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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2018978-1-5099-2178-2Niamh MoloneyThe Age of ESMA: Governing EU Financial Markets
2020978-1-5099-2185-0Rachel Cahill-O'CallaghanValues in the Supreme Court: Decisions, Division and Diversity (Hart Studies on Judging and the Courts)
  ''978-1-5099-2189-8Eithne DowdsFeminist Engagement with International Criminal Law: Norm Transfer, Complementarity, Rape and Consent (Studies in International Law)
2019978-1-5099-2201-7Magnus Strand · Vladimir Bastidas · Marios C IacovidesEU Competition Litigation: Transposition and First Experiences of the New Regime (Swedish Studies in European Law)
2018978-1-5099-2205-5Richard Ekins · Paul Yowell · NW BarberLord Sumption and the Limits of the Law
  ''978-1-5099-2206-2Greg WeeksSoft Law and Public Authorities (Hart Studies in Comparative Public Law)
  ''978-1-5099-2207-9Alina TryfonidouImpact of Union Citizenship on the EU's Market Freedoms (Modern Studies in European Law)
2020978-1-5099-2224-6Philip CoppelInformation Rights: 2 Volume Set
  ''978-1-5099-2225-3Ermioni XanthopoulouFundamental Rights and Mutual Trust in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: A Role for Proportionality? (Modern Studies in European Law)
2019978-1-5099-2248-2Philip CoppelInformation Rights: 2 Volume Set
2019978-1-5099-2249-9Carissima MathenCourts Without Cases: The Law and Politics of Advisory Opinions
2020978-1-5099-2253-6Britta SjostedtThe Role of Multilateral Environmental Agreements: A Reconciliatory Approach to Environmental Protection in Armed Conflict (Studies in International Law)
2019978-1-5099-2265-9Professor Filip Dorssemont · Klaus Loercher · Stefan Clauwaert · Melanie SchmittThe Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the Employment Relation
2020978-1-5099-2270-3Sinead Agnew · Paul S Davies · Charles MitchellPensions: Law, Policy and Practice
  ''978-1-5099-2307-6Pablo A Hernandez Gonzalez-BarredaBeneficial Ownership in Tax Law and Tax Treaties
  ''978-1-5099-2311-3Ulrike Schultz · Gisela Shaw · Margaret Thornton · Rosemary AuchmutyGender and Careers in the Legal Academy (Onati International Series in Law and Society)
2019978-1-5099-2316-8Julia López LópezCollective Bargaining and Collective Action: Labour Agency and Governance in the 21st Century? (Onati International Series in Law and Society)
  ''978-1-5099-2318-2Julia Lopez LopezCollective Bargaining and Collective Action: Labour Agency and Governance in the 21st Century? (Onati International Series in Law and Society)
  ''978-1-5099-2324-3Dimitrios GiannoulopoulosImproperly Obtained Evidence in Anglo-American and Continental Law
2019978-1-5099-2334-2Richard Caddell · Erik Jaap MolenaarStrengthening International Fisheries Law in an Era of Changing Oceans
2020978-1-5099-2342-7Nasia HadjigeorgiouProtecting Human Rights and Building Peace in Post-Violence Societies (Human Rights Law in Perspective)
  ''978-1-5099-2354-0Dominic de CoganTax Law, State-Building and the Constitution
  ''978-1-5099-2370-0Justice John SackarLord Devlin
  ''978-1-5099-2374-8Claes Lernestedt · Matt MatraversThe Criminal Law's Person
2019978-1-5099-2388-5Matthias Lehmann · Christoph KumpanEuropean Financial Services Law (International and European Business Law)
2020978-1-5099-2397-7Michael Richtsteig · Daniel EngbarthVienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations: A Commentary
  ''978-1-5099-2399-1Andrea Vicari · Alexander SchallCompany Laws of the EU
2020978-1-5099-2401-1Jean-Claude ZereyFinancial Derivatives: A Handbook
  ''978-1-5099-2405-9Andreas Zimmermann · Elisa FreiburgLaw of Aggression
2019978-1-5099-2409-7Stephan HobeSpace Law
2018978-1-5099-2442-4Nicola Lupo · Cristina FasoneInterparliamentary Cooperation in the Composite European Constitution (Parliamentary Democracy in Europe)
  ''978-1-5099-2444-8Jason NE VaruhasDamages and Human Rights
  ''978-1-5099-2445-5John Bell · Mark Elliott · Jason NE VaruhasPublic Law Adjudication in Common Law Systems: Process and Substance
  ''978-1-5099-2447-9Hans W Micklitz · Andrea WechslerThe Transformation of Enforcement
2018978-1-5099-2448-6Gemma TurtonEvidential Uncertainty in Causation in Negligence (Hart Studies in Private Law)
2020978-1-5099-2464-6Michael Gordon · Adam TuckerThe New Labour Constitution: Twenty Years on (Hart Studies in Constitutional Law)
2018978-1-5099-2472-1Gabrielle ApplebyRole of the Solicitor-General
  ''978-1-5099-2473-8Benjamin L Berger · Richard MoonReligion and the Exercise of Public Authority
  ''978-1-5099-2475-2Mary E Footer · Julia Schmidt · Nigel D WhiteSecurity and International Law (Studies in International Law)
  ''978-1-5099-2476-9Valsamis MitsilegasEU Criminal Law after Lisbon (Hart Studies in European Criminal Law)
2019978-1-5099-2493-6Peter Harris · Dominic de CoganStudies in the History of Tax Law, Volume 9
2020978-1-5099-2533-9Joanna BellThe Anatomy of Administrative Law
2018978-1-5099-2541-4Alexander Horne · Andrew Le SueurParliament: Legislation and Accountability (Hart Studies in Constitutional Law)
2020978-1-5099-2546-9Eric GhoshBeyond the Republican Revival: Non-Domination, Positive Liberty and Sortition
  ''978-1-5099-2568-1Elena GriglioParliamentary Oversight of the Executives: Tools and Procedure in Europe (Parliamentary Democracy in Europe)
2019978-1-5099-2590-2Dominic De SaullesReforming Civil Procedure: The Hardest Path
2019978-1-5099-2591-9Dominic De SaullesReforming Civil Procedure: The Hardest Path
2020978-1-5099-2606-0Bruce WardhaughCompetition, Effects and Predictability: Rule of Law and the Economic Approach to Competition (Hart Studies in Competition Law)
  ''978-1-5099-2633-6Md Jahid Hossain Bhuiyan · Darryn JensenLaw and Religion in the Liberal State
  ''978-1-5099-2637-4Louise MunkholmRe-Inventing Labour Law Enforcement: A Socio-Legal Analysis
2018978-1-5099-2641-1Jill Hunter · Paul Roberts · Simon N M YoungThe Integrity of Criminal Process: From Theory into Practice
  ''978-1-5099-2643-5Saul TakahashiHuman Rights and Drug Control: The False Dichotomy (Studies in International Law)
  ''978-1-5099-2644-2Clemens KaupaThe Pluralist Character of the European Economic Constitution (Modern Studies in European Law)
2019978-1-5099-2668-8A P Simester · J R Spencer · F Stark · G R Sullivan · G J VirgoSimester and Sullivan's Criminal Law: Theory and Doctrine
2019978-1-5099-2677-0Vladyslav LanovoyComplicity and its Limits in the Law of International Responsibility (Studies in International Law)
  ''978-1-5099-2678-7Ulrich Haas · Deborah HealeyDoping in Sport and the Law
  ''978-1-5099-2681-7Andrew BlickThe Codes of the Constitution (Hart Studies in Constitutional Law)
2020978-1-5099-2683-1John Picton · Jennifer SigafoosDebates in Charity Law
2019978-1-5099-2691-6Kasey McCall-Smith · Jan Wouters · Felipe Gomez IsaThe Faces of Human Rights
  ''978-1-5099-2715-9Tuomas TiittalaFinnish Yearbook of International Law, Volume 25, 2015
2020978-1-5099-2723-4Paul WraggA Free and Regulated Press: Defending Coercive Independent Press Regulation
2019978-1-5099-2749-4Joanna Howe · Rosemary OwensTemporary Labour Migration in the Global Era: The Regulatory Challenges (Oñati International Series in Law and Society)
  ''978-1-5099-2754-8Sofia Moratti · Dennis PattersonLegal Insanity and the Brain: Science, Law and European Courts
2019978-1-5099-2756-2Devesh Kapur · Madhav KhoslaRegulation in India: Design, Capacity, Performance (Hart Studies in Comparative Public Law)
2020978-1-5099-2769-2Eugenie MerieauConstitutional Bricolage: Thailand'S Sacred Monarchy vs. the Rule of Law (Constitutionalism in Asia)
2019978-1-5099-2776-0Jesper Jarl FanoEnforcing International Maritime Legislation on Air Pollution through UNCLOS
  ''978-1-5099-2784-5Lord DysonA Judge's Journey
  ''978-1-5099-2790-6Marta OttoThe Right to Privacy in Employment: A Comparative Analysis
  ''978-1-5099-2793-7Eoin Quill · Raymond J. FrielDamages and Compensation Culture: Comparative Perspectives
  ''978-1-5099-2795-1Anne C WittThe More Economic Approach to EU Antitrust Law (Hart Studies in Competition Law)
2019978-1-5099-2796-8Kathryn ChanThe Public-Private Nature of Charity Law
  ''978-1-5099-2798-2Peter Robson · Jennifer L. SchulzA Transnational Study of Law and Justice on TV
2020978-1-5099-2803-3Dalia PalomboBusiness and Human Rights: The Obligations of the European Home States
  ''978-1-5099-2815-6Cora Chan · Fiona de LondrasChina's National Security: Endangering Hong Kong's Rule of Law?
2019978-1-5099-2819-4Anthony O'DonnellInventing Unemployment: Regulating Joblessness in Twentieth-Century Australia
  ''978-1-5099-2864-4Stephen Allen · Professor Nigel Bankes · Oyvind RavnaThe Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Marine Areas
2020978-1-5099-2868-2Anni PuesProsecutorial Discretion at the International Criminal Court (Studies in International Law)
2019978-1-5099-2880-4Dorothy Estrada-TanckHuman Security and Human Rights under International Law: The Protections Offered to Persons Confronting Structural Vulnerability
  ''978-1-5099-2881-1Angela DalyPrivate Power, Online Information Flows and EU Law: Mind The Gap (Hart Studies in Competition Law)
2019978-1-5099-2882-8Sarah NasonReconstructing Judicial Review
  ''978-1-5099-2883-5Dirk van Zyl Smit · Catherine AppletonLife Imprisonment and Human Rights (Onati International Series in Law and Society)
  ''978-1-5099-2885-9Elizabeth WicksThe State and the Body: Legal Regulation of Bodily Autonomy
  ''978-1-5099-2886-6Panos Koutrakos · Niamh Nic Shuibhne · Phil SyrpisExceptions from EU Free Movement Law: Derogation, Justification and Proportionality (Modern Studies in European Law)
  ''978-1-5099-2887-3Werner SchroederStrengthening the Rule of Law in Europe: From a Common Concept to Mechanisms of Implementation (Modern Studies in European Law)
2019978-1-5099-2888-0Eli BallEnrichment at the Claimant's Expense: Attribution Rules in Unjust Enrichment (Hart Studies in Private Law)
  ''978-1-5099-2890-3Marina AksenovaComplicity in International Criminal Law (Studies in International Law)
  ''978-1-5099-2891-0Carmen DraghiciThe Legitimacy of Family Rights in Strasbourg Case Law: 'Living Instrument' or Extinguished Sovereignty? (Modern Studies in European Law)
2020978-1-5099-2892-7Shireen MorrisA First Nations Voice in the Australian Constitution
  ''978-1-5099-2913-9Samantha M DaveyA Failure of Proportion: Non-Consensual Adoption in England and Wales
2019978-1-5099-2929-0Matt QvortrupThe Referendum and Other Essays on Constitutional Politics
2020978-1-5099-2963-4Loraine Gelsthorpe · Perveez Mody · Brian SloanSpaces of Care
2019978-1-5099-2972-6Kit Barker · Simone Degeling · Karen Fairweather · Ross GranthamPrivate Law and Power (Hart Studies in Private Law)
  ''978-1-5099-2982-5Iyiola SolankeDiscrimination as Stigma: A Theory of Anti-discrimination Law
2019978-1-5099-3004-3David Cole · Federico Fabbrini · Stephen SchulhoferSurveillance, Privacy and Trans-Atlantic Relations (Hart Studies in Security and Justice)
  ''978-1-5099-3005-0Andreas von HirschDeserved Criminal Sentences
  ''978-1-5099-3006-7Cynthia BanhamLiberal Democracies and the Torture of Their Citizens
  ''978-1-5099-3008-1Andrew Dyson · James Goudkamp;Frederick Wilmot-SmithDefences in Contract (Hart Studies in Private Law: Essays on Defences)
  ''978-1-5099-3013-5Johanna Croon-GestefeldReconceptualising European Equality Law: A Comparative Institutional Analysis (Modern Studies in European Law)
2020978-1-5099-3025-8Kevin YL Tan · Professor Ridawanul HoqueConstitutional Foundings in South Asia (Constitutionalism in Asia)
2019978-1-5099-3037-1Jason NE Varuhas · Shona Wilson StarkThe Frontiers of Public Law
2020978-1-5099-3045-6Justine N StefanelliJudicial Review of Immigration Detention in the UK, US and EU: From Principles to Practice
2020978-1-5099-3053-1Stephen DalyTax Authority Advice and The Public
  ''978-1-5099-3073-9Claire Spivakovsky · Linda Steele · Penelope WellerThe Legacies of Institutionalisation: Disability, Law and Policy in the 'Deinstitutionalised' Community (Onati International Series in Law and Society)
  ''978-1-5099-3093-7Sofia Ranchordas · Yaniv RoznaiTime, Law, and Change: An Interdisciplinary Study
2019978-1-5099-3097-5Richard Albert · Menaka Guruswamy · Nishchal BasnyatFounding Moments in Constitutionalism
2020978-1-5099-3101-9Robert Hazell · Bob MorrisThe Role of Monarchy in Modern Democracy: European Monarchies Compared (Hart Studies in Comparative Public Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3105-7Ling ZhouAccess to Justice for the Chinese Consumer: Handling Consumer Disputes in Contemporary China (Civil Justice Systems)
2019978-1-5099-3127-9Simone Degeling · Jason NE VaruhasEquitable Compensation and Disgorgement of Profit (Hart Studies in Private Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3132-3Se-Shauna WheatlePrincipled Reasoning in Human Rights Adjudication (Hart Studies in Comparative Public Law)
2020978-1-5099-3189-7Viktoria H S E RobertsonCompetition Law's Innovation Factor: The Relevant Market in Dynamic Contexts in the EU and the US (Hart Studies in Competition Law)
2019978-1-5099-3213-9Antje du Bois-Pedain · Professor Magnus Ulvang · Professor Petter AspCriminal Law and the Authority of the State (Studies in Penal Theory and Penal Ethics)
2019978-1-5099-3214-6Mark DsouzaRationale-Based Defences in Criminal Law
  ''978-1-5099-3215-3Philip Handler · Henry Mares · Ian WilliamsLandmark Cases in Criminal Law
  ''978-1-5099-3218-4Paul S Davies · Professor James PennerEquity, Trusts and Commerce (Hart Studies in Private Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3221-4Andrea Durbach · Lucas LixinskiHeritage, Culture and Rights: Challenging Legal Discourses
  ''978-1-5099-3223-8Giselle Corradi · Eva Brems · Mark GoodaleHuman Rights Encounter Legal Pluralism: Normative and Empirical Approaches (Onati International Series in Law and Society)
2020978-1-5099-3274-0Dara Hallinan · Ronald Leenes · Serge Gutwirth · Paul De HertData Protection and Privacy: Data Protection and Democracy (Computers, Privacy and Data Protection)
2020978-1-5099-3282-5Chloé BrièreThe External Dimension of the EUs Policy against Trafficking in Human Beings (Hart Studies in European Criminal Law)
2019978-1-5099-3303-7Barbara HavelkovaGender Equality in Law: Uncovering the Legacies of Czech State Socialism (Human Rights Law in Perspective)
  ''978-1-5099-3304-4Johan BouchtThe Limits of Asset Confiscation: On the Legitimacy of Extended Appropriation of Criminal Proceeds
  ''978-1-5099-3305-1Anna KocharovRepublican Europe (Modern Studies in European Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3306-8Graeme BrownCriminal Sentencing as Practical Wisdom
  ''978-1-5099-3307-5Maria TzanouThe Fundamental Right to Data Protection: Normative Value in the Context of Counter-Terrorism Surveillance (Modern Studies in European Law)
2019978-1-5099-3308-2Armin SteinbachEU Liability and International Economic Law (Modern Studies in European Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3310-5Janina BougheyHuman Rights and Judicial Review in Australia and Canada: The Newest Despotism? (Hart Studies in Comparative Public Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3312-9Katayoun AlidadiReligion, Equality and Employment in Europe: The Case for Reasonable Accommodation
  ''978-1-5099-3313-6Eoin DalyRousseau's Constitutionalism: Austerity and Republican Freedom
2020978-1-5099-3314-3Melissa CrouchThe Constitution of Myanmar: A Contextual Analysis (Constitutional Systems of the World)
  ''978-1-5099-3323-5Dimitry Kochenov · Justin LindeboomKalin and Kochenov's Quality of Nationality Index: Nationalities of the World in 2018
2020978-1-5099-3355-6Jeffrey Vogt · Janice Bellace · Lance Compa · K D Ewing · John Hendy · Klaus Loercher · Tonia NovitzThe Right to Strike in International Law
  ''978-1-5099-3359-4Anil Yilmaz VastardisThe Nationality of Corporate Investors under International Investment Law (Studies in International Trade and Investment Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3457-7Richard AlbertRevolutionary Constitutionalism: Law, Legitimacy, Power
2019978-1-5099-3461-4Alessandro Bernardi · Daniele NegriInvestigating European Fraud in the EU Member States
  ''978-1-5099-3463-8Richard Albert · Xenophon Contiades · Alkmene FotiadouThe Foundations and Traditions of Constitutional Amendment (Hart Studies in Comparative Public Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3474-4Jacob ObergLimits to Eu Powers: A Case Study of Eu Regulatory Criminal Law (Hart Studies in European Criminal Law)
2020978-1-5099-3483-6Pamela SteinerCollective Trauma and the Armenian Genocide: Armenian, Turkish, and Azerbaijani Relations since 1839 (Human Rights Law in Perspective)
2019978-1-5099-3507-9Virgilio Afonso da SilvaThe Constitution of Brazil: A Contextual Analysis (Constitutional Systems of the World)
2020978-1-5099-3513-0Kamala DawarThe Legality of Bailouts and Buy Nationals: International Trade Law in a Crisis (Hart Studies in Competition Law)
2020978-1-5099-3516-1Ying Khai LiewRationalising Constructive Trusts (Hart Studies in Private Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3545-1John LawsThe Constitutional Balance
2019978-1-5099-3565-9Tanja EhnertThe EU and Nanotechnologies: A Critical Analysis (Modern Studies in European Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3567-3Amnon LevThe Federal Idea: Public Law Between Governance and Political Life (Hart Studies in Comparative Public Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3570-3Danny Busch · Cees van DamA Bank's Duty of Care
2020978-1-5099-3586-4Hedvig Bernitz · Victoria EnkvistFreedom of Religion: An Ambiguous Right in the Contemporary European Legal Order (Swedish Studies in European Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3640-3Noha AboueldahabTransitional Justice and the Prosecution of Political Leaders in the Arab Region: A Comparative Study of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen (Studies in International and Comparative Criminal Law)
2020978-1-5099-3661-8Kirk W JunkerUS Law for Civil Lawyers: A Practical Reference Guide
  ''978-1-5099-3688-5Helen Stalford · Kathryn Hollingsworth · Stephen GilmoreRewriting Children's Rights Judgments: From Academic Vision to New Practice
  ''978-1-5099-3690-8Ivo Aertsen · Brunilda PaliCritical Restorative Justice
  ''978-1-5099-3691-5Hannah RussellThe Use of Force and Article 2 of the ECHR in Light of European Conflicts (Modern Studies in European Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3695-3Charlotte O'BrienUnity in Adversity: EU Citizenship, Social Justice and the Cautionary Tale of the UK (Modern Studies in European Law)
2020978-1-5099-3697-7Alain SupiotGovernance by Numbers: The Making of a Legal Model of Allegiance (Hart Studies in Comparative Public Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3745-5Andrew Farmer · Michael Faure · Grazia Maria VagliasindiEnvironmental Crime in Europe (Modern Studies in European Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3746-2Hossein Esmaeili · Irmgard Marboe · Javaid RehmanThe Rule of Law, Freedom of Expression and Islamic Law
  ''978-1-5099-3747-9Tiago AndreottiDispute Resolution in Transnational Securities Transactions
  ''978-1-5099-3748-6Ronald Leenes · Rosamunde van Brakel · Serge Gutwirth · Paul De HertData Protection and Privacy: The Age of Intelligent Machines (Computers, Privacy and Data Protection)
2020978-1-5099-3749-3Chloe Briere · Anne WeyemberghThe Needed Balances in EU Criminal Law: Past, Present and Future (Hart Studies in European Criminal Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3750-9Josef Hien · Christian JoergesOrdoliberalism, Law and the Rule of Economics
  ''978-1-5099-3751-6Daniel ThymQuestioning EU Citizenship: Judges and the Limits of Free Movement and Solidarity in the Eu (Modern Studies in European Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3752-3Paul EvansEssays on the History of Parliamentary Procedure: In Honour of Thomas Erskine May (Hart Studies in Constitutional Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3823-0Sarah Worthington · Andrew Robertson · Graham VirgoRevolution and Evolution in Private Law
2020978-1-5099-3824-7John CharneyThe Illusion of the Free Press
  ''978-1-5099-3826-1Woo-Jung JonCross-border Transfer and Collateralisation of Receivables: A Comparative Analysis of Multiple Legal Systems
  ''978-1-5099-3868-1Uladzislau Belavusau · Kristin HenrardEU Anti-Discrimination Law Beyond Gender
  ''978-1-5099-3947-3David LynchThe Role of Circuit Courts in the Formation of United States Law in the Early Republic: Following Supreme Court Justices Washington, Livingston, Story and Thompson
  ''978-1-5099-3948-0Meghan CampbellWomen, Poverty, Equality: The Role of Cedaw
2020978-1-5099-3950-3Albert Sanchez-GraellsSmart Public Procurement and Labour Standards: Pushing the Discussion after RegioPost
  ''978-1-5099-3951-0Rosalind DixonAustralian Constitutional Values (Hart Studies in Comparative Public Law)
  ''978-1-5099-3954-1Maureen DuffyDetention of Terrorism Suspects: Political Discourse and Fragmented Practices
  ''978-1-5099-3955-8Tamara Perisin · Sinisa RodinThe Transformation or Reconstitution of Europe: The Critical Legal Studies Perspective on the Role of the Courts in the European Union
  ''978-1-5099-3956-5Mavluda SattorovaThe Impact of Investment Treaty Law on Host States: Enabling Good Governance? (Studies in International Law)
2020978-1-5099-3961-9Vassilis HatzopoulosThe Collaborative Economy and EU Law
  ''978-1-5099-3962-6Maria TzanakopoulouReclaiming Constitutionalism: Democracy, Power and the State
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  ''978-1-5099-3965-7Marise CremonaStructural Principles in EU External Relations Law
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2020978-1-5099-3981-7Anselmo Reyes · Weixia GuThe Developing World of Arbitration: A Comparative Study of Arbitration Reform in the Asia Pacific
  ''978-1-5099-3982-4Veronika Fikfak · Hayley HooperParliament's Secret War (Hart Studies in Security and Justice)
  ''978-1-5099-3984-8Benedita Menezes QueirozIllegally Staying in the Eu: An Analysis of Illegality in Eu Migration Law (Modern Studies in European Law)