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2009978-1-84916-000-1Simon BlackburnThe Big Questions: Philosophy
  ''978-1-84916-002-5Paul StephensonConstantine: Unconquered Emperor, Christian Victor
  ''978-1-84916-004-9Keith LaidlerAnimals: A Visual Guide to the Animal Kingdom
  ''978-1-84916-005-6Serena CantVermeer and His World: 1632-1675
  ''978-1-84916-006-3Steve BrusatteField Guide to Dinosaurs: A time traveller's survival guide
2010978-1-84916-007-0Andrea Maria SchenkelIce Cold
2009978-1-84916-008-7Colin CotterillThe Merry Misogynist (Dr Siri Paiboun Mystery 6)
2009978-1-84916-009-4Robert B. ParkerThe Professional (A Spenser Mystery)
  ''978-1-84916-011-7Colin CotterillCurse of the Pogo Stick (Dr Siri Paiboun Mystery 5)
  ''978-1-84916-012-4G.F. NewmanCrime and Punishment
  ''978-1-84916-013-1Prue LeithChoral Society
2010978-1-84916-021-6Natasha NarayanThe Mummy Snatcher of Memphis: Book 1 (A Kit Salter Adventure)
  ''978-1-84916-024-7Vanessa HowardWomen Who Kill (Underworld UK)
2010978-1-84916-029-2Tom RachmanThe Imperfectionists
  ''978-1-84916-030-8Tom RachmanThe Imperfectionists
2011978-1-84916-031-5   ''The Imperfectionists
  ''978-1-84916-035-3Thomas H Cook · Thomas H. CookMortal Memory
2010978-1-84916-036-0Sam WillisThe Admiral Benbow: The Life and Times of a Naval Legend
2011978-1-84916-037-7Sam WillisThe Admiral Benbow: The Life and Times of a Naval Legend (Hearts of Oak Trilogy)
  ''978-1-84916-038-4   ''The Glorious First of June: Fleet Battle in the Reign of Terror (Hearts of Oak Trilogy 3)
2012978-1-84916-039-1   ''The Glorious First of June: Fleet Battle in the Reign of Terror (Hearts of Oak Trilogy)
2011978-1-84916-040-7Lucia Alvarez de ToledoThe Story of Che Guevara
2010978-1-84916-041-4Max Allan Collins · Mickey SpillaneThe Big Bang: A Mike Hammer Novel (Mike Hammer 16)
2009978-1-84916-044-5John FardellManfred the Baddie
2010978-1-84916-045-2Colin CotterillLove Songs From a Shallow Grave (Dr Siri Paiboun Mystery 7)
  ''978-1-84916-046-9   ''Love Songs From a Shallow Grave
2010978-1-84916-047-6Colin CotterillLove Songs from a Shallow Grave: A Dr Siri Murder Mystery (Dr Siri Paiboun Mystery)
2011978-1-84916-048-3Sean B. CarrollEndless Forms Most Beautiful: The New Science of Evo Devo and the Making of the Animal Kingdom
2009978-1-84916-050-6Robert B. ParkerNight and Day: A Jesse Stone Mystery
2010978-1-84916-052-0Robert B. ParkerNight and Day: A Jesse Stone Mystery
  ''978-1-84916-055-1Jefferson BassBones of Betrayal (The Body Farm)
  ''978-1-84916-056-8Jefferson BassThe Bone Thief (The Body Farm)
  ''978-1-84916-058-2   ''The Bone Thief: A Body Farm Thriller (The Body Farm)
2011978-1-84916-059-9   ''The Bone Yard: A Body Farm Thriller (The Body Farm)
  ''978-1-84916-061-2   ''The Bone Yard: A Body Farm Thriller (The Body Farm)
2010978-1-84916-065-0K.M. GrantParadise Red: Book 3 (Perfect Fire Trilogy)
2010978-1-84916-068-1Charles WinchesterTotal War: Great Battles of the 20th Century
2009978-1-84916-070-4John GardnerMoriarty
  ''978-1-84916-071-1Simon BriggsDon't Mention the Score: A Masochist's History Of England's Football Team
  ''978-1-84916-072-8Sean B. CarrollRemarkable Creatures: Epic Adventures in the Search for the Origins of Species
2010978-1-84916-073-5Robert B. ParkerSplit Image: A Jesse Stone Mystery
2011978-1-84916-075-9   ''Split Image: A Jesse Stone Mystery (Jesse Stone Mystery 9)
2009978-1-84916-076-6Brian MoynahanJungle Soldier: The True Story of Freddy Spencer Chapman
2010978-1-84916-079-7Michelle MoranCleopatra's Daughter
2009978-1-84916-083-4Simon BriggsStiff Upper Lips and Baggy Green Caps: A Sledger's History of the Ashes
2010978-1-84916-088-9Dan SimmonsBlack Hills
2011978-1-84916-090-2Dan SimmonsBlack Hills
2010978-1-84916-091-9Esther VerhoefClose-Up
  ''978-1-84916-092-6Charles JenningsBurning Rubber: A chequered history of Formula 1
  ''978-1-84916-093-3Duncan HamiltonA Last English Summer
2009978-1-84916-105-3Donald E. WestlakeGet Real: A Dortmunder Novel
2009978-1-84916-106-0Donald E. WestlakeGet Real: A Dortmunder Novel
2010978-1-84916-107-7Donald E. WestlakeGet Real: A Dortmunder Novel
  ''978-1-84916-110-7Matthew DennisonEmpress of Rome: The Life of Livia
  ''978-1-84916-112-1Andrea Maria SchenkelBunker
  ''978-1-84916-115-2Nigel McCreryScream: A DCI Mark Lapslie Investigation
2011978-1-84916-117-6Nigel McCreryScream: DCI Mark Lapslie (Book 3)
2010978-1-84916-121-3Martin WalkerBlack Diamond: A Bruno Courreges Investigation (Bruno, Chief of Police)
2011978-1-84916-123-7Martin WalkerBlack Diamond: A Bruno Courrèges Investigation (Bruno Chief of Police 3) (The Dordogne Mysteries)
2009978-1-84916-125-1Lili St.CrowStrange Angels: A Strange Angels Novel
2010978-1-84916-127-5Christy LefteriA Watermelon, a Fish and a Bible
2009978-1-84916-128-2Lili St. CrowBetrayals: Book 2 (Strange Angels)
2010978-1-84916-129-9   ''Jealousy: Book 3 (Strange Angels)
2011978-1-84916-130-5Christy Lefteri · QuercusA Watermelon, a Fish and a Bible: A heartwarming tale of love amid war
2010978-1-84916-131-2Robert B. ParkerPainted Ladies (A Spenser Mystery) (The Spenser Series)
  ''978-1-84916-132-9   ''Painted Ladies (A Spenser Mystery)
2011978-1-84916-133-6   ''Painted Ladies: A Spenser Novel (Spenser 39) (The Spenser Series)
2010978-1-84916-135-0Tom FletcherThe Leaping
2011978-1-84916-136-7Tom FletcherThe Thing on the Shore
2011978-1-84916-137-4Michelle MoranMadame Tussaud
  ''978-1-84916-138-1   ''Madame Tussaud
2010978-1-84916-144-2Mickey Spillane · Max Allan CollinsThe Goliath Bone: A Mike Hammer Novel (Mike Hammer 14)
  ''978-1-84916-146-6Michael BrooksThe Big Questions: Physics
2011978-1-84916-147-3Anders Roslund · Börge HellströmCell 8
  ''978-1-84916-148-0Anders Roslund · Börge HellströmCell 8: Ewert Grens 3
2010978-1-84916-150-3Anders Roslund · Borge HellstromThree Seconds
2011978-1-84916-152-7Anders Roslund · Borge HellstromThree Seconds (DCI Ewert Grens)
2010978-1-84916-153-4Peter TempleTruth
  ''978-1-84916-154-1Peter TempleTruth
2010978-1-84916-155-8Caro KingSeven Sorcerers
  ''978-1-84916-156-5Thomas PerryRunner
  ''978-1-84916-157-2John J. RateySpark!: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain
  ''978-1-84916-158-9Elly GriffithsThe Janus Stone: Bones are Buried Beneath it and Secrets Hidden
  ''978-1-84916-160-2Fiona WatsonMacbeth: The True Story
2010978-1-84916-161-9Tad Williams · Deborah BealeThe Dragons of Ordinary Farm: Book 1 (Ordinary Farm Adventures)
  ''978-1-84916-162-6Carolyn WallSweeping Up Glass
  ''978-1-84916-164-0James HawesExcavating Kafka
  ''978-1-84916-165-7Shona MacLeanA Game of Sorrows (Alexander Seaton)
  ''978-1-84916-167-1Thomas PerryStrip
2010978-1-84916-171-8Eoin McNameeThe Ring of Five: Book One in the Ring of Five Trilogy
  ''978-1-84916-172-5Theresa SchwegelLast Known Address
  ''978-1-84916-173-2Max AdamsThe Prometheans: John Martin and the Generation That Stole the Future
  ''978-1-84916-176-3Daniel SuarezFreedom
  ''978-1-84916-179-4Caro KingShadow Spell
2010978-1-84916-181-7Sarah PrineasThe Magic Thief: Lost (Book Two in The Magic Thief Trilogy)
  ''978-1-84916-182-4Laurie GrahamLife according to Lubka
  ''978-1-84916-183-1Jeanette WintersonMidsummer Nights
  ''978-1-84916-184-8David EllisThe Hidden Man
  ''978-1-84916-185-5Martin WalkerThe Dark Vineyard: A Bruno Courreges Investigation: The Dordogne Mysteries 2
2010978-1-84916-186-2Adam GopnikAngels and Ages: A Short Book About Darwin, Lincoln and Modern Life
  ''978-1-84916-187-9Elena ForbesEvil in Return
  ''978-1-84916-189-3Christy LefteriA Watermelon, a Fish and a Bible
  ''978-1-84916-190-9Hywel WilliamsEmperor of the West: Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire
  ''978-1-84916-191-6Sarah PrineasThe Magic Thief: Found: Book 3
2010978-1-84916-193-0Philip KerrIf the Dead Rise Not: A Bernie Gunther Mystery
  ''978-1-84916-194-7Stella RimingtonPresent Danger
  ''978-1-84916-195-4William NicholsonThe Secret Intensity of Everyday Life
  ''978-1-84916-196-1Colin CotterillThe Merry Misogynist: A Dr Siri Investigation (Dr Siri Paiboun Mystery 6)
  ''978-1-84916-197-8Clive EmsleyThe Great British Bobby: A History of British Policing from 1829 to the Present
2010978-1-84916-201-2Thomas H. CookThe Last Talk with Lola Faye
  ''978-1-84916-204-3David IgnatiusThe Increment
  ''978-1-84916-205-0Michael HarveyFifth Floor
  ''978-1-84916-206-7Thomas H. CookThe Fate of Katherine Carr
  ''978-1-84916-207-4Duncan HamiltonHarold Larwood
2010978-1-84916-208-1Brian MoynahanJungle Soldier: The True Story of Freddy Spencer Chapman
  ''978-1-84916-212-8Megan CraneEveryone Else's Girl
  ''978-1-84916-215-9Adrian HylandGunshot Road: An Emily Tempest Mystery
  ''978-1-84916-216-6Peter MayleThe Vintage Caper
  ''978-1-84916-217-3Peter MayleThe Vintage Caper
2010978-1-84916-218-0Laurie GrahamAt Sea
2010978-1-84916-219-7Laurie GrahamAll at Sea
  ''978-1-84916-221-0Dan SimmonsCarrion Comfort
  ''978-1-84916-222-7Nigel McCreryTooth and Claw (DCI Mark Lapslie)
  ''978-1-84916-223-4Robert B. ParkerThe Professional: A Spenser Novel: A Spenser Mystery (The Spenser Series)
  ''978-1-84916-224-1Patrick BishopBattle of Britain: A day-to-day chronicle, 10 July-31 October 1940
2012978-1-84916-227-2Tad Williams · Deborah BealeThe Secrets of Ordinary Farm: Book 2 (Ordinary Farm Adventures)
2010978-1-84916-229-6Elly GriffithsThe Janus Stone: The Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries 2
2010978-1-84916-230-2Stephen Dando-CollinsLegions of Rome: The definitive history of every Roman legion
  ''978-1-84916-232-6Donna MilnerThe Promise of Rain
  ''978-1-84916-233-3Rebecca JenkinsDeath of a Radical
  ''978-1-84916-234-0Neal BascombHunting Eichmann: Chasing Down the World's Most Notorious Nazi
  ''978-1-84916-235-7Richard OveryThe Third Reich: A Chronicle
2010978-1-84916-236-4Elly GriffithsThe Janus Stone
2011978-1-84916-237-1Nicholas HumphreySoul Dust: The Magic of Consciousness
2010978-1-84916-238-8Stuart ClarkThe Big Questions The Universe
2011978-1-84916-240-1Tony CrillyThe Big Questions: Mathematics
2010978-1-84916-241-8Natasha NarayanThe Book of Bones: A Kit Salter Adventure
  ''978-1-84916-244-9Shona MacLeanA Game of Sorrows: Alexander Seaton 2
  ''978-1-84916-245-6Frank SchatzingDeath and the Devil
2011978-1-84916-254-8Ben Dupre50 Political Ideas You Really Need to Know (50 Ideas You Really Need to Know series)
  ''978-1-84916-259-3Elena ForbesEvil in Return
2010978-1-84916-260-9Joyce Carol OatesA Fair Maiden: A Dark Novel of Suspense
  ''978-1-84916-261-6Sam WillisThe 'Fighting Temeraire': Legend of Trafalgar (Hearts of Oak Trilogy Vol.1) (Hearts of Oak Trilogy; 1)
2010978-1-84916-262-3Godfrey HodgsonMartin Luther King
  ''978-1-84916-264-7Prue LeithA Serving of Scandal
  ''978-1-84916-265-4Max Allan Collins · Mickey SpillaneThe Big Bang: A Mike Hammer Novel (Mike Hammer 16)
  ''978-1-84916-266-1Thomas PerryStrip
  ''978-1-84916-268-5Jeroen SmitThe Perfect Prey: The fall of ABN Amro, or: what went wrong in the banking industry
2010978-1-84916-274-6Stieg LarssonThe Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest (Millennium Trilogy Book 3)
  ''978-1-84916-275-3Stieg LarssonThe Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest (Millennium Trilogy)
  ''978-1-84916-276-0Mario PuzoSix Graves to Munich
2011978-1-84916-286-9Adam GopnikThe Table Comes First
2012978-1-84916-287-6   ''The Table Comes First
2010978-1-84916-288-3Stieg LarssonThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium Trilogy)
2011978-1-84916-289-0Robert B. ParkerClassic Robert B. Parker: Looking for Rachel Wallace; Promised Land (The Spenser Series)
2010978-1-84916-293-7Stephen CoontsThe Disciple
  ''978-1-84916-295-1Gregory HughesUnhooking the Moon
  ''978-1-84916-296-8Stephen CoontsThe Disciple
2009978-1-84916-300-2Larsson StiegGirl Who Played With Fire Eu Film: 2/3 (Millennium trilogy)
2011978-1-84916-302-6Rod ReesThe Demi-Monde: Winter
2011978-1-84916-304-0Rod ReesThe Demi-Monde: Winter
2012978-1-84916-305-7Wensley ClarksonThe Curse of Brink's-Mat: Twenty-five Years of Murder and Mayhem - The Inside Story of the 20th Century's Most Lucrative Armed Robbery
2010978-1-84916-308-8Laura WilsonA Capital Crime (DI Stratton)
  ''978-1-84916-309-5Laura WilsonA Capital Crime (DI Stratton)
2011978-1-84916-310-1   ''A Capital Crime (DI Stratton)
2012978-1-84916-311-8   ''A Willing Victim (DI Stratton)
2011978-1-84916-315-6Shona MacleanCrucible of Secrets (Alexander Seaton 3)
2012978-1-84916-316-3S. G. MacLeanCrucible (Alexander Seaton 3)
2013978-1-84916-317-0S.G. MacLeanThe Devil's Recruit: Alexander Seaton 4
2011978-1-84916-321-7Martin WalkerThe Crowded Grave: A Bruno Courrèges Investigation (Bruno Chief of Police 4)
  ''978-1-84916-322-4   ''The Crowded Grave: Bruno, Chief of Police 4
2013978-1-84916-323-1Martin WalkerThe Crowded Grave: The Dordogne Mysteries 4
2011978-1-84916-324-8Catherine JinksThe Abused Werewolf Rescue Group
2010978-1-84916-342-2Stieg LarssonThe Girl Who Played With Fire (Millennium Trilogy)
  ''978-1-84916-343-9   ''The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest (Millennium III) (Millennium Series)
2011978-1-84916-346-0Alex ConnorThe Rembrandt Secret
2010978-1-84916-354-5Joseph WambaughHollywood Moon
2012978-1-84916-356-9Peter MayleThe Marseille Caper
2013978-1-84916-357-6   ''The Marseille Caper
2010978-1-84916-359-0Diana SouhamiEdith Cavell
2011978-1-84916-361-3Diana SouhamiEdith Cavell: Nurse, Martyr, Heroine
2012978-1-84916-362-0Alex ConnorLegacy of Blood
2011978-1-84916-365-1Elly GriffithsThe House at Sea's End: The Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries 3
2012978-1-84916-366-8   ''A Room Full of Bones: A Ruth Galloway Investigation (Ruth Galloway 4) (The Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries)
2011978-1-84916-367-5   ''The House at Sea's End: The Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries 3
2012978-1-84916-369-9Elly GriffithsA Room Full of Bones: The Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries 4
  ''978-1-84916-370-5   ''A Room Full of Bones: The Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries 4
2011978-1-84916-375-0Christie WatsonTiny Sunbirds Far Away
2010978-1-84916-376-7Daniel KehlmannFame: A Novel in Nine Episodes
2011978-1-84916-378-1Daniel KehlmannFame: A Novel in Nine Episodes
2013978-1-84916-379-8Christie WatsonWhere Women are Kings: from the author of The Language of Kindness
2010978-1-84916-383-5Laurie GrahamThe Ten O'Clock Horses
2011978-1-84916-384-2Peter MayThe Blackhouse: Book One of the Lewis Trilogy
  ''978-1-84916-386-6Peter MayThe Blackhouse: Murder Comes to the Outer Hebrides (Lewis Trilogy 1) (The Lewis Trilogy)
2010978-1-84916-388-0William NicholsonAll the Hopeful Lovers
2011978-1-84916-390-3   ''All the Hopeful Lovers
  ''978-1-84916-391-0   ''The Golden Hour
2012978-1-84916-393-4   ''The Golden Hour
2011978-1-84916-394-1Cat ClarkeEntangled
  ''978-1-84916-397-2Laurie GrahamThe Dress Circle
2011978-1-84916-398-9Laurie GrahamDog Days, Glenn Miller Nights
2012978-1-84916-399-6Chil RajchmanTreblinka: A Survivor's Memory
2010978-1-84916-400-9Otto de KatMan on the Move
2011978-1-84916-401-6Nathacha AppanahThe Last Brother
  ''978-1-84916-402-3Valerio VaresiRiver of Shadows: A Commissario Soneri Mystery (Commissario Soneri 1) (Commissario Soneri Investigation)
  ''978-1-84916-403-0Alberto Barrera TyszkaThe Sickness
  ''978-1-84916-405-4David AbbottThe Upright Piano Player
  ''978-1-84916-406-1Jon Kalman StefanssonHeaven and Hell (1)
2011978-1-84916-407-8Elia BarcelóHeart of Tango
  ''978-1-84916-408-5K.M. GrantBelle's Song
  ''978-1-84916-409-2Vishvapani BlomfieldGautama Buddha: The Life and Teachings of the Awakened One
  ''978-1-84916-410-8Alan ForrestNapoleon
2012978-1-84916-411-5Claudia GoldThe King's Mistress: Scandal, Intrigue and the True Story of the Woman Who Stole George I's Heart
2010978-1-84916-412-2Philip KerrField Grey: A Bernie Gunther Thriller (Bernie Gunther Mystery 7)
2010978-1-84916-413-9Philip KerrField Grey: Bernie Gunther Thriller 7
2011978-1-84916-414-6   ''Field Grey: A Bernie Gunther Novel (Bernie Gunther Mystery 7)
  ''978-1-84916-415-3   ''Prague Fatale
  ''978-1-84916-416-0   ''Prague Fatale: gripping historical thriller from a global bestselling author (Bernie Gunther)
2012978-1-84916-417-7   ''Prague Fatale: gripping historical thriller from a global bestselling author (Bernie Gunther)
2011978-1-84916-418-4Hazel OsmondWho's Afraid of Mr Wolfe?
2010978-1-84916-420-7Philip WilkinsonTurn Back Time: The High Street - 100 Years of British Life Through the Shop Window
2011978-1-84916-421-4Toby HarndenDead Men Risen: The Welsh Guards and the Real Story of Britain's War in Afghanistan
  ''978-1-84916-422-1Toby HarndenDead Men Risen: The Welsh Guards and the Real Story of Britain's War in Afghanistan
2011978-1-84916-423-8Toby HarndenDead Men Risen: The Welsh Guards and the Defining Story of Britain's War in Afghanistan
  ''978-1-84916-424-5Ian LeslieBorn Liars: Why We Can't Live without Deceit
2010978-1-84916-470-2Laurie GrahamPerfect Meringues
2011978-1-84916-471-9Andrew NicollThe Love and Death of Caterina
  ''978-1-84916-477-1Robert B. Strassler · John MarincolaThe Landmark Xenophon's Hellenika
2010978-1-84916-478-8Terry BrevertonImmortal Last Words: History's most memorable dying remarks, death bed statements and final farewells
2011978-1-84916-479-5Paul ParsonsHow to Destroy the Universe: And 34 Other Really Interesting Uses of Physics
  ''978-1-84916-480-1Richard ElwesHow to Build a Brain: And 34 other really interesting uses of mathematics
  ''978-1-84916-481-8Peter CaveHow to Think Like a Bat: And 34 Other Really Interesting Uses of Philosophy
2011978-1-84916-482-5Alok JhaHow to Live Forever: And 34 Other Really Interesting Uses of Science
2010978-1-84916-486-3Giles SparrowHubble: Window on the Universe
  ''978-1-84916-489-4John HaywoodThe Ancient World: a Complete Guide to History's Great Civilizations from Egypt to the Roman Republic
  ''978-1-84916-490-0Giles MacDonoghGreat Battles: 50 Key Battles from the Ancient World to the Present Day
2011978-1-84916-499-3Jan-Erik Pettersson · Tom GeddesStieg: From Activist to Author
2012978-1-84916-502-0Rod ReesThe Demi-Monde: Spring
2010978-1-84916-511-2John Ajvide LindqvistHarbour
2011978-1-84916-513-6John Ajvide LindqvistHarbour
2013978-1-84916-516-7Frank SchätzingLimit
2010978-1-84916-518-1Colin CotterillThe Coroner's Lunch: A Dr Siri Murder Mystery: A Dr Siri Mystery (Dr Siri Paiboun Mystery 1)
  ''978-1-84916-519-8   ''Thirty-Three Teeth: A Dr Siri Murder Mystery
  ''978-1-84916-525-9Doug HarmanThe Digital Photography Handbook: An Illustrated Step-by-step Guide from Choosing Your Camera to Using Advanced Digital Techniques
2011978-1-84916-547-1Ashley JacksonChurchill
2012978-1-84916-550-1Victoria SchofieldHighland Furies: The Black Watch 1739-1899
2011978-1-84916-552-5Colin CotterillKilled at the Whim of a Hat
2011978-1-84916-554-9Colin CotterillKilled at the Whim of a Hat: A Jimm Juree Novel (Jimm Juree 1)
  ''978-1-84916-555-6Natasha NarayanThe Shaman's Secret: A Kit Salter Adventure
2010978-1-84916-989-9Patrick BishopBattle of Britain: A Day-to-day Chronicle, 10 July-31 October 1940
2011978-1-84916-996-7Lili St. CrowDefiance: Book 4 (Strange Angels)
  ''978-1-84916-999-8Megan CraneI Love the 80s