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2015978-1-84946-654-7Amy LudlowPrivatising Public Prisons: Labour Law and the Public Procurement Process
  ''978-1-84946-655-4Hilary SommerladThe Futures of Legal Education and the Legal Profession
1959978-1-84946-656-1Donal Nolan · Andrew RobertsonRights and Private Law (Hart Studies in Private Law)
1943978-1-84946-657-8Jessie HohmannThe Right to Housing
2014978-1-84946-658-5Sari KouvoFeminist Perspectives on Contemporary International Law (Onati International Series in Law and Society)
  ''978-1-84946-659-2Tania GroppiThe Use of Foreign Precedents by Constitutional Judges (Hart Studies in Comparative Public Law)
  ''978-1-84946-660-8Chris BallingerHouse of Lords 1911-2011: A Century of Non-Reform (Hart Studies in Constitutional Law)
1980978-1-84946-661-5Charles Mitchell · Paul MitchellLandmark Cases in Equity
1952978-1-84946-662-2Inga WinklerThe Human Right to Water
2014978-1-84946-663-9Ole Kristian FauchaldThe Practice of International and National Courts and the (De-)Fragmentation of International Law (Studies in International Law)
1952978-1-84946-664-6Efthymios PapastavridisThe Interception of Vessels on the High Seas (Studies in International Law)
2014978-1-84946-665-3Kieran BradleyOf Courts and Constitutions: Liber Amicorum in Honour of Nial Fennelly
2015978-1-84946-668-4David J HarveyThe Law Emprynted and Englysshed: The Printing Press as an Agent of Change in Law and Legal Culture, 1475-1642
2014978-1-84946-669-1Andrew BoonThe Ethics and Conduct of Lawyers in England and Wales
2015978-1-84946-670-7Caoimhín MacMaoláinFood Law: European, Domestic and International Frameworks
2014978-1-84946-671-4John SpencerNoted, but not Invariably Approved
2015978-1-84946-673-8Richard HydeRegulating Food-Borne Illness: Investigation, Control and Enforcement
  ''978-1-84946-674-5Stephen TierneyNationalism and Globalisation
2017978-1-84946-675-2Melis OzdelCommercial Maritime Law
2013978-1-84946-676-9Hart Publishing 2014 catalogue
2015978-1-84946-678-3Amy LudlowNew Frontiers in Empirical Labour Law Research (Blac19 13 06 2019)
2015978-1-84946-679-0Melis ÖzdelBills of Lading Incorporating Charterparties
2016978-1-84946-681-3Andrew BlickThe Codes of the Constitution (Hart Studies in Constitutional Law)
1931978-1-84946-683-7Susanne Karstedt · Ian Loader · Heather StrangEmotions, Crime and Justice (Onati International Series in Law and Society)
2014978-1-84946-684-4Julian V RobertsPrevious Convictions at Sentencing: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives (Studies in Penal Theory and Penal Ethics)
2015978-1-84946-685-1Francesca IppolitoProtecting Vulnerable Groups: The European Human Rights Framework (Modern Studies in European Law)
2017978-1-84946-689-9Philip HandlerLandmark Cases in Criminal Law
2015978-1-84946-690-5Caron Beaton-WellsAnti-Cartel Enforcement in a Contemporary Age: Leniency Religion (Hart Studies in Competition Law)
  ''978-1-84946-691-2Zheng Sophia TangElectronic Consumer Contracts in the Conflict of Laws (Studies in Private International Law)
2014978-1-84946-692-9Beth GoldblattWomen's Rights to Social Security and Social Protection (Onati International Series in Law and Society)
2019978-1-84946-693-6Richard Moorhead · Steven VaughanThe Business of Law: Social, Economic and Ethical Perspectives on Lawyers and Legal Services
2015978-1-84946-695-0Christiana HJI PanayiAdvanced Issues in International and European Tax Law
2014978-1-84946-699-8A. P. SimesterCrimes, Harms, and Wrongs: On the Principles of Criminalisation
2015978-1-84946-700-1Christine KaddousThe European Union in International Organisations and Global Governance: Recent Developments (Modern Studies in European Law)
2020978-1-84946-701-8Ester Herlin-Karnell · Constanze SemmelmannEuropean Union Law in Context
2018978-1-84946-703-2Lilian EdwardsLaw, Policy and the Internet
2016978-1-84946-704-9Gemma TurtonEvidential Uncertainty in Causation in Negligence (Hart Studies in Private Law)
  ''978-1-84946-706-3Saul TakahashiHuman Rights and Drug Control: The False Dichotomy (Studies in International Law)
2015978-1-84946-707-0Sonia Morano-FoadiFundamental Rights in the EU: A Matter for Two Courts (Modern Studies in European Law)
2016978-1-84946-708-7Werner SchroederStrengthening the Rule of Law in Europe: From a Common Concept to Mechanisms of Implementation (Modern Studies in European Law)
2015978-1-84946-709-4Christopher HeathPatent Enforcement Worldwide: Writings in Honour of Dieter Stauder
  ''978-1-84946-711-7Vasiliki KostaFundamental Rights in EU Internal Market Legislation (Modern Studies in European Law)
978-1-84946-713-1Markesinis and Unberath
2018978-1-84946-714-8Leticia Marques OsorioThe Social Function of Property and the Human Right to Security of Tenure in Latin America
2016978-1-84946-716-2Alexander HorneParliament: Legislation and Accountability (Hart Studies in Constitutional Law)
2015978-1-84946-717-9Lara WalkerMaintenance and Child Support in Private International Law (Studies in Private International Law)
2017978-1-84946-719-3Charlotte O'BrienUnity in Adversity: EU Citizenship, Social Justice and the Cautionary Tale of the UK (Modern Studies in European Law)
2015978-1-84946-721-6Orsolya SalatThe Right to Freedom of Assembly: A Comparative Study (Hart Studies in Comparative Public Law)
2017978-1-84946-723-0Andrew DysonDefences in Contract (Hart Studies in Private Law: Essays on Defences)
2018978-1-84946-724-7Paul S DaviesDefences in Equity (Hart Studies in Private Law: Essays on Defences)
2016978-1-84946-726-1Ting XuProperty and Human Rights in a Global Context (Human Rights Law in Perspective)
1939978-1-84946-727-8Aoife NolanChildren's Socio-Economic Rights, Democracy And The Courts (Human Rights Law in Perspective)
2019978-1-84946-730-8Benjamin J. Goold · Liora LazarusSecurity and Human Rights (Hart Studies in Security and Justice)
2015978-1-84946-731-5Ben SaulAntarctica in International Law (Documents in International Law)
  ''978-1-84946-732-2Alberto AlemannoNudge and the Law: A European Perspective (Modern Studies in European Law)
978-1-84946-733-9Principles of Tort Law
2015978-1-84946-737-7Emma LeesInterpreting Environmental Offences: The Need for Certainty
2017978-1-84946-738-4Iyiola SolankeDiscrimination as Stigma: A Theory of Anti-Discrimination Law
2014978-1-84946-740-7Christoph G PaulusA Debt Restructuring Mechanism for Sovereigns: Do We Need a Legal Procedure?
2014978-1-84946-741-4Dominik ZimmermannThe Independence of International Courts (Successful Dispute Resolution)
2017978-1-84946-742-1Christopher MichaelsenComparative Perspectives on the Theory and Practice of Preventive Detention (Onati International Series in Law and Society)
2016978-1-84946-743-8Louise GulliferSecured Transactions Law Reform: Principles, Policies and Practice
2018978-1-84946-746-9Tuomas TiittalaFinnish Yearbook of International Law, Volume 24, 2014
2014978-1-84946-752-0Michael BarnesThe Law of Compulsory Purchase and Compensation
  ''978-1-84946-759-9Jörg Risse · Markus Altenkirch · Ragnar Herbst · Annette Keilmann · Lisa ReiserComplete (But Unofficial) Guide to the Willem C VIS Commercial Arbitration Moot: 2nd Edition
2015978-1-84946-760-5Fiona de LondrasThe Irish Yearbook of International Law: Volume 8, 2013
2017978-1-84946-761-2Giselle CorradiHuman Rights Encounter Legal Pluralism: Normative and Empirical Approaches (Onati International Series in Law and Society) (Oñati International Series in Law and Society)
2016978-1-84946-762-9Maria BergstromHarmonising EU Competition Litigation: The New Directive and Beyond (Swedish Studies in European Law): 8
  ''978-1-84946-764-3Maria HookThe Choice of Law Contract (Studies in Private International Law)
2017978-1-84946-765-0Spyridon V BazinasInternational and Comparative Secured Transactions Law: Essays in honour of Roderick A Macdonald
  ''978-1-84946-766-7Josef Aicher · Erich Kussbach · August ReinischDecisions of the Arbitration Panel for In Rem Restitution, Volume 7
  ''978-1-84946-768-1Saskia HufnagelTrust in International Police and Justice Cooperation (Onati International Series in Law and Society)
2017978-1-84946-771-1Giselle Corradi · Eva Brems · Mark GoodaleHuman Rights Encounter Legal Pluralism: Normative and Empirical Approaches (Onati International Series in Law and Society)
  ''978-1-84946-772-8Giselle Corradi · Eva Brems · Mark GoodaleHuman Rights Encounter Legal Pluralism: Normative and Empirical Approaches (Onati International Series in Law and Society)
2015978-1-84946-774-2Michal BobekCentral European Judges Under the European Influence: The Transformative Power of the EU Revisited (EU Law in the Member States)
2018978-1-84946-776-6Sanders AstridContract and Tort Accountability of Multinational Business Entities for Violations of Labour Rights
2016978-1-84946-777-3Marta IljadicaCopyright Beyond Law: Regulating Creativity in the Graffiti Subculture
2017978-1-84946-778-0Matthew GrovesLegitimate Expectations in the Common Law World (Hart Studies in Comparative Public Law)
2016978-1-84946-779-7Elizabeth WicksThe State and the Body: Legal Regulation of Bodily Autonomy
2020978-1-84946-782-7Paul EnglandA Practitioner's Guide to the Unified Patent Court
2017978-1-84946-783-4Emma WaringPrivate-to-Private Takings: Rhetoric and Reality
2015978-1-84946-784-1Andrew BoonLawyers' Ethics and Professional Responsibility
2016978-1-84946-785-8Mark D. Cole · Jenny MetzdorfThe EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive: Comparative Commentary on the AVMSD and National Implementation
2017978-1-84946-786-5Patrick CappsEthical Rationalism and the Law
2016978-1-84946-787-2Heather ConwayThe Emotional Dynamics of Law and Legal Discourse
2017978-1-84946-788-9Eirik BjorgeLandmark Cases in Public International Law
  ''978-1-84946-790-2Andrew HardingConstitutionalism and Legal Change in Myanmar
2015978-1-84946-792-6Gordian HasselblattCommunity Design Regulation: A Commentary
2016978-1-84946-793-3Stephan BalthasarInternational Commercial Arbitration: A Practitioner's Guide
2015978-1-84946-795-7Katja S ZieglerThe UK and European Human Rights (Modern Studies in European Law)
  ''978-1-84946-796-4Jaakko HusaA New Introduction to Comparative Law
2016978-1-84946-797-1Eoin QuillDamages and Compensation Culture: Comparative Perspectives
2015978-1-84946-798-8Peter HarrisStudies in the History of Tax Law: Volume 7
2016978-1-84946-799-5Maksymilian Del MarLaw in Theory and History: New Essays on a Neglected Dialogue
2017978-1-84946-800-8Dug CubieThe International Legal Protection of Persons in Humanitarian Crises: Exploring the Acquis Humanitaire (Studies in International Law)
2020978-1-84946-801-5Anne SmithNegotiating Social Justice: The Drafting of Bills of Rights
2019978-1-84946-802-2Nadine El-EnanyBordering Britain: Law, Race and Empire
978-1-84946-803-9Shaping Private Antitrust Enforcement in Europe (Hart Studies in Competition Law)
2017978-1-84946-804-6Rutsel Silvestre J. MarthaThe Legal Foundations of INTERPOL
2016978-1-84946-807-7Paul O'ConnellMasking Barbarism: Human Rights in the Contemporary Global Order
2017978-1-84946-808-4Andrea DurbachHeritage, Culture and Rights: Challenging Legal Discourses
  ''978-1-84946-809-1Iain RamsayPersonal Insolvency in the 21st Century: A Comparative Analysis of the US and Europe
2015978-1-84946-810-7Frederico FabbriniWhat Form of Government for the European Union and the Eurozone (Modern Studies in European Law)
2017978-1-84946-811-4Danny BuschA Bank's Duty of Care
2020978-1-84946-813-8Maksymilian Del MarArtefacts of Legal Inquiry: The Value of Imagination in Adjudication
2014978-1-84946-815-2Josef Aicher · Erich Kussbach · August ReinischDecisions of the Arbitration Panel for in REM Restitution: Volume 6
2015978-1-84946-816-9Louis Blom-CooperPower of Persuasion: Essays by a Very Public Lawyer
2016978-1-84946-824-4Michal BobekAir Passenger Rights: Ten Years on (EU Law in the Member States)
2015978-1-84946-826-8Jorg RisseThe Complete (but Unofficial) Guide to the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot
2015978-1-84946-833-6Alfredo IlardiThe New European Patent
  ''978-1-84946-863-3Kit Barker · Ross Grantham · Warren SwainThe Law of Misstatements: 50 Years on from Hedley Byrne v Heller (Hart Studies in Private Law)
2018978-1-84946-864-0Maureen DuffyDetention of Terrorism Suspects: Political Discourse and Fragmented Practices
2017978-1-84946-865-7Petr AghaHuman Rights Between Law and Politics: The Margin of Appreciation in Post-National Contexts (Modern Studies in European Law)
2015978-1-84946-866-4Gunnar TörberThe Contractual Nature of the Optional Clause (Studies in International Law)
  ''978-1-84946-872-5Mahulena HofmannDispute Settlement in the Area of Space Communication: 2nd Luxembourg Workshop on Space and Satellite Communication Law (Luxemburger Juristische Studien - Luxembourg Legal Studies)
1943978-1-84946-873-2Cian C MurphyEU Counter-Terrorism Law (Modern Studies in European Law)
2018978-1-84946-874-9Steve PeersBrexit: What Happens Next
2016978-1-84946-880-0Photini PazartzisReconceptualising the Rule of Law in Global Governance, Resources, Investment and Trade
2015978-1-84946-883-1Benjamin SpagnoloThe Continuity of Legal Systems in Theory and Practice
  ''978-1-84946-899-2Anna BeckersEnforcing Corporate Social Responsibility Codes: On Global Self-Regulation and National Private Law (International Studies in the Theory of Private Law)
  ''978-1-84946-900-5   ''Enforcing Corporate Social Responsibility Codes: On Global Self-Regulation and National Private Law (International Studies in the Theory of Private Law)
2015978-1-84946-911-1Franz-Josef Zimmer · Steven M Zeman · Jens Hammer · Klara Goldbach · Bernd AllekotteProtecting and Enforcing Life Science Inventions in Europe Under EPC and EU Law: From Antibodies to Zebrafish
  ''978-1-84946-912-8Mavis MacleanDelivering Family Justice in the 21st Century (Onati International Series in Law and Society)
  ''978-1-84946-913-5Joanna MilesMarriage Rites and Rights
  ''978-1-84946-914-2Mohamed Elewa BadarThe Concept of Mens Rea in International Criminal Law: The Case for a Unified Approach (Studies in International and Comparative Criminal Law)
2017978-1-84946-915-9Gregory JonesA Guide to the National Planning Policy Framework: Law and Practice
2015978-1-84946-921-0Albertina Albors-Llorens · Kenneth Armstrong · Markus W. GehringCambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies 2013-2014: Vol 16
2016978-1-84946-924-1Jarna PetmanFinnish Yearbook of International Law, Volume 23, 2012-2013
2018978-1-84946-931-9Ewan McGaugheyA Casebook on Labour Law
2017978-1-84946-938-8Marcel Barth · Gerhard WegenInternational Arbitration in Germany: A Handbook
2019978-1-84946-943-2Cian C. MurphyControl Beyond the State: Transnational Counter-Terrorism Law
2016978-1-84946-944-9   ''Control Beyond the State: Transnational Counter-Terrorism Law
  ''978-1-84946-949-4Werner SchroederStrengthening the Rule of Law in Europe: From a Common Concept to Mechanisms of Implementation (Modern Studies in European Law)
2016978-1-84946-950-0Werner SchroederStrengthening the Rule of Law in Europe: From a Common Concept to Mechanisms of Implementation (Modern Studies in European Law)
2015978-1-84946-955-5Christiana H. J. I. PanayiAdvanced Issues in International and European Tax Law
2018978-1-84946-965-4Maria Gavouneli · Ilias PlakokefalosDocuments in International Environmental Law
2015978-1-84946-967-8Grainne De BurcaCritical Legal Perspectives on Global Governance: Liber Amicorum David M Trubek
  ''978-1-84946-968-5Panos KoutrakosThe Law and Practice of Piracy at Sea: European and International Perspectives
  ''978-1-84946-969-2William E ConklinStatelessness: The Enigma of the International Community (Studies in International Law)
  ''978-1-84946-970-8Maurice AdamsJudging Europe's Judges: The Legitimacy of the Case Law of the European Court of Justice
1949978-1-84946-971-5Maartje de VisserConstitutional Review in Europe (European and National Constitutional Law Series)
1943978-1-84946-972-2Pinar AkmanThe Concept of Abuse in EU Competition Law (Hart Studies in Competition Law)
2015978-1-84946-987-6Elaine MakJudicial Decision-Making in a Globalised World: A Comparative Analysis of the Changing Practices of Western Highest Courts (Hart Studies in Comparative Public Law)
1939978-1-84946-988-3Matt QvortrupThe British Constitution: Continuity and Change
  ''978-1-84946-989-0Andrew J AshworthPositive Obligations in Criminal Law
1939978-1-84946-990-6David FeldmanLaw in Politics, Politics in Law (Hart Studies in Constitutional Law)
2016978-1-84946-995-1Otto TrifftererRome Statute of the International Criminal Court: A Commentary