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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-84401-053-0Maurice PereraOne More Sunrise
  ''978-1-84401-055-4Dolph KohnstammStill No War: A Correspondence Between Two Dutchmen - Son Max and Father, Philip Kohnstamm
  ''978-1-84401-067-7Daniel MarshallThe Cinema Anti-hero
  ''978-1-84401-072-1V J RayThe Hidden Answer
  ''978-1-84401-125-4P. J. LindenDarkest Heart
2003978-1-84401-143-8Kenneth SavidgeWhere the Lemon Trees Bloom
2001978-1-84401-192-6David M. MckeeVol. 1 London-American Legend - A History of the Label (1949-2000)
2004978-1-84401-211-4Pauline E. BallChubsy Tucker Tales
  ''978-1-84401-221-3Bishop of TracheiaPractical Theology in Verse, Volume I: v. 1
  ''978-1-84401-222-0Pearl HawkinsDR BUCKE REVISITED.
  ''978-1-84401-233-6Maureen InwoodThe No Egg Collection of Simple Cakes, Biscuits and Puddings
  ''978-1-84401-249-7Sudha RainaSpicy Vegan
2004978-1-84401-259-6Gavin WalshThe Worst Acts of Violence: Abortion, Law and Ethics in Humanity
  ''978-1-84401-269-5Junique KelleyanaRastafari? Rasta for you: Rastafarianism Explained
  ''978-1-84401-270-1Susan CilykRainbow Bridge: A True Story About Rescue Cats
  ''978-1-84401-280-0Darah EchevarriaSo Now You Know
  ''978-1-84401-285-5Edward ConneryDanny's Patch
2004978-1-84401-305-0Steve HorsfallYou Are Here
2005978-1-84401-330-2R Llewellyn BrownA Classical Vet in Modern Times
  ''978-1-84401-339-5Radu FlorescuIn Search of the Pied Piper
2009978-1-84401-343-2Sylvia Tait · James TaitA Quartet of Unlikely Discoveries
2004978-1-84401-345-6Reg TaylorBevin Boy: A Reluctant Miner
2005978-1-84401-348-7Janelle H KennedyTo Bend with the Wind
2004978-1-84401-352-4Roger GreenDestination Nowhere: A South Mimms Motorway Service Station Diary
  ''978-1-84401-356-2Bishop of TracheiaPractical Theology in Verse: Volume II
2005978-1-84401-360-9D. James BryanJourneys Out of Hell: The Great Ghost Hunt and Other Stories
2004978-1-84401-367-8Dorothy Gill'Nurse!' 'Yes, Sister?'
2005978-1-84401-372-2Peter WhelanIt Happened in Brooksfield
2004978-1-84401-373-9David M. MckeeVol 2. London-American Legend - A History of the Label (1949-2000)
2005978-1-84401-389-0Nathalie HartmannThe Girl from Polesie
  ''978-1-84401-404-0Bishop Paul of TracheiaFifty Sonnets by Bishop Paul
  ''978-1-84401-406-4George GuessForeign Aid Safari: Journeys in International Development
2005978-1-84401-418-7Maria NerelliBewitched in Sicily
2006978-1-84401-430-9Mahen Tampoe · Mahen TampoeFrom Spices to Suicide Bombers: A Study of Power, Politics and Terrorism in Sri Lanka
2005978-1-84401-436-1Hector ChristieThe Final Curtain Call: An historical Novel
  ''978-1-84401-438-5Michael KavanaghDirty Linen
  ''978-1-84401-444-6Felix DahnA Struggle For Rome
  ''978-1-84401-446-0Maurice BurrellPreparing to Preach: A Handbook for Preachers
  ''978-1-84401-448-4Mathias M.Africa Plc
2005978-1-84401-456-9Dr. Abigail · Edward ArellanoSupplying Evil: Evil is easy and there is an unlimited supply . . .
  ''978-1-84401-460-6David FieldFriends and Enemies
  ''978-1-84401-461-3Miroslaw PindelskiFacete
  ''978-1-84401-472-9Alice Elsie BellA Decade in Rhodesia
  ''978-1-84401-480-4Alexander WilliamThe Third Jihad
2005978-1-84401-481-1Gael HarrisonThe Moon in the Banyan Tree
  ''978-1-84401-484-2Calum Reuben KnightJack the Ripper: End of a Legend
2007978-1-84401-495-8Georges AnderlaThe Age of Asymmetry and Paradox: Essays in Comparative Economics and Sociology
2005978-1-84401-500-9Yvonne WyreThe Adventures of Cuthbert the Coal Lorry
2006978-1-84401-503-0Darren R. BrealeyPerforming the Goat: A Collection of One Act Plays
2005978-1-84401-505-4Graham H. RodgersThe Secret of Osiris: The Alpha and the Omega, Twice Upon a Time & Return to Rostau
  ''978-1-84401-509-2Bishop of Tracheia PaulPractical Theology in Verse: v. 3
  ''978-1-84401-514-6Mano WarrenThe Truth Sings in Circles: The Trail of the Black Madonna
  ''978-1-84401-517-7Christopher V. CardewPietro
2005978-1-84401-530-6Claire Shepherd-GuenetteCreation: Christian Stories, Crafts, Puzzles and Projects
  ''978-1-84401-532-0Bill CarsonShow No Fear: A bouncer's diary
  ''978-1-84401-535-1Adam M. ZahorskiThe Infidels
2006978-1-84401-562-7Ty FatungaseExcerpts from the Sky: An Airline Pilot's Story
2005978-1-84401-589-4Frank MorrisA Farrier's Tales
  ''978-1-84401-594-8Bishop of Tracheia, Paul, Bishop of Tracheia PaulChristmas Poems
2006978-1-84401-595-5Benn HaidariModern Zanzibar Cuisine
  ''978-1-84401-602-0Peter ClementsThe Fifth Agenda
2005978-1-84401-611-2Sara CoyleMiddle Child
2006978-1-84401-624-2D. SchumanDying to Get Even
2006978-1-84401-656-3Abdul Awal MintooBangladesh: Anatomy of Change
  ''978-1-84401-658-7Lilian PickeringThe War Years
2008978-1-84401-676-1Michael GuppyEnergy Processing in Cells: Recurring Concepts and Themes
2006978-1-84401-695-2Thomas M. SlawsonIn Pursuit of Shadows: A Career in Counter Intelligence
2007978-1-84401-721-8Adamu Kyuka UsmanThe Death of Eternity
2006978-1-84401-726-3Michael DethierA Government of Anarchy
  ''978-1-84401-737-9Kirsten Nour NamskauTell Me Who I Am
  ''978-1-84401-754-6Elizabeth Anne BellThe Calling of Your True Self
2007978-1-84401-762-1Paul Bishop of TracheiaCollected Sonnets: Theological Reflections in the Poetic Form for Young and Old: Theological Reflections in Poetic Form for Young and Old
2006978-1-84401-765-2Mathias MAfrica for Sale
  ''978-1-84401-775-1Bernard LeroyEastern Experiences
2006978-1-84401-779-9Ian HendersonThe Myth of Impotence
  ''978-1-84401-804-8OFM Tom RussellMwerihari Musings: 1964 Southern Rhodesia to Zimbabwe 1999
2007978-1-84401-836-9Witold KasickiThe Story of a Polish Exile
2006978-1-84401-837-6Marian DaviesMy Therapy
2007978-1-84401-850-5   ''Boundaries in Counselling and Psychotherapy
2006978-1-84401-851-2   ''Poems from My Therapy
2007978-1-84401-867-3John MatthewA History of England in a Nutshell
  ''978-1-84401-872-7Sally Wallace-JonesMiu and the Pharaoh
  ''978-1-84401-881-9David FieldBeings in a Dream: Friends and Enemies Part II
  ''978-1-84401-889-5Doris StrodeHow I Became a Psychic Artist
2007978-1-84401-922-9Edmund SzybickiTo Hope or Die: From Warsaw Uprising to Sachsenhausen Cocentration Camp and After: Memoirs of a Survivor
  ''978-1-84401-936-6Arthur BloomCitron's Sonata
  ''978-1-84401-962-5Penelope A. CoxIn the Blink of Time
  ''978-1-84401-964-9Penelope A. CoxAliens and Warmongers