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  ''978-1-84728-009-1Fuad OmarBollywood: An Insider's Guide
  ''978-1-84728-011-4Pirooz KalayehWhy Do Men Do Stupid Things for Ass?
  ''978-1-84728-012-1Evan Robert PughPrelude to Postscript
  ''978-1-84728-022-0Peter BowesSpiritual Astrology
2007978-1-84728-032-9Douglas BernerThe Silence Is Broken! God Hooks Ezekiel's Gog & Magog
2006978-1-84728-042-8Dan HarringtonThe Good Eye
2006978-1-84728-046-6AnonymousThe Book with No Name
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  ''978-1-84728-058-9Dan HarringtonAngelfish
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2006978-1-84728-089-3djapeKiller Samurai Sudoku: 55 puzzles (vol.1)
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2006978-1-84728-108-1Brian W. Jones PH.D.cHow to Host your own Web Server
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2007978-1-84728-110-4Neil GleadallFighting on the Beaches, A Year of Capoeira in Brazil
2006978-1-84728-118-0Patrick Harrington · Terry BurgoyneCounter Culture Anthology
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  ''978-1-84728-135-7Melanie GassIt's All About You!
  ''978-1-84728-164-7Hernan R. ChangMRSA - Spider Bites: The Flesh-Eating Bacterial Epidemic That Threatens America
2006978-1-84728-181-4John Howard ReidBest Western Movies: Winning Pictures, Favorite Films and Hollywood B Entries (Hollywood Classics (Paperback))
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2006978-1-84728-471-6Meja MwangiTHE BOY GIFT
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2007978-1-84728-504-1Roland Back · Michael BackWhat is the Antichrist-Islam Connection?
2006978-1-84728-512-6Zach KeyerReiki Marketing: Step By Step Marketing For Your Reiki Healing Sessions, Reiki Classes, and Reiki Workshops
2006978-1-84728-515-7Frank AdamoTeach English in Italy
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2007978-1-84728-578-2Jr., Vincent CassprianoThe Simplest Path to Personal and Planetary Awakening Step One:: FREE YOUR MIND: FREE YOUR MIND: 10 Keys for Unlocking Your Personal Potential, ... Promise of Humanity's Ultimate Cosmic Destiny
2006978-1-84728-609-3Bob Andersen · Luke AndersenResidential Real Estate Development: A Practical Guide For Beginners To Experts
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2006978-1-84728-980-3Nadine Jacobs · Tom JacobsAn Early Retirement Alternative for Baby Boomers Full Time RVing""