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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-84777-000-4Pierre MartoryThe Landscapist: Selected Poems
2009978-1-84777-001-1Paula MeehanPainting Rain
  ''978-1-84777-002-8Matthew Welton'We Needed Coffee But...' (Poetry Book Society Recommendation)
  ''978-1-84777-003-5Gabriel JosipoviciAfter and Making Mistakes
  ''978-1-84777-005-9Thomas A. ClarkeThe Hundred Thousand Places
2010978-1-84777-006-6Gabriel JosipoviciHeart's Wings: and Other Stories
  ''978-1-84777-012-7Ford Madox FordParade's End: Some Do Not ... A Novel Pt. 1 (Parades End 1)
2011978-1-84777-013-4Ford Madox FordNo More Parades: A Novel (Parade's End, Vol. 2)
2011978-1-84777-014-1Ford Madox FordParade's End: A Man Could Stand Up: A Novel Pt. 3
  ''978-1-84777-015-8   ''Parade's End: Last Post: A Novel Pt. 4 (Parades End 4)
2010978-1-84777-021-9   ''No More Parades
2009978-1-84777-042-4Gwen Harwood'Mappings of the Plane': New Selected Poems
  ''978-1-84777-043-1Fred D'AguiarContinental Shelf
2010978-1-84777-045-5Fiona SampsonRough Music
  ''978-1-84777-048-6Eavan Boland · Seamus Heaney · Colm ToibinClose to the Next Moment: Interviews from a Changing Ireland
  ''978-1-84777-051-6Judith WrightA Human Pattern
2009978-1-84777-057-8Sinead MorrisseyThrough the Square Window (Poetry Book Society Recommendation)
2010978-1-84777-058-5John AshberyCollected Poems 1956-1987
2010978-1-84777-059-2Louise GluckA Village Life
2009978-1-84777-060-8Marina Tsvetaeva · Elaine FeinsteinBride of Ice: New Selected Poems
2010978-1-84777-061-5Elaine FeinsteinCities
  ''978-1-84777-062-2David MorleyEnchantment
2011978-1-84777-063-9Fawzi KarimPlague Lands
2010978-1-84777-064-6Peter SansomSelected Poems
2011978-1-84777-067-7Tim LiardetThe Storm House
2012978-1-84777-068-4Elizabeth JenningsThe Collected Poems
2010978-1-84777-070-7Michael SchmidtFive American Poets
2011978-1-84777-075-2Hope MirrleesCollected Poems
  ''978-1-84777-078-3Greg WoodsAn Ordinary Dog
  ''978-1-84777-079-0Peter RileyThe Glacial Stairway
2010978-1-84777-082-0Tom RaworthWindmills in Flames: Old and New Poems
2011978-1-84777-083-7Toon TellegenRaptors
  ''978-1-84777-087-5Mervyn PeakeComplete Nonsense
2009978-1-84777-089-9John AshberyPlanisphere
2011978-1-84777-092-9John F. DeaneEye of the Hare
2011978-1-84777-094-3Mimi KhalvatiChild: New and Selected Poems 1991-2011
2009978-1-84777-102-5Muriel SparkCurriculum Vitae: A Volume of Autobiography
2010978-1-84777-103-2Kei MillerA Light Song of Light
2011978-1-84777-112-4Will EavesSound Houses
2012978-1-84777-113-1Fran BreartonIncorrigibly Plural: Louis MacNeice and His Legacy
2011978-1-84777-122-3Frederic RaphaelIfs and Buts: No. 5 (Personal Terms 5)
2010978-1-84777-123-0Les MurrayTaller When Prone
2011978-1-84777-129-2Philip FrenchI Found it at the Movies: Reflections of a Cinephile (Carcanet Film)
  ''978-1-84777-130-8Kay RyanOdd Blocks: Selected and New Poems
  ''978-1-84777-131-5Michael SchmidtNew Poetries V
  ''978-1-84777-141-4Arthur RimbaudIlluminations
2014978-1-84777-151-3Sarah KirschIce Roses
2012978-1-84777-159-9Margaret TaitPoems, Stories and Writings
2011978-1-84777-160-5Elizabeth BishopExchanging Hats
2012978-1-84777-167-4Les MurrayNew Selected Poems
  ''978-1-84777-193-3Jorie GrahamPlace
2012978-1-84777-199-5Gillian ClarkeIce
2013978-1-84777-204-6Sinead MorrisseyParallax
2014978-1-84777-267-1Kei MillerThe Cartographer Tries to Map a Way to Zion
  ''978-1-84777-452-1Rowan WilliamsThe Poems of Rowan Williams