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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-0-85738-004-3Derek WilsonThe Plantagenets: The Kings That Made Britain
2010978-0-85738-029-6Jennifer Lynn BarnesRaised by Wolves
2011978-0-85738-033-3Sissel-Jo GazanThe Dinosaur Feather
2010978-0-85738-045-6Daren KingFrightfully Friendly Ghosties: Ghostly Holler-Day
  ''978-0-85738-049-4Martin WalkerBlack Diamond: A Bruno Courreges Investigation (Bruno, Chief of Police)
  ''978-0-85738-051-7Stieg LarssonThe Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest: 3/3 (Millennium Trilogy)
  ''978-0-85738-052-4Craig RussellThe Long Glasgow Kiss: Lennox 2
  ''978-0-85738-053-1Martin WalkerBlack Diamond: Bruno, Chief of Police 3
2011978-0-85738-054-8Patrick EasterThe Watermen
2012978-0-85738-056-2   ''The Watermen (Tom Pascoe 1)
2012978-0-85738-057-9Patrick EasterThe River of Fire (Tom Pascoe 2)
2011978-0-85738-066-1Francesca PetrizzoMemoirs of a Bitch
  ''978-0-85738-070-8Stephen McGintyCamp Z: How British Intelligence Broke Hitler's Deputy
  ''978-0-85738-075-3Ian CroftonWorld History: 50 Key Milestones You Really Need to Know (50 Ideas You Really Need To Know series)
2010978-0-85738-076-0Peter MayleVintage Caper
2011978-0-85738-077-7Rosalind Miles · Robin CrossWarrior Women: Great War Leaders from Boudicca to Catherine the Great
  ''978-0-85738-078-4Jennifer Lynn BarnesTrial by Fire: A 'Raised by Wolves' novel
  ''978-0-85738-095-1Peter TempleWhite Dog: A Jack Irish Thriller (Jack Irish Thriller 4)
2010978-0-85738-097-5Jonathan BlackThe Secret History of the World
2010978-0-85738-110-1Mark Logue · Peter ConradiThe King's Speech
2011978-0-85738-111-8Mark Logue · Peter ConradiThe King's Speech: Based on the Recently Discovered Diaries of Lionel Logue
  ''978-0-85738-113-2Tony ParkThe Delta
2010978-0-85738-117-0Tony ParkSilent Predator
2011978-0-85738-120-0Adrian HylandGunshot Road: An Emily Tempest Mystery
  ''978-0-85738-121-7Laura BartonTwenty-one Locks
  ''978-0-85738-122-4Daniel SuarezFreedom
  ''978-0-85738-123-1Joanne Baker50 Ideas You Really Need to Know: Universe
2011978-0-85738-124-8Dan SimmonsFlashback
  ''978-0-85738-125-5Charles JenningsBurning Rubber: The Extraordinary Story of Formula One
  ''978-0-85738-129-3Eoin McNameeThe Unknown Spy: Book Two in the Ring of Five trilogy
  ''978-0-85738-130-9Peter MatthiessenShadow Country
  ''978-0-85738-131-6Sarah PrineasThe Magic Thief: Found (Book Three in the Magic Thief Trilogy)
2011978-0-85738-134-7Esther VerhoefRendezvous
  ''978-0-85738-135-4Laurie GrahamAt Sea
  ''978-0-85738-136-1Andrew GreigAt the Loch of the Green Corrie
  ''978-0-85738-146-0Caro KingKill Fish Jones
  ''978-0-85738-147-7Guillermo OrsiNo-one Loves a Policeman
2011978-0-85738-148-4Duncan HamiltonA Last English Summer
  ''978-0-85738-149-1David EllisBreach of Trust
  ''978-0-85738-150-7Thomas H CookThe Last Talk With Lola Faye
  ''978-0-85738-151-4Colin CotterillKilled at the Whim of a Hat
  ''978-0-85738-162-0Hywel WilliamsEmperor of the West: Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire
2011978-0-85738-163-7Matthew DennisonEmpress of Rome: The Life of Livia
  ''978-0-85738-165-1Mark SargeantMy Kind of Cooking
  ''978-0-85738-166-8Paul StephensonConstantine: Unconquered Emperor, Christian Victor
  ''978-0-85738-169-9Steve AltenThe Mayan Prophecy: Book One of The Mayan Trilogy
  ''978-0-85738-170-5Steve AltenThe Mayan Resurrection: Book Two of The Mayan Trilogy (Mayan Trilogy 2)
2012978-0-85738-171-2   ''The Mayan Destiny: Book Three of the Mayan Trilogy (Mayan Trilogy 3)
2017978-0-85738-172-9Roger LewisErotic Vagrancy
2014978-0-85738-173-6Roger LewisErotic Vagrancy
2011978-0-85738-175-0Richard OveryThe Third Reich: A Chronicle
2011978-0-85738-180-4Craig RussellThe Deep Dark Sleep: A Lennox Thriller (Lennox Thriller 3)
  ''978-0-85738-181-1   ''The Deep Dark Sleep: A Lennox Thriller (Lennox Thriller 3)
2012978-0-85738-182-8   ''The Deep Dark Sleep: A Lennox Thriller (Lennox 3)
2012978-0-85738-183-5Craig RussellDead Men and Broken Hearts: Lennox 4
  ''978-0-85738-184-2   ''Dead Men and Broken Hearts: A Lennox Thriller
2013978-0-85738-185-9   ''Dead Men and Broken Hearts (Lennox)
2011978-0-85738-186-6John BewCastlereagh
  ''978-0-85738-189-7Lili St. CrowReckoning: Book 5 (Strange Angels)
  ''978-0-85738-193-4Marek KrajewskiPhantoms of Breslau: An Eberhard Mock Investigation (Eberhard Mock Investigation 3)
  ''978-0-85738-194-1Vasily GrossmanThe Road: Short Fiction and Essays
2011978-0-85738-195-8Andrew RobertsThe Great Commanders of the Ancient World 1479BC - 453AD (Art of War)
  ''978-0-85738-196-5Kurdo BaksiStieg Larsson, My Friend
  ''978-0-85738-197-2Colin CotterillSlash and Burn: A Dr Siri Murder Mystery (Dr. Siri Mystery)
  ''978-0-85738-198-9   ''Slash and Burn: A Dr Siri Murder Mystery
  ''978-0-85738-205-4Cat ClarkeTorn
2011978-0-85738-211-5Robert B. ParkerSixkill: A Spenser Novel
  ''978-0-85738-213-9Robert B. ParkerSixkill (A Spenser Mystery) (The Spenser Series)
2012978-0-85738-215-3Massimo Ciancimino · Francesco La LicataDon Vito and the Mafia: Living with My Father's Secrets (Quer02 13 06 2019)
  ''978-0-85738-220-7Peter MayThe Lewis Man: Book Two of the Lewis Trilogy
  ''978-0-85738-221-4Peter MayThe Lewis Man
  ''978-0-85738-222-1   ''The Lewis Man: An Ingenious Crime Thriller About Memory and Murder (Lewis Trilogy 2) (The Lewis Trilogy)
2013978-0-85738-223-8Peter MayThe Chessmen (Lewis Trilogy 3)
  ''978-0-85738-225-2   ''The Chessmen: THE EXPLOSIVE FINALE IN THE MILLION-SELLING SERIES (LEWIS TRILOGY 3) (The Lewis Trilogy)
2011978-0-85738-231-3Gareth SouthwellWords of Wisdom: Philosophy's Most Important Quotations and their Meanings
  ''978-0-85738-232-0Karin AltenbergIsland of Wings
2012978-0-85738-233-7Karin AltenbergIsland of Wings
  ''978-0-85738-240-5Robert LymanOperation Suicide: The Remarkable Story of the Cockleshell Raid
2010978-0-85738-244-3Nicolas CheethamUniverse
  ''978-0-85738-246-7Michael SchmidtThe Great Modern Poets: An Anthology of the Best Poets and Poetry Since 1900 (Hardback and Audio CD)
2010978-0-85738-247-4Simon Sebag MontefioreSpeeches That Changed the World: Book and DVD
  ''978-0-85738-248-1Philip WilkinsonFrank Lloyd Wright: 50 Great Buildings
  ''978-0-85738-249-8Rachel BarnesGustav Klimt: 1862-1918
  ''978-0-85738-256-6John Ajvide LindqvistLet the Right One In
2011978-0-85738-259-7R.J. GadneyThe Woman in Silk
  ''978-0-85738-262-7Ilsa J. BickAshes
2012978-0-85738-264-1Ilsa J. BickShadows: Book 2 (The Ashes Trilogy)
2013978-0-85738-266-5   ''Monsters
2011978-0-85738-268-9Kathryn BonellaHotel K: The Shocking Inside Story of Bali's Most Notorious Jail
2012978-0-85738-269-6Kathryn BonellaHotel K: The Shocking Inside Story of Bali's Most Notorious Jail
2011978-0-85738-279-5Paul HarperPacific Heights
2012978-0-85738-288-7Kathryn Waterfield · Robin WaterfieldThe Greek Myths: Stories of the Greek Gods and Heroes Vividly Retold
2011978-0-85738-290-0Tony ParkThe Delta
2011978-0-85738-291-7Ed O'LoughlinToploader
  ''978-0-85738-292-4Stef PenneyThe Invisible Ones
  ''978-0-85738-293-1Stef PenneyThe Invisible Ones
2012978-0-85738-294-8   ''The Invisible Ones
2011978-0-85738-295-5Anna SmithThe Dead Won't Sleep
2012978-0-85738-296-2Anna SmithTo Tell the Truth
2011978-0-85738-297-9Lian HearnBlossoms and Shadows
2012978-0-85738-298-6Lian HearnBlossoms and Shadows
2011978-0-85738-299-3Prue LeithThe Gardener
2013978-0-85738-301-3Brian MoynahanLeningrad: Siege and Symphony
2014978-0-85738-302-0Brian MoynahanLeningrad: Siege and Symphony
2012978-0-85738-303-7Brian FreemanSpilled Blood
2011978-0-85738-316-7Isabelle GreyOut of Sight
2013978-0-85738-323-5Brian FreemanThe Cold Nowhere (Jonathan Stride)
2011978-0-85738-324-2Alice PetersonMonday to Friday Man
2012978-0-85738-325-9Alice PetersonTen Years On
2011978-0-85738-326-6Tom RachmanThe Imperfectionists
  ''978-0-85738-327-3Simon HefferThe Great British Speeches
  ''978-0-85738-328-0Philip GoodenThe Story of English: How the English Language Conquered the World
2011978-0-85738-329-7Walton GolightlyShaka the Great (Amazulu Trilogy 2)
  ''978-0-85738-336-5Terry BrevertonBreverton's Complete Herbal: A Book of Remarkable Plants and Their Uses
  ''978-0-85738-337-2Terry BrevertonBreverton's Phantasmagoria: A Compendium of Monsters, Myths and Legends
  ''978-0-85738-338-9Hywel WilliamsThe Age of Chivalry: The Story of Medieval Europe, 950 to 1450
  ''978-0-85738-339-6   ''Days That Changed the World: The 50 Defining Events of World History
2011978-0-85738-341-9Piers Bizony1001 Wonders of the Universe
  ''978-0-85738-342-6David Bentley HartThe Story of Christianity: An Illustrated History of 2000 Years of the Christian Faith
  ''978-0-85738-343-3Justin PollardThe Story of Archaeology: An Illustrated History of 50 Great Discoveries
  ''978-0-85738-345-7Giles SparrowCosmos Close-Up
  ''978-0-85738-346-4Dan SimmonsFlashback
2011978-0-85738-349-5Peter TempleThe Broken Shore
2011978-0-85738-350-1Peter TempleIn the Evil Day
  ''978-0-85738-351-8   ''Shooting Star
  ''978-0-85738-352-5   ''An Iron Rose
2010978-0-85738-371-6Stieg LarssonMillennium Trilogy Box Set: WITH "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" AND "The Girl Who Played with Fire" AND "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest"
2013978-0-85738-375-4Rosie DastgirA Small Fortune
2011978-0-85738-376-1Big Phil CampionBorn Fearless: From Kids' Home to SAS to Pirate Hunter - My Life as a Shadow Warrior
  ''978-0-85738-406-5Anders Roslund · Börge HellströmThree Seconds: 5 (Ewert Grens) (Ewert Grens 4)
  ''978-0-85738-407-2Philip KerrField Grey: Bernie Gunther Thriller 7
2012978-0-85738-425-6John NaughtonFrom Gutenberg to Zuckerberg: What You Really Need to Know About the Internet
2011978-0-85738-427-0Andrew CracknellThe Real Mad Men: The Remarkable True Story of Madison Avenue's Golden Age
2011978-0-85738-433-1Peter MayleThe Vintage Caper
  ''978-0-85738-482-9Lil ChaseBoys for Beginners
2012978-0-85738-483-6   ''Secrets, Lies and Locker 62
  ''978-0-85738-486-7David ConnRicher Than God: Manchester City, Modern Football and Growing Up
2013978-0-85738-488-1David ConnRicher Than God: Manchester City, Modern Football and Growing Up
2011978-0-85738-489-8David IgnatiusBloodmoney
  ''978-0-85738-490-4David IgnatiusBloodmoney
2012978-0-85738-491-1   ''Bloodmoney
2011978-0-85738-492-8Anna SmithThe Dead Won't Sleep (Rosie Gilmour)
2012978-0-85738-493-5Andrew NicollIf You're Reading This, I'm Already Dead
2011978-0-85738-500-0Paul ParsonsScience In 100 Key Breakthroughs
  ''978-0-85738-501-7Douglas PalmerEarth in 100 Groundbreaking Discoveries
2011978-0-85738-502-4Susie Hodge50 Art Ideas: You Really Need to Know (50 Ideas You Really Need to Know series)
  ''978-0-85738-510-9John Ajvide LindqvistLittle Star
2012978-0-85738-512-3John Ajvide LindqvistLittle Star
2015978-0-85738-515-4David IgnatiusThe Director
2011978-0-85738-516-1Hilary BoydThursdays in the Park
  ''978-0-85738-520-8Stephen Coonts · William H. KeithDeep Black: Death Wave
  ''978-0-85738-522-2Stephen Coonts · William H. KeithDeep Black: Death Wave (Deep Black 9)
  ''978-0-85738-531-4Ian CroftonThe Kings and Queens of England
  ''978-0-85738-546-8Tom Chatfield50 Digital Ideas: You Really Need to Know (50 Ideas You Really Need to Know series)
2011978-0-85738-548-2Ian FarrellA Complete Guide to Digital Photography
2012978-0-85738-549-9John Ajvide LindqvistLet the Old Dreams Die
  ''978-0-85738-550-5   ''Let the Old Dreams Die
2013978-0-85738-551-2   ''Let the Old Dreams Die
2011978-0-85738-567-3Tony ParkAfrican Dawn
2012978-0-85738-569-7   ''African Dawn
2011978-0-85738-572-7Richard North PattersonThe Devil's Light
2012978-0-85738-574-1Richard North PattersonThe Devil's Light
2011978-0-85738-579-6Mark SullivanRogue (Robin Monarch 1)
  ''978-0-85738-580-2Karl MillerTretower to Clyro: Essays
  ''978-0-85738-584-0Richard ElwesThe Maths Handbook: Everyday Maths Made Simple
  ''978-0-85738-598-7Peter AughtonThe Story of Astronomy
2011978-0-85738-599-4Brian ReadeAn Epic Swindle: 44 Months With a Pair of Cowboys
2012978-0-85738-600-7Brian ReadeAn Epic Swindle: 44 Months with a Pair of Cowboys
2011978-0-85738-602-1Anne Rooney50 Amazing Things Kids Need to Know About Maths (50 Things Kids Need to Know)
  ''978-0-85738-603-8Penny Johnson50 Amazing Things Kids Need to Know About Science (50 Things Kids Need to Know)
  ''978-0-85738-604-5John ClancyThe Human Body Close-up
  ''978-0-85738-610-6Sarah BrewerDeath: A Survival Guide
  ''978-0-85738-624-3Daniel FriebeMountain High: Europe's 50 Greatest Cycle Climbs
2011978-0-85738-631-1Giles SparrowThe Natural World Close-Up
2012978-0-85738-654-0Chris WomersleyBereft
  ''978-0-85738-655-7Chris WomersleyBereft
  ''978-0-85738-667-0Tony ParkAfrican Sky
  ''978-0-85738-688-5Eoin McNameeThe Ghost Roads: Book Three in the Ring of Five Trilogy
2011978-0-85738-691-5Mark NepoThe Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want By Being Present in the Life You Have
2013978-0-85738-694-6Mark NepoFinding Inner Courage
2012978-0-85738-698-4Richard North PattersonFall from Grace
  ''978-0-85738-699-1   ''Fall from Grace
2013978-0-85738-700-4Richard North PattersonFall from Grace
  ''978-0-85738-706-6Stieg LarssonThe Expo Files: Articles by the Crusading Journalist
2012978-0-85738-708-0Colin CotterillGrandad, There's a Head on the Beach: A Jimm Juree Novel (Jimm Juree 2)
  ''978-0-85738-709-7   ''Grandad, There's a Head on the Beach: A Jimm Juree Novel (Jimm Juree 2)
2013978-0-85738-710-3   ''Grandad, There's a Head on the Beach: A Jimm Juree Novel (Jimm Juree 2)
2011978-0-85738-733-2John MarsdenTomorrow When the War Began (Book One, The Tomorrow Series)
  ''978-0-85738-768-4Richard North PattersonThe Devil's Light
2012978-0-85738-773-8Barbara NadelA Private Business: A Hakim and Arnold Mystery (Hakim & Arnold Mystery)
2013978-0-85738-776-9Barbara NadelA Private Business: A Hakim and Arnold Mystery: 1
2012978-0-85738-781-3Laurie GrahamA Humble Companion
2013978-0-85738-783-7   ''A Humble Companion
  ''978-0-85738-784-4   ''The Liar's Daughter
2011978-0-85738-789-9Bernard BeckettAugust
2011978-0-85738-797-4David ThomasBlood Relative
  ''978-0-85738-800-1Mazarkis WilliamsThe Emperor's Knife (Tower and Knife Trilogy)
2012978-0-85738-804-9M.R. JamesCurious Warnings: The Great Ghost Stories of M.R. James
2011978-0-85738-808-7Stephen JonesA Book of Horrors
  ''978-0-85738-809-4Stephen JonesA Book of Horrors
2012978-0-85738-811-7Stephen JonesA Book of Horrors
  ''978-0-85738-812-4Anthony ClavaneDoes Your Rabbi Know You're Here?: The Story of English Football's Forgotten Tribe
  ''978-0-85738-821-6Corban AddisonA Walk Across the Sun
  ''978-0-85738-829-2Nicholas HumphreySoul Dust: The Magic of Consciousness
  ''978-0-85738-830-8Vishvapani BlomfieldGautama Buddha: The Life and Teachings of The Awakened One
2012978-0-85738-831-5Anuradha RoyThe Folded Earth
  ''978-0-85738-832-2Peter CaveHow to Outwit Aristotle: And 34 Other Really Interesting Uses of Philosophy
  ''978-0-85738-834-6Ashley JacksonChurchill
2011978-0-85738-842-1Peter SpiegelmanThick as Thieves
2012978-0-85738-860-5Michelle MoranThe Second Empress
  ''978-0-85738-864-3Mazarkis WilliamsKnife-Sworn: Tower and Knife Book II (Tower and Knife Trilogy)
  ''978-0-85738-873-5John MarsdenThe Dead of the Night (Book Two, The Tomorrow Series)
2012978-0-85738-875-9John MarsdenThe Third Day, The Frost (Book Three, The Tomorrow Series)
2011978-0-85738-879-7Stef PenneyThe Tenderness of Wolves
2013978-0-85738-886-5Elly GriffithsA Dying Fall: A spooky, gripping read for Halloween (Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries 5) (The Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries)
  ''978-0-85738-889-6Elly GriffithsA Dying Fall: A spooky, gripping read for Halloween (Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries 5) (The Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries)
2014978-0-85738-891-9   ''The Outcast Dead: The Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries 6
  ''978-0-85738-893-3   ''The Outcast Dead: The Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries 6
2012978-0-85738-894-0Carol MidgleyMy Family and Other Freaks
2011978-0-85738-916-9Mary HollingsworthThe Borgias: History's Most Notorious Dynasty
2012978-0-85738-918-3David MarkThe Dark Winter
  ''978-0-85738-942-8Evie ManieriBlood's Pride: Shattered Kingdoms: Book 1
  ''978-0-85738-958-9Rosie FioreBabies in Waiting
2012978-0-85738-970-1Jennifer Lynn BarnesEvery Other Day
2013978-0-85738-975-6David MarkOriginal Skin (DS McAvoy)
2012978-0-85738-990-9Jennifer Gray · Amanda SwiftGuinea Pigs Online
2011978-0-85738-994-7Johnny WestKarama! Journeys Through the Arab Spring
  ''978-0-85738-995-4Stieg LarssonThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: 1/3 (a Dragon Tattoo story)
2015978-0-85738-998-5Åsa LarssonThe Second Deadly Sin: Rebecka Martinsson: Arctic Murders - Now a Major TV Series (Rebecka Martinsson 5)