinese Landscapes Made Easy
2006978-0-7134-9048-0David BirdAnother 52 Great Bridge Tips
  ''978-0-7134-9049-7Ray KeenePetrosian vs the Elite: 71 victories by the master of manoeuvres 1946-1983
2007978-0-7134-9050-3Gary LaneImprove Your Chess in 7 Days
  ''978-0-7134-9051-0Andy SoltisTranspo Tricks in Chess: Finesse Your Chess Move and Win (Batsford Chess Books (Paperback))
2007978-0-7134-9052-7Siriol SherlockBotanical Illustration: Painting with Watercolours
  ''978-0-7134-9053-4Jennie RaymentCreative Tucks and Textures for Quilts and Embroidery
2008978-0-7134-9054-1Marnie Fogg1960s Fashion Print: A Sourcebook
2007978-0-7134-9055-8Claire Harrigan · With Robin CaponAbstract Techniques and Colour in Painting
  ''978-0-7134-9056-5B. Lille101 Things for the Housewife to Do 1949 (101 Things to Do)
  ''978-0-7134-9057-2   ''101 Things to Do in Wartime, 1940
2008978-0-7134-9058-9Kevin TallonDigital Fashion Illustration
  ''978-0-7134-9059-6Kevin Mulvany · Susie RogersMagnificent Miniatures: Inspiration and Technique for Grand Houses on a Small Scale
2009978-0-7134-9060-2Graham McCallum4000 Alphabet and Letter Motifs: A Sourcebook (ANOVA BOOKS)
2007978-0-7134-9062-6Simon JamesLondon Film Location Guide
2007978-0-7134-9064-0Patti Beadles52 Great Backgammon Tips: At Home, Tournament and Online
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  ''978-0-7134-9066-4Tracy A FranklinContemporary Whitework
  ''978-0-7134-9067-1Maggie GreyPaper, Metal and Stitch
  ''978-0-7134-9068-8Margaret BealFusing Fabric: Creative Cutting, Bonding and Mark-making with the Soldering Iron
2008978-0-7134-9070-1C.June BarnesStitching to Dye in Quilt Art: Texture, Dimension and Distortion
2007978-0-7134-9071-8Neil McDonaldChess Success: Planning After the Opening (Batsford Chess Books)
2007978-0-7134-9072-5Alejandro BahamonLondon: Atlas of Architecture: Historical Atlas of Architecture
2008978-0-7134-9073-2David Curtis with Robin CaponLight and Mood in Watercolour
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  ''978-0-7134-9076-3John RaynesThe Complete Watercolour Course: A Comprehensive, Easy-to-follow Guide to Watercolour
  ''978-0-7134-9077-0   ''The Complete Drawing Course: Comprehensive, Easy-to-follow Guide to Drawing
2008978-0-7134-9078-7Rosie Martin and Meriel ThurstanContemporary Botanical Illustration with the Eden Project: Challenging Colour and Texture