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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-84748-002-6Alan John FledermanAnd Direction Was Given: A Daring Escape from a POW Camp and a Dramatic Journey to Neutral Switzerland
2007978-1-84748-008-8Stuart ChapmanHome in Time for Breakfast: A First World War Diary
  ''978-1-84748-023-1Roger G HallOne-Two-Three-One!: (A Nutter's Account of National Service)
  ''978-1-84748-042-2Mel HoganChildren of the 23rd Century: The Secret of the Lost Planet: Bk. 1
  ''978-1-84748-047-7Daniel PrinceZoe the Zookeeper
  ''978-1-84748-049-1Brother TyTwo Visitations from Heaven and a Vision of Jesus Christ
2007978-1-84748-052-1Jane HindGreen Fields and Red Paddocks: The Leaving of England
2008978-1-84748-067-5Veronica Baker-SmithRoyal Discord
2007978-1-84748-071-2Monika RahimiDiving with Body, Mind and Emotions
  ''978-1-84748-072-9Paul Bishop of Tracheia Paul Bishop of TracheiaThe Strange Story os Samuel Parker Eatwell and other stories in verse
2008978-1-84748-088-0John SteinbacherWayfarers of Fate: A Novel of the Spanish Civil War
2005978-1-84748-108-5Mike SoperThe Heart Entrapped
2007978-1-84748-110-8John TateTales from a Worcestershire Whirlpool
  ''978-1-84748-118-4Arthur CarlisleLetters from Nigeria
  ''978-1-84748-127-6Terry StevensTommy and the Spirits of the Air
2008978-1-84748-135-1H. D. BaumannHitler's Fate: The Final Story
  ''978-1-84748-141-2Maurice CarmodyThe Franciscan Story: St Francis of Assisi and his influence since the thirteenth century
2007978-1-84748-150-4Al MarquetteTwo Falls, Two Submissions or a Knockout
2007978-1-84748-154-2Gina ThompsonThe Scarecrow
2008978-1-84748-167-2John JessopTales from the South Pier
  ''978-1-84748-170-2George MajorThe Hidden Whistle and Flute: Stitch One
  ''978-1-84748-220-4Isobel Scott MoffatThe Mistress of Pemberley
  ''978-1-84748-249-5Ruth BreckmanSelected Opera Houses for Everyone Around the World
  ''978-1-84748-261-7Sam AlexanderMy Life in the Shadows
2008978-1-84748-280-8Michael F. RudderBlack Light Rising
  ''978-1-84748-327-0Georgina FerrariThe Italian Vegan
  ''978-1-84748-335-5Albert BalmerA Cyprus Journey: Memoirs of National Service
  ''978-1-84748-345-4Margaret WaltonLent Lunches Without Tears
  ''978-1-84748-348-5M. J. HandsThe Shieldwall
2008978-1-84748-350-8Don CoyoteFive Days in Quangostan
  ''978-1-84748-360-7Paul HughesThe Prophecy
  ''978-1-84748-363-8David FieldThe Fairest Star: Friends and Enemies Part III: 3
  ''978-1-84748-372-0Robert HackfordKamyonistan
  ''978-1-84748-394-2Deborah BrewerTides of Change
2009978-1-84748-425-3Frank BaronBorn with Teeth: History's Bravest Warrior
2008978-1-84748-434-5Robert HackfordKamyonistan Revisited
2008978-1-84748-442-0Robert HackfordKamyonistan Revealed
2009978-1-84748-464-2Ron TufftRed Cloth, Yellow Cloth: Stalin's Biggest secret
  ''978-1-84748-469-7Bishop of Tracheia, Paul, Bishop of Tracheia PaulEbenezer Moneypiece and other Poems
  ''978-1-84748-471-0Dave EdwardsNo Word of a Lie
  ''978-1-84748-526-7Veronica RattrayMy Land Girl Years: 1939-1948
2010978-1-84748-566-3Juliet GreenFly Me to the Moon
2009978-1-84748-567-0John EustaceJohn Lennon: Solo Bootleg Discography
  ''978-1-84748-568-7Robert HackfordKamyonistan Reflected
2009978-1-84748-612-7Denis O'Driscoll100 Physical Education Activites
2010978-1-84748-724-7S D Browne-UmarHIV/AIDS Treatment Strategies
  ''978-1-84748-758-2Bishop of Tracheia PaulA Hymn of Praise for Celtic Saints
  ''978-1-84748-793-3A. K. RobertsonThe Irgun Hunters